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         Slavic:     more books (100)
  1. Slavic Ethnic Libraries Museums & Archiv by Lubomyr R Wynar, 1980-01-01
  2. The Slavic Community on Strike: Immigrant Labor in Pennsylvania Anthracite by Victor R. Greene, 1968-06
  3. Linguist's Linguist: Studies in South Slavic Linguistics in Honor of E. Wayles Browne by Steven Franks, 2009-05-30
  4. Byzantine Studies: Essays on the Slavic World and the Eleventh Century (Hellenism, Ancient, Medival, Modern ; 9th V) by Henrik Birnbaum, Speros, Jr. Vryonis, 1992-03
  5. Linguist's Linguist: Studies in South Slavic Linguistics in Honor of E. Wayles Browne by Steven Franks, 2009-05-30
  6. Byzantine Studies: Essays on the Slavic World and the Eleventh Century (Hellenism, Ancient, Medival, Modern ; 9th V) by Henrik Birnbaum, Speros, Jr. Vryonis, 1992-03
  7. The Slavic Epic Gundulic's Osman: Gundulic's Osman (Balkan Studies) by Zdenko Zlatar, 1995-05
  8. Lexical Specialization in Russian (Ucla Slavic Studies) by Richard D. Schupbach, 1984-09-01
  9. Speech Genres and Other Late Essays (University of Texas Press Slavic Series) by M.M. Bakhtin, 1986
  10. Art and Answerability: Early Philosophical Essays (University of Texas Press Slavic Series) by M. M. Bakhtin, 1990
  11. Etymological Dictionary of the Slavic Inherited Lexicon (Leiden Indo-European Etymological Dictionary)
  12. Libraries in Open Society: Proceedings of the Fifth International Slavic Librarians' Conference by Harold Leich, 2002-11-15
  13. Strecha Russkoi Emigratsii S "Daktorom Zhivago": Boris Pasternak I Kholodnaia Voina (Stanford Slavic Studies) (Russian Edition) by Lazar Fleishman, 2009-05-31
  14. Poetics of Valentin Kataev's Prose of the 1960s and 1970s (American University Studies. Series XII, Slavic Languages and Literature, Vol 5) by Ireneusz Szarycz, 1990-06

81. Duke University Slavic Department
The Duke Department of slavic Languages and Literatures offers undergraduate andgraduate work in Russian language, literature and culture, as well as in Category Reference Education
The Duke Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures offers undergraduate and graduate work in Russian language, literature and culture, as well as in Slavic linguistics, Eastern European, Eurasian and other Slavic languages. The faculty of the department is committed to increasing language proficiency of its students in the context of culture acquisition and to help students develop their own scholarly interests and research abilities. In view of the continuing transformations of the Slavic world and the breakdown of traditional academic disciplines, the program integrates adjacent fields into teaching and research. Gender studies, history, semiotics, media and film, as well as aspects of comparative literature and theory are indispensable components of a modern concept of Slavic studies. The Slavic department offers proficiency and placement testing in Russian, Polish, Hungarian and Romanian. For placement and proficiency testing information, contact the Slavic Department at 919-660-3140 or

82. CSEEES @ Duke University
CSEEES Director Professor Edna Andrews (Department of slavic Languages and Literatures). DukeUniversity slavic department http//
Our web site is intended to provide interested individuals with information about the resources available at Duke concerning the 27 countries that constitute Russia Eastern Europe , and the former Soviet Union . We have also included links in this web site to other sites on the World Wide Web that offer valuable information about these countries. Our web site includes information about the following topics: About the CSEEES Undergraduate Slavic Studies Graduate Slavic Studies Certificate in Slavic Studies ... Exploring the Region: Links to Websites CSEEES Director : Professor Edna Andrews (Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures) CSEEES Coordinator: Michael Newcity CSEEES address
Box Duke University Durham NC
Telephone: (919) 660-3157
Fax: (919) 660-3188
Duke University web site:
Duke University Slavic department:
Center for Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies
at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

83. Center For Slavic And East European Studies At UC Berkeley
The Center for slavic and East European Studies is the National Resource Centerfor Russia and Eastern Europe, within ISEEES, at the University of California
Center for Slavic and East European Studies
The Center for Slavic and East European Studies (CSEES) is the Title VI National Resource Center for Russia and Eastern Europe at UC Berkeley. Located within the Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ISEEES), CSEES is directed by Dr. Barbara Voytek , Vice Chair. Read further about our: Go to the ISEEES Web site for: ISEEES Home ...
Contact the site administrator
Center for Slavic and East European Studies
University of California, Berkeley
Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies
260 Stephens Hall #2304, Berkeley, California 94720-2304
Tel: (510) 642-3230 Fax: (510) 643-5045
Updated November 19, 2002 Contact the site administrator

84. Mythology's Mything Links: Eastern Europe / Pan Slavic Traditions & Beliefs
Focusing on the polarities and depth of slavic mythology. Provides artwork and descriptive links.
by Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.
Pan Slavic Traditions and Beliefs
Page is graphics-intensive please be patient while it loads.
Myth*ing Links Search Engine (Note: some of the themes dealt with on this page are also found elsewhere in Myth*ing Links, which is why I'm including the search engine here.)
Vasilisa and the White Horseman of Dawn
By Kharcheb
(Courtesy of Tradestone International Author's Note: The Slavic world is an endlesly fascinating, troubling, dramatic, and dynamic one. Slavic mythology has a strong focus on the sun, warmth, light, birds, fire (and firebirds), epic victories, and brightly painted cosmic bird-eggs. The opposing polarity, the dark, the dead, the cold, the gloomy forests, snakes, drowned spirits (usually female or children), and ruthless hags are feared, even demonized (especially under the influence of Christianity), yet many fairy tales indicate that if this darker world is treated with cautious respect, one will fare well. . . .
The Firebird and Ivan (Courtesy of Russian Sunbirds

85. SLAVISM.COM - Slavs And Slavic World - Slovak Language
Information about slavic history and the development of the languages (especially Slovak). Slavs and Slavic World Slovak Language
Slavism (sluh-viz'm, slav-iz'm) n. is an independent non-profitable site. Our mission is to concentrate information about the Slavic history (particulary ancient and medieval), the development of Slavic languges, and to provide resources for linguists and language students. Slavic Languages
Czech, Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian Glagolitic and Cyrillic Alphabet Basic Terminology
Slav, Slavic, Slavonic, Slovenic, Slovene, Slovenian, Slovak, Slovakian
Slovak Language
Words Slovak and Slovakia Slovak and Czech Slovak and Slovene Slovak and Slavic words in Hungarian Books, A/V Cassettes and CD-ROMs Slavic Links ... Slavic Languages
The Slovak language holds a central position among Slavic languages. It is a west Slavic language, but in the east it borders on Ukrainian and Ruthenian and, before the arrival of Magyars (Hungarians) in the Danube basin, it had direct ties with the south Slavic languages (especially Slovene), some of whose features it has retained to this day. Slovakia's central geographic location and other factors have made it very easy for other Slavs to understand Slovak. For anyone interested in central European, eastern European, and Slavic studies, as well as for the casual tourist, Slovak provides an excellent starting point from which to branch off to any additional Slavic language. It is a language that can function as lingua franca for travelers throughout the Slavic world.

86. Slavic At UCLA
The slavic Site can now be found at http// browser will take you there in a few seconds; if not, click this link.
The Slavic Site can now be found at
Your browser will take you there in a few seconds; if not, click this link

87. The Early Slavic Studies Association
Scholarly, nonprofit organization based in the US dedicated to fostering the study of pre-eighteenth century slavic studies.
The Early Slavic Studies Association
Statement of Purpose:
"The Early Slavic Studies Association is a scholarly, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering closer worldwide communication among scholars interested in pre-eighteenth century Slavic studies; and to promoting the dissemination of scholarly information on early Slavic studies through the organization of meetings and conferences and through the Association's newsletter."



Selected Links to Related Sites

This webpage is currently maintained by Scott Malec . It was last modified 01.04.2001.
Questions? Comments? Contact C.M. Vakareliyska.

88. UCLA Slavic Languages & Literatures
Current offerings. UCLA Home page. 115 Kinsey Hall Box 951502 Los Angeles, California900951502 Tel. 310-825-2676 Fax 310-206-5263
Site Guide
Roster of faculty, with areas of specialization; links to personal web sites of faculty and emeriti General Information
Location, Departmental history, degree programs, useful links Graduate Program
Courses offered, requirements Undergraduate Program
Courses offered, requirements, link to the Russian Language Programs Web site Summer Programs and Sessions Living in L.A.
Tips on climate, cultural attractions, natural environs, neighborhoods, and transportation. Admissions
Information, link to electronic applications Announcements
Current Departmental activities, conferences, films, exhibitions Current offerings UCLA Home page 115 Kinsey Hall Box 951502
Los Angeles, California 90095-1502
Tel. 310-825-2676
Fax: 310-206-5263

89. Slavic Village Community Directory
Includes bulletin board, links and classifieds.

90. Slavic And East European Collections At Stanford University Libraries
slavic Reference Works. Russian Bibliographic and NonBibliographicSources; Pacific Coast slavic and East European Library Consortium.
Contact People

91. Dept Of Slavic Languages At Columbia
The Department of slavic Languages at Columbia home page. Get informationon the department, its programs of study, courses of instruction

92. Department Of Germanic And Slavic Languages, BYU
Information about the department and classes offered.
Germanic Slavic

93. Department Of Slavic Languages And Literatures
Designed and produced by Stanford University Media Solutions Copyright ©2002 The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University.
To view a list of our upcoming lectures and visiting speakers, please see our events page for more information. Designed and produced by Stanford University Media Solutions

94. Hilandar Research Library Main Page
The world's largest microform collection of medieval slavic manuscripts.
(Text Only Version) The Hilandar Research Library has the largest collection
of medieval Slavic manuscripts on microform in the world.
The more than 2 million pages of manuscript material on microform from more than 100 different monastic, private, museum and library collections in 21 countries are used by scholars from all over the world. The collection includes more than 5000 Cyrillic manuscripts on microform, with over 1200 from different monasteries on Mount Athos, Greece, including the entire Slavic collection of Hilandar Monastery, in addition to hundreds of thousands of pages of East Slavic manuscripts from Russia and a collection of more than 700 early Slavic printed books on microform. Many of these materials on microform are now accessible to women scholars for the first time. The Hilandar Research Library also contains a large specialized reference collection, print and microform, as well as numerous microform readers, reader-printers, and computers. Click the button to see the Photographic Journal of the 5th International Hilandar Conference Click the button for information on the 2003 Medieval Slavic Summer Institute Access and Collection Information The Hilandar Research Library is a unit of This page has been visited times since May 1, 1997.

95. Slavic Retirement Plan Services
Online Forms Distribution/Rollover Form Loan Request Form HardshipRequest Form Rollover Into a slavic 401(k) Catch-Up Contribution.
/***************************************************************************** Linked js file with all the menucreation code inside ******************************************************************************/ Manage Your Account
Enroll, view your balance, and make changes to your account.
- Online Forms - Distribution/Rollover Form Loan Request Form Hardship Request Form Rollover Into a Slavic 401(k) Catch-Up Contribution News
Latest news ... About Us
About and related companies. Contact Us
Our phone numbers, e-mail, and mail addresses Enrollment
Begin saving for your future by enrolling in a Slavic Retirement Savings Plan. Pre-Allocated Portfolios
Sign up to one of the Slavic managed portfolios. 401(k) Express
Free service to send your 401(k) balance to you by e-mail every week. Sponsor Express
Plan Sponsors and Company Owners can receive monthly plan data by e-mail. Master Scheduler
Plan Sponsors and Company Owners can schedule a conference call with one of our Retirement Savings Plan Representatives at any time.

96. Frater Gwydion's Magickal Gateways
A slavic thelemite and neopagan in Serbia, Frater Gwydion provides information and a mailing list on slavic Gods and The Book of Veles.
I'm Frater Gwydion and I live in Serbia, Yugoslavia. Yes I know, this is that awful place so torn up with war. As you can guess this is very fucking bad place for living with a lot of communists and fundamental Christians in unnatural coalition. It means a lot of various repression and violations of individual rights. A lot of people left the country. But I don't want to flee. I'm not a "pussy", I'm a Slavic Pagan, and I'm proud of this. Also, I'm a Thelemite. If you are interested in what Thelema is you can get some information about this here
I use the name Gwydion because I'm a Celtophile. But primarily I'm Slavic Pagan and one of the people who work on the reanimation of our native religion. You can read something about old Slavic Gods here . I don't know if The Book of Veles, a very important Slavic Pagan text from the XI century, translated in English, but according to my information our Brothers from Russia will put translation on the WWW in the next months. Till then you can read what some people from the Leszi mailing list said about The Book of Veles here
Drawings (by Jurij Miroljubov) on the top of this page represents Mater Slave, principal Goddess of the Slavs. Between her wings is the Pantheon of Slavic Gods and Goddesses. She is the Cosmic Mother described as a bird in The Book of Veles. She came back among us. And we, her children, salute her. You can read something little about her

97. University Of Kansas Slavic Languages & Literatures Home Page

98. Slavic Studies: Ukrainian Courses At Monash University.
Monash University, Ukrainian Studies from development of rudimentary language skills to contemporary literature to morphology of modern Ukrainian.
Slavic Studies Program Slavic Studies home The Staff Undergraduate studies Honours program ... Slavic Studies Ukrainian Polish Critical theory Publications Dostoevsky Journal Publications catalogue Unit site access WebCT information Contact details All initial inquiries Sequences
General information on Ukrainian Studies at Monash University
Links Sequences Beginners language level Students with little or no knowledge of Ukrainian enrol in A minor sequence normally comprises and , normally followed by and A major sequence normally comprises a minor sequence followed by and a further twelve points at third-year level.
Students intending to enrol in the fourth year course should consult the program about their choice of third year units. Post-VCE/HSC language level Students who have VCE/HSC in Ukrainian or can demonstrate an equivalent level of competence enrol in A minor sequence normally comprises and , followed by and A major sequence normally comprises a minor sequence followed by and and a further twelve points at third-year level.

99. Our Slavic Language
History of the Old Slavonic language.Category Science Social Sciences slavic Old Church Slavonic......Our slavic Language. The services. It is also called OldSlavonic, sincein former times it was the common language of slavic tribes.
Our Slavic Language The language used by our people in the Liturgy is called Church - or Old-Slavonic . It is called Church- Slavonic , since its use is limited to the Church for the liturgical services. It is also called Old-Slavonic, since in former times it was the common language of Slavic tribes. Some Slavists refer to it as the " Old-Bulgarian " language, but incorrectly. The Slavonic language was introduced into the Byzantine liturgy by the Apostles of the Slavs, SS. Cyril and Methodius, during their missionary activity in Great Moravia. The missionary brothers were sons of a high ranking officer (Gr. " drungarious ") Leo, who was attached to the governor of the Macedonian province. During the eighth century this whole province became occupied by the Slavic tribes. Thus SS. Cyril and Methodius were familiar with the Slavic dialect as spoken at that time in Macedonia. Constantine, known mostly by his religious name Cyril, was one of the finest linguists in the whole Empire. Commanding a sufficient knowledge of the Slavic dialect of Macedonia, he created the first Slavic alphabet, called '' Glagolitic " (Sl. "

Listings and descriptions of Gods and Godesses, Calendar Festivals, Fairy Creatures (and mythic animals), Magic Divination, Malevolent Beings and some other interesting slavic Pagan beliefs.

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