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         Zoroastrian:     more books (103)
  1. Contemporary Zoroastrians by Rashna Writer, 1993-12-22
  2. Zoroastrianism ancient and modern: comprising a review of Dr. Dhalla's book of Zoroastrian theology by Phiroze Shapurji Masani, 2010-08-27
  3. The Position Of Zoroastrian Women In Remote Antiquity: As Illustrated In The Avesta, The Sacred Books Of The Parsees (1892) by Darab Dastur Peshotan Sanjana, 2010-05-22
  4. Parsis, the Zoroastrians of India: A photographic journey, 1980-2000 by Sooni Taraporevala, 2000
  5. The Memoirs Of Zarir: The Oldest Account Of The Zoroastrian Religious Wars
  6. The Vendidad: The Zoroastrian Book Of The Law
  7. Zoroastrian Problems in the Ninth-Century Books by H W Bailey, 1971
  8. Zoroastrians (Living Religions) by John R. Hinnells, 1980-06
  9. A Brief Sketch Of The Zoroastrian Religion And Customs: An Essay (1893) by Ervad Sheriarji Dadabhai Bharucha, 2008-08-18
  10. Zendavesta V1, The Zend Texts: Or The Religious Books Of The Zoroastrians (1854) by Niels Ludvig Westergaard, 2010-09-10
  11. The Zoroastrians of Iran: Conversion, Assimilation, or Persistence (Ams Studies in Anthropology) by Janet Kestenberg Amighi, Janet Kestenberg Amighi, 1990-12
  12. New Year Greeting (7 Readings from 7 Different Readers) (Audiobook in MP3 Format of a Poem of the ancient Persian festival of Naw-Rúz, also spelled "Noruz" (New Day) which is the Iranian and Zoroastrian New Year's Day. Naw-Rúz is also a Bahá'í holy day and the Baha'i New Year.) by Louise R. Waite, 2010

41. MIT Zoroastrian Association
The zoroastrian Association at MIT. Who millennia. Officers Say helloto the hardworking officers of the zoroastrian Association at MIT.
The Zoroastrian Association at MIT
Who We Are Schedule of Events ZAGBA Newsletter ...
Information on the Zoroastrian Association at MIT
Learn more about who we are, why we were founded, what we do, and how you can join us.
Schedule of Events
Click here to see a schedule of upcoming events, including dates, times, and directions (with maps).
The Zoroastrian Association of the Greater Boston Area (ZAGBA)
Visit the ZAGBA web site to learn more about the wonderful Zoroastrian community here in the Greater Boston area.
Newsletter Archive (ZAGBA)
Read the latest ZAGBA Newsletter to learn more about the people, events, and plans of the Boston Zoroastrian Community.
Zoroastrian Links
A page we've created with numerous links to other Zoroastrian sites covering such topics as culture, religion, other Zoroastrian organizations, conferences, academic papers, news articles, and more!
A History of the Zoroastrian Diaspora
An informative and picturesque account on the history of the Zoroastrian Diaspora over the past several millennia.
Say hello to the hardworking officers of the Zoroastrian Association at MIT.

42. Causes Of The Fall Of Zoroastrian Iran: By Dr. Pallan R. Ichaporia
Article by Dr. Pallan R. Ichaporia.
Causes of the Fall of Zoroastrian Iran: by Dr. Pallan R. Ichaporia
Dear Readers: For pleasure of your reading, I hope this is informative. Many readers have asked me about the causes of the fall of Zoroastrian Iran - The causes are many and can not be dealt within a short article, but I will try to give a brief summary which is particularly important for our Zoroastrian children. The Byzantine Emperor, Heraclius struck the first blow to weaken the Zoroastrian Sasanian Iran. He defeated the Persians in 622 AD and in 627 AD he invaded Atropatene (Azerbaijan) and destroyed the Great Fire Temple and entered the Tigris provinces. Chosroes Abarvez or Parviz 'the victorious' attempted to resist him but before he could do so he was treacherously murdered by his son Shiroe who took the name of Kavadh and ascended the throne as Kavadh II (Qobad) in 628 AD. Shiroe was born out of Chosroes' marriage to a Christian Princess, Shirin . This regicide was the beginning of the end of Zoroastrian Iran. It is interesting to note that Chosroes Parviz had succeeded in extending the frontiers of the Sasanian Empire almost to the limits of the Achaemenid Empire, but at the critical juncture he was betrayed by his son. It is an irony of fate that Kavadah II who murdered his father to come to the throne died within a year in an epidemic and succeeded by his infant son Ardashir III who was assassinated by Shahrbaraz, a General of the Persian Army who seized the throne, in turn being murdered during his reign of two months. Anarchy set in and resulted in the succession of short-time rulers, Yazdegerd, the son of Shahriyar, and grand-son of Chosroe was found in Istaker fire-temple and he came to the throne in 633 AD. He became the last Sasanian King. A perfect scenario was in order for the tribal savagery of united Arab Bedouins to cast the final blow.

43. Zoroastrian Community
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44. Zarathushtra Society Of Chicago
Local group of zoroastrian Americans that features contact information, artwork, recommended readings, and related links.

45. Zoroastrian Kids Korner
zoroastrian kids korner kid, familfriendly place where kids can learn about thebasic zoroastrian beliefs, play zoroastrian word games, read ancient Persian

    In this korner, you can learn the basic Zoroastrian beliefs or get to know some famous Zoroastrians. You can also read stories, play games, make crafts, or say some simple prayers.
    What's New
    Rebecca Cann
    You can use the material in this site for non-commercial purposes as long as you give credit to the author and illustrators and make a link to this site.
    You are friend no. since April 22, 2002 Last Updated: March 16, 2003

THE zoroastrian CALENDAR. Index Historical Development Religious ContentIllustration Meaning and Illustration of Days of the zoroastrian Calendar.
Index: Historical Development Religious Content Illustration Matter courtesy: ZOROASTRIAN STUDIES,
K. R. Cama Oriental Institute Bldg., Ground Floor,
136, B. Samachar Marg, Bombay 400 023.
Produced by THINGS, Tel: 4138026/4128419. A religious calendar is important and necessary to sustain the beliefs and practices of any community. In Zoroastrianism, the calendar fulfils many important roles.
  • It helps one to follow the change of seasons and celebrate the religious festivals of the year.
  • It helps one to become ethically and ecologically more conscious of one's life and environment.
  • It helps one to understand and experience the principles of the religion in a more meaningful way.
  • It helps one to live a richer life on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. In Zoroastrianism, each day forms part of a month and as time is deemed to move on a linear scale, there is a belief in a beginning with a definite end of time. Thus a Zoroastrian, every year, moves closer towards the final goal, the "Making Wonderful" - when it is said that the whole of creation will be restored to a perfect state. Time, as we know it, will cease to exist and the world will be filled with total goodness, joy, peace and light. The first day of the month (hormazd roz ) will merge with the 30th day of Endless Light (Aneran roz ) into the ONE timeless moment, as a result of the total annihilation of evil from this world. The seven creations comprising of the sky, waters, earth, plants, cattle, man and fire will be restored to a deathless, immortal state - the total triumph of Hormazd.
  • 47. San Diego Zoroastrian
    News concerning zoroastrianism and zoroastrian people across the globe.

    48. World Of Traditional Zoroastrianism
    The tenets of the religion, religious articles and stories.Category Society Religion and Spirituality zoroastrianism...... Lots of religious articles and stories, explanations by zoroastrian Priests,and links to other zoroastrian sites. zoroastrian Matrimonial Page.
    By the Grace of God
    World of Traditional Zoroastrianism
    Traditional Zoroastrianism Main Page
    The Tenets of the Mazdayasni Zarathushtri religion, as believed in by thousands of faithful Parsis/Irani Zoroastrians.
    Lots of religious articles and stories, explanations by Zoroastrian Priests, and links to other Zoroastrian sites. Includes details on how to join our new Traditional Zarathushtris Mailing List which is uniting religious Zarathushtris worldwide.
    Standing up for our Glorious religion on the internet.
    The Saga of the Aryans
    A Zoroastrian religious novel, based on the Aryan scriptures such as the Gathas, Yashts and Vendidad. This is a historical romance very popular among the Zoroastrians in India.
    Inspiring our youth with faith and pride in their ancestral Aryan identity and religion.
    Zoroastrian Matrimonial Page
    Fellow Zoroastrians seeking matrimonial correspondence with their co-religionists. By the Grace of God, the Zoroastrian Matrimonial Page is highly successful and popular among the worldwide Zoroastrian community - many marriages have taken place.

    49. O'Shihan Cultural Organization
    Formed to promote Zarathushti/zoroastrian Culture, art and sport. Home of Gatha Group, ZIFF (Zrarthushti International Film/video Festival), and RostamSimin Culture-Art Competitions.
    To read the Persian parts, you may download the Free Font from ParsNegar. More Help Music íìvß× A Cedar Branch Þpv pJ Gatha Group DèNDÊ æÞpÊ ... yßÊßÊ Film ZIFF íO¡Noq ÙÏì¾ æoCßÜ¡V nm People Ökp× Distinguished ÚDËOiìçp¾ Misc éÂp¿O× ... ÐëqpF History ÚCpëC jëoDN Cyrus the Great yoßÆ æoDFokíÛCpVDè× .´ Story of Iran ÚCpëC PznÊpv ... íËÜçp¾ QCpì× Organizations DèÛD×qDv Iran ÚCpëC NorthAmerica CkDÛDÆ-DÇëp×A nm Dress ¢zßJ Main Page íϤC ée¿¤ rܬ íhßz Atee-Ootee-1 íNÞC Þ íNC Atee-Ootee-2 íNÞC Þ íNC ... ÖkßhDFéGdD¥× Misc éÂp¿O× RostamSimin ÝìØìv Þ ÙOvo Iraj UpëC I Ceremonies ÙvCp× Calendar q 3741 é×DÜçDÊ A'Zarathushtra Birth ¢ëCq Ý¡V ... q 3740 é×DÜçDÊ G Places ÝÆD×C Iran ÚCpëC Yazd krë Outside ½Cp¬C Inside ÐhCk ... ÚDOwÆDJ Þ lÜç Periodicals MDëp¡Û Persian ívoD¾ Amordad kCkp×C ... íwìÏËÛC Literature MDìFkC Book-Zarathushtra íO¡Noq ÝìñA Þ ÚCpµDz Dari êok¢ëßÊ ... íÛCpëC ¯hÞÚDFq Ferdosi-Shahnameh ívÞkp¾ Shahnameh homesite é×DÜçDz êCpv 14000 Paints é×DÜçDzpëߥN14000 ... Librarries Religion íGçn× Prayers ¢ëDìÛ Gatha DèNDÊ ... íO¡Noq Èë Photography ívDǵ Main Page íϤC ée¿¤ PeeriSabzVancouver oÞßÇÛÞ-rGvpìJ ... 8th Games, LA

    50. Zoroastrian Tradition Web Sites
    zoroastrian Tradition(s). Stanford University zoroastrian Group http// well organized and annotated set of links..
    Zoroastrian Tradition(s)
    Sometimes referred to as Parsi or Parsee or Farsi (that is, ancient Persian) Tradition

    51. Zoroastrian Web Page
    S E N D

    Zoroastrianism began 8,000 years B.C. in ancient Iran
    Spenta Zarathustra.
    Zend Avesta (Persian).
    125,000, mostly near Bombay, where they are called Parsis.
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    52. Ahura Mazda
    Encyclopedia Mythica Article discussing Ahura Mazdah ( Lord Wisdom ) who is the supreme god of the zoroastrian religion.
    Home Areas Persian mythology Search ... Feedback
    Ahura Mazda
    by Dr Anthony E. Smith In Persian belief, Ahura Mazdah ("Lord Wisdom") was the supreme god, he who created the heavens and the Earth, and another son of Zurvan Atar , his son, battled Azhi Dahaka, the great dragon of the sky, and bound it in chains on a high mountain. The dragon was, however, destined to escape and destroy a third of mankind at the final reckoning, before it was slain. Ahura Mazdah was the god of prophetic revelation, and bore both Ahriman and Ormazd As leader of the Heavenly Host, the Amesha Spentas , he battles Ahriman and his followers to rid the world of evil, darkness and deceit. His symbol is the winged disc. Related information Other names
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    53. Zoroastrian Association Of Victoria Inc.
    zoroastrian Association of Victoria (ZAV) is a nonprofit organisation committedto the keeping the zoroastrians in Victoria as a close knit community and
    T he Zoroastrian Association of Victoria Inc. Welcomes You Pull Down Menu Committee Members About Melbourne ZAV Home Page Kid's Page Up Coming events Sunday School Youth Page Prof Oric Basirov Cyrus Cooper Federation Documents Links Past Functions Survey Games Check out the latest and when visiting our site What's Hot!
    Send us your feed back . We would like to hear your comments.

    54. Index
    A personal comparative journey from a zoroastrian point of view through 6000 years covering taboo, totemism, primal religions, animism, Sumerian myths, Egyptian myths, Mithraism, zoroastrianism, Sabianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
    SPENTA MAINYU 's HOME PAGE For your questions and comments: ENTER FAITH THRIVES IN DARKNESS.. FAITH EXCLUDES QUESTIONS.. “When Marduk kills Tiamat gods build him a temple in Esagila. Similarly following his victory over Yam-Nahar, Baal complains that he has no house like the other gods. Baal and his sister Anath beg the Lady Asherah of the Sea to intercede with El and obtain permission for the building of Baal's house. Asherah accordingly saddles her ass and journeys north to Mount Zaphon, to the pavilion of El.” Can you imagine a goddess saddling her ass and travelling north? Ask the right questions and seek the right answers. Otherwise you’ll have to carry the products of your creative imagination on your back like Ashera’s ass. NOW PROCEED TOWARDS THE LIGHT OF REASON.. Total hits as of February: Spenta Mainyu Responds About this site Animism Primal Religions ... Spenta Mainyu Suggests Last Revision: July 31, 2002

    55. Zoroastrian Sites
    zoroastrian sites Related Links. Information sites Avesta zoroastrian Archives,The most comprehensive site of zoroastrian religious text on the internet.
    Cyber-Temple Gathas Homage unto ...
    Site Map
    Zoroastrian sites
    The following are some reviewed sites related to Zoroastrianism, including some ultra-orthodox as well as some ultra-liberal sites. Inclusion of any links herein does not imply endorsement by this site. These links are provided for your convenience only. For further information, please see Information sites: Avesta Zoroastrian Archives The most comprehensive site of Zoroastrian religious text on the internet. Vohuman A well designed and substantial Zoroastrian web magazine Zarathushtrian Assembly English The official site of the Zarathushtrian Assembly Zoroastrianism Informative site by Ronald G. Delavega Zoroastrianism An informative site by Vispi Bulsara Traditional Zoroastrianism A very Orthodox site Another traditional site, developed by Sarosh R. Petigara of Dubai Hannah M.G.Shapero's Page Some articles by Hanna Shapero Iran Zamin Ancient Iran by Fariborz Rahnamoon et. al. Oshihan A site related to Zoroastrian culture (in English and Farsi) Zoroastrian Links Page Other Languages: Zoroastrian Pages in Portuguese includes the Gathas in Portuguese Zarathushtrians of Belarus unique site in Russian Spenta University Spanish site - based in Venezuela - includes translation of the Gathas Zoroastrian Community of Sweden Sweden - In English, Persian and Swedish

    56. Zoroastrianism And Teachings Of Zarathushtra
    A description of various zoroastrian beliefs, as well as links to holy books online and a history of Zarathustra.
    Home Page Hinduism Upanishads Saivism ... Self-Devt Do you Know ? The ancient and sacred Iranshah fire that was brought by the Parsis when they fled Iran to escape persecution in A.D.936 is presently established about 120 kilometers north of Bombay at a place called Udwada. Teachings of Zarathushtra Links to Sites on Zoroastrianism Zoroastrian Scriptures Zend Avestha Contents of this site cannot be copied or reproduced in any manner without prior permission. However links to this site can be established . HINDUWEBSITE.COM Shopping Center Home Page Hinduism Self-Devt. attached hereto.

    zoroastrian Beliefs Beliefs include A single god Ahura Mazda who is supreme. zoroastrianPractices Their worship includes prayers and symbolic ceremonies.
    Founded by Zarathushtra
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    " Zoroastrianism is the oldest of the revealed world-religions, and it has probably had more influence on mankind, directly and indirectly, than any other single faith ." Mary Boyce.
    Zoroastrianism is a small religion with about 140,000 members. Yet its importance to humanity is much greater than its current numbers might suggest, because: Their theology has had a great impact on Judaism, Christianity and other later religions, in the beliefs surrounding God and Satan, the soul, heaven and hell , savior, resurrection , final judgment, etc. It is one of the oldest religions still in existence, It may have been the first monotheistic religion. The religion was founded by Zarathushtra (Zoroaster in Greek; Zarthosht in India and Persia). Conservative Zoroastrians assign a date of 6000 BCE to the founding of the religion; other followers estimate 600 BCE. Historians and religious scholars generally date his life sometime between 1500 and 1000 BCE on the basis of his style of writing. He lived in Persia, modern day Iran. Legends say that his birth was predicted and that attempts were made by the forces of evil to kill him as a child. He preached a monotheism in a land which followed an aboriginal polytheistic religion. He was attacked for his teaching, but finally won the support of the king. Zoroastrianism became the state religion of various Persian empires, until the 7th Century CE.

    58. As Is The World Of Zoroastrianism At
    Information on the original teachings of the zoroastrian religion, its founder and its influence and similarites with mayor world religions. Discusses its univeral message and its relevance today.
    Click here to start your internet sessions
    with this page
    The first Universal Religion in History
    Sign Guest Book Author: Ronald Delavega
    Web design by the Alternative Site Contact Webmaster for errors on this page.
    World religions. What is zoroastrianism and who is Zarathustra? Head Line News !

    THE zoroastrian FAITH AND HOMOSEXUALITY. Click Here to Visit our Sponsors. The zoroastrianfaith has historically been strongly opposed to homosexual behavior.
    THE ZOROASTRIAN FAITH AND HOMOSEXUALITY Click Here to Visit our Sponsors. document.writeln(""); The Zoroastrian faith has historically been strongly opposed to homosexual behavior. Zarathustra's writings, the Gathas , are silent on homosexuality or bisexuality. They tend to give broad guidance on basic principles without going heavily into commandments. The Zoroastrian law book, The Vendidad (written circa 250 to 650 CE) contains " laws against demons " which touch on homosexuality. These purity laws are still followed by some conservative Zoroastrian communities. The Vendidad states: " The man that lies with mankind as man lies with womankind, or as woman lies with mankind, is the man that is a Daeva [demon]; this one is the man that is a worshipper of the Daevas, that is a male paramour of the Daevas" An ancient commentary on the Vendidad states: " Four men can be put to death by any one without an order from the Dastur [high priest]: the corpse-burner, the highwayman, the sodomite, and the criminal taken in the deed." One principle that might influence condemnation of homosexuality is the importance of family life within the faith. Orthodox Zoroastrianism currently does not accept converts from other religions; one must have a Zoroastrian mother and father in order to be accepted into the faith. To preserve and expand the religion, homosexuals as well as celibate persons would be pitied and pressured into marriage.

    60. Welcome To [PAST . PRESENT . FUTURE] ZOROASTRIAN Website | By Meh
    A website offering services to zoroastrians across the globe, giving them a place to communicate and learn about their heritage.
    Zoroastrian, Persian Empire, Avesta, Ahura Mazda, Fravahar, Gatha, PersianDNA, Yasna, Persian, Persia, Persians, Pars, Parsis, Parsi, Farsi, Fars, Iran, Iranian, Irani, Zoroaster, Zoroastrianism, Zoroastrians, Zarathushtra, Zarathusht, Zarathushti, Zartosht, Zartoshti, Zarathoshti, Zarathosht, AhuraMazda, Yasna, Visperad, Vendidad, Gathas, Avestan, Mehrdad, Mehr, Mithra, Mithradates, Mithridates, Achaemenians, Achaemenian, Faravahar, Persepolis, Darius, Cyrus, Xerxes, Apadana, Mehijoon, ComputerCancer is created to give information based on Zoroastrian Religion, The Great Persian Empire History, Persian Art and Culture as well as issuing and sending Mehrdad! Online Newsletter VIA email. is a non-profit and non-political Organization, established in 1998 and has no ties or affiliations with any groups or organizations.
    Enter Here - Register your domain name.

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