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         Scientology:     more books (114)
  1. A Piece of Blue Sky: Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard Exposed (Volume 0) by Jon Atack, 1999-06-29
  2. Inside Scientology; How I Joined Scientology and Became Superhuman. by Robert Kaufman, 1972-06
  3. Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary by L. Ron Hubbard, 1982-06
  4. Introduction to Scientology Ethics by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-01
  5. Advanced Procedure and Axioms by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-01
  7. The Complex: An Insider Exposes the Covert World of the Church of Scientology by John Duignan, Nicola Tallant, 2008-10-07
  8. The Church of Scientology (Studies in Contemporary Religions, series volume 1) by J. Gordon Melton, 2000-08-15
  9. Scientology by James R. Lewis, 2009-03-11
  10. Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought by L. Ron Hubbard, 1989-04

21. Secrets Of Scientology
Virtual library of scientologyrelated materials.Category Society Religion and Spirituality scientology...... Marcab thetan NOTs The Secrets of scientology. monetary donations. Inreturn, scientology promises its adherents total freedom . The
Scientology Scientologie scientology Cienciologia Cientologia Ron Ronald Hubbard Dianetics Dianetique Dianetik Dianetica philosophy religion solutions freedom, Scientology books, Scientology procedures, Scientology history, Scientology auditing, Scientology FAQs, happiness help rehabilitation, books cults terrorism, Xenu Xemu Marcab thetan NOTs
The Secrets of Scientology
The Church of Scientology is a rich and vengeful religious cult, or as one critic puts it,"a cross between the Moonies and the Mafia."" But it would be a mistake to dismiss its underlying technology as harmless or ineffective. Scientologists know a great deal about thought control, social control, rhetorical judo (defeat by misdirection, deft use of logical fallacies) and high pressure sales, though as victims of their own technology, they wouldn't characterize it that way. Despite its extensive advertising campaign, including half-hour TV infomercials for Dianetics, the Church has been careful to maintain a veil of mystery about its teachings, in part by outlawing any meaningful discussion or analysis of them. (See the policy bulletin prohibiting verbal tech .) To learn the inner secrets of the cult requires years of strict obedience and large monetary donations. In return, Scientology promises its adherents "total freedom". The Internet, through sites like this one, is going to make good on that promise. This web site is dedicated to exposing the various technical tricks behind Scientology, until all its secrets have been laid before the public at no charge.

22. The Daily Rotten
The search engine Google is censoring the Internet's leading critic of the Church of scientology, Operation Clambake. Daily Rotten
Daily Rotten Archive Rotten Mugshots Today in Rotten History ... Amateur Porn More news available here: Daily Rotten March 20, 2002 Google censors Scientology critics A ROTTEN.COM EXCLUSIVE The search engine Google is censoring the Internet's leading critic of the Church of Scientology, Operation Clambake . The site has been completely removed from the search engine and from the Google Directory, which uses data from the Open Directory Project, DMOZ A spokesman for Google was unable to tell Daily Rotten why or how the site had been removed, explaining that many staffers were away at an offsite meeting. The spokesman did not return our phone calls today. Controversy first arose in February when a widely linked article reported on the Church of Scientology's supremacy over the search term Scientology . The author documents the manipulation of pro-Scientology website placement in Google. He suggests that using a network of cross-linked Scientology related websites with listings in the DMOZ directory, their collective Google "PageRank" was artificially inflated. Thus any websites critical of Scientology did not appear on the first page of search results for the term "Scientology". It was also suspected that a volunteer DMOZ editor and Scientologist, charged with maintaining the Scientology category may have been responsible for adding a great number of the shill sites, in an apparent violation of DMOZ policy.

23. Scientology Handbook How Can Scientology Help Me
scientology technology to help with such things as drugs, relationships, children, career, study and education, self esteem, depression, anxiety, stress and communication.

24. Church Of Scientology International V. Fishman And Geertz
A selection of publiclyavailable legal documents filed in US District Court, Central District of Category Society Religion and Spirituality In the Courts......Church of scientology International v. Fishman and Geertz. A selection dismissed!What's new at this site? New Page Secrets of scientology. Click
Church of Scientology International v. Fishman and Geertz
A selection of publicly-available legal documents filed in U.S. District Court, Central District of California. The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power: click here for larger image
Read This First:
New Page: Secrets of Scientology
Click here to learn some of the technical secrets of Scientology, such as thought control techniques and an overpriced lie detector called the E-meter.
The Fishman Papers
The infamous "Fishman Declaration", containing (as exhibits) the secret scriptures of Scientology: the OT materials. OT I through OT VII are once again included, via links to a Karin Spaink's site in Amsterdam. Also on this page are links to some of the affidavits filed in the Fishman case.

25. The Relgious Nature Of Scientology
Dr. Parrinder, Methodist Minister and Professor of the Comparative Study of Religions University of London, on the controversy as to whether scientology is a religion.
The Religious Nature of Scientology
Professor of the Comparitive Study of Religions
University of London
I must make it clear that I am not a Scientologist, on the contrary I am an ordained Methodist Minister of over forty years standing. I have no brief for the beliefs and practices of Scientology and might be critical of some of them. I know that complaints have been made against some aspects of the practice of Scientology. But I am concerned with religious freedom, which is essential to a democratic society. It seems contrary to religious toleration that the founder of Scientology, Lafayette Ron Hubbard , should be barred from entering the United Kingdom, unless some crime can be proved against him. And it also seems wrong to me that Scientologists should not be allowed to register their places of worship on the grounds indicated above. In 1971 I was approached by representatives of Scientology, since my interest in the meaning of religion was known from my writings and my position as Professor of the Comparative Study of Religions in the University of London. I examined literature sent to me, including the transcript of the proceeding at the Appeal Courts, and I thought it well to gain first hand information by meeting representatives of the movement several times and visiting their British headquarters. Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, is an old enlarged building with adequate but not very extensive grounds. My visit had been arranged but, as often happens, I arrived half an hour early and was able to wander round on my own for some time. From rumours about the Scientologists, I half imagined that there would be a guard at the entrance, or even guard dogs, but everything was open and I drove unnoticed into the car park. Then I went into buildings where students were at work, saw class rooms open, and finally entered the chapel which was like many a Free Church building.

26. The Church Of Scientology Vs. The Net
Find a history of scientology's disagreements with authors, journalists and the Internet community. Features articles and interviews. The Church of scientology is a religious cult which has unwisely decided to declare war against the Usenet and Internet
This page created by Ron Newman . Small changes made on February 14, 1998. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author, and are not necessarily shared by Complete Internet Access, Inc.
The Church of Scientology is a religious cult which has unwisely decided to declare war against the Usenet and Internet communities. Since December of 1994, this Church and its followers have committed numerous acts that are hostile to the spirit of free speech on the Net. This web page is intended to document these activities.
My apologies for the length of time this page has been unavailable to the Net , and even more apologies for the fact that I've not substantially updated it since October 15, 1996. I'm no longer able to keep up with events on a day-to-day basis, so this site is probably going to have to remain a "historical" document rather than a source of up-to-date news. For a more conscientiously updated site, I recommend Andreas Heldal-Lund's Operation Clambake page, which contains both later news and pointers to many of Scientology's Secret Scriptures. Many of you may be wondering why I'm no longer at The reason is that on May 15, 1997, Cybercom deleted my account, all my web pages, and all of my private files, without any notice whatsoever. I had to file a lawsuit to get my files back and my mail and web pages forwarded. For more information, visit this page:

27. Scientology + Dianetics
scientology and Dianetics Information and Resources Cientología yDianética. Governments in Opposition to scientology Feb 8, 2000,

28. De Hulpgids - Dianetics En Scientology Portal
Informatie over Dianetics, scientology, L. Ron Hubbard en de scientology Kerk in Amsterdam. Bevat beschrijvingen, een overzicht van boeken, een FAQ, een gratis persoonlijkheidstest en een agenda.
Home Gratis nieuwsbrief Test uw persoonlijkheid Winkelwagen De Hulpgids
voor Dianetics en Scientology
Drugs Drugs, gevolgen, afkicken, preventie, voorlichting, boeken, afkickcentrum Drugs
Oplossingen voor het drugs probleem

Naar een maatschappij zonder drugs

Een nieuw leven voor drugsverslaafden
Freedom Magazine artikelen - Verenigde Staten

Relaties en Huwelijk Wat is het geheim van de liefde? Wat is de weg naar een gelukkige relatie of huwelijk? Wat is een relatie of een huwelijk eigenlijk?
Hoe kiest u een partner die bij u past?

Hoe kunt u uw relatie of huwelijk verbeteren?

Overige belangrijke onderwerpen
... Internationale sites Geluk Hoe wordt je gelukkig? Zijn er bruikbare normen en waardes? Kan je in de huidige samenleving toch gelukkig zijn? Hoe dan? Weg naar geluk - Site Weg naar geluk Morele code Geluk ... Het herstel van morele waardes en gezinswaardes Wat is Scientology ? Het komt in het nieuws. Er wordt over gesproken op radio en tv. Het groeit met een ongelooflijke snelheid. En het heeft de antwoorden. 'Wat is Scientology ?' Activiteiten voor maatschappelijke verbetering De 8 drijfveren Een beschrijving van Scientology Een Scientology Catechismus ... L. Ron Hubbard

29. Scientology Religion Theology & Practice Index
scientology presents a clearly defined and workable route to improve awareness. Including articles about the beliefs and practices of scientology.

30. Mind Control, Cults + Freedom Of Mind News: FACTNet
Help regarding Cults, Sects, Human Rights Abuses, Brainwashing and Mind Control. Specializing in breaking Category Society Religion and Spirituality Opposing Views Cults...... Click Here. she was sucked into the organisation Dublin woman suesscientology church for brainwashing Case now settled! scientology.
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31. Church Of Scientology And Dianetics Foundation Of Washington D.C.
Take a QuickTime tour through this D.C. church. Read David Miscavige's speech on D.C.'s special role in the life of scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard. The Founding Church of scientology. Washington D.C.
The Founding Church of Scientology
Washington D.C.
Click here for additional location information:
Church of Scientology in Washington, DC
1701 20th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
USA Phone: 202-667-6245
For a photo tour of the history of
Dianetics and Scientology in Washington, DC click here.

To download QuickTime VR player, click here
  • For visitors without QuickTime VR capabilities,
    take a photo tour. * of the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, DC by clicking here. (*QuickTime VR tours of individual areas optional.)
For a direct QuickTime VR tour, click here for hi-res/high bandWIDTH version or here for low-res/low bandWIDTH version
Write to us:
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32. Scientology Handbook: How Can Scientology Help Me...
Online version of several sections from book published in 1994 and used by scientology Volunteer Minister Category Society Religion and Spirituality Books and Publishers......scientology technology to help with such things as drugs, relationships, children,career, study and education, self esteem, depression, anxiety, stress and
Scientology Handbook
The Scientology religion contains workable answers to the problems people face in their lives. The subject matter of Scientology is all life. It contains practical means through which predicable improvement can be obtained in any area to which it is applied. Scientology recognizes that man is not just so many vials of chemicals fortuitously combined into a remarkable stimulus-response machine. Scientology views man as a spiritual being with native capabilities which can be improved far beyond what is generally believed possible. In fact, it has been demonstrated that man deteriorates to the degree that he denies his spiritual nature and ceases to live with moral values, such as trust, honesty, integrity and other sometimes intangible characteristics. By seeing man as essentially spiritual, Scientology follows in the traditional view of man and his relationship to the universe. Scientology, however, is unique in that it contains practical means of enabling man to resolve his material concerns and so come to achieve his spiritual aspirations. In this regard Scientology is an improvement over any earlier practice in terms of what it can actually do to help man. The problems of drugs education morals relationships ... trust and others contain solutions in Scientology which do not beget further problems.

33. Scientology V. The Internet
Overviewreprinted from Skeptic magazineof what critics claim are efforts to stifle free speech Category Society Religion and Spirituality scientology v. Internet...... scientology v. the INTERNET Free Speech Copyright Infringement on theInformation SuperHighway. The alt.religion.scientology Newsgroup.
From Skeptic vol. 3, no. 3, 1995, pp. 35-41. A special Internet introductory subscription rate to Skeptic is available. For more information, contact Jim Lippard ( Contents:
By Jim Lippard and Jeff Jacobsen
The power to control the dissemination of information is the power to influence the beliefs and actions of human beings. Nothing has transformed civilization in such dramatic and unforeseen ways as the development of information technology which affects that power. The printing press, the telegraph, the telephone, radio, and television have altered societies by increasing the speed of communication, the quantity of information that can be communicated, and the potential number of recipients of any message. As each new technology becomes cheaper to use, the ability of individuals to create and spread their own messages is enhanced, and control over the flow of knowledge becomes decentralized. Institutions and individuals that require the ability to control information to retain power have found themselves ousted as technologies have undermined that ability. Falling into the last category is the Church of Scientology (COS), which has seen texts of secret Scientology teachings, affidavits and declarations from court cases, and even entire books by Scientology critics, made publicly (and anonymously) available on both the Internet and the Usenet, a collection of thousands of public discussion forums known as newsgroups. Rather than answering the criticism, Scientologists have responded in their standard manner-by attacking their critics with confrontation and litigation. This article is a summary of recent events in what began as the battle between Scientology and its critics and, because of these tactics, is now the battle between Scientology and the Internet.

34. Scientology: Das Glaubensbekenntnis Der Scientology Kirche
Weltanschauliche Grunds¤tze der scientology. Originaltext. Gilt f¼r alle Scientologen, innerhalb wie auŸerhalb der scientologyKirche.

    Das Glaubensbekenntnis der Scientology Kirche
    W ir von der Kirche glauben: D D D D D D D D D D U U nd wir von der Kirche glauben: D D D U S D D D U

35. AGSD - AufklärungsGemeinschaft über Scientology Und Dianetik - AGSD
Informiert ¼ber scientology, Dianetik und deren Unter und Tarnorganisationen.

36. Una Breve Storia Di Scientology
Dalla pubblicazione del primo libro di Hubbard fino alla fondazione ed espansione della Chiesa di scientology in tutto il mondo.
English Deutsch

Successivamente nacquero istituti, centri di addestramento, missioni e chiese
Dianetics: la forza del pensiero sul corpo Dianetics: la forza del pensiero sul corpo Continua... Scientology International. Tutti i diritti riservati. Scientology

37. Scientology Kirche/L. Ron Hubbard

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Bridge Publications
New Era Publications


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Was ist Scientology?

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Die Scientology-Religion: Ein Überblick Statistiken und das Wachstum Lehre und Ausübung einer modernen Religion Gründer: L. Ron Hubbard ... Hintergrund und ihre Ursprünge Religion, Erbe, Gründer, Persönliche Integrität... Lehre und Ausübung Dianetik, Scientology, Ausübung... Dienste Bücher, Film, Audio, Ausbildung... Aktivitäten in der Gesellschaft Ehrenamtliche Geistliche, Droge, Kriminalität, Hilfe Gei Katastrophen... Aktivitäten für soziale Reform Freiheit, Psychiatrie Reform, Informationsfreiheit, Religionsfreiheit... Bezugsmaterialien Glaubensbekenntnisse und Kodizes, Axiome, Gelöbnis, Auditings... Wirksamkeit Berichte, berufliche, Ausbildung, Beziehungen... Aktivitäten Aufbau, Kirche, Missionen, Gruppen...

38. Google Pulls, Replaces Web Page Critical Of Scientology
Article with comments from a Google spokesperson, a scientology lawyer, and a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. By Elinor Mills Abreu. Reuters

39. Decide If Scientology Is A Religion?
Dr. Alan W. Black examines scientology against seven dimensions of religion and finds all to be present in it.
Is Scientology A Religion? by Alan W. Black Associate Professor of Sociology University of New England Armidale, New South Wales Australia

40. Information About Scientology, Dianetics And L. Ron Hubbard
Information and links on scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard the religion,its technology, people and community projects. WHAT IS scientology?
Français Español Deutsch Italiano The purpose of this index is to organize a broad range of information on the Scientology religion into categories, to make it easy to find and access, and to provide the answers to vital questions about life. The first two years of this millennium have presented all of us with events that challenge our understanding, our beliefs and our faith. According to a survey done in December 2001, in the two months following the disasters of September 11th, those searching for spiritual solace and answers outnumbered those searching for gambling Web sites, online auctions, online stock-trading, or online banking. There are so many unanswered questions: ? If we are spiritual beings, how can a man or woman be driven to commit acts of cruelty? Is it possible to gain security and happiness in life ? Can one ever really come to terms with losing a loved one and move beyond the grief of it? These, and many other vital questions, are answered in basic Scientology texts. Many of these are available on the Internet. WHAT IS SCIENTOLOGY?

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