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         Air Dispersion Modeling:     more books (45)
  1. Atmospheric dispersion parameters in Gaussian plume modeling (Environmental monitoring series) by A. H Weber, 1976
  2. Atmospheric dispersion parameters in Gaussian plume modeling (Environmental monitoring series) by F Pasquill, 1976
  3. Annual PM10 dispersion model development and application in the South Coast Air Basin: Appendix V-L by Harry Andrew Gray, 1988

61. Air Quality Services
Consulting engineers based in Maple Plains, Minnesota, USA with multiple other offices in Minnesota. Their services include the use of air dispersion modeling for air permitting, regulatory compliance studies, air toxics evaluation, and New Source Reviews.
Air Quality Services
Wenck Associates, Inc.
Wenck Associates has assembled one of the strongest teams in the Upper Midwest for satisfying the need for air quality services. The Wenck Approach to Air Quality Services is to assemble a team specifically designed for each project. The most important member of the Wenck Team is our client. Wenck carefully evaluates each client's needs to determine what works best for each situation. We understand that there are unique issues for each situation. And if there are more than air quality issues that need to be addressed, Wenck draws upon other members of a talented, innovative, award winning staff of more than 80 engineers, scientists, and technicians. Our mission is to resolve environmental problems with common sense for the long term. Our standard is to be responsive, proactive, and reliable. The integrity of our relationship with our client is of utmost value to us. Wenck Air Quality Services include:
  • Permit Application Preparation for construction, operation, Part 70 (Title V), state, NSR, PSD, and non-attainment permits Permit Assessment Dispersion Modeling Regulatory compliance assistance New Source Review Analysis Emissions inventory preparation Pollution control equipment design/specification Risk Assessment Database management Agency Liaison, Representation, and Permit Negotiation

62. Bomis: The Air Dispersion Modeling/Consultants And Software Ring
Bomis The air dispersion modeling/Consultants and Software ring. Provider ofair dispersion modeling software with training and technical support.
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    The Indic-Airviro System
    The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) developed a modularized air dispersion modeling system. The system has: a module for receiving input data from monitoring stations; an emission data base module; and a dispersion modeling module. The dispersion module has a Gaussian model for small-scale applications, a grid model for large-scale regional applications, a street canyon model for emission sources surrounded by buildings, and a dense gas module for heavier-than-air gases. Lakes Environmental Provides easy-to-use air dispersion and risk assessment modeling software for Windows. Their air pollution dispersion modeling software includes: ISC-AERMOD View, RMP View, SCREEN View, and SLAB View, all of which are U.S. EPA models adapted for use with Windows. Training and technical support are also provided.
  • 63. Bomis: The Science/Environment/Air Quality/Air Dispersion Modeling Ring
    Bomis The Science/Environment/Air Quality/air dispersion modeling ring. Ring RankingsClick to visit the Bomis Board for air dispersion modeling. Ring sites.
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    Stack Gas Dispersion
    Publicizes the book "Fundamentals Of Stack Gas Dispersion" ... a comprehensive single-source reference book on dispersion modeling of continuous, buoyant pollution plumes. Includes published peer reviews, complete Table of Contents, and information about how to obtain copies. U.S. EPA's Support Center for Regulatory Air Models The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency maintains this site to provide information on the many air dispersion models supporting regulatory programs required by U.S. law. Documentation and guidance for these models are a major feature of the site. All of the EPA's dispersion models and their Users' Manuals can be downloaded cost-free from this site. A number of public, online forums are also provided for discussion/questions/answers on all aspects of the EPA's models and other services.
  • 64. Under Construction
    An environmental consulting firm (based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK) with multiple offices in the UK as well as other countries. Their air quality services include air dispersion modeling, emissions monitoring, and regulatory compliance audits.
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    65. Air Dispersion Modeling
    Information regarding the science of air dispersion modeling of pollutants, alongwith various models and software tools available in the management of air
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    Stay up-to-date! Subscribe to our newsletter. Advertising Free Credit Report Free Psychics Advertisement Air Dispersion Modeling Guide picks Information regarding the science of air dispersion modeling of pollutants, along with various models and software tools available in the management of air quality. Air Quality Management Resource Centre Maintained at the University of the West of England in Bristol, England and provides much useful information, including brief descriptions of many British and USA air dispersion models. Atmospheric Release Advisory Capability Located at the University of California's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), the ARAC is a national emergency response service for real-time assessment of incidents involving accidental releases of nuclear, chemical, biological, or natural hazardous material. BREEZE Family of products in air dispersion and accidental release modeling, including ISCST3, AERMOD, ROADS and DEGADIS. Provided by Trinity Consultants.

    66. Pollution Control Consultancy And Design
    An acoustical and environmental engineering consulting firm based in Sydney, Australia that provides a range of services which includes air dispersion modeling.

    Excellence in air, noise and water pollution assessment and engineering control
    P ollution C ontrol C onsultancy and D esign ABN Independent, accredited acoustical and environmental engineering consulting firm established in January 1995
    Our services in air pollution
    assessment and control include
    monitoring of ambient air quality
    trouble-shooting of existing air pollution control systems;
    process and functional design of air pollution control systems;
    selection of optimal air pollution control and measurement processes and equipment;
    simulation of air pollution dispersion with Ausplume Gaussian plume dispersion model for :
    a. determination of acceptable stack heights; b. identification and assessment of existing and new (proposed) air pollution sources; and c. identification and prediction of odour problems. Results of our Ausplume simulation include
    • the 100 worst-case scenarios, contours ( isopleths ) of concentration or deposition, contours of the frequency of occurrence.
    For further details, E-mail to:

    Environmental consultants with offices in Downers Grove, Illinois, USA and Maryland Heights, Missouri, USA. Air quality and air permitting services include air dispersion modeling using numerous EPA dispersion models (ISC, SCREEN, DEGADIS, PUFF, and FDM).
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    68.  THE WEINBERG GROUP - Science Minds Over Business Matters. 
    A scientific and regulatory consulting firm, headquartered in Washington,DC, whose services include air dispersion modeling.

    contact us

    contact us

    69. INFOTERRA: FEBRUARY 1995: Air Dispersion Modeling
    air dispersion modeling. Shimshon Roth (, 8 Feb 1995 134457 +0100
    Air dispersion modeling
    Shimshon Roth (
    Wed, 8 Feb 1995 13:44:57 +0100
    Dear colleages
    HCN and HCl gases were evolved from a fire in underground warehouse
    in rates of 55 and 114 grams per second respectively. Want to calculate
    dispersion OUTSIDE the warehhouse. Is it O.K. to use a dispersion model
    that does not account for the contribution of the heat of fire to the
    dispersion by assuming that the gases cool on their way from the warehose
    to the outside.
    Thank you

    70. Vision Environmental, Inc. - Air Quality Services
    Environmental consultants based in Massachusetts and Michigan in the USA. Their services include the use of air dispersion modeling for risk assessments, air permitting, air toxics evaluations, and New Source Reviews.
    Air Quality Services VEI’s air quality management services include New Source Review and Title V permit application and strategies. In addition, VEI’s air quality professionals are experienced with the application of state air toxics programs, hazardous air pollutant analyses (112(g)), pollution control equipment cost analyses, dispersion modeling and risk assessment to air quality control. Follow the links below for more information regarding VEI air quality services.

    71. Home
    An environmental engineering firm based in Mobile, Alabama, USA that specializes in air permitting and air quality testing. Their air dispersion modeling includes the use of the U.S. EPA's ISC short and long term models, complex terrain modeling, and the Valley model.

    Analytical Services, Inc.
    SEAS was created in 1978 as a professional engineering Firm specializing in air emissions testing and permitting. In its more than twenty year history, SEAS has aided numerous clients in gaining permits for new construction or expansion. SEAS has developed laboratory facilities, permanent and mobile, to assist clients in determining design parameters for new and existing emission control equipment. SEAS performs all EPA compliance test methods along with in-house developed engineering methods for proof of compliance with the ever changing environmental standards
    Our Mission
    To develop long term relationships with our clients by providing superior permitting and emissions testing services.
    Company Profile
    SEAS is composed of professional engineers, environmental scientists, field technicians and staff members that function as a team to provide a broad range of environmental consulting services and solutions. SEAS is recognized throughout the Southeast for excellence in its emission testing. Using U.S. EPA and State approved procedures and equipment, SEAS performs emission compliance tests for a variety of industrial clients. Our Professional Engineers and Air Quality Scientists utilize their knowledge and understanding of changing environmental regulations to offer a full range of permitting services With our experienced and knowledgeable staff and our state of the art computer resources, we conduct air dispersion modeling in support of permitting, air toxics, risk management, and odor assessment studies.

    72. ECCI - Engineering, Compliance & Construction, Inc.
    Environmental engineering consultants based in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA who utilize air dispersion Category Science Environment air dispersion modeling Consultants......air dispersion modeling ECCI engineers are experienced in handling complex air dispersionmodeling projects to demonstrate compliance with the Environmental
    ECCI engineers have developed procedures to help define enforceable permit limits to control off-site concentrations of criteria pollutants and hazardous air pollutants to allow successful air dispersion modeling demonstrations while retaining reasonable operational flexibility at the source facilities. ECCI engineers have experience with specialty models and protocols to address unique operations and the associated air emissions including using the United States Army Open Burn and Open Detonation Model at multiple facilities. ECCI engineers have combined actual ambient air monitoring results with conventional air dispersion models to demonstrate off-site compliance in complex situations.
    Example Projects:
    Atlantic Research Corporation - Arkansas and Virginia
    ECCI has completed complex air dispersion modeling projects with HAP emissions from multiple sources and risk assessment driven off-site limitations for emissions from open detonation of waste rocket propellants. These projects utilized standard EPA modeling protocols as well as the United States Army Open Burn and Open Detonation Model.
    References: Terry Leonard, Environmental Director

    73. WindSim - Calculation Of Local Wind Fields And Dispersion Of Air Pollution
    Vector AS is based in T¸nsberg, Norway and offers air dispersion modeling using WindSim, which is a flow and dispersion simulator for complex terrain using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).
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    74. Fate & Transport Modelling
    A group of environmental consultants headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Their services include the use of air dispersion modeling in support of health risk assessments.
    Fate and Transport Modeling of Pollutant Releases Description Cambridge Environmental develops, evaluates, and implements mathematical models to estimate exposures to pollutants and associated risks. Such models are useful, for example, in estimating concentrations of chemicals in media for which direct measurements are limited or unavailable. We are also expert in finding and correcting flaws in physical models upon which regulatory agencies and others depend. Cambridge Environmental uses computational, statistical, and graphical tools to analyze data with efficiency and intelligence. We identify patterns and inconsistencies in complex sets of data, use fundamental chemical and physical principles to build robust models, and thereby solve the problems at hand. Sample Projects

  • A recent project completed for a chemical manufacturer involved a lawsuit filed by a volunteer fireman who had responded to a chemical spill caused by a leaking tanker truck. The fireman claimed that exposure to fumes caused him permanent injury. Cambridge Environmental estimated the chemical concentrations likely to have resulted from the incident, and showed that these concentrations were insufficient to cause the alleged health effects. Based in part on the strength of our analysis, the manufacturer reached a favorable settlement with the plaintiff.
  • 75. Environmental Services
    A firm of engineering and environmental consultants based in Greenwood, South Carolina, USA whose services include air dispersion modeling for air permitting, evaluating toxic air emission impacts, evaluating compliance with air quality standards, and risk assessments.
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    76. Services
    Environmental engineering consultants located in Houston, Texas, USA whose services include air permitting, air pollution control, Clean Air Act compliance, and air dispersion modeling.
    Air Quality and Compliance Services The owner/employees of ACES provides comprehensive air permitting, air pollution control, Clean Air Act compliance, environmental engineering, and pollution prevention services from our Houston, Texas office. Our engineers and scientists have been providing practical solutions to air quality management problems for government and industrial clients for more than 20 years. ACES provides top-notch professional services in all areas of air quality, from air pollution prevention to preparation of Title V permit applications. Unlike other environmental consultants, we develop and implement turnkey air pollution control solutions from an owner’s perspective. Our full-service air quality capabilities include: Air Permitting and Regulatory Compliance ACES staff have a thorough understanding of federal, state, and local air quality regulations and has successfully performed more than 100 air permitting and compliance projects across the Gulf Coast. ACES routinely provides the following air engineering services:
    • Air emissions inventory submittals;

    77. Epsilon Associates: Specialties: Air Quality
    An environmental engineering company based in Maynard, Massachusetts, USA whose services include air dispersion modeling for risk management studies, offsite consequence analyses, and air emissions permitting.
    Project: Air Modeling Alumina Refinery, Halse Hall, Jamaica, West Indies Client: Aluminum Company of America/JAMALCO, Halse Hall, Jamaica, West Indies Epsilon is conducting an air quality modeling analysis in support of an air pollutant discharge license application for existing sources at the Clarendon Alumina Works plant. The emissions modeled are emitted from fuel oil combustion sources and mineral processing operation sources. The air pollutant discharge license application will be submitted to the Jamaican regulatory agency for approval. Top Project: White Oak Energy Center, VA Client: BEST Consulting Conducted a full air quality dispersion analysis for a proposed 680 MW electric generating plant in Virginia. The AERMOD dispersion model was used to assess the air quality impacts in the surrounding Class II area. Various operating scenarios were modeled and the predicted concentrations were compared to the Significant Impact Levels (SILs). In addition, the CALPUFF model was used to conduct a Class I increment analysis, sulfur and nitrogen deposition analysis and a regional visibility impairment assessment at Shenandoah National Park. Top Project: Merchant Power Plant Modeling Analyses Client: Conducted various modeling analyses for each project. For aesthetic impact analyses, visible stack plume modeling was conducted. Visible plumes from cooling towers were also assessed as well as salt deposition due to the cooling tower drift. Deposition modeling of ammonia and total nitrogen to watershed areas was evaluated. Coastal fumigation was modeled from a shoreline source. Cumulative impacts were evaluated by conducting multi-source modeling.

    78. BlazeTech: Engineering Consulting Specialists
    Consultants (in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) with expertise in air dispersion modeling, offsite consequence analysis, fire and explosion, and other safety problems. For dispersion modeling, the firm uses ADORA (Atmospheric Dispersion of Reacting Agents) a model with complex thermodynamics and chemical reactions.
    BlazeTech in the News
    Courtesy of CBS 48 Hours
    24 Thorndike Street, Cambridge MA 02141-1882
    Tel: 617-661-0700
    Fax: 617-661-9242
    Specialists in: Environmental Safety Fire and Explosion Aircraft Survivability Founded in 1987, BlazeTech, an engineering consulting firm based in Cambridge, MA, provides research and development, modeling and simulation, and expert witness services. Our forte is in bridging the gap between theory and practice to solve real problems and develop software and advanced technologies in a timely and cost-effec- tive manner. Technology development includes conceptual designs, proof-of-concept tests, proto- type development, field testing, and analysis.
      NOTE: BlazeTech is offering an “Aircraft Fires and Explosions” Course from 10/29/02 - 11/1/02 in Woburn, MA.
      Click here
      for course details and registration.
    Following is a list of our key areas of specialization:
    • Environmental safety ( Click here for details on GSA contract.)

    79. Enviroplan Consulting - Air Pollution
    A consulting firm (headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, USA) that offers services in air dispersion modeling, air quality and meteorological monitoring, air pollution emissions estimation, permitting and compliance plans, hazard assessments and risk management plans.

    Overview Of

    ... Home Page
    Enviroplan Consulting is one of the nation's leading environmental consulting companies with nine offices throughout the eastern half of the U.S. We specialize in two areas: 1) air pollution consulting, and 2) ambient air quality and meteorological monitoring programs. Since 1972, our professional staff has conducted over 2,000 studies and monitoring programs for over 350 power generation, industrial and governmental clients. Through our strategic alliance with , we provide turnkey environmental permitting services for new power generation and other energy related facilities. Our combined companies provide 170 environmental consultants located in 16 offices throughout the eastern half of the U.S. For proposed new facilities or modifications to existing facilities, Enviroplan Consulting conducts all air quality New Source Review studies including all Prevention of Significant Deterioration and Nonattainment Area analyses required to obtain air quality construction permits. For existing facilities, we provide all air pollution related consulting services permitting, emissions estimation, air quality modeling, control technology evaluations, risk management plan development, environmental auditing, risk assessments, etc. We also conduct air quality impact analyses for transportation projects.

    80. Environmental Quality Management - Air Quality Project Descriptions
    A consulting firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio (with multiple offices across the USA) that provides environmental engineering and air quality services including permitting, compliance studies, NSPS reviews, and air dispersion modeling.
    To Review Selected EQ Air Quality Projects
    Please Select a Project
    Air Quality Project Descriptions NSR Permit Application Preparation Offsite Consequence Analysis Air Pollution Control Engineering Emission Sampling of Aircraft Jet Engine Exhaust Accidental Release Prevention Program Air Permit Compliance Evaluation Contact EQ for more information To Review Other EQ Project Descriptions , Please Select Another Business Area EQ Business Areas Air Quality Water Management Solid/Hazardous Wastes Management Technical Support Services
    General Air Regulatory Consulting,
    NSR Permit Application Preparation - Plant Expansion
    EQ was retained to serve as a technical and regulatory consultant in all matters relating to air pollution control at a major chemical facility. As participants with project teams on two independent plant expansion projects, EQ provided advice and a technical critique of proposed operations and emission control measures. We held the lead position in preparing air permit applications and technical support documentation for these projects. In support of these projects, EQ performed VOC emission calculations for various pieces of equipment, including reactor vessels, paint production lines, and organic liquid storage tanks. We performed air dispersion modeling analyses of fenceline toxic air contaminant impacts for compliance with Ohio EPA's Toxic Guidance Policy, and we provided in-depth training to the plant engineering staff regarding new source air permitting and other pertinent regulatory issues within the plant.

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