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61. Troop Type M WS BS S T W I A Ld Mountain Elf 5 4 4 3 3 1 6 1 8
Norsicans alike. aardwolves. The aardwolves evolved from normal wolves,presumably during the Great War Against Chaos. Presecuted by
    Mountain Elf Bestiary Mountain Elf Mountain Elf Scouts Lensmen Mountain Steeds ... The Incarna Mountain Elves The Mountain Elves are shorter and tougher than their High Elf and Wood Elf cousins, though this does not retract from their grace or beauty in any way. They are especially suited to living in rugged climates, and have even managed to breed a strain of Elven Steed that is not susceptable to the bitter cold of the mountains. In battle Mountain Elves prefer usage of axes or swords, as these are better for tunnel fighting than spears or halberds, though some are trained in the usage of the crossbow, which is favoured over the Bow by the Mountain Elves, as these are too easily damaged by the cold. Troop Type M WS BS S T W I A Ld Mountain Elf Equipment: Mountain Elves wear thick, leather hides of the great bears and tigers that live in the highest mountain peaks, which counts as light armour. They also carry swords. Save: Options: Mountain Elves may be armed with double - handed weapons at the additonal cost of 2 points, or shields at the addtional cost of 1 point (save 5+). They may also be given heavy armour at the cost of 3 points per model (5+ without shield, 4+ with shield). Mountain Elves may also be mounted on Mountain Steeds. They may also be given a mgic standard, chaosen form the appropriate magic item cards. Special Rules Hate: Mountain Elves hate Dark Elves, Black Elves and Skaven, as described in the psychology section of the Warhammer rulebook.

62. - Medical Dictionary - Search Results...
and insect larvae. aardwolves somewhat resemble hyenas. of South and insectlarvae. aardwolves somewhat resemble hyenas. abasia The

63. K5 - Mud
aardwolf MUD. MUDpage. aboutaard Aardwolf. ( Proteles cristatus ).aardwolves live in the savannas of central and southeastern Africa.

A number of extant groups, including pangolins, aardvarks, echidnas, numbats,myrmecophagids (true anteaters), aardwolves and the sloth bear, feed
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65. Termitophages References
Richardson, P., C. Levitan. 1994. Tolerance of aardwolves to defense secretionsof Trinervitermes trinervoides. J. Mammol., 75 8491. Sheppe, W. 1970.
Myrmecophagy References Macrotermes michaelseni , with special reference to its subterranean colonies and ant predators. Physiol. Ecol. Japan, 22: 59-74. Tachyglossus aculeatus (Monotremata: Tachyglossidae). J. Zool., Lond., 226: 243-257. Tachyglossus aculeatus ) (Monotremata: Tachyglossidae): a test of foraging efficiency in captive and free-ranging animals. J. Zool., Lond., 225: 481-493. Agbogba, C. 1992. Settlement in the prey termite nest by the ponerine ant Pachycondyla caffraria (Smith), and tandem running signal analysis for the following ant. J. Ethol., 10: 133-137. Proteles cristatus . J. Zool., Lond., 228: 423-434. Cumming, M. S. 1996. Behavioral and ecological aspects of nuptial flights of the termitophilous phorids Termitophilomyia zimbraunsi and Mesopathusa modesta (Diptera: Phoridae) in Zimbabwe. J. Zool., 239: 675-690. Dalponte, J. C. 1998. Diet of the hoary fox, Lycalopex vetulus , in Mato Grosso, central Brazil. Mammalia, 61: 537-546. Dufour, D. 1987. Insects as food: A case study from the northwest Amazon. Am. Anthropol., 89: 383-397. Chlamydosaurus kingii ) in northern Australia. Aus. J. Ecol., 21: 386-398.

66. Yowie Zoo - Glossary Of Terms: Page 9
This suborder comprises cats, hyenas, aardwolves, civets and mongooses,etc. It is divided into three families Felidae (34 species
Yowie Zoo - Glossary of Terms (Cont.)
Sub-Family Crocodylinae:
One of three sub-families in the Family Crocodylidae of the Order Crocodilia of reptiles, the other two being Alligatorinae (alligators and caymans) and Tomistominae (false gavials). This sub-family contains the true crocodiles, which have 14 of 15 teeth on each side of the mouth. There are two Yowies from this sub-family: the Fresh-Water Crocodile from Series Two and the Salt-Water Crocodile from UK Series 1.
The next level down from Kingdom . Not widely used.
Sub-Order: Animals from some orders are divided into sub-orders. Not every order has sub-orders. Those orders that do usually have two or three sub-orders. Animals in a sub-order generally have a particular feature of features which distinguish them from animals in other sub-orders. For example, whales (in the Order Cetacea) are divided between those which have teeth and those which do not.
Sub-Order Arctoidea: One of two sub-orders in the Order Carnivora of placental mammals, the other being Aeluroidea (cats, hyenas and civets). This sub-order comprises dogs, weasels, bears, raccoons and pandas. It is divided into four families:

67. Our Wildlife Guide
Aardwolf (Proteles cristatus) Smallest of the hyena family, aardwolves subsistalmost entirely on harvester termites and, unlike their more predatory
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Our Wildlife Guide
We have put together a simple wildlife guide for you, featuring the main species to be found in East and Southern Africa, with their typical behavior, habitat, preferred diet, the variation of species, and where to find them in an attempt to help you plan your safari, making sure you visit the best wildlife wildernesses to see the wildlife that has captured your imagination.
Lion (Panthera leo) - Africa's largest cat, the lion lives in prides of up to 30, the core of which is 4 to 12 related females which remain in the pride for life. Males form coalitions and defend the female groups from foreign males. Lions are strictly territorial, defending ranges of between 50 and 400sq km, depending on the terrain and the density of prey species. Young males are ousted from the pride at the age of two or three, and enter a period of nomadism which ends around five years old when they are large enough to take over a pride of their own. Lions hunt as a group but whether they actually co-operate is difficult to determine. They will kill anything, including elephant in extreme cases, but large herbivores such as wildebeest, zebra and buffalo are the mainstay of their diet. Although they rarely attack unless provoked, lions are extremely dangerous, and do occasionally kill people. Take warnings seriously, and stay in your vehicle in the national parks.

68. Aardvark Industries - 404 Error
me message board topsite list script index aardvark bugs aardvark reviews aardvarktopsites click manager meta generator aardvarks aardwolves flying lemurs

69. AnimalWeb
burrow. aardwolves feed at night on insects which they sweep up witha long tacky tongue. One eaten. aardwolves breed once a year. Each
Species: Chordata
Proteles cristatus The aardwolf is a member of the hyena family. It has larger ears and a weaker jaw than the true hyena. The African name aardwolf means "earth wolf." The Aardwolf ranges through southern and eastern Africa, living mainly in sandy plains or bushy countr y. It spends the day in rock crevices or in a sleeping chamber at the end of a long burrow.
Aardwolves feed at night on insects which they sweep up with a long tacky tongue. One aardwolf stomach was found to contain approximately 40,000 termites. When insects are in short supply, mice, small birds, and eggs are eaten.
Aardwolves breed once a year. Each litter contains two to four young, born blind. The animal's enemies are pythons, lions, and leopards. It defends itself by emitting a foul-smelling fluid from the anal glands. © 1997 AnimalWeb

70. Contact, Mitch's page, Trilogy, The people who see fit to pay my bills, Mitch's page Trilogy The people who see fit to pay my bills

Struik Publishers. Nel JAJ, Bothma JDP (1983). Scent marking and midden use by aardwolves(Proteles cristatus) in the Namib Desert. Afr. J. Ecol. 21, 2539.
Id code: amd125 Hyaenidae Proteles cristatus (Sparrman, 1783) Taxonomic notes The aardwolf may be divided into two subspecies on the basis of their disjunct distribution: P. c. cristatus in Southern Africa and P. c. septentrionalis IUCN threat category Data Deficient (DD) as P. cristatus stock in Burundi, C,A.R. (?), Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda. Available information Most of the literature available concerns the species’ ecology in Southern Africa. Southern Africa East Africa Being a specialized ant-eater, the aardwolf is threatened by the use of insecticides, and is therefore included in the South African Red Data Book (Smithers, 1986). Known extent of occurrence Categorical-discrete (CD) distribution model Based on these environmental preferences, the following scores were assigned (Fig. 3.4.4.b) (Tab. 3.4.4.a): Score Grasslands, shrublands and their mosaics. Dry woodlands, woodland mosaics, bushlands and thickets and semi-desert vegetation. Miombo woodlands; forests; deserts and croplands. suitable moderately suitable unsuitable Total km km km km Tab 3.4.4.a: Cumulative size (km

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    Special News In a unanimouse vote before the game on Tuesday night the Lonestarsvoted to join the aardwolves Ice Hockey Team to form the aardwolves Club.
    Wed 27th September 2000
    Yes folks, the Lonestars are in recess. After a very congenial evening at our primary sponsor's establishment last night, team members and their partners wound down the winter's league over plates of Lonestar nachos, T-bone steaks and more. Well it has to be said that it wasn't the best season for the Lonestars - coming 4th out of 5 teams, and the 5th team was pretty, um, average. So the great thing aout next year is that we can expect the team to improve! There were some pretty spectacular games along the way though - perhaps the most memorable one was back in Round 4 when the Amazons finally experienced what it was to loose badly. They were so desperate to get a goal that they ditched their goalie in the final period. It was beautiful. This game gave the team an insight into what they could do with a little bit of practice. While that game's sucess was due to a coming together of rather random events, some practice would see the team move comfortably up through the ranks to first place. With the exception of the Amazons, the teams comprising the B League were all pretty similar in skill level, and the scores reflected that. The middle three teams were very close. However next season should see some major changes.

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