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         Shamanism:     more books (100)
  1. Voices From the Earth: Practical Shamanism by Nicholas Wood, 2000-10
  2. Encyclopedia of Native American Shamanism: Sacred Ceremonies of North America by William S. Lyon, 1999-01-01

141. Links To The Ancient Magyar World
Magyar origins, archaeology, anthropology, linguistics, religion, shamanism, Hungarian history, the Sumerian connection, folk music, Uighurs

142. Shamanism In China Bibliography By Barend Ter Haar

143. Llewellyn's On-line Bookstore Magick Shamanism
Search Magick shamanism. more titles See also Book of Shadows CeremonialMagic Magic Magick Magic Ritual Rituals shamanism Spells Sex Magic Tantra

144. Spirits Of The Earth
Guides spiritual groups to Peru. Andes Great Initiation. Inka shamanism. Experience the power of Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valle of the Inkas, and Lake Titicaca.

145. OBEAH Afro-Caribbean Shamanism
An occultist's compilation of views on Jamaican Obeah, stressing magical aspects and minimizing religious Category Society Religion and Spirituality......OBEAH AFROCARIBBEAN shamanism. PRESENTED BY the Wanderling. OBEAH. AFRO-CARIBBEANshamanism (Afro-Shamanistik Witchcraft). By Azoth Kalafou.

146. FoxFire Institute Of Shamanic Studies
School of experiential shamanism, healing arts and traditional medicine. Articles, links and a mailing list.

147. Soc.religion.shamanism Newsgroup FAQs
soc.religion.shamanism Newsgroup FAQs By Archivename By Author By Category By Newsgroup Home Latest Updates Archive Stats Search Help

148. Cheyenne - About Shamanism
Cheyenne Maloney, About shamanism. shamanism is the oldest known healingmodality and is recorded over 40,000 years into our past.

149. Aboriginal Tribal Native Shamanism
shamanism, both traditional and modern. Aboriginal shamanism Guide picks. Tribaland Shamanic traditions from around the world. What is shamanism?

150. Archaeoastronomy In Eastern Liguria
Megalithism and shamanism on Caprione's promontory recent studies. Lerici, Italy.

151. Woodish Institute
A nonprofit organization devoted to education about shamanism and to the creation of innovative projects aimed at the preservation of indigenous healing methods.

152. JanFreya Shamanism, Counselling, Drumming, Teaching
The Dance of the Spirits. NEWS JanFreya has posted a new article on SpiritBoats; The calendar for Workshops and Ceremonies has been updated for 2002.

153. Entoptic Imagery In People And Their Art
Linda Thurston's Masters thesis explores entoptic imagery in Paleolithic cave art, and controversy regarding shamanism and trance states. Extensive bibliography.

154. Vedic Shamanism
Links to moksha yajans (ancient retreats for death and beyond) Religion and Spirituality New Age Ascended Masters...... Within you will find articles about Satyaloka, Siddhi Powers and Chakras, Vedicshamanism, the impact of the planet Mulam on human consciousness, the Golden

155. The Woken
A physical and metaphysical family journey into the rainforests, meeting headhunters and the Goddess, shamanism, witchcraft, Christ and important messages regarding the lost spiritual path of the western peoples.

156. Lindsay, Charles
Presents different semidocumentary photography essays on fly fishing and the shamanism of the Indonesian tribe Mentawai.

157. Shamanism, Power Animals And Animal Wisdom.
Information and discussions on shamanism. How to live work through.shamanism is the oldest known form of spiritual practice. It

158. Earth Shamans
shamanism and shamanic teachings, offers ways for people to become aware of their potential, and to explore shaman spiritual relationship to the world and themselves.

159. Shamanism
their communities. Today, we can begin to reclaim the power of shamanismand incorporate its wisdom into our modern world. By exploring

160. Shaman's Market
Shamanic Supplies, Peruvian South American Imports, Textiles, Sacred Items, Bolivian Mantas, Weavings, information on shamanism, Native American ritual supplies.

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