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         Scientology:     more books (114)
  1. The Volunteer Minister's Handbook (Help Yourself and Other To Achieve Happiness Using Scientology Technology) by L. Ron Hubbard, 1983
  2. What Are People for? an Introduction to Scientology [With] Volume One Number One Scientology, the Field Staff Member Magazine by L. Ron Hubbard, 1968-01-01

161. Martin Poulter's Home Page
A philosophy research student and anticult activist gives a variety of information from the silly Category Society People Personal Homepages P...... Helena Kobrin Love Page a laugh at scientology's expense in response to their scattershotlegal threats. The scientology cult it's even worse than you think.

162. Inside The Cult Of Scientology
Mainly deals with the subjects of scientology, Dianetics, and L. Ron Hubbard.Category Society Religion and Spirituality scientology...... This page, now outdated, still contains much information on pickets and scientology. Somelinks to scientology and Dianetics and L Ron Hubbard.

163. The Church Of Scientology As A Movement Of A New Age In The World
Josef Wolf looks into various scientology beliefs, and how scientology compares with other new and mainstream religions.

164. Scientology (CESNUR)
Press clippings, court documents, and conference papers. Multilingual. Focus is on church and state issues.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Response to Critics......Documents and updates on the Church of scientology from CESNUR (Center forStudies on New Religions). scientology. Documents and Updates from CESNUR.

165. Scientology Kerk Amsterdam
Over de filosofie, overzicht van boeken en links naar de Amerikaanse moederorganisatie.

166. Lisa McPherson Memorial Page Killed By The Church Of Scientology
Dedicated to a young woman who this site says was "killed by the Church of scientology." Category Society Religion and Spirituality Suspicious Deaths......Lisa McPherson 19591995, Lisa died needlessly at the hands of scientology. Informationavailable in Swedish, Danish, Russian, and German. scientology News.

167. Occupied Clearwater
Information on scientology in Clearwater, Florida, one of the home bases of scientology in the USA.

168. Anti Scientology Views Home Page.
Information about and hyperlinks to material regarding litigation and lawsuits, use of celebrities, Category Society Religion and Spirituality scientology......scientology FAQs. Free online library and archive. Listings and hyperlinks. LatestNews. scientology Pays Lawrence Wollersheim $8,674,643!!!!!

169. Scientology The Story Of The Church Of Scientology
Quicktime VR tour of the first Church of scientology. Covers History of church and provides links to bookstore and other related scientology sites.

170. ?
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

171. Europe Abetting Anti-religion Drive
Article describes the investigation of new European laws that limit religious dissent includes testimony of Catherine Bell and Isaac Hayes, both members of the Church of scientology. From Deseret News on July 12, 2001.,1249,295010442,00.html?

172. Not The Scientology Home Page
Features news, reports, and links critical of the Church of scientology, the Dianetics, and science Category Society Religion and Spirituality scientology......Not the scientology Home Page. Official scientology Home Pages. There is no betterpresentation of scientology's selfimage than the scientology Home Page.

173. Scientologi
Denne hjemmeside beskriver Scientologi som den eneste store religion, der er blevet grundlagt i det tyvende ¥rhundrede, dens religi¸se filosofi, dens praksiser, organisation, aktiviteter samt dens stigende indflydelse p¥ samfundet.

174. ? ? - ? ?
The summary for this Russian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

175. Scientology's Online Battle
The Church of scientology subpoenas AT T WorldNet to obtain the identity of an online critic. It's part of an ongoing effort to curb the exposure of church doctrines on the Net. By Polly Sprenger. Wired News

176. True Story Of Scientology - An Article By L. Ron Hubbard
Offers a theory on why this philosophy gets a bad press.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Hubbard, L. Ron Works......L. Ron Hubbard tells the true story of scientology not controversy that newspapers,magazines, even the Internet sometimes promote; stories of better

177. Wired News Google Yanks Anti-Church Sites
The Church of scientology has managed to remove references to anti-scientology sites from Google, Category Society Issues Google Erasure of Anti-scientology Links...... 0855 AM Mar. 21, 2002 PT. WASHINGTON The Church of scientology has managed toyank references to antiscientology websites from the Google search engine.,1283,51233,00.html

178. The Ecclesiastical Hierarchy Of The Scientology Religion
Describes each point of the ecclesiastical structure of the Church of scientology. Outlines what kinds of churches deliver introductory and more advanced services.

based on the questions in the BeliefO-Matic quiz. More on scientologyscientology Section; Related Links; scientology Message Boards.

180. The Creed Of The Scientology Religion By L. Ron Hubbard
Version intégrale comportant les points de vue de lÉglise sur la santé mentale et la liberté dexpress Category World Français Religion et spiritualités Scientologie......The creed of the scientology religion is presented here in full includingthe Church’s views on mental health and freedom of speech.

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