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         Scientology:     more books (114)
  1. Scientology 8-8008 by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-01
  2. Scientology, a History of Man: A List and Description of the Principal Incidents to Be Found in a Human Being by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-01
  3. Scientology, a New Slant on Life by LRon Hubard, 2007
  4. Scientology: A New Slant On Life by L. Ron Hubbard, 1998-08-28
  5. Scientology Milestone One by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007
  6. Scandal of Scientology by Paulette Cooper, 1971-01-01
  7. Communication (Practical Scientology Handbooks) by L.Ron Hubbard, 1997-10
  8. L. Ron Hubbard - Church of Scientology FBI Files
  9. The Second Dynamic: Introduction to Scientology Ethics by L. Ron Hubbard, 1988
  10. Basic Scientology Picture Book by L. Ron Hubbard, 1985-06
  11. Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought (Spanish) (Spanish and Spanish Edition) by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-11-01
  12. Im Labyrinth der Scientology. by Norbert Potthoff, 2001-03-01

41. Scientology, Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard
Groot aantal links naar pagina's en sites op diverse terreinen, deels in Nederland, deels in het buitenland. Meestal kritisch
Scientology: welkom op deze SIMPOS bladzij
Stichting Informatie over Maatschappelijke Problemen rond Occulte Stromingen
NIEUW : homo's; Sloth; skeptic tank; Amsterdam; Stephen Kent; justitie; Narconon; racisme
English page on Scientology Nederlands: SIMPOS home page Wilt u een lezing of discussie over New Age, sekten, enz., organiseren, neem dan kontakt met ons op
Ook ideeën voor verbetering van deze web site, of commentaren, zijn hier welkom Alle informatie, bereikbaar via deze site, is voor verantwoording van de betreffende auteurs Informatie over: Algemeen Afsplitsing Benelux Bibliografie ... Woordenlijsten
  • Karin Spaink ; Nederlands- en Engelstalige stukken
  • Volledige tekst van brochure van het Fascisme Onderzoeks Kollektief over Scientology
  • De stankbel van de Nieuwezijds , volledige tekst van Gerrit Komrij tegen Scientology
  • Johan Wevers ; Nederlands- en Engelstalig
  • Scientology - Is This a Religion? Stephen A. Kent
  • Hard data on Scientology
  • Scientology Frequently Asked Questions
  • Scientology , ex-cult archive
  • Links over Scientology
  • Scientology : links Rick Ross; and
  • 42. Scientology Missions International: Offers Basic Dianetics And Scientology Servi
    Serves as the mother church for all scientology missions around the world as well as the scientology Category Society Religion and Spirituality Organizations......scientology Missions Offering scientology and Dianetics services around the world;helping people gain spiritual awareness and improve relationships, self
    What's New Scientology Missions locator Articles by L. Ron Hubbard Free Intro Services ... Scientology Missions International Presents the Mission Global Locator
    Find a Scientology Mission near you, and start your journey to happiness, greater self-confidence, and awareness today!
    Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science, by L. Ron Hubbard
    What is the real cause of anxiety and stress? And what can be done about it? Read Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science online. Listen to excerpts from the audio book, and start making your life into the one you always wanted.

    Enroll on the Hubbard Dianetics Seminar, and begin the greatest adventure of your life, the adventure of you.

    The GREATEST JOY there is in LIFE is CREATING.
    Welcome to the
    Scientology Missions International Website
    Articles about Scientology and Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard
    The Discoveries of Dianetics
    Scientology Answers
    The States of Existence
    L. Ron Hubbard Quote of the Day
    L. Ron Hubbard Like a fresh stream of crystal clear water, the Scientology Purification Program gets rid of the devastating effects of drugs and toxins so they no longer block your clear thinking and enthusiasm for life.

    43. Egy Mai Vallás Elmélete és Gyakorlata - Szcientológia - Scientology

    Deutsch Svenska Dansk ... Russian
    Olvassa el a
    (PDF Format):

  • Scientology Intro Services
  • 44. Global Scientology Missions International Locator
    Find out where the scientology Missions are in Finland. List of scientologyMissions and Centers. Africa (South), Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Russia.
    Scientology Missions International Home Page What's New Scientology Missions locator Site Map
    List of Scientology Missions and Centers
    Africa (South) Ecuador Kazakhstan Russia ... Japan LAST UPDATED 16 March 2003
    You can send email to
    Survey Scientology Related Sites ...
    For Trademark Information on Scientology Services.

    45. Official Scientology Website In The United Kingdom
    The official site of scientology in the UK. Offers description of the church, as well as a directory Category Regional Europe Society and Culture Religion......Explains what scientology and Dianetics services scientology churchesin the UK offer, including help for depression, stress and anxiety.
    Anne Archer at the opening of the Grand Exhibition Scientology
    Freeing Society from Drugs

    The Truth about Joints

    Ecstasy: The Traitor Exposed

    Heroin: Death in the Blood
    Churches of Scientology in the United Kingdom GLOBAL LOCATOR FOR SCIENTOLOGY ORGANIZATIONS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM The Saint Hill College for Scientologists, Scientology headquarter for the UK, is situated on fifty-five acres of rolling countryside in Sussex, England. Students from many countries come here to study the advanced... Scientology: The Route to Total Freedom The word SCIENTOLOGY means literally "knowing how to know". SCIENTOLOGY contains knowledge and practical technology for improving life. And life is more than just the cells and tissues of the body. Man is a spiritual being and Scientology is the ... Social Betterment Activities in the United Kingdom It is impossible to ignore the signs of decay in modern society - drug abuse, criminality, failing education and moral decline. Each of these devastating social ills, if left unremedied, will ultimately destroy the very foundations upon which any civilized society... Scientology Helping Children
    Official Scientology Site

    Scientology: Improves Relationships
    Scientology: The Route to Total Freedom
    For Trademark Information on Scientology Services.

    B¸jer sig for pres fra den nyreligi¸se bev¦gelse.

    47. Scientology Kills
    Personal stories of former Scientologists, a list of those allegedly killed by scientology, and listings Category Society Religion and Spirituality scientology......Spreading Entheta Since 1997. scientology Celebrities. OT III. Theorigin Pictures and Quotes from scientology Shills. Cruise, Travolta
    document.write('<');document.write('! '); document.write('<');document.write('! '); Spreading Entheta Since 1997 Scientology Celebrities Pictures and Quotes from Scientology Shills. Cruise, Travolta, Giovanni Ribisi, Leah Remini, Greta Van Susteren. More List of the Dead Lisa McPherson, Noah Lottick, Quentin Hubbard, Philip Gale, and the list continues to grow... Tom Cruise An obsession can be an ugly thing. The Black Hole In 1997 I had a serious problem with L. Ron Hubbard. This was a little strange, since he died in 1986. OT III The origin of the cult's belief that their bodies are inhabited by the wandering souls of fried space aliens. Yes, Cruise and Travolta believe this. Originally written by L. Ron Hubbard. The head of the Galactic Confederation (76 planets founded 95 million years ago) solved overpopulation by mass implanting. He caused people to be brought to Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H bomb on the principal volcanoes and then the Pacific area ones were taken in boxes to Hawaii and the Atlantic Area ones to Las Palmas and there 'packaged'. His name was 'Xenu'. He used renegades. Various misleading data by means of circuits, etc. were placed in the implants. When through with his crime Loyal Officers (to the people) captured him after 6 years of battle and put him in an electronic mountain trap where he still is.

    48. Orientation: A Scientology Information Film (1996)
    Cast and credits, viewer comments and rating.

    49. Scientology Religion: Theology & Practice Index
    An online book on the scientology religion its religious philosophy and technology, services, community Category Society Religion and Spirituality Church of scientology......scientology presents a clearly defined and workable route to improve awareness.Including articles about the beliefs and practices of scientology.
    A Reference work presented by the Church of Scientology International
    Languages English
    Read (PDF Format). The Church of Scientology was established in 1954. Today its more than 3,000 churches, missions, related organizations, groups and activities span the globe and minister the religion to more than 8 million people in 100 countries in over 30 languages. This volume provides answers to these and other such questions about the religion and its members. In it, leading scholars provide diverse and insightful perspectives into Scientology, resulting in a unique and comprehensive overview of the religion. Church of Scientology International
    (PDF Format) Bookstore Your View ...
    For Trademark Information on Scientology Services.

    Information, dates and results.
    THIRD ANNUAL CLEARWATER FLORIDA Contact list: Local Clearwater contact email: Arnie Lerma Jeff Jacobsen The third annual peaceful demonstration against the Scientology will be held in Clearwater Florida this December 5 and 6, 1997. Clearwater is the spiritual world headquarters of Scientology. About 30 protesters came from around the United States and from the Clearwater area last March to protest Scientology's harsh treatment of its critics and its own members. There were other protests around the world as well, mostly organized on the internet. Critics point out the harmful and dangerous practices of the church, their exorbitant and aggressive monetary requirements, their policy of attacking anyone they consider an "enemy", and their own incarceration of members deemed problematic to the church. Lisa McPherson, a 36 year old Scientologist, died December 5, 1995 at Scientology's Ft. Harrison Hotel in downtown Clearwater. After a 17 day stay while under the care of fellow Scientologists, Lisa lost approximately 40 pounds, had scabs and bruises all over her body, was severely dehydrated and was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital many miles from the hotel but with a Scientologist doctor on duty. "We don't want the church's quack medical practices killing anyone else," said demonstrator Jeff Jacobsen. "We want the church to renounce their practices of incarceration and to stop hurting people both inside and outside their organization."

    Analysis of CoS manipulation of Internet search utilities to obtain high page ranks for its sites.Category Society Religion and Spirituality scientology...... scientology as a search phrase analyzed by the VisIT softwareThe Church of scientology's Supremacy over the search term scientology on Google. Fig 1. Search term scientology using only Google.

    52. Scientology Kirche Österreich
    Die Organisation berichtet ¼ber sich und das SelfbsthilfeBuch Dianetik.
    Capistrangasse 4
    A-1070 Wien
    Tel: (01) 522-36-18
    Web Site: Standortplan: Klicken Sie hier.
    Willkommen in der Scientology Kirche Österreich
    WÄHREND DIE KRISE IM MITTLEREN OSTEN ESKALIERT und der Krieg gegen Terrorismus sowie verschiedene Skandale Schlagzeilen machen, während die Tageszeitungen und das Fernsehen uns mit den aktuellsten schlechten Neuigkeiten von Verlust, Versagen, Tod und Zerstörung bombardieren, könnten Sie sich sagen: Es wird immer schlimmer. Können wir den Menschen von sich selbst befreien? Vielleicht fragen Sie sich dann: Was kann ich dagegen tun? Was kann man überhaupt dagegen tun? Nun, es ist für Sie möglicherweise eine Erleichterung zu wissen: MAN KANN IMMER Als Lorraine Baritz aus Boston von einer Freundin, dessen dreizehnjähriger Sohn im Koma lag und der nach einem schweren Motorradunfall seit vier Tagen künstlich am Leben gehalten wurde, ins Krankenhaus gerufen wurde, wusste sie genau, was sie tun musste, um zu helfen. Die Ärzte hatten alles in ihrer Macht stehende getan, und den besorgten Eltern des Jungen blieb nichts anderes übrig als zu warten und zu hoffen, dass er wieder aufwachen würde.

    53. Keith Henson News
    Collection of news bulletins, translations of news articles, related documents, and links.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Henson, Keith......Who is Keith Henson? And why is scientology after him? Photo Prosecution.CA Attorney General Bill Lockyer Friend of scientology?
    Who is Keith Henson?
    And why is Scientology after him?
    Click photo for enlargement. for general information on Scientology
    Or visit for more links. Trial Transcripts here. On 26 Apr 2001, Keith Henson was convicted of "interfering with a religion" , a misdemeanor under California law, for picketing outside Scientology's heavily-armed, razor-wire enclosed base outside Hemet, CA. At trial , the judge threw out all Henson's witnesses, disallowed any testimony about his reasons for picketing the cult, and allowed the prosecution to present excerpts from Henson's Internet postings out of context; the Scientology witnesses also committed perjury which Henson was unable to rebut. Henson is seeking political refugee status in Canada in order to force the US government to look into the criminal conspiracy between the Hemet District Attorney's office and the Scientology cult to deprive him of his civil rights. Trial Transcripts Help Keith Henson Red Alert Timeline ... Why Help?

    54. Bella Y Oscura--Church Of Scientology Choir
    The Church of scientology Choir, based locally. Gives music, band, choir, lyrics, photos, and contact information.
    Search our site The Church of Scientology Choir was founded in 1974 by Marcia Powell, the current director. Over the years they have performed at various events in such places as the Anaheim Convention Center, Palladium, Universal
    Amphitheatre, Century Plaza Hotel and Biltmore Hotel. For many years they performed in costume at the Renaissance Fair. In 1993 they performed Bethoveen's 9th Symphony with the Korean Philarmonic and sang with the Pasadena Pops for their July concert at Descanso Gardens.
    During the Christmas season, they have performed at the Glendale Galleria, Century City Shopping Center, Beverly Hills Hospital, County General Hospital, Motion Picture Home and at various private parties. They have performed for many years at the Annual Los Angeles County Christmas Program at the Music
    Center, which is also televised on PBS. They have also done many concerts at the new Garden Pavilion at Celebrity Center in Hollywood. They appeared on the Neil Diamond Christmas Special which aired 9 times on HBO during the 1992
    Christmas season, on NBC in 1993 and is now out as a video.

    55. Church Of Scientology, Los Angeles Organization
    Covers information about the Church of scientology,and the outreach programs conducted by the church.Category Regional North America Religion scientology......The Church of scientology in Los Angeles was the very first scientology Churchin the world, founded in February 18, 1954 by several Los Angeles area
    Church of
    Los Angeles Organization
    What is Scientology?
    The Successes of Scientology? ... Successes from Specific Services
    About The Los Angeles Organization

    Related links:
    What is Scientology
    Scientology: Anti-Drug Index
    Scientology in Europe
    Scientology Spokesperson ...
    Official Scientology Site

    Scientology, Dianetics, E-Meter, Purification, Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard, Life Improvement, and the Scientology Symbol are trademarks and service marks owned by the Religious Technology Center and are used with its permission. Scientologist is a collective membership mark and designates members of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology.

    56. Scientology Auditing: Spiritual Counseling For A Better Life
    Learn how scientology spiritual counseling can restore self confidence, happinessand spiritual freedom. What is scientology Auditing? Practice of scientology.
    What is Scientology Auditing?
    Scientology auditing is a unique form of personal spiritual counseling which helps people look at their own existence and improves their ability to confront what they are and where they are. Scientology auditing can bring any person from a condition of spiritual blindness to the brilliant joy of spiritual existence. A person trained and qualified in applying auditing to individuals for their betterment is called an auditor. Auditor is defined as one who listens, from the Latin audire meaning to hear or listen. An auditor is a minister or minister-in-training of a church of Scientology.
    Introduction to Scientology
    In this twenty-first century, most have no real grasp of those factors governing their existence. And yet, simply stated, had they a greater understanding of themselves and their fellows they would be able to improve conditions and thus live happier lives. This, then, is the function of Scientology: to enable people to improve their lot through understanding. Before Scientology, the tremendous scientific advances of this era were not matched by similar advances in the humanities. Our knowledge of the physical universe had far outdistanced our knowledge of ourselves. The resulting pressures from such an imbalance account for much that has unsettled society and threatens the future. Therefore, what Scientology represented to many when it appeared in the early 1950s was a restoration of the balance.

    57. Church Of Scientology Of Central Ohio
    Provides introduction and schedule of activities.
    Who is L. Ron Hubbard
    Common Questions Regarding Scientology

    Free Introductory Service
    What is Dianetics? ...
    Books about Dianetics

    Find other Churches in the Eastern United States or Other Countries
    30 North High Street
    Columbus, OH 43215
    Tel: 614-221-5024
    Web Site: Click here for local map
    We are open Mon - Fri from 9:00am to 10:00pm and Sat - Sun from 9:00am to 6:00pm
    Welcome to the Church of Scientology of Central Ohio
    AS THE MIDDLE-EAST CRISIS ESCALATES and the war on terrorism and various scandals dominate the news; as our daily newspaper and television bombard us with the latest bad news of loss, failure, death and destruction, you might be thinking: This just gets worse and worse. Can we save the human race from itself? You might then wonder: What can I do about it? What can anyone do about it? Well, you might be relieved to know that SOMETHING CAN When Lorraine Baritz of Boston was called to the hospital by friends whose 13-year-old son was in a coma and on life-support four days after a severe motorcycle accident, she knew exactly what she had to do to help. News of the recovery traveled through the hospital, reaching others standing vigil by their own children. A couple with an infant son in a coma asked for help. Again Lorraine answered the call.

    58. U.S. Department Of State, Human Rights Reports For 1999
    U.S. State Department's 1999 report on French human rights violations including discrimination against scientology.
    The State Department web site below is a permanent electronic archive of information released prior to January 20, 2001. Please see for material released since President George W. Bush took office on that date. This site is not updated so external links may no longer function. Contact us with any questions about finding information. NOTE: External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views contained therein. 1999 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices
    Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor
    U.S. Department of State, February 25, 2000 FRANCE France is a constitutional democracy with a directly elected president and National Assembly and an independent judiciary. The law enforcement and internal security apparatus consists of the Gendarmerie, the national police, and municipal police forces in major cities, all of which are under effective civilian control. Members of those police forces committed some human rights abuses. The highly developed, diversified, and primarily market-based economy provides residents with a high standard of living.

    59. The President Of The Church Of Scientology Answers Frequently Asked Questions
    Search through this site to learn about scientology beliefs and practices, scientologychurches and missions, Dianetics and scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard.
    Search this site: Table of Contents
    The Church of Scientology International Provides Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Scientology
    Scientology is in the news. Stories about the Church and its members appear in newspapers, magazines and on radio and television around the world, today more than ever. Please read this site as a source for information about the churches of Scientology and the religion. Scientology is the only major new religion to emerge in the 20th century. Since its founding in 1954, it has grown to span the globe. Today more than 3,000 Scientology churches, missions, related organizations and groups minister the religion to millions of parishioners in more than 133 countries. This site is provided to answer these and many other questions about the Scientology religion and its members. Scientologists come from all walks of life. They are concerned about social problems and support numerous social betterment programs which provide successful drug-abuse rehabilitation, improve educational standards and help reduce crime and moral decay. Thousands of Scientologists help their communities as Scientology Volunteer Ministers. The Church always has been a relentless voice in search of social reform and justice. We have brought to light such issues as the enforced drugging of school children, the dangers of psychiatric brutalities such as electric shock treatment and lobotomy; and the chemical and biological warfare experiments secretly undertaken against unwitting American citizens. Scientology churches have championed the principle of open government and pioneered the use of the Freedom of Information Act to eradicate abuses.

    60. Refslund, Scientology
    Anmeldelse af b¸gerne scientology fra terapi til religion og scientology en ny religion .

    Dorthe Refslund Christensen:
    Scientology: fra terapi til religion
    Scientology: en ny religion
    Munksgaard, 1997. 84 sider / Gyldendal, 1997.148 sider.
    Anmeldt af Lene Buck, kristendomshistorisk overbygning Dorte Refslund Christensen har fornylig udgivet to bøger om Scientology. Den første bog er "den første større danske religionshistoriske fremstilling af Scientology", som det hedder på bagsiden, og altså især for sådan nogle som os (dvs. religions-studerende), og det er derfor den jeg fortrinsvis vil anmelde. Den anden bog er en kortere og mere pædagogisk formuleret bog for HF og gymnasiet, som jeg kun vil bruge for sammenligningens skyld.
    Det indledende kapitel kommer godt omkring de klassiske religionshistoriske spørgsmål: hvordan defineres religion, hvad er nyreligiøsitet etc. Refslund Christensen ender med at komponere sin egen religions-definition til formålet, en såkaldt substantiel definition: religion er et sæt af forestillinger og symboler, der retter sig mod en metafysisk "andethed"

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