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         Spiritualism:     more books (100)
  1. Spiritualism and Nineteenth-Century Letters by Russell M. Goldfarb, Clare R. Goldfarb, 1977-06
  2. dictionary of spiritualism by harry e wedeck, 1971
  3. The Dervishes: Or Oriental Spiritualism by John Porter Brown, 2010-03-31
  4. The Church And Spiritualism by Herbert Thurston, 2007-07-25
  5. A Companion to Anabaptism and Spiritualism, 1521-1700 (Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition) by Stayer, J.M. (ed.), et all 2006-11-30
  6. The Physical Phenomena of Spiritualism: Being a Brief Account of the Most Important Historical Phenomena, with a Criticism of Their Evidential Value by Hereward Carrington, 2010-01-01
  7. The death-blow to spiritualism: being the true story of the Fox sisters, as revealed by authority of by Reuben Briggs Davenport, 2009-10-03
  8. On the Threshold of the Unseen; An Examination of the Phenomena of Spiritualism and of the Evidence for Survival After Death by Sir William Barrett, 2009-12-26
  9. In Search of White Crows: Spiritualism, Parapsychology, and American Culture by Robert Laurence Moore, 1977-10-27
  10. Through a Glass Darkly: Spiritualism in the Browning Circle by Katherine H. Porter, 1972-06
  11. Transatlantic Spiritualism and Nineteenth-Century American Literature by Bridget Bennett, 2007-05-15
  12. Hidden Heresy?: Is Spiritualism Invading the Adventist Church? by Tom Mostert, 2005-06-30
  13. The Death-Blow to Spiritualism; Being the True Story of the Fox Sisters, as Revealed by Authority of Margaret Fox Kane and Catherine Fox Jencken by Reuben Briggs Davenport, 2010-01-03
  14. Modern Spiritualism: A History And A Criticism V2 by Frank Podmore, 2007-07-25

81. The Homepage Of ESP Ministries
E.S.P. Exposing Satan's Power. Web site run by a former spiritualist, now Christian. Articles on Witchcraft, spiritualism, Harry Potter, Dungeons Dragons, halloween, cults.
ESP is a Christian ministry dedicated to exposing the powers of Satan through the truth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. ESP is led by evangelist Ben Alexander, a former spiritualist medium who came face to face with the demons of the Prince of Darkness. Only through the Word of God was Ben able to be rescued from a "fate worse than death". Ben now travels the globe teaching the evils of the spirit world by sharing his first hand experiences with Satanic demons. By exposing Satan's power and at the same time teaching the love of God, Ben has brought thousands into Christ with his message. Are You "Into" the Occult? Some of the common and everyday things that people do are part of the occult...and they don't even know it! Satan uses many tools to lure unsuspecting souls into his den of demons. Do you (or your children or your friends) practice in any of the areas below?

82. Noosphere - Spiritualism
Noosphere explore sites related to spiritualism,mediums,psychic,spirit,channeling,spiritualist,psychics,mediumship,healing,religion,spiritual,metaphysics,new
The Expanding Web of Consciousness Technoetic Vortex Noosphere Submit Site ...
Top : Spiritualism
Dunedin Spiritualist Centre
The Dunedin Spiritualist Centre, formerly The Dunedin Spiritualist Church is located on the corner of Rankeilor and Lorne Streets and offers a sunday service with speakers, spiritual healing, and clairvoyance.
Gordon Banta Descriptions of the Afterlife
Probably the premier site for high quality descriptions of after life experiences from people who have been through near-death experiences
Four Spirit Teachers
Through the Mediumship of Sheila Jones - with questions and answers
A Road Home
Very enlightened teachings. A must read for understanding the relationship between man and scripture. This is an Islamic site, yet every seeker from every religious persuasion will benefit from its reasonable and clear wisdom. Very enlightening and wonderfully written.
Spiritualist Religion Pages
Learn the basics about the religion, science, and philosophy of Spiritualism. Read the Spiritualist Basics book online - Spiritualist Basics is an explanation of what Spiritualism is about, written for someone who is unaware that Spiritualism exists as a religion, science, and philosopy, but has heard of "psychic readings".
Beacon Home Circle
This is a group devoted to helping individuals make conscious spiritual contact with those forces who, for the most part, remain unseen by the usual physical senses but who work for the highest spiritual good of the individual

83. Psychic Encounters
Mediums site includes UK psychics, spiritualism, paranormal, chat room, angels, astrology, readings, books, dreams, guidance, angels, ESP.

84. Psychic World is the site to visit for spiritual and paranormal subjects covered by many internationally published authors. Covers many aspects of spiritualism.

spiritualism. spiritualism. Search also under Antoinism. Search alsounder Bible and spiritualism. Search also under Caodaism.

86. The Gateway Centre Spiritualist Pages
A Spiritualist Home on the Web. Extensive information on spiritualism and links to other likeminded sites. Based in Canada.
A Spiritualist Home on the Web
Welcome to The Gateway Centre Spiritualist Pages. We are proud to have been one of the first (1995) of a growing number of Spiritualist Pages on the Internet. Please visit our pages and learn what we, and Spiritualism, are about.
If your are ever in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, please visit one of the Spiritualist churches. The Spiritualist Society The Gateway Psychic Centre 1609d Kensington Road, NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada The Calgary First Spiritualist Church 1603 - 6 Ave NW. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Search our Site:
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87. Occult
Information on Satanism, Witchcraft, spiritualism, OTO, Crowley, Wicca, Paganism, Ouija Board, Alchemy, Divination, Black Mass.
The Occult The Occult Overview Divination, Astrology, Horoscope, Fortune Teller, Tarot Cards, Palm, Crystal, Dreams... Magic, White Magic, Black Magic, Ghosts, Witchcraft, Wicca... Spiritism, Spiritualism, Churches, Ouija Board, Hunted Homes... ... Other Web Sites of Dr. Domínguez (over 100) Home E- Mail to: J. Domínguez, M.D. Last edition: January 7, 2003

88. Spiritualism Page
spiritualism. World Wide Spiritualist Church Directory. The Seven Principlesof spiritualism. The Fatherhood of God. The Brotherhood of Man.
Home . Events Inspiration Links ... Therapies Spiritualism
World Wide Spiritualist Church Directory
The Seven Principles of Spiritualism The Fatherhood of God. The Brotherhood of Man. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels. The continuous existence of the human soul. Personal responsibility. Compensation and retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on earth. Eternal progress open to every human soul.
Falcons Spiritualist Mailing List

ADVENT (Modern Spiritualism). The coming into being, the start of Modern
Spiritualism....1848 in Hydesville, New York, at the home of the Fox family. ATTUNE. Raising ones consciousness, or rate of vibration, that one may come
into balance and harmony with that of the higher vibrations of the Spirit World
and the Divine Spirit. AURA. A Magnetic emanation, generated by the etheric and the forces of the
object or person. BALANCE. State of stability, of the body, mind and spirit. Control and
harmony. CATALEPTIC. Trance state produced by hypnotic power, induced by a decarnate

89. The World Illusion-Spiritualism, Magic, Hemi-sync UK, Alternative Medicine, Spir
Variety of information about spiritualism, magic and new age healing.

Link to Hypnosis site

Link to Hypnosis site

90. Modern Spiritualism Opening Minds, Opening Hearts
Best, Michael. Welcome to the home for Modern spiritualism. What is the meaningof life? Applied Modern spiritualism Spirit should not be confused with God.

91. Spiritualism
spiritualism. Glenn Everett, Associate Professor of English, University ofTennessee at Martin. piritualism belief. spiritualism transcends reason.
Glenn Everett , Associate Professor of English, University of Tennessee at Martin
piritualism, the belief that the dead communicate with the living, became a fad throughout America and Europe during the 1850s. Spiritualism, which owes its beginnings to Emmanuel Swedenborg 's writings on the spirit world, received additional stimulus from Anton Mesmer's experiments in what he called "animal magnetism" (hypnotism) that he believed involved the influence of celestial bodies upon terrestrial. Many Victorians, particularly those who had begun to abandon conventional religion, fervently believed in spiritualism, Elizabeth Barrett Browning among them (much to the dismay of her husband). , New York: McGraw-Hill, 1974, 305) Few of the followers saw much more than table-rappings or ghostly hands laid on shoulders, however, and the movement gradually lost influence when it became clear that it could not duplicate results under scientific scrutiny. The most famous challenge was issued by the American magician Harry Houdini, who offered a substantial reward to any medium whom he could not debunk. [The contemporary novelist, A. S. Byatt, has created a particularly interesting picture of Victorian spiritualism in her novella, "The Conjugal Angel" in

92. The Association Of Spiritualists And Healers
Information about spiritualism and spiritual healing from sanctuary and training centre.
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93. What Is Spiritualism
spiritualism is the science, philosophy and religion of continuous life of the spiritas proven by communication with those in the spirit world via mediums.
Spiritualism is the science, philosophy and religion of continuous life of the spirit as proven by communication with those in the spirit world via mediums.

94. Religion Learn About The Different Religions Of The World
spiritualism, Religion at All American Family. and forum on the net.Eternal Spirit This website explores aspects of spiritualism.

95. About The First Spiritual Temple: Forerunners: Swedenborg
A brief historical perspective on the founding of the movement known as Modern spiritualism, presented by the First Spiritual Temple, Brookline, Massachusetts.
What We Believe Services and Ministries Sunday Worship Our Founder: Marcellus Seth Ayer ... Home
Forerunners to Modern Spiritualism:
Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772)
by Rev. Simeon Stefanidakis Arthur Conan Doyle, in his classic The History of Spiritualism, made the following comments concerning the Swedish seer, Emanuel Swedenborg: "When the first rays of the rising sun of spiritual knowledge fell upon the earth, they illuminated the greatest human mind before they shed their light on lesser men. That mountain peak of mentality was this great religious reformer and clairvoyant medium, as little understood by his own followers as ever the Christ has been. "In order fully to understand Swedenborg one would need to have a Swedenborg brain, and that is not met with once in a century." Emanuel Swedenborg was, truly, one of Europe's great minds; and it is to this that we can attribute the success of his mission as a teacher and philosopher of the Spirit. At that time, Spirit needed a vehicle to help lay the groundwork for what was to follow. Spirit needed a channel who would be respected amongst the world's great minds. Spirit needed a vehicle through whom they could open the eyes of men and women to the realities of spiritual communion and communication, without creating a cultural or theological shock.

96. Spiritualism
Here are a number of files describing how spiritualism/spiritism hasentered the church through many traditions and rites. spiritualism.
The following links consist of the files describing the many aspects of spiritualism in the world and the church today. If you have any comments on any of the material or would like a particular topic covered, please do not hesitate to contact me at any of the addresses listed below.
Is the Virgin Mary Dead or Alive?
Modern Spiritualism

On the Throne of Sin

... Bible Prophecy
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97. Spiritualism
Below are presented some basic understandings of the Philosophy ofspiritualism as well as its objectives and its definitions. We
The Light Center Spiritualist Church
  • No religious or philosophical system of thought can be fully explained or understood in a just few words or within a few web pages so we encourage you to exercise your freedom of open-minded thought and join us for a service or event and ask questions!
Below are presented some basic understandings of the Philosophy of Spiritualism as well as its objectives and its definitions. We hope that you will find food for thought in this information. If you would like discuss any of this information further or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Spiritualism has no dogma and no creed. It has no dictates on our worship or on our relationship and understanding of God. Rather, it is built upon simple statements of understanding that evolve to reflect our understanding as we grow and evolve. These principles form the foundation from which the individual can explore their own understanding of Spirit, of God, and of creation and they are derived from the majority of Spiritualist members of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC.).

98. SpiritualMatters
A site about Pagan spiritualism, Goddess worship, and the Wicca with links to official Pagan organizations and networks.
Pagan, Witch, Wiccan, Witchcraft, Hecate, Hekate, Hekateanism, Paganism
A page with links to Pagan information
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99. What Is Spiritualism
What is spiritualism spiritualism’s main focus is to promote anindividual to have a personal experience with God. spiritualism
What is Spiritualism...
Spiritualism’s main focus is to promote an individual to have a personal experience with God. Spiritualism is a religion that is not based on a relationship with a particular Savior, recognizing all prophets that came to mankind through the ages; not setting one above the other. It is rather based upon the idea that we are all to form our own relationship with God, and to obtain guidance and accept responsibility for our actions based on our interaction with that personal guidance. We are able to have that instant and personal communication directly with God with no intermediary, hence the reason why we do not give any one a fixed idea of God, only that there is a God. Any attempt to personalize the idea of God only limits the totality of that Intelligence, being the reason Spiritualists sometimes refer to that idea of God as Infinite Intelligence or Infinite Spirit. Another significant difference is the belief of survival of death by the personality, meaning that we still think of ourselves the same after death as during our physical life.

100. First Spiritual Temple Home Page
A NonDenominational Christian Spiritualist Church, deeply embedded within the philosophy of spiritualism. Making Sense of God, Christ, the Gifts of the Spirit, and Mediumship. Site contains a number of major articles on spiritualism.
When War Becomes the Means to Justify
an End, in the End, No One Wins. ~ Let Us Pray for Peace ~
The First Spiritual Temple is a nondenominational Christian Spiritualist Church, founded by Marcellus Seth Ayer on June 28, 1883. Our Christian faith is rooted within the philosophy rather than the modern movement's religion of Spiritualism. Our Spiritualism is both universal and ancient. We seek to understand the many and varied forms of Spiritualism which have existed upon our planet from the moment we stepped into physical form. We perceive Spiritualism as the process whereby all religions came into being as a result of communication with God and God's Kingdom of Spirit. Our fundamental doctrine states that God is Spirit, we are Spirit, our loved ones, in Spirit, are Spirit, and that is how we are all connected. Marcellus Ayer founded our Church in order to address the growing needs of people to understand God, Spirit, Death and Dying, Jesus Christ, and the Bible in a more practical and working manner. He stood firm upon the highest ethics and standards in working with Spirit. We proudly carry that banner today.

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