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         Active Noise Control:     more books (72)
  1. Actuator feasibility study for active control of ducted axial fan noise under contract NAS3-26618 (SuDoc NAS 1.26:195412) by John C. Simonich, 1994
  2. Active control of fan-generated plane wave noise (SuDoc NAS 1.15:109008) by NASA, 1993
  3. Quelling cabin noise in turboprop aircraft via active control (SuDoc NAS 1.26:206448) by Rex K. Kincaid, 1997
  4. Active control of wake/blade-row interaction noise through the use of blade surface actuators (SuDoc NAS 1.26:4556) by Kenneth A. Kousen, 1993
  5. Understanding Active Noise Cancellation by Colin N. Hansen, 2001-08-14
  6. Electronic System Design: Interference and Noise Control Techniques by John R. Barnes, 1987-02
  7. Vibration and Noise Control: Presented at the 1998 Asme International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, November 15-20, 1998, Anaheim, California (Dsc, Volume 65: De Volume 97)
  8. Recent Advances in Active Control of Sound & Vibration Pro 2nd C by Ricardo Burdisso, 1993-01-01
  9. Active Sound and Vibration Control (Control Series, 62) (Iee Control Series, 62) by O. Tokhi, S. Veres, 2002-11-01
  10. Recent Advances in Active Control of Sound & Vibration by Craig A. Rogers, 1991-03-30
  11. Information and Control Theories for Active Sound and Vibration, Volume 2 by G. Rosenhouse, 2005-05
  12. Wavelet-Based Vibration Control of Smart Buildings and Bridges by Hojjat Adeli, Hongjin Kim, 2009-04-27
  13. Noise Reduction by Wavelet Thresholding (Lecture Notes in Statistics) by Maarten Jansen, 2001-03-30
  14. Active Control of Vibration by Christopher C. Fuller, S. J. Elliott, et all 1996-03-07

61. VTED Home Page Search VTED For An Expert Services For Virginia
Page http// Expertise Passive andactive control of sound and vibration; active noise control from turbofan

62. Redirection
ANVC The active noise and vibration control groupat the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
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63. Insulation And Sound Proofing Material To Soundproof Boats
active control sound techniques using high quality sound proofing material to reduce noise levels on marine engines.

GSI's PolyFibe Acoustical absorbers
GSI Corp.
923 S.E. 20 St.
Fort Lauderdale
FL 33316 USA
Call 1.800.763.1844
Ph (954) 763.1844
Fax (954) 763.1873
Noise Control Systems for Marine and Industrial Soundproofing
Maximize the pleasure boating experience - Minimize the noise! No matter how ideal boating conditions can be, quieter is better. GSI offers sound proofing solutions to the typical fatigue and annoyance brought on by excessive exposure to noise. Since 1973, GSI has developed a line of soundproofing applications that are being used in OEM production lines, by service dealers and individual boat owners
Advancements in soundproofing materials include new and innovative Noise Suppression Technology ! This new technology now makes it possible to affordably solve noise problems Composite materials provide dense, yet flexible, lightweight options for any application. GSI has a wide range of soundproofing materials which can be modified to your engineering needs. Foam thicknesses from 1/4" to 2", available in a variety of facings, barrier densities and pressure sensitive adhesive backings. Die cut parts can be made to fit your specifications.

64. Professor Colin H Hansen
His current research interests are focussed almost entirely on active noise andvibration control and he has authored or coauthored over 100 papers in this
Professor Colin H Hansen
Head of Mechanical Engineering

Click here for Problems in Engineering Noise Control; A companion to "Engineering Noise Control"

65. Noise Control Engineering, Inc. (Active)
Offer noise and vibration control engineering services for the marine, industrial, and commercial Category Business Energy and Environment noise and Vibration control...... a passive silencer for an exhaust system that replaced an active system various constructionequipment and supply guidance on the optimum noise control approach
799 MIDDLESEX TURNPIKE BILLERICA MA 01821 E-MAIL: PHONE: 978-670-5339 FAX: 978-667-7047
President: Raymond W. Fischer
Member: National Council of Acoustical Consultants
Acoustic Engineering for Marine and Industrial Applications
NCE is a small business that readily responds to its clients needs. We have the tools, experience, and know-how required to provide the optimal solution to all types of acoustic problems. Our capabilities include detail design of noise control treatments, testing, and monitoring in the following areas In December of 2001, NCE was awarded a SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) Phase II contract to provide new software to predict noise onboard all types of marine vessels. NCE has a prototype of this program, ASAP - Advanced Ship Acoustic Program. This program has been used to accurately predict habitability noise on numerous types of vessels (see comparison.html for one example). It has also been used to predict underwater radiated noise of research and naval vessels and to perform sonar self-noise analyses (see rad.html

66. Noise Control Engineering, Inc. (Active)
DIAGNOSING AND CURING GLOBAL SHIP RESONANCES. Michael Bahtiarian, noise controlEngineering, Inc. noise control Engineering Inc. 799 Middlesex Tnpk.
DIAGNOSING AND CURING GLOBAL SHIP RESONANCES Michael Bahtiarian, Noise Control Engineering, Inc. ABSTRACT This paper discusses the investigation of a intermittent, but serious vibration problem on an ocean-going vessel. Upon first examination, the problem appeared to be resonance excitation. Typical methods of testing for resonances such as modal impact or shaker tests were not possible due to the size of the test object. Initial data suggested that the ship was vibrating in a cantilevered beam mode with a frequency equal to the shaft rotation rate. A second series of tests confirmed the vibration at the noted frequency, but with a free-free beam mode shape. Structural modifications would require major additions of steel and weight to the ship. After some deliberations, the propulsion system was inspected and mechanical problems were discovered. Repair to the propulsion system was undertaken, and structural modifications were not required. KEYWORDS: Vibration, Shipboard, Natural Frequency, Resonances. INTRODUCTION Shipboard vibration has many forms. For diesel driven vessels, the engines induce large accelerations that travel from the foundation of the engine throughout the ship. In most compartments, this type of vibration normally manifests itself as audible noise. Most shipboard noise problems are actually reduced by controlling vibration. This paper discusses the investigation of a

67. Active Acoustics : TechnoFirst
Designer and manufacturer of mufflers and headsets with active control of noise and vibrations.
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68. Successes: Patents
5,734,649, Data Packet Router. 5,796,849, active noise and Vibration control SystemAccounting for Time Varying Plant Using Residual Signal to Create Probe Signal.

Who We Are
What We Do Successes Careers ...

Patents Patents protect our substantial intellectual property. Our recent patent awards have been for diverse technologies, ranging from speech and language processing, to networking, medical imaging, and noise control, and we currently have over 100 applications being processed by the U.S. Patent Office. Signaling Apparatus Digital Phase Adjustment Method of Multiplex/Demultiplex Processing of Information and Equipment for Performing the Method Floating Point Processor Employing Counter Controlled Shifting Adaptive Computing System Memory Accessing Switch Network Underwater Sound Source Word Dependent N-best Search Method Electromagnetic Transducer Distributed Resource Management System Using Hashing Operation to Direct Resource Request from Different Processors to the Processor Controlling the Requested Resource Embedded Signaling Generation of Schedules Using a Genetic Procedure Load Cell Electromagnetic Force Generator Active Pneumatic Mount Single Tree Method for Grammar Directed, Very Large Vocabulary Speech Recognizer

69. Institute Of Noise Control Engineering USA
International Conferences on noise control engineering Proceedings of pastINTER-noise congresses. • active 95 Proceedings announcement with a further
International INCE

INCE Foundation

Technical Activities

Institute of Noise
Control Engineering

Iowa State University
College of Engineering
212 Marston Hall
Ames, IA 50011-2353 Phone: (515) 294-6142 Fax: (515) 294-3528 E-mail: INCE Conferences and Seminars NOISE-CON 2003 The 2003 National Conference on Noise Control Engineering will be held at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio on 2003 June 23-25. The conference is being organized by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA. Click here for More info. (To download info as a 128 KB PDF file, click here Click here to register online for the 2003 National Conference. Information on Proceedings of Past Conferences The INTER-NOISE 99 and ACTIVE 99 Proceedings are available - both in printed form and on a CD-ROM.

70. > Applications > Control > Noise And Vibration Control
materials. TechnoFirst Design industrial products using active noiseand vibration control. Ultimate Technologies, Inc. - Develops Applications Control Noise and Vibration Control ... Email page to friend
    Acentech - Acoustical consulting firm with over 40 years of experience. Services in architectural acoustics, noise and vibration control, audio/visual systems design and environmental acoustics. Acoustic Sciences Corp. ASC Tube Trap Acoustical Solutions, Inc. - Acoustical Solutions offers acoustical accoustical materials and enclosures for sound control and noise reduction. For use with all types of applications from broadcast and recording, industrial, manufacturing, educational, religious, auditoriums, multi-purpose rooms to residential and gymnasiums. AcoustiFLO - Offers totally integrated air handling technology that reduces noise, controls vibration and directly reduces the operating costs of a new or existing building. Andrea Electronics - Andrea’s breakthrough patented Digital Super Directional Array (DSDA®) far-field microphone technology cancels background noise and transmits a clear voice signal, even when the speaker is at a distance from the microphone source, enabling a hands-free enhanced PC communicating experience.The Company's patented Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) microphone and Active Noise Reduction (ANR) earphone technologies help toensure the clearest speech in PC and telephony headset applications.. Architectural acoustics and lighting - Architectural acoustics, noise control and architectural lighting definitions and practical concepts introduced by Ph.D.

71. Lord Active Noise And Vibration Control Systems
Products -

72. CSA Engineering: Vibration, Precision Motion, Noise Control
Provides engineered solutions for vibration suppression, isolation, very lowfrequency suspension Category Business Energy and Environment noise and Vibration control...... active Systems. of advanced technologies has enabled innovative products and solutionsfor vibration suppression, precision motion and noise control since 1982.
Technologies Vibration Damping Vibration Isolation Dynamic Testing ... People Search CSA
Contact Info
Working with CSA Site Map CSA's diverse set of advanced technologies has enabled
innovative products and solutions for vibration suppression, precision motion and noise control since 1982.

73. Description
active noise cancellation analyzes the individual air pressure waves which makeup a noise, identifying the utilizes a highly engineered control system to
A Silent
  • Minimize noise fatigue by
    reducing low
    frequency sound
    (below 400 Hz)
    throughout the cabin...while
    reducing the vibrational
    pounding your
    body takes. Reduce noise and facilitate conversation for everyone in the aircraft without requiring an intercom. Now you may experience electronic noise reduction throughout the general aviation fleet from Quiet Flight, LLC and its nationwide Installation Centers. No headset required.
Fly Without Noise Vibrations
Aircraft travel remains noisy, and at times, a stressful form of travel. Despite the best efforts of modern sound absorbing materials and headsets... the long sound wave from low frequency (propeller, engine and exhaust) noises is not attenuated to the degree electronic attenuation can obtain. Thus

74. Order Page For Institute Of Noise Control Engineering
Twovolume set containing 117 technical papers from the 1999 International Symposiumon active control of Sound and Vibration. noise and Vibration control Leo L

Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA
ORDERING INFORMATION Purchase securely online below or Call toll free1-800-247-6553
Price: $70.00 US
ISBN: Ino2 This searchable CD-ROM contains the 400+ paper Proceedings of INTER-NOISE 2002, the 2002 International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering and the 27-paper Proceedings of the 2002 Sound Quality Symposium The theme of INTER-NOISE 2002 was Transportation Noise as it relates to automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, trains, aircraft, and recreational vehicles. However, PDF file papers on all aspects of noise control engineering are included on the CD-ROM. The CD-ROM also contains key noise policy papers presented at NOISE-CON 2001, an overview of U.S. noise policy published in the 2002 June issue of Noise/News International , and the 12 papers on noise policy, including international noise policy, which were published in a special issue (2001 July-August) of Noise Control Engineering Journal A Microsoft Excel database of key United States noise policy documents is also included.

75. Low Frequency Noise, Vibration And Active Control
books. online journals. subscribe to Low Frequency. instructions to authors.e-mail Multi-Science. Low Frequency noise, Vibration and active control.
The considerable and growing interest in the phenomena of low frequency noise and vibration and their powerful effects on man, animals and the environment, spreads across several disciplines; studies of these topics are to be found at present in the periodical literature of acoustics, geophysics, architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, psychology and zoology. This quarterly journal brings together material which otherwise would be scattered: the journal is the cornerstone of the creation of a unified corpus of knowledge on the subject. Among the topics covered by the journal are:
  • sources of infrasound and low frequency noise and vibration: detection, measurement and analysis; propagation of infrasound and low frequency noise in the atmosphere; propagation of vibration in the ground and in structures; perception of infrasound, low frequency noise and vibration by man and animals; effects on man and animals; interaction of low frequency noise and vibration: vibrations caused by noise, radiation of noise from vibrating structures; low frequency noise and vibration control: problems and solutions.

76. Low Frequency Noise, Vibration And Active Control Volume 20
ondemand papers. Low Frequency noise, Vibration and active control. editor Dr.W. Tempest published quarterly • free on-line subscription • ISSN 0263-0923.
Danish guidelines on environmental low frequency noise, infrasound and vibration Jorgen Jakobsen In Denmark a set of guidelines for measurement and assessment of environmental low frequency noise, infrasound and vibration was published in 1997 as "Information from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency no. 9/1997" (Miljøstyrelsen ). Recommended measurement methods are specified, and recommended limit values for noise and vibration are given. In this paper a brief description of the measurement methods is given, the recommended limit values are shown, and the background for the measurement and assessment methods is discussed. This paper is an extended summary of "Information from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency No.9/1997" (in Danish) Dynamic Analysis of Delayed Damper System in Engineering Structures Chen Dingyue, Xu Hui andDong Jianjia The delayed damper (DD) is a new active vibration absorption technique which uses time-delayed partial state feedback to generate ideal resonance on a passive vibration absorber. It has many attractive features such as real-time tunability, ease of implementation, and total suppression of vibration for tonal frequency disturbances. In this paper, a major advantage of engineering structures analysis is the reduction of characteristic roots from infinite numbers to finite numbers and consequent simplicity in the dynamic analysis of the controller. The dynamic model principle is employed to design controllers for the structure. The system is examined by simulation. It is shown that engineering structures control application for DD yields better vibration suppression considering the sampled control structure in implementations.

noise control active Technique; noise control - Applications; Communicationin Stressful Environment; Voice control. The overall aim
Home Forum Site Map Help ... NMSG Information Management IMC Ongoing Activities Meetings Search Reports Abstracts Full Text History Links Contacts E-mail Vacancies The Mission of the Human Factors and Medicine (HFM) The mission of the Human Factors and Medicine Panel (HFM) is to optimise performance, health, well-being, and safety of the human in operational environments with consideration of affordability. This involves understanding and ensuring the physical, physiological, psychological and cognitive compatibility among military personnel, technological systems, missions, and environments. This is accomplished by: exchange of information, collaborative experiments, and shared field trials. The panel is to maintain expert networks and foster information exchange as well as coordinate with other panels common activities (eg : IST linkage in the field of human information processing, visualization, human computer interface, virtual reality,..).

78. Science & Technology - Torpedo Stealth (D & I)
noise control techniques using conventional passive control, hybrid activepassivecontrol, fully active control, and innovative acoustic design are of

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79. Advanced Materials For Active Noise And Position Control
Advanced Materials for active noise and Position control. Montana StateUniversity Bozeman. For any questions regarding this project
Advanced Materials for Active Noise and Position Control
Montana State University - Bozeman
For any questions regarding this project please direct email to:
Project Abstract Year 3 Annual Report Newest Contributions ... Related Links
Team members contributing during this period:
Hugo Schmidt , Professor of Physics, PI (email)
Jay Conant
, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Co-PI (email)
George Tuthill
, Professor of Physics, Co-PI (email)
Aleksandra Vinogradov
, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Co-PI (email)
Gary Bohannon, Graduate Student in Physics (email)
Frank Holloway, Graduate Student in Mechanical Engineering (email)
Steven Meschia, Graduate Student in Physics (email)
Dan Brandt, Undergraduate in Physics (email)
Ryan Fitzpatrick
, Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering/Computer Science (email)
Sven Bone, Undergraduate in Physics (email) John Hill, Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering Technology Ivy Merriot, Undergraduate in Secondary Education Michele Regan, Undergraduate in Math (email) Sarah Taubner, Undergraduate in Electrical Engineering

80. Publications
24673 Brigham Young University Provo , UT 846024673 , USA Tel +1 801 378 2205FAX +1 801 378 2265 active noise and Vibration control.
Noise/News International (NNI) Description Noise/News International(ISSN 1021-643X) is a quarterly news magazine published jointly by the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering and the Institute of Noise Control engineering of the USA., Inc. Noise/News International is distributed to the Member Societies of I-INCE and to the members of INCE/USA as a member benefit. SUBSCRIPTIONS: In the USA, the annual subscription rate is USD 50.00, postpaid, which is included in the dues of Members and Associates of INCE/USA. Nonmember subscription rates available upon request. Single copy price is USD 12.50.
Address correspondence concerning subscription to I-INCE General Secretariat, (Purdue address). The annual subscription rate is USD 50 via surface mail; airmail delivery subject to an additional charge. Single copy price is USD 12.50.
EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE: Address to George C. Maling, Jr., Managing Editor, NNI, 60 High Head Road, Harpswell, ME 04079, U.S.A., telephone and Fax +1 207 729 6430.

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