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  1. Air Dispersion Modeling: Air Dispersion Model Articles, European Environment Agency, Air Pollution, List of Atmospheric Dispersion Models
  2. Measurements and three-dimensional modeling of air pollutant dispersion in an Urban Street Canyon [An article from: Atmospheric Environment] by M.Y. Tsai, K.S. Chen, 2004-11-01
  3. Roadway Air Dispersion Modeling: Air Pollutant, Computer Model, Line Source, Atmospheric Dispersion Model, Air Quality
  4. Procedures for air dispersion modeling at Superfund sites (SuDoc EP 4.8:AI 7/6/V.5/995) by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1995
  5. Air dispersion modeling at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (EEG) by Dale F Rucker, 2000
  6. Air dispersion modeling of toxic pollutants in urban areas guidance, methodology, and example applications (SuDoc EP 4.8:D 63) by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1999
  7. Three-dimensional modeling of air flow and pollutant dispersion in an urban street canyon with thermal effects.(TECHNICAL PAPER): An article from: Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association by Mong-Yu Tsai, Kang-Shin Chen, et all 2005-08-01
  8. Research of air aerosol dispersion using numerical modeling system: MM5/WRF-CAMx4 application to the aerosol abatement strategy by Mikhail Titov, 2009-02-26
  9. Air Quality Index: Indice Metropolitano de la Calidad del Aire, Air pollution, Air Pollution Index, Atmospheric dispersion modeling, Barbecue, Grilling, ... mitigation, European emission standards
  10. A Specialty Conference on : Dispersion Modeling from Complex Sources, April 7-9, 1981, St. Louis, Missouri by Edward R.; Air Pollution Control Association Editors Frederick, 1981
  11. Dispersion modeling of mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants at Coshocton and Manchester, Ohio.(Report): An article from: The Ohio Journal of Science by Sang-Sup Lee, Tim C. Keener, 2008-09-01
  12. GIS-based estimation of exposure to particulate matter and N[O.sub.2] in an urban area: stochastic versus dispersion modeling.(Research): An article from: Environmental Health Perspectives by Josef Cyrys, Matthias Hochadel, et all 2005-08-01
  13. Coupling of the Weather Research and Forecasting Model with AERMOD for pollutant dispersion modeling. A case study for PM10 dispersion over Pune, India [An article from: Atmospheric Environment] by A.P. Kesarkar, M. Dalvi, et all 2007-03-01
  14. Monte Carlo-based dispersion modeling of off-gassing releases from the fumigant metam-sodium for determining distances to exposure endpoints [An article from: Atmospheric Environment] by D.A. Sullivan, M.T. Holdsworth, et all 2004-05-01

81. EnCoCo - Software For The Area Air Quality Control
A firm headquartered in Lahaina, Hawaii, USA and offering air dispersion modeling software focused primarily upon the regulatory requirements of Germany.
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82. Dispersion Modeling
Based in Evansville, Indiana, USA, with additional offices in the states of Tennessee and Florida, Category Science Environment air dispersion modeling Consultants......Air Quality Services offers comprehensive PSD modeling using the EPA approved CALPUFFmodeling system. of longrange transport and dispersion from PSD
Dispersion Modeling
Air Quality Services offers comprehensive PSD modeling using the EPA approved CALPUFF modeling system. CALPUFF has been recommended for determining reasonable impacts of long-range transport and dispersion from PSD Class 1 sources, as well as applications involving complex wind regimes. We have successfully completed modeling projects associated with new coal-fired power plants and combustion turbine permits, as well as permit revisions resulting in the removal of imposed operational limitations. Home
Services [ Consulting/Permitting Ambient Modeling Stack Testing ... NDF Recertification
Information [ Links Acronyms FYI Employment
About AQS [ Staff History Contact Us

83. Air Emissions Solutions From Pinchin Environmental
A consultant group based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (with multiple offices in Canada) who offer air dispersion modeling services. The dispersion models utilized include Ontario Regulation 346 as well as these U.S. EPA models Screen3, ISCST3, AERMOD and PRIME.

Services Air

Air Emissions
Air Emissions Group
Note: June 1st, 2003 reporting deadlines for "Ontario Regulation 127/01 - Airborne Contaminant Discharge - Monitoring and Reporting", and "National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI)" Client Services:
Contact: For additional information contact Phillip Girard, P.Eng.,
Vice-President Air Emissions, Phone 905-712-6490, Courses: Presentations: Regulatory Announcements:

84. Air Dispersion Modeling
AD.COM, Search air dispersion modeling. Top Science Environment Air_Quality Air_Dispersion_Modeling 14, Error Propagation in air dispersion modeling.,_modeling/
Air Quality Control Company (AQCC) Founded in 1993 by the Municipality of Tehran, Iran, the primary role of AQCC is providing research, consultation, planning and implementation of services regarding air and noise pollution in Tehra
Category: Science > Environment > Air Quality > Air Dispersion Modeling
AQM Resource Centre
The Air Quality Management (AQM) Resource Centre is maintained at the University of the West of England in Bristol, England. It provides much useful information, including brief descriptions of many
Category: Science > Environment > Air Quality > Air Dispersion Modeling
Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling Liaison Committee
A United Kingdom committee of members from government departments and agencies, nuclear industries and research organizations. The committee's purpose is to review current understanding of atmospher
Category: Science > Environment > Air Quality > Air Dispersion Modeling Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling Resources A report published in 1995, "Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling Resources", can be downloaded from this site. It includes descriptions, contact people, and other details about 94 dispersion m

85. Shell Engineering & Associates Dispersion Modeling
Environmental management consultants located in Columbus, Missouri, USA. Their services include air quality monitoring; air permitting; and air dispersion modeling involved in evaluating the offsite consequences of accidental releases and of air toxics emissions.
Dispersion Modeling Air quality control agencies usually require that industries simulate the impact of an expansion within their plants by the use of dispersion models. Applications for permits must contain the modeling results. Shell Engineering and Associates, Inc. , has developed expertise in all types of computer models. The firm's range of experience includes modeling up to 100 stacks at once, and predicting their impact. Clients include almost every type of industrial plant: power plants, steel plants, charcoal plants, automobile plants, manufacturing industries, incinerators, refractories and iron ore pelletizing plants. The staff of Shell Engineering knows all EPA guideline models, and is especially adept at developing complete permitting packages. Modeling, coupled with expertise in monitoring and dealing with governmental agencies, will provide you with the information you need for virtually any case or permitting action in which you are involved. The permitting and dispersion modeling services typically include:
  • Determining the impact of existing and new sources and assistance in obtaining necessary permits.

86. WebGuest - Open Directory : Science : Environment : Air Quality : Air Dispersion
Top Science Environment Air Quality air dispersion modeling (248). Consultants(153); Software (51). See also Science Environment Air Quality (760). Sites
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the entire directory only in Top Science Environment Air Quality : Air Dispersion Modeling
See also:
  • The Aerospace Corporation - The Environmental Systems division of the Aerospace Corporation has developed a model validation program (MVP) for improving the toxic hazard dispersion models used at space vehicle launch sites (Cape Canaveral in Florida and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California). Launch cloud and atmospheric tracer data collected by the MVP were used to test and upgrade the dispersion model predictions.
  • Air Quality Control Company (AQCC) - Founded in 1993 by the Municipality of Tehran, Iran, the primary role of AQCC is providing research, consultation, planning and implementation of services regarding air and noise pollution in Tehran.
  • AQM Resource Centre - The Air Quality Management (AQM) Resource Centre is maintained at the University of the West of England in Bristol, England. It provides much useful information, including brief descriptions of many British and USA air dispersion models.
  • Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling Liaison Committee - A United Kingdom committee of members from government departments and agencies, nuclear industries and research organizations. The committee's purpose is to review current understanding of atmospheric dispersion and to identify suitable models for use primarily in authorization or licensing, in the context of atmospheric discharges from nuclear industry activities.

87. Air Dispersion Modeling Innovations And Patents
air dispersion modeling Innovations and Patents More information on AirDispersion Modeling and air dispersion modeling Research References.
Air Dispersion Modeling Innovations and Patents © 2002, XQ23.COM Research (
Who were the
Great Minds

Absolute Zero

Acid Rain


Educational Priorities

kurt vonnegut arthur c clarke david brin ... Dialysis More information on: Air Dispersion Modeling and Air Dispersion Modeling Research References. Recent U.S. patents related to Air Dispersion Modeling: 6,372,966: Kentucky bluegrass variety known as `Brilliant` 6,372,962: Pathogen resistance in plants using CDNA-N/intron constructs 6,372,959: Expression vector of a mud loach growth hormone gene 6,372,813: Methods and compositions for attachment of biomolecules to solid supports, hydrogels, and hydrogel arrays 6,372,789: Bacteriocide compositions for agricultural and horticultural use 6,372,787: Phenyl-methoxyimino-glyoxylic acid derivatives as pesticides 6,372,782: Soy-based nutritional products 6,372,775: Reversal of multidrug resistance in human colon carcinoma cells 6,372,774: Derivatives of N-phenylpyrazoles

88. Industrial Dispersion Modelling
Consulting firm based in Brisbane, Australia that offers air dispersion modeling services, using these models AUSPLUME, AUSMET/AUSPUFF, LADM, TAPM, CALMET/CALPUFF, and the U.S. EPA's ISC models.
Industrial Dispersion Modelling The modelling of the dispersion of air pollutants from an industrial source can be broken down into several steps: Source Identification Emission rates of pollutants can often be obtained from environmental handbooks, journals and studies for similar plant. The United States EPA has published generic emission factors for a wide variety of industries, and similar factors have also been published as part of the National Pollutant Inventory study in Australia. If these are not available or sufficiently accurate, chemical process flowcharts and control specifications can be used, or measurements made for existing similar plant. Major air pollutants usually considered include dust (particulates) due to incompletely burned fuel or process byproducts, nitrogen oxides (mainly due to combination of atmospheric oxygen and nitrogen at high temperatures) and sulphur dioxide (mainly due to the burning of fuel containing quantities of sulphur).

89. UAI Environmental, Inc. Has Extensive Experience In Performing Air Quality Model
An environmental engineering and consulting firm based in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA that offers a range of air dispersion modeling services using models such as AERMOD, ISC3, CALMET, CALPUFF, CTDMPLUS, ALOHA and others.
Client Login Locations White Papers
AQ Management Air Quality Monitoring

Meteo. Monitoring

Permitting General Air
Innovative Strategies

Related Services
GIS/Info Services GIS Mapping
MapInfo Reseller

Data Management

Data Analysis

Software PlotALOHA RoseWorks RW Frequency Site Remediation Env. Management Prevention Water Quality The UAI Environmental staff has extensive experience performing a variety of air quality modeling analyses.  The modeling staff consists of 5 meteorologists, having a total of over 40 combined years of experience with U.S. EPA modeling guidance and models, including the newest regulatory models in the final stages of approval: AERMOD, ISC-PRIME, and CALMET/CALPUFF. UAI Environmental provides a full line of dispersion modeling services, including EPA regulatory models and other specialized models.  The dispersion models that the modeling staff are familiar with include:
  • AMS/EPA Regulatory Dispersion Model (AERMOD)
  • Indsutrial Source Complex Models (ISC3, ISC-PRIME)
  • CALMET/CALPUFF Modeling System
  • CTDMPLUS/CTSCREEN Complex Terrain Models
  • Integrated Gaussian Model (IGM)
  • Fugitive Dust Model (FDM)
  • SAFER Systems TRACE Hazardous Release Model
  • ALOHA Hazardous Release Model
Air quality dispersion modeling analyses are used to support many client initiatives:
  • New and modified plant permit applications
  • National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) compliance demonstrations
  • Preliminary assessment of post-MACT implementation residual risk
  • Inhalation and Multiple Pathway risk analysis

90. Stone Lions Environmental Corporation
A consulting firm headquartered in Rolling Hills Estates, California, USA who offer services in air dispersion modeling, toxic chemical exposure evaluations, reconstruction of past environmental exposures, and specialized software.
Stone Lions Environmental Corporation
944 Indian Peak Road #220
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

Phone: (310) 377-6677
Fax: (310) 377-1172
e-mail address:
  • Air pollution control Toxic chemical exposure evaluations Hazardous waste management Reconstruction of past environmental exposures Air dispersion modeling Ambient air monitoring Litigation support Specialized software development
Who we are
Stone Lions Environmental Corporation was founded in April, 1993. We are an environmental consulting firm specializing in air pollution evaluations related to a variety of industrial facilities. In addition, we research potential health effects that result from community exposure to a wide variety of toxic chemicals. Much of our work is done in the context of complex civil litigation.
Where we are
Our primary offices are located in Rolling Hills Estates, California. We have affiliated operations in Houston, Texas.
What we do
We evaluate refining, petrochemical, and chemical operations, and the associated toxic exposure problems. We employ a variety of chemical engineering techniques to perform those evaluations. We develop emissions inventories, and analyze source and meteorological data in order to define current and past community exposures. We then integrate this data into a variety of computer models, which predict the atmospheric dispersion of toxic chemicals from the source of emissions. Our modeling protocols are consistent with EPA guidelines and standard air pollution engineering practices.

91. EPA (environmental) Code Issues - Error Propagation In Air
Engineering Codes Standards Engineering Codes Standards EPA (environmental)Code Issues Error Propagation In air dispersion modeling thread186485.

92. Dispersion Modeling
Air Quality and Comparative Exposure A ParcelLevel Cumulative RiskAnalysis in Providence, Rhode Island air dispersion modeling.
Air Quality and Comparative Exposure: A Parcel-Level Cumulative Risk Analysis in Providence, Rhode Island
AIR DISPERSION MODELING DEFINITION According to the Environmental Protection Agency ( USEPA) , dispersion modeling is "a mathematical representation of the transport and diffusion processes that occur in the atmosphere." is the model currently used by USEPA for regulatory screening of new permit applications and New Source Review. SCREEN3 is based on Gaussian plume algorithms and estimates worst-case scenario ambient impacts from point, volume, and area sources by incorporating general meteorological conditions . USEPA uses this model as a conservative first run screening tool, followed by more refined modeling in areas determined by SCREEN3 to be of potential concern. Inputs to SCREEN3 include a choice of source type (point, flare, volume or area source), urban or rural terrain, emission rate, and building size. If the source has a stack, stack height, stack diameter, exit velocity, flow rate, and exit temperature must also be included. Output from the model comes in the form of a dispersion curve showing the change in chemical concentration as distance from the facility increases ( see example SCREEN3 output ). The model incorporates worst case meteorology by determining which combination of wind speed and stability class combines with facility information to create the worst case weather scenario.

93. Air Quality Management
Consulting environmental engineering firm located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Services include air dispersion modeling, air emission inventories, air permitting and compliance programs.
NPN Environmental's diverse air quality management team provides our clients extensive experience and knowledge stemming from multiple disciplines. Led by professional engineers, our air quality professionals include scientists, engineers, and technicians with formal education in chemistry, mathematics, industrial hygiene, and engineering. Because of our experience in multiple disciplines, NPN Environmental has an extensive working knowledge of industrial, commercial, chemical, and mining regulatory requirements. We couple in-depth expertise with qualified techniques for measuring and monitoring air pollution emissions and have established regulatory resources to facilitate and expedite solutions to your air quality needs.
Permits and Compliance Programs NPN Environmental prepares permit applications and compliance programs that are fundamental to our clients' operations. Our team of professionals prepares air permit applications including Federally enforceable Title V Operating Permits, State Construction/Operating Permits, and various other permits required by State or local agencies. We proficiently develop compliance programs and strategies by using our extensive experience and knowledge of major Federal and State regulatory air programs. In addition, we expeditiously facilitate permit acquisition through our established regulatory resources.

94. Casella Stanger
Environmental consultants with multiple offices in England. Together with the University of Greenwich, Stanger operates a 24hour telephone helpline for air dispersion modeling.

95. Exponent- Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences
A firm of scientific and engineering consultants, headquartered in Menlo Park, California with multiple offices across the United States, whose services include air dispersion modeling.
Home Practices : Air Quality
With a reputation for cutting-edge innovation in atmospheric sciences, Exponent has conducted a large number of studies investigating atmospheric phenomena and air pollution . Our expertise includes both litigation support and research and development studies. We are frequently called upon to investigate accidental releases of chemicals to the atmosphere, assess air pollution risks, simulate transport and fate of chemical substances, and develop measures of prevention and control, such as emergency preparedness and response. Clients benefit from our multidisciplinary approach, which includes the support of chemical engineers, combustion specialists, atmospheric modelers, and experts in health effects of air pollution. Our services include: Computer modeling of plume dynamics Visualization, animation, and GIS

96. P1.8: Air Dispersion Modeling Via The Internet
P1.8 air dispersion modeling VIA THE INTERNET PAPER WITHDRAWN. The Internethas had a profound effect on air dispersion modeling practice.
11th Joint Conference on the Applications of Air Pollution Meteorology with the Air and Waste Management Association
Technological advancements have revolutionized air dispersion modeling practice over the last 15 years. Through the 1980s and 1990s, computers became faster, smaller, and easier to use. Major permitting work could be completed more quickly. Software utility programs became readily available, improving the ability of modelers to process and visualize data. The Internet has had a profound effect on air dispersion modeling practice. Already, the tools and information that dispersion modelers use, such as the models, meteorological data and topographical maps, can be obtained over the Internet. Model users now typically either download models such as ISCST3 from the USEPA SCRAM web page, or purchase dispersion model suites from software firms. Thus, models have become distributed across many local computers. This paper examines the feasibility of running air dispersion models such as ISCST3 or AERMOD over the Internet. Under a centralized model, users would no longer need to run EPA FORTRAN code locally, or purchase and install proprietary software on a local computer. Instead, users would interact with an Internet interface, uploading model input data or entering data into forms, and retrieving or downloading model output results. Model code, not necessarily FORTRAN-based code, would be run remotely on very fast servers.

97. About D&E Technical
D E Technical is an environmental engineering and software development company located in Champaign, Illinois, USA. Their services include air dispersion modeling and hazard analysis.

. We are interested in your business and we are confident that we will be able to provide you with quick results at an affordable price.
    Dispersion Modeling and Hazard Analysis - click here for more details, Regulatory analysis, Title V permitting, Emissions inventories, Compliance strategy analysis, Control technology selection and costing. Support of the The Air Compliance Advisor (ACA) software model, including: -Training -General Consulting
Computer Software Development
    Scientific and engineering applications for the Microsoft Windows platform, C++ programming, including Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), including OLE, Visual Basic programming, and FORTRAN programming.
Building Analysis
    Indoor air pollution modeling, and Building energy analysis.
Revised: March 07, 1999

98. Products
A consulting firm located in Dunum, Germany who develop and market air dispersion modeling software, such as LASAT, a Lagrangian dispersion model; IBJplume, a Gaussian model; IBJXodor; a model specifically for odor dispersion. products
program brief description purchase price (EUR, no tax included) LASAT
Lagrangian dispersion model according to the german guideline VDI 3945/3. Program system with a broad range of applications (e.g. calculations in structured terrain, use of nested grids, calculations according to TA Luft 2002, graphical user interface for result visualizations). See LASAT order Single-computer licence including one-year support service One-day installation and introduction (inside Germany) Support service for one year (phone and eMail hotline) Update on demand Leasing on demand IBJxodor Stationary plume model for the calculation of odor frequencies in plane terrain in agreement with the draft of the german guideline VDI 3788/1.
Valid also for low sources and small source distances. Handling of weather statistics. For further informations see Public/Programs order on demand IBJmepod Graphical user interface for IBJxodor (definition of input parameters, program control, graphical display of the results, help functions,...).

99. WebMET - The Meteorological Resource Center
We are committed to supplying robust and easyto-use human health and ecologicalrisk assessment and air dispersion modeling software to consulting companies
Met Data United States Software EPA Models Wind Rose Percentiles Equipment Met Station Met Monitoring Guide Services Met Data Modeling Resources Digital Terrain Data Books Videos Met Facts ... Links WebMET About Contact Us
Lakes Environmental Software specializes in environmental software and training. We are committed to supplying robust and easy-to-use human health and ecological risk assessment and air dispersion modeling software to consulting companies, industries, governmental agencies and academia. Products include air dispersion modeling, emergency planning, and risk assessment software that meet U.S EPA guidances for RMP, Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment, Air Toxics Screening, CAA, and others. Lakes Environmental provides training on air dispersion modeling, toxic release, RMP 112(r), and risk assessment (health and ecological).
Lakes Environmental Software
tel: (519) 746-5995
Model customization and other services are now available from Russell Lee, an independent consultant and one of the lead developers involved in the evolution of the ISCST model and its associated preprocessors. Mr. Lee is an active member of the AERMIC team, which is in charge of development of the AERMOD model. AERMOD is the next generation air dispersion model to which Mr. Lee is contributing his more than 25 years of experience in the air dispersion modeling field. If you are interested in obtaining or learning more about customized ISCST models, and AERMOD, please feel free to contact Mr. Russell Lee at your convenience.

100. Welcome To Applied Environmental Consultants, Inc.
Consultants located in Tempe, Arizona, USA who provide air dispersion modeling in support of air quality permitting and impact analyses as well as air quality regulatory compliance.
Applied Environmental Consultants, Inc.
2465 West 12th Street, Suite 6
Tempe, AZ 85281 Phone: 480-829-0457
Fax: 480-829-8985
Air Impact Analyses Once permitting strategies are developed, AEC can identify and perform any air impact analyses which may be necessary to demonstrate compliance with applicable requirements. AEC's experience, coupled with the latest computer hardware and software capabilities, allows AEC to perform these analyses in a timely and cost-effective manner. Experience AEC has nearly 20 years of experience conducting air impact analyses including the full range of possible investigations from complex Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) air impact analyses to simple screen modeling. Such analyses include:
  • Screen Modeling
  • NAAQS Protection Demonstrations
  • PSD Increment Analyses
  • Air Toxic Guideline Assessments
  • Visibility Assessments
  • Soil, Vegetation and Growth Impact Assessments
AEC's modeling staff approaches each new project with the knowledge that every air impact analysis is unique and often requires innovative approaches to ensure that the predicted impacts are not overly conservative. AEC coord inates with the client and regulatory agencies to develop detailed modeling protocols for each project and, if necessary, AEC can make field measurements of meteorological and emissions parameters to ensure realistic model input variables. AEC has conducted air impact analyses of emissions from a variety of industrial and manufacturing processes including:

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