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         Tibetan Buddhism:     more books (100)
  1. Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism, Revised Edition by John Powers, 2007-12-25
  2. Tibetan Buddhism and Modern Physics: Toward a Union of Love and Knowledge by Vic Mansfield, 2008-03-01
  3. The World of Tibetan Buddhism: An Overview of Its Philosophy and Practice by Dalai Lama, 1995-03-25
  4. A Concise Introduction To Tibetan Buddhism by John Powers, 2008-06-25
  5. The Essence of Tibetan Buddhism - The Three Principal Aspects to the Path and Introduction to Tantra by Thubten Yeshe, 2003
  6. Tibetan Buddhism from the Ground Up: A Practical Approach for Modern Life by B. Alan Wallace, 1993-10-09
  7. Translating Buddhism from Tibetan by Joe Wilson, 1992-05-25
  8. Symbols of Tibetan Buddhism (Beliefs Symbols) by Claude B. Levenson, 2001-01-01
  9. Mind in Tibetan Buddhism by Lati Rinbochay, 1981-01-25
  10. Essential Tibetan Buddhism by RobertA. F. Thurman, 1996-12-13
  11. Buddhism with an Attitude: The Tibetan Seven-Point Mind Training by B. Alan Wallace, 2003-09-25
  12. Fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism by Rebecca Novick, 1999-03-01
  13. A Beginner's Guide to Tibetan Buddhism: Notes from a Practitioner's Journey by Bruce Newman, 2004-06-25

1. Tibetan Buddhism
Maintained by the Office of Tibet in London. Features an historical introduction to the five principal Category Society Religion and Spirituality Lineages Tibetan......tibetan buddhism Nechung The State Oracle of Tibet History of Nechung monasterySpiritual traditions of Nechung monastery To become Nechung's Medium is not
Tibetan Buddhism
Nechung - The State Oracle of Tibet

History of Nechung monastery

Spiritual traditions of Nechung monastery

To become Nechung's Medium is not an ordinary duty
... Homepage
This site is maintained and updated by The Office of Tibet, the official agency of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in London. This Web page may be linked to any other Web sites. Contents may not be altered.
Last updated: 27-Sept-99

2. KTD--Learn About Tibetan Buddhism--
Delve into the tibetan buddhism tradition and the Kagyu lineage. Includes articles on sadhana practice, the three jewels and dharma. most important to any student interested in learning about tibetan buddhism. Each topic is linked to a brief summary,
T HE TIBETAN BUDDHIST TRADITION is especially rich because the teachings of the Buddha were preserved in their entirety and elaborated upon over the centuries by meditators who took the teachings to heart and brought them to full fruition in their own mind streams. The Kagyu, or "practice" lineage , contributed greatly to this tradition through the attainment and teachings of its extraordinary practitioners, including Marpa Lotsawa, the great translator; Jetsun Milarepa, Tibet's greatest yogi; and continuing with the succession of seventeen Gyalwa Karmapas. This tradition continues unbroken to the present day, and the teachings of enlightened Kagyu masters are considered among the most precious jewels of spiritual insight and practical guidance in the world. The following topics are among the most important to any student interested in learning about Tibetan Buddhism. Each topic is linked to a brief summary, which includes links to excerpts of related teachings and questions and answers.
Introduction to Buddhism

Turning the Mind toward the Dharma

Becoming a Buddhist: Refuge in the Three Jewels

Taming the Mind through Sitting Meditation
Cultivating Insight into the Nature of Things as They Are

3. Tibetan Buddhism
A short, comprehensive explanation of Tibetan Buddhist spiritual practice. Dzogchen. Vajrayana. Category Society Religion and Spirituality Tibetan Personal Pages......tibetan buddhism. The basic prerequisites for Dzogchen are similar toTantra. tibetan buddhism in Relation to Other Buddhist Traditions.
Tibetan Buddhism
Tibetan Buddhism derives from the confluence of Buddhism and yoga which started to arrive in Tibet from India briefly around the late eighth century and then more steadily from the thirteenth century onwards. Indian Buddhism around that time had incorporated both Hindu yogic and tantric practices along with the classical teachings of the historical Buddha who lived around 500 BC. It acknowledged that there were two paths to enlightenment ( complete transcendence of identification with the personal ego ). One path was that taught in the sutras according to the historical teachings. The heart of sutra practice was based on morality, concentration, and wisdom ( not identifying with the personal ego ). The other path, which has become the cornerstone of Tibetan variations, was tantric. This practice blended the sutra teachings with techniques adapted from Hindu systems of yoga and tantra. Tantric systems transform the basic human passions of desire and aversion for the purpose of spiritual development. Rather than denying such primal urges, tantra purifies them into wholesome and helpful forces. It is very much like trying to deal with a wild horse charging towards you. One way is denial: put up your hands and shout out, "stop, stop!" Probably you will be bowled over by the animal. Another, more clever, approach is to step aside and then jump on its back as it charges past you. In such a case, you have a chance to start coaxing it to move in certain directions, and over time you may be able to direct it into a stable. Truthfully, one needs some skill in both self-control and acceptance if one is to be successful with tantric work.

4. Short Guide To Tibetan Buddhism
Learn about the four major schools of tibetan buddhism, as well as the lesser known Tibetan schools. Also find links and a reading list.
A Short Guide to Tibetan Buddhism
Four Schools Of Tibetan Buddhism
Other Buddhist Schools
Non-Buddhist Traditions
Usenet Discussion Groups
Other Online Tibetan Buddhist Information (Miscellaneous Links)
Books to Read ...
Four Schools Of Tibetan Buddhism
Nyingma Kagyu Sakya Geluk ... Return to top
Nyingma ('The Ancient Ones' )
This is the oldest school of Tibetan Buddhism. It is based on a lineage of teachings and traditions introduced during the reigns of the Buddhist Kings of the Yarlong Dynasty in the eighth and ninth century by Padmasambhava, Shantarakshita, Vilalamitra, and others.
Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) Return to top
Kagyu ( 'Oral Lineage' )
The particular feature of the Kagyu lineage is that the teacher, after having mastered the teachings, clears away defects - relating to intellectual understanding, meditational experience, and the various levels of realisation. Upon completion of the process, the teacher is able to point out and introduce mahamudra to the disciple. The Kagyu teachings have been transmitted and preserved this way, in an unbroken line, until the present time. Shangpa Kagyu, was founded by Khyungpo Nyaljor (978-1079).

5. Tibetan Government In Exile's Official Web Site
Official site. News, background, government, and culture.Category Society Issues China Tibet Government in Exile...... Stamps of Independent Tibet Financial Assistance to Tibetans TIBETAN CULTURE HisHoliness the Dalai Lama The Panchen Lama tibetan buddhism Tibetan Government

His Holiness the Dalai Lama's views on war and Iraq conflict
His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 10th March 2003 Statement

10TH March 2003 Statement of the Kashag (Tibetan Cabinet)
Financial Assistance to Tibetans

His Holiness the Dalai Lama
The Panchen Lama

Tibetan Buddhism

Tibetan Government on Controversy Surrounding Dorjee Shugden Practice
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6. Sakya Monastery Of Tibetan Buddhism
Offers an overview of tibetan buddhism. Provides calendar of seminars and special events with prices and descriptions.

7. BuddhaNets Buddhist Web Links: Tibetan Buddhism.
It is a very comprehensive resource on tibetan buddhism. Tibetan Government in Exile's Official Web Site

Studies Magazines Books ...
  • Tibetan Studies WWW Virtual Library
    The Tibetan Studies World Wide Web Virtual Library is maintained by Dr Matthew Ciolek of Australian National University. It is a very comprehensive resource on Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Government in Exile's Official Web Site
    His Holiness the Dalai Lama and truth about Tibetan Freedom and International Development.
    The DharamsalaNet

    Tibetan Community Information Resource and Directory of Tibetan Web sites. Local Meditation Centres in the Dharamsala area. A link to His Holiness’s teaching schedule (published by The Office of Tibet, London) is available on the DharamsalaNet Homepage (just look for the portrait of His Holiness and click!) Web Site for His Holiness Sakya Trizin
    An introduction to and biography of His Holiness Sakya Trizin.The site also contain up-dated news of his Dharma activities, recent, current, and planned.Web site for His Holiness Sakya Trizin". Karmapa: the Black Hat Lama of Tibet
    This is the site of the 17th Karmapa Trinlay Thaye Dorje, the spiritual head of the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The Karmapa was the first incarnate lama (tulku) in Tibet.

8. Short History Of Tibetan Buddhism
Information on the four schools of tibetan buddhism along with links to more in depth information on each.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Lineages Tibetan......This important document is here. Please change your links accordingly.
This important document is here
Please change your links accordingly.

9. Om Mani Padme Hum: The Meaning Of The Mantra In Tibetan Buddhism
Describes the meaning and importance of this common Tibetan mantra. Includes audio files of it being chanted by a Tibetan refugee. The Meaning of the Mantra. in tibetan buddhism
a mani stone
Om Mani Padme Hum

The Meaning of the Mantra
in Tibetan Buddhism overview mantra meaning facets ... Tibetan Pages Overview Tibetan Buddhists believe that saying the mantra (prayer), Om Mani Padme Hum , out loud or silently to oneself, invokes the powerful benevolent attention and blessings of Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion. Viewing the written form of the mantra is said to have the same effect it is often carved into stones, like the one pictured above, and placed where people can see them. Spinning the written form of the mantra around in a Mani wheel (or prayer wheel) is also believed to give the same benefit as saying the mantra, and Mani wheels, small hand wheels and large wheels with millions of copies of the mantra inside, are found everywhere in the lands influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. The Prayer Wheel: Spiritual Technology from Tibet It is said that all the teachings of the Buddha are contained in this mantra: Om Mani Padme Hum can not really be translated into a simple phrase or sentence. It is appropriate, though, to say a little about the mantra, so that people who want to use it in their meditation practice will have some sense of what they are doing, and people who are just curious will understand a little better what the mantra is and why it is so important to Tibetan Buddhists. We begin in the next section with some information about the mantra itself.

10. Snow Lion Publications
Publisher and distributor of books on tibetan buddhism and culture; includes extensive annotated catalog Category Society Religion and Spirituality Tibetan Books......

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New! The Wheel of Time Sand Mandala by Barry Bryant More about this title 40% Off! The Art of Peace All we are saying is give PEACE a chance! More... The Autobiography of Jamgon Kongtrul More about this title The Robber Chief by W.W. Rowe More about this title Bookset by Alan Wallace Packaged together Save $12.50! Click Here to Order Men-Tsee-Khang Celebrates 42nd Anniversary Winter 2003 Snow Lion ... Newsletter Now Online!

11. Tibetan Buddhism Resources From Dharma Haven
Tibetan Buddhist meditation training and practice, both traditional and Shambhala forms, and Tibetan Category Society Religion and Spirituality Lineages Tibetan......Welcome to Dharma Haven We've changed the address of the page you requested.Please change your bookmarks when you find the page you're looking for.
Welcome to Dharma Haven
We've changed the address of the page you requested. Please change your bookmarks when you find the page you're looking for. Tibetan Medicine Homepage
Tibetan Spiritual Healing Resources

Tibetan Pages Directory

Dharma Haven Home Page

12. Buddhist Practice And Philosophy, Especially Tibetan Buddhism
Introduction to Buddhist practice and meditation, philosophy,history and traditions and especially tibetan buddhism.
Site Contents The Three Jewels The Buddha
The Dharma, (teachings)

The Sangha (community)
Buddhism in Context ...
Zen FAQ-sheet
Philosophy Four Noble Truths

The Mind

Four Immeasurables
FAQ- sheet
Practice Behaviour
What is Meditation

How to Meditate

58 Meditations
... Tantric Practice Working on Delusions Introduction Anger Attachment Guilt ... Summary Symbolism In General Buddhism In Tantra In the Kalachakra Tantra Stories from the Heart ... Zen Fun My Main Teachers The Dalai Lama Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche Lama Zopa Rinpoche Resources Advised Books A to Z Glossary Number Glossary Tibetan Calendar ... Contact me Navigation Web Links Search this Site Home A View on Buddhism - This site has moved to

13. Tibetan Buddhism In Townsville, Qld, Australia
Information on local dharma and meditation classes.
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Tibetan Buddhism in Townsville, Queensland, Australia
A short meditation is often included in the videos from Sydney.
Everyone interested in studying dharma is welcome. Classes and meditations are by donation. For further details, please contact Trudy: PH/Fax 47238849 or Dianne: PH 47720574

May everyone be happy,
May everyone be free from misery,
May no-one ever be separated from their happiness,
May everyone have equanimity; free from confusion, hatred and attachment. Here is a link to Venerable Chris' website.

14. Tibetan Buddhism Explained
Very brief history and tutorial on tibetan buddhism from The Canadian Tibetan Buddhist Society.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Lineages Tibetan......tibetan buddhism Explained. compassion of the Buddha. Home tibetan buddhism? Dakshong Tulku Practice Schedule CTBS Other Centres.
Tibetan Buddhism Explained
Home What is Tibetan Buddhism? About Venerable Dakshong Tulku Practice Schedule ... Other Canadian Centres The practice of Buddhism entails consistent meditation and mindfulness for the purpose of reducing one's poisons or delusions and arriving at a clear state of mind - the Enlightened Mind of the Buddha. All Buddhists share this common goal: to bring an end to suffering by taming the mind. Since the human condition contains many different forms of suffering, the Buddha taught many paths to liberation, which are now practiced throughout the world. Buddhism was brought to Tibet by Padmasambhava in the 8th Century, and has flourished there ever since, transmitted from Gurus to disciples in an unbroken lineage. The Tibetan practices share a distinctive motivation: they are undertaken to end not only one's own suffering, but also the suffering of all other beings, to each of whom we owe a karmic debt. The understanding is that since we are all linked to one another, one person's liberation is incomplete until all other beings have been liberated. So with the help and guidance of the Guru, Tibetan Buddhist practitioners work to develop the pure perception which arises out of meditation. That clarity is then used to awaken and increase their compassion for others until it equals the unconditioned compassion of the Buddha.

15. Drikung Kagyu
The Drikung Kagyu Lineage of tibetan buddhism.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Lineages Tibetan......Meaning of the symbol, The Drikung Kagyu Lineage of tibetan buddhism.

Meaning of the symbol
The Drikung Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism
A Brief Introduction to the
Drikung Kagyu Lineage

of Tibetan Buddhism
Our Blessed Teachers ...
First International Conference of the Songtsen Library
March 29 - April 2, 2003
This page is dedicated to all Drikungpas. May all mother sentient beings, boundless as the sky, have happiness and the causes of happiness.
May they be liberated from suffering and the causes of suffering.
May they never be separated from the happiness which is free from sorrow.
May they rest in equanimity, free from attachment and aversion.
Suggestions and or comments will be cheerfully accepted by
This page last updated on: 01/08/03

16. Palyul Ling International, Meditation, Tibetan Buddhism And Dzogchen Study
Information on HH the Third Drubwang Penor Rinpoche, Throneholder of Palyul Monastery and Supreme Head of the Nyingmapa, and also on the Palyul lineage, the Nyingma School, tibetan buddhism in general, and Palyul Changchub Dargyeling, a network of Palyul centers under the direction of Khenpo Tsewang Gyatso. Mill Valley, CA.
Click here to subscribe to our email list Welcome to the Palyul International website, official site of
His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche
Click for US Summer Retreat 2003

New to Buddhism? Click here

These pages will guide you to
His Holiness Penor Rinpoche's schedule
your closest Palyul center
and much more Hear His Holiness Penor Rinpoche's monks chant the 7-line Prayer to Guru Rinpoche ( Flash required
Summer Retreat 2003. His Holiness will conduct the month-long retreat in the USA July 10 through August 10. You can read about the program here. Or, click here to download the previous year (2002) flier with Adobe's Acrobat. TM Printable Registration Form here
Khenpo Tsewang Gyatso Rinpoche's schedule for Spring USA will soon be posted here
Daily Practice now taking place at centers near you! Visit the centers pages for contact information. When available, you can speak right now with a Palyul Staff Member by clicking on the icon: For your information: Teaching by His Holiness Penor Rinpoche on meditation Add your name to the mailing list Images of the new temple at Namdroling

17. Buddhist Mysticism: Frames Version
This is a site about mysticism in world religions. It includes quotations from the Dhammapada, Bodhidharma, Zen Buddhism and contemporary tibetan buddhism.
If you don't have frames...
You can still explore the non-frames version of Buddhist Mysticism

18. --Welcome To Karma Triyana Dharmachakra--
This is the North American seat of His Holiness the Gyalwa Karmapa, Ugyen Trinley Dorje, Supreme Head Category Society Religion and Spirituality New York......This is the North American seat of His Holiness the Gyalwa Karmapa, Ogyen TrinleyDorje, Supreme Head of the Karma Kagyu School of tibetan buddhism.
Current News and Events His Holiness Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje recently returned to his temporary residence at Gyuto Ramoche Tantric University, near Dharamsala, India. His Holiness had travelled to Bodghaya in January to preside over the final days of the Kagyu Monlam. In Bodghaya, His Holiness received the Kalachakra Initiation from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Following the Kalachakra, the Karmapa spent a month in Sarnath at Vajra Vidya Institute, where he oversaw the ritual activities leading up to Losar on February 2. On his return to Dharamsala, His Holiness gave a public teaching and offered a long-life empowerment on February 23 at Buddha Jayanti Park in Delhi. Read more about His Holiness Karmapa at , the official site of Dharma Chakra Centre, the international seat of His Holiness in Sikkim, India. Lama Jim Dowiat and Tom Schmidt will teach on the fundamental techniques of making tormas and playing musical instruments for personal practice this weekend, March 29 and 30 as detailed on the schedule Lama Yeshe Gyamtso will teach on "The Life of Guru Rinpoche" the weekend of April 4-6; please visit the

19. The Healing Buddha Foundation - Segyu Gaden Dhargye Ling
Centers for healing and the preservation of the Segyu lineage of tibetan buddhism. Techniques used in the clinics are based on Buddhist psychology and Tibetan Tantric Medicine. Sebastopol, California.
Home What's New About the Foundation Segyu Lineage Become a Friend ... Contact Us
Healing Buddha Foundation
Segyu Gaden Dhargye Ling
Dedicated to the study, practice,
and teaching of the Buddhadharma
in order to help all sentient beings
attain the ultimate healing of
enlightenment, and to the
preservation of the Segyu
Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.
What's New A Precious Jewel for the East and West Healing from a Buddhist Perspective Return to Top

20. Life - The Search For A Meaning And Purpose To Your Experience
Website by Christopher Wynter and Fiona Tulk with ideas on the personality, tibetan buddhism, the Kabalah and transpersonality work.
Home Page Overview About Map Contents ... E-Mail Welcome to the anunda Life-Streams Home Page
A Self Exploration Guide for Personal Transformation
where The Meaning, Purpose and Experience of Life is explored
in Plain English from a practical and experience based perspective
Life - The Search for Meaning and Purpose
You may find this site especially valuable if you've tried lots of self-help, religious, spiritual or self-exploration approaches before - but they either haven't "felt right" or did not produce the consistent, lasting results you long for.
On this page ..

Life Notebooks

Self Exploration
No matter where you are in your life, you will find something you recognise which you can use as a starting point - without having to take a leap in faith into the unknowable - and without becoming overwhelmed In this Tantric tapestry of interwoven webs, we provide some alternative and innovative perspective's on the relationships between you and Life God, Truth , Religious Philosophy, Spirituality ..
There are many possibilities for you to explore if you're looking for ways of improving your physical and mental health, relationships, spiritual life, career, enjoyment of life, finances - and for deeper understanding of the Meaning and Purpose of your Life Experiences.

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