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         Slavic:     more books (100)
  1. Balto-Slavic Accentual Mobility (Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs) by Olander, Thomas, 2009-02-15
  2. Archpriest Avvakum: The LIFE written by Himself (Michigan Slavic Translations, No. 4) by annotation, commentary and a historical introduction by K. Brostrom translation, 1979-04-21
  3. The American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies for 1994
  4. Comparative History of Slavic Literatures by Dmitrij Cizevskij, 2000-01-01
  5. Historical View Of The Languages And Literature Of The Slavic Nations - Talvi by Talvi, 2010-01-28
  6. Elements of Slavic and Germanic Grammars: A Comparative View: Papers on Topical Issues in Syntax and Morphosyntax (Polish Studies in English Language and Literature)
  7. Bibliographic Guide to Slavic Baltic and Eurasian Studies 2002 (Bibliographic Guide to Slavic Baltic & Eurasian Studies)
  8. Jakobsonian Poetics and Slavic Narrative: From Pushkin to Solzhenitsyn (Sound and Meaning: The Roman Jakobson Series in Linguistics and Poetics) by Krystyna Pomorska, 1992-01-01
  9. Slavic Mythology by Jan Machal, Louis H Gray, 2010-02-25
  10. Independent Belarus: Domestic Determinants, Regional Dynamics, and Implications for the West (Harvard Slavic studies)
  11. SUPERSTITIOUS MUSE: Mythopoetic Thinking and Russian Literature (Studies in Russian and Slavic Literatures, Cultures and History) by David Bethea, 2009-09-30
  12. Bibliography of Slavic Mythology by Mark Kulikowski, 1989-06
  13. SUPERSTITIOUS MUSE: Mythopoetic Thinking and Russian Literature (Studies in Russian and Slavic Literatures, Cultures and History) by David Bethea, 2009-09-30
  14. Bibliography of Slavic Mythology by Mark Kulikowski, 1989-06

41. Slavic Gospel Association
Featured Project ORPHANS REBORN. Reaching Russia's throwaway children!Employment Opportunities. home about SGA SGA ministries
Featured Project:
Reaching Russia's
throwaway children! Employment
about SGA
SGA ministries free resources
for churches
... contact SGA

Features Christopher Radko, Polonaise, slavic Treasures, and Christina's World ornaments.
Our 63 rd Christmas Holiday Season
Founded 1940 - Web Site Established 1997
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43. Department Of German And Slavic Languages And Literatures

44. Slavic & East European Collections At Yale University
Overview of collections and information on hours, Fellows Program and internet resources.Category Reference Education Area Studies...... Internet Resources / Related materials in the Yale Libraries / Online Databaseof Russian Publications (requires IP recognition) / slavic Virtual Reference

Selected Internet Resources
Related materials in the Yale Libraries Online Database of Russian Publications (requires IP recognition) Slavic Virtual Reference Desk ... Western Russia Left to Right: Professor Paul Bushkovitch (History), Tatjana Lorkovic, Curator of the Slavic Collection, and Professor Ivo Banac (History). From Nota Bene: News from the Yale Library. Vol. V, No. 2, p. 3.
Click image to enlarge
Search Contact Us Yale University Library ... YaleInfo
This file last modified: 04 February 2003
Send comments to Tatjana Lorkovic

45. Canadian Literature: Issue No. 120
An issue devoted to slavic writing and issues.
Issue No. 120 - Spring, 1989 Edited by W. H. New
Slavic And East European Connections
Editorial: Signs of Spring
  • Another Country by Janice Kulyk Keefer. "Felice": The Polish Beginning by Robert Harlow. George Faludy: An Interview by Jacqueline D'Amboise. Le 22 juin 1941 by Negovan Rajic. "Where Is My Home?" Some Notes on Reading Josef Skvorecky in "Amerika" by Sam Solecki. Mrs. Maza's Salon by Miriam Waddington. In the Name-of-the-Father: Robert Zend's "Oab" (or the up (Z) ending of trildution) by Sherrill Grace. My Great-grand-uncle's Bequest by Andrew Busza. Russian Writers and the Doukhobors by George Woodcock. On Doukhobor Psalms by Mark Mealing. R. A. D. Ford: Poet and Diplomat by Ann Munton.
  • Ideology and Not God's Order by Rhea Tregebov. For Alicia Martyred By The Immigration Office by Florian Smieja. Aurora Borealis and This Land ... (Canadata) by Rudiger Krause.

46. Polish Slavic Federal Credit Union
Manhattan. Serves the needs of people of Polish and slavic origin.

47. Slavic And Baltic Division
slavic and Baltic Division. Internet Resources. Manuscripts, Paleography,Codicology; Obshtezhitie; Old Church slavic Text Conversion Projects
@import "/research/styles/sophisto.css"; Slavic and Baltic Division
Internet Resources
The intent of the following list is to provide useful links to relevant library and archival institutions throughout the world. Other areassuch as general reference, electronic journals, maps, etc.are covered far less extensively. Readers are advised to consult the broadly-based, vastly more comprehensive, subject-specific collection of links found at the Russian and East European Studies (REES) Web site at the University of Pittsburgh. The best organized and vetted site is that maintained by the British Library , with the assistance of the All-Russian Library of Foreign Literature in Moscow. In addition, one may wish to monitor the sites indexed by services such as Yahoo! , listed below. Please note that inclusion of sites in the list below does NOT necessarily indicate endorsement by the New York Public Library or its Slavic and Baltic Division . This list is offered merely as a convenient starting point for our many users. Book Studies Electronic Journals/Newsletters/Newspapers/Digests
Collections in North America
Collections in the Former Soviet Union ... Vendors of Slavic Materials
Book Studies

48. Slavic Paganism & Witchcraft
Includes information about beliefs, rituals, holidays, deities, spells and herbs.
htmlAdWH('7005340', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7002028', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help
This site is dedicated to the Gods, the spirits
and our ancestors.
May they awaken once again,
and remember.

Slavic Pagan Beliefs


Gods and Goddesses

Slavic Pagan Resources
- desperately needs updating
The Russian Pagan Tea Room - message board
Books and Research Material - updated 7/07/2002 Subscribe to leszi Our online Slavic Pagan study group! Powered by E-mail me at Visitors

49. Yale Women's Slavic Chorus
A Cappella group performing Eastern European folk songs.
Founded in 1969, the Yale Slavic Chorus is an a cappella chorus composed of women from the Yale University and New Haven communities. It performs a wide range of Eastern European folk songs in many different languages and styles. The repertoire of lyrical songs borrowed from authentic Slavic choruses tells of love, work, war, country life, and sorrow. In its performances, the chorus strives to maintain the tradition of dissonant harmonies, unusual rhythms, and distinctive vocal qualities which make Slavic music unique and exciting for so many listeners. want to know more about us? Music Concerts Members Photos Albums Contact Us!
interested in buying a cd?
Site maintained by Beth Kalisch MC '03

50. Slavic And Baltic Languages
This site provides Information about slavic, Baltic, and other East Europeanlanguages. The Home, Baltic slavic Languages, Add URL. Language

51. Slavic Languages And HPSG
Publications, mailing list, and links related to the linguistic work carried out within the formal linguistic (generative) framework.
This page hasn't been updated for a while (well, a couple of years), and probably will never be updated again, unless it turns out that people find this page useful, after all. (Anybody?)
Slavic Languages in
Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar
Table of Contents:

52. Center For Slavic, Eurasian And East European Studies
by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University, the Centeris one of sixteen National Resource Centers (NRC) in slavic, Eurasian, and Category Reference Education Chapel Hill Research
Established in 1991 and operated jointly by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University, the Center is one of sixteen National Resource Centers (NRC) in Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies so designated by the International Education and Graduate Programs (IEGPS) Office of the US Department of Education. Government funds through a Title VI NRC grant support a variety of activities, including undergraduate education, graduate student and faculty research, exchange programs, conferences, seminars, and public outreach programs.
  • Southeast European Film Series : Tursdays from Mar. 20 to Apr. 17
  • Lunch Lecture : Amb. Ernst Sucharipa, US-European Relations/Perceptions of Foreign Policy, Mar. 28 RSVP by Mar 21
  • Conference : Contemporary Security Challenges in Eurasia, April 10 -12 (register on-line!)
  • Guide to theses for master students (Theses must be submitted by April 23 at 4 pm.)

53. Jsl_home
Contents and abstracts from past issues, profiles of future issues, information for authors, and subscrip Category Science Social Sciences IndoEuropean slavic Journals......Journal of slavic Linguistics. Welcome to the JSL homepage. We are in the processof updating and revising this site, so we thank you for your patience.





Journal of Slavic Linguistics
Welcome to the JSL homepage. We are in the process of updating and revising this site, so we thank you for your patience. Currently, you will find information and abstracts for all our published volumes (through 8). To see the titles of forthcoming papers, click on INDEX in the left column.
If you have any questions or comments regarding the journal or this web site, please write to the contact listed below.
Questions or comments? Contact: Malgorzata Cavar, JSL Managing Editor

54. Dr. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive - Cyrillic
Fonts for many slavic languages including Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian and Serbian.
Dr. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive
Cyrillic Alphabet Typefaces
Notes: With some variations, the Cyrillic script is used for the following Slavic, Altaic, Uralic, and Caucasian languages: Abazin, Adyghe, Awar, Azerbaijani, Balkar, Bashkir, Belorussian, Bulgarian, Buryat, Chechen, Dargin, Dungan, Ingushian, Kalmyck, Karakalpak, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Komi, Kumykish, Lakish, Lezgi, Macedonian, Mordovin-Erzya, Mordovin-Moksha, Nanai, Nents, Nivkh, Nogai, Russian, Selkup, Serbian, Tabassaran, Tajniki, Tatar, Turkmen, Tuvin, Uighur, Ukranian, and Uzbek. Also see the Mongolian Multilingual Groupings , and Old Church Slavonic links for additional Cyrillic-based typefaces.
A number of files have been removed from this listing. These files, from whatever sources they were originally obtained, apparently included typefaces that could be considered to have infringed upon certain trademarked names.
Typeface File Name Size (KB) TT AFM Azeri Cyrillic (Also includes Azeri Latin)

55. Department Of Slavic Languages And Literatures, University Of Pittsburgh
department of slavic languages and literatures. UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH. SlovakFilm Series runs from March 25April 15 in the Masonic Temple/Alumni Hall.
department of slavic
languages and literatures UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH Slovak Film Series runs from March 25-April 15 in the Masonic Temple/Alumni Hall.
The new SLI site is now up and running. Please click here to visit the site and to obtain a copy of the application. The deadline for scholarships for SLI is MARCH 21st. The deadline for application to the Pittsburgh/Moscow program and the Pittsbugh/Poland program is also MARCH 21st.
Our culture courses such as Vampire: Blood and Empire and Russian Fairy Tales (CAS) and (Saturday College) are also offered in the summer session.
Undergraduate Program
Courses Faculty
Graduate Program
... CREES Virtual Library

56. The Slavic Male Chorus Of Washington DC
Performs folk songs and sacred music of Russia and other slavic traditions.

Sign Guestbook
View Guestbook
The Slavic Male Chorus of Washington DC
has thrilled audiences with heartfelt interpretations of the folk songs and sacred hymns of Russia and many Slavic lands. Founded by its current conductor, Mr. Gregory V. Oleynik , the Chorus has performed at folk festivals, concerts, benefit events and religious services in Washington and the Eastern U.S. in order to promote the continuation of a cappella music from many Slavic traditions. Streaming Video of our recent
Kennedy Center performance
"...precisely rehearsed and produced a thrilling spectrum ranging from barely vocalized whispers to full shouts..." Washington Post, June 24, 2000 "...thanks and appreciation for the wonderful performance you gave for our Centennial gathering in Philadelphia. The wonderful choral tradition of our people have found a worthy repository in the dedicated voices of your chorus. " George H. Mihaly Jr., President Russian Brotherhood of America

57. Welcome To The UW-Madison Department Of Slavic Languages And Literatures
University of Wisconsin, Madison Department of slavic Languages and Literatures.UW-Madison Department of slavic Languages and Literatures,
Department of
Slavic Languages
and Literatures 1432 Van Hise Hall
1220 Linden Drive
Madison, WI
53706 USA phone: (+1) 608-262-3498
fax: (+1) 608-265-2814
email webmaster updated 12/12/02 General information
Introduction, contacting the department, reasons for
studying Russian Why UW-Madison For prospective students Campus Tour See a slide show of UW-Madison Courses Courses offered by the Slavic Department People Information about the faculty, students and staff Community Photographs from Slavic Department Events. Student information Undergraduate and graduate information, application information, program highlights, study abroad and placement information Resources Many good links to related web sites Placement Record Degrees Offered Employment Opportunity

58. Shevchenko Church Of ChristSlavic Evangelism Ministry
Kyiv, Ukraine.

59. Slavic Department Language Programs
Offers both a major and a minor in Finnish, with study of the Finnish language and culture, literature, and history as well as FinnishCanadian language and culture.
Language Programs Croatian Estonian Finnish Hungarian ...
Go to list of Finnish courses
A nation of five million people, Finland is situated between West and East, between Sweden and Russia, sharing for thousands of years religious, historical, political, social, and cultural influences and experiences with its neighbours and the different worlds they represent. Finnish studies at the University of Toronto are presently engaged in teaching the Finnish language - a three-year sequence together with a linguistics course, to be introduced later, that will be of interest to all students of language - and in offering other courses on the literature and culture of Finland. Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
121 St. Joseph Street, Alumni Hall (AH), Rm. 429 ~ Toronto, Ontario ~ M5S 1J4
tel: fax: email

60. Slavic And East European Studies
slavic and East European Studies. Welcome to the home page for the slavicand East European Collection at the University of Chicago Library.
catalog worldcat using the library electronic resources
Slavic and East European Studies
Welcome to the home page for the Slavic and East European Collection at the University of Chicago Library
From an undated Aeroflot postcard "Dymka
Introduction to the Collections
The Slavic and East European collections contain over 525,000 volumes on Russia and the Soviet Union, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, as well as the countries of Eastern Europe, including Albania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Macedonia. The collections, which are accessed through the Library's Horizon Catalog and General Card Catalog, include material from all disciplines of the humanities and social sciences and in all of the vernacular languages of these geographic areas. The collections are especially strong in Slavic philology and linguistics, Russian and other Slavic literatures, history, economics, political science, geography, and the history of religions. The Slavic Reference Collection , numbering over 5,500 volumes, is located at the east end of the Second Floor Reading Room (RR2S), and includes a wide selection of specialized bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, serial indexes, library catalogs, archival guides and other research aids.

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