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         Algebra:     more books (102)
  1. Algebra 1: An Incremental Development by Jr. John H. Saxon, 2003-06
  2. Pre-algebra: Practice Book by Ron Larson, 2004-01-27
  3. Real World Algebra by Edward Zaccaro, 2001-11-15
  4. Introduction to Linear Algebra, Fourth Edition by Gilbert Strang, 2009-02-10
  5. McDougal Littell Pre-Algebra by Ron Larson, Laurie Boswell, et all 2006-03-30
  6. Algebra II Workbook For Dummies by Mary Jane Sterling, 2007-01-10
  7. Let's Review: Integrated Algebra (Let's Review Integrated Algebra) by Lawrence S. Leff M.S., 2008-09-01
  8. Algebra II (Cliffs Quick Review) by Edward Kohn, David Alan Herzog, 2001-05-29
  9. College Algebra Demystified by Rhonda Huettenmueller, 2004-06-15
  10. Schaum's Outline of College Algebra, Third Edition (Schaum's Outline Series) by Murray Spiegel, Robert Moyer, 2009-08-20
  11. Algebra 1: All-In-One Student Workbook (Prentice Hall Mathematics) by Peason/Prentice Hall, 2006-04-28
  12. Algebra 1: Concepts and Skills by Ron Larson, Laurie Boswell, et all 2001-06

41. The Math Forum Algebra Problem Of The Week
A weekly interactive project for algebra on the Internet. Challenging problems are posted and solutions Category Science Math algebra......This the algebra weekly interactive math project. You can answer challengingquestions every week from the Internet. algebra Problem of the Week.
A Math Forum Project
Problem of the Week

Student Center
Teachers' Place All PoWs Search AlgPoWs ... Print This Problem
Two for Two More - posted March 17, 2003
Two numbers have a ratio of 4:3. The greater number is 60 more than 8 times their difference. What could the two numbers be? Extra: Find a second set of numbers that also works. Your explanation must use algebra (variables and equations) to communicate the method you've used to solve the problem. To learn more about writing answers for the Algebra Problem of the Week, you can read our Guideline to Writing Answers NOTE: Your submission to this problem should include the answer AND a complete explanation of how you found that answer. If you would like to receive a response from us, please use the "Check Answer" feature which will appear after you have submitted your solution. You can read more about how we will "score" your submission on our scoring information page
Submit your answer to "Two for Two More"
Get help with "Two for Two More"
If you are under 13, you must have permission from your parent or teacher to participate in this web project. You will be asked to provide the email address of your parent or teacher when you register. At any time, parents or teachers may request that we remove personal information by writing to or by contacting us via postal mail or telephone (800-756-7823 x80950).

42. Sundry Algebraic Geometry And Commutative Algebra Sites
A list of personal home pages.
I have compiled this list from a number of sources; if you know
of addresses (your own or others) involving Algebraic Geometry
or Commutative Algebra that I could include, please send me a note!
Paolo Aluffi

Kevin Coombes

Duke archive

Brian Harbourne
Mika Seppala

Mail Comments to:

43. Math Forum: K-12 Algebra
The best Internet resources for algebra classroom materials, software,Internet projects, and public forums for discussion. K12 algebra.
K-12 Algebra
Back to Math by Subject
Math by Subject

K12 Topics
discrete math
Advanced Topics analysis calculus diff. equations game theory discrete math geometry (coll.) geometry (adv.) linear algebra modern algebra num. analysis
K-12 Internet Algebra Resources
See also the Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library: Basic Algebra
Suggestion Box Home The Math Library Help Desk ... Search

44. Algebra Solutions
Welcome to algebra Solutions! To find a solution, enter your math problem(s) andclick on “Submit” for automated stepby-step solution. Pre-algebra algebra
Welcome to Algebra Solutions!
To find a solution, enter your math problem(s) and click on “Submit” for automated step-by-step solution.
To practice, click on “Practice” then “Submit” for automated step-by-step solution and answer.
For a quick review of the subject, click on Mini-Lessons. GoMath’s Mini-Lessons will guide you through the topics with graphics and examples. For additional practice off-line, click on Worksheet. All worksheet are in printable format.

Negative Numbers

Rules for Adding Odd and Even Numbers

Decimal Number Operations

Round off Numbers
Percentage Word Problem
Algebra Factorials Prime Factorization Scientific Notation Laws of Exponents ... Back to GoMath

45. Algebra And Number Theory At Queen's University
algebra and Number Theory Group. Members, research interests.
Algebra and Number Theory
Eddy Campbell
Invariant theory of finite groups over finite fields, algebraic topology.
John Coleman
Representation theory of Lie and Kac Moody algebras, mathematical physics.
Tony Geramita
Algebraic geometry, commutative algebra.
Ian Hughes (
Group rings, invariant theory of finite groups.
Ernst Kani
Diophantine geometry.
Ram Murty
Artin's conjecture, elliptic curves, modular forms, automorphic forms, Langlands program, Selberg's conjectures, sieve methods.
Morris Orzech (
Brauer groups and associative algebras.
David Pollack (
Invariant theory, representation theory over fields with positive characteristic.
Paulo Ribenboim (
Number theory.
Leslie Roberts
Algebraic geometry, K-theory.
David Wehlau
Invariant theory of algebraic groups, finite geometries.
Noriko Yui

46. Pushpa Publishing House, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh India
(Pushpa) Table of contents and abstracts from vol.1 (2001).
JP Journal of Algebra, Number Theory and Applications (ISSN 0972 - 5555) The JP Journal of Algebra, Number Theory and Applications is devoted to the publication of articles of current interest in any branch of Algebra, Number Theory and their Applications The journal will be published in three issues per volume annually appearing in April, August and December. A volume is expected to comprise of 350 pages and consist of duly refereed original research papers and c ritical survey articles. Current Volume: Content Subscription Managing Editor Professor K. K. Azad
(University of Allahabad, INDIA) Editorial Board Information to Authors Abstracted/indexed/Reviewed: Mathematical Reviews Zentralblatt fur Mathematik

47. Operator Algebra Page Of N. C. Phillips
Links, directories, pulciations and events; maintained by N. Christopher Phillips.
Operator Algebra Resources
This page contains lists of some resources useful to mathematicians working in the subject of operator algebras. Please email me
  • General and regional operator algebra information sites
  • People in operator algebras
  • Books, journals, reprints, and preprints
  • Conferences
  • Miscellaneous
  • Some general mathematical information
    General and regional operator algebra information sites
    People in operator algebras
  • 48. Journal Of Algebra
    Contents, abstracts from vol.154 (1993). Text to subscribers only.Category Science Math algebra Journals......
    Home Search What's New
    Electronic Services
    ... Links Journal of Algebra
    Journal Information


    Bibliographic and Ordering Information
    Dispatch Dates
    Author Gateway
    The fast and efficient new author service for this journal
    Information and services for Editors
    Contents Services
    Free Sample Copy
    News/Related Websites
    The Mathematics Preprint Server

    European Mathematical Information Service

    American Mathematical Society
    Related Info
    ACADEMIC PRESS Last update: 20 Mar 2003

    49. Doing Physics With Quaternions
    A research effort to see how much of standard physics can be done using only quaternions, a 4dimensional division algebra.
    Promote this project!
    Buy buttons or a T shirt Doing Physics with
    pdf ftp .ps Get a HARD COPY
    of this site! (I prefer it :-)
    MIT IAP course: "Unifying gravity and EM by analogies with EM"
    Slides available.
    Day 1: Lagrange Densities ( html or pdf
    Day 2: Fields and Quantum Mechanics ( html or pdf
    Day 3: Forces, Metrics, and New Physics ( html or pdf
    Personal note: Doug is job searching now. He has a Masters in computer science, is creative technically, and also is very good with people, the soft stuff needed so that technology gets used by real people ( Intro Mathematics Classical SR ... Conclusions Introduction
    An overview A brief history of quaternions
    Mathematics ps pdf ftp .ps
    Multiplying quaternions the easy way ... Tools for algebra, trig, logs... and a Quaternion calculator (in Java) An open source project QEMation to develop Quaternion Equation driven aniMation. The first result of this effort, Visualizing Constant Inertia , is more interesting from a math/physics perspective than one might guess.
    ps pdf ftp .ps

    50. The Art Of Algebra By Karen H. Parshall
    Karen Hunger Parshall
    University of Virginia (formerly at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) The web page containing the digital version of this document is currently offline for maintenance and updating as of November 15, 2002. University Library Home U.Va. Home
    Maintained by:
    Last Modified Friday, 15-Nov-2002 10:29:24 EST
    The Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia
    University of Virginia
    / Charlottesville, Virginia / 22903

    51. Banach Algebras And Their Applications - Banach Algebras 2003
    Banach algebras and their Applications. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; 27 July 9 August 2003.
    Banach Algebras and their Applications
    Banach Algebras 2003
    Edmonton, Alberta - July 27 to August 9, 2003 Organizers: Anthony To-Ming Lau and Volker Runde This conference is the sixteenth in a series of conferences on Banach algebras that started 1974 in Los Angeles. We expect that most specialists in Banach algebras as well as leading mathematicians from related areas will attend this conference. In the past, these conferences have always led to fruitful interaction between the participants, and we expect this tradition to continue. In addition to the regular conference program, there will be five workshops on the following topics, each of which will be chaired by an internationally recognized specialist in the respective area. Each workshop will occupy the afternoons of two consecutive days. The chairs are completely free to decide on the format of their workshops. Workshops
  • July 28 and 29 : K-theory for Banach and locally convex algebras.
    Chair Joachim Cuntz July 30 and 31 : Banach algebras and operator spaces.
    Chair Zhong-Jin Ruan (Urbana-Champaign; USA).
  • 52. Linear Algebra Textbook Home Page
    By Jim Hefferon. Free for downloading covers the material of an undergraduate first linear algebra Category Science Math algebra Linear algebra......Linear algebra. by Jim Hefferon Mathematics Saint Michael's CollegeColchester, Vermont USA 05439. My What's Linear algebra About? When
    Linear Algebra
    Jim Hefferon


    Saint Michael's College

    Colchester, Vermont USA 05439
    My text Linear Algebra is free for downloading, It covers the material of an undergraduate first linear algebra course. You can use it either as a main text, or as a supplement to another text, or for independent study.
    What's Linear Algebra About?
    When I started teaching linear algebra I found three kinds of texts. There were applied mathematics books that avoid proofs and cover the linear algebra only as needed for their applications. There were advanced books that assume that students can understand their elegant proofs and understand how to answer the homework questions having seen only one or two examples. And there were books that spend a good part of the semester doing elementary things such as multiplying matrices and computing determinants and then suddenly change level to working with definitions and proofs. Each of these three types was a problem in my classroom. The applications were interesting, but I wanted to focus on the linear algebra. The advanced books were beautiful, but my students were not ready for them. And the level-switching books resulted in a lot of grief. My students immediately thought that these were like the calculus books that they had seen before, where there is material labelled `proof' that they have successfully skipped in favor of the computations. Then, by the time that the level switched, no amount of prompting on my part could convince them otherwise and the semesters ended unhappily.

    53. - Communications In Algebra®
    Communications in algebra®. Purchase Options Institutions Print SubscriptionWorld Price $2,895.00 To place a subscription, please
    onunload=closeRefPopup Login/Register Forgot your Password? Dekker is a digital publisher that offers accessible at the article level with linked references.
    Table of Contents



    Indexed/Abstracted In
    Continue Shopping

    Purchase Options

    Print Subscription World Price: $2,895.00
    To place a subscription, please call Customer Service at or email
    Online subscription rates are based on the content value plus a premium for online access. To receive a quote for online access, please complete our Site License Questionnaire Wizard or contact Individuals To preview or view articles from this product, choose from the Table of Contents Search for documents only within this product. Edited by: M. L. Teply University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Journal Soft Cover Volume: 31 Print ISSN: Online ISSN: Description gives the reader access to the competitively rapid publication of important articles of timely and enduring interest that have made this journal the premier international forum for the exchange of keystone algebraic ideas. All areas of algebraic research are covered, including classical number theory. No personal or institutional mathematics library can afford to be without this consistently superior, undeniably influential, on-going presentation of current interests and activities. Return to Top Readership
    • algebraists researchers in, and professors of, mathematics

    54. Second Algebra And Topology Week
    University of Leicester, UK; 1721 September 2001.
    Second Algebra and Topology Week
    September 17 - 21, 2001 There will be an Algebra and Topology Workshop held at the University of Leicester, England during the week 17 to 21 September 2001. The workshop will be devoted to exploring new overlaps between these areas and talks will generally be cross-disciplinary in topic. A proportion of the lectures will be related to the topics of General Linear and Functor Cohomology. Here is the most up to date PROGRAMME of talks. And here is an almost complete list of participants and their email addresses. The speakers at the meeting will be
    Jon Alperin Stan Betley Natalia Castellana Karin Erdmann Vincent Franjou John Greenlees Bernhard Koeck Jean-Louis Loday Teimuraz Pirashvili Jeremy Rickard Alan Robinson Geoffrey Robinson Lionel Schwartz Serge Skryabin Larry Smith Vic Snaith Ulrike Tillmann Stavros Tsalidis Will Turner Peter Webb Alex Zalesskii
    See the page First Algebra-Topology Workshop for details of last year's workshop. This workshop will be partially supported by the London Mathematical Society. Here is a registration form . To register, please download the form, fill it in and send it by email to the conference address

    55. 5th International Conference On Clifford Algebras And Their Applications In Math
    IxtapaZihuatanejo, Mexico; June 27-July 4, 1999. Abstracts and proceedings.
    5th International Conference on Clifford Algebras and their Applications in Mathematical Physics,
    Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, MEXICO, June 27-July 4, 1999

    Zihuatanejo Bay Ixtapa Beaches and Hotels For more tourist information see Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo web page at
    You can also find a tourist guide to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo-Acapulco and area map For the alphabetical list of speakers go to INDEX ; for speakers and titles go to TALKS For times, titles of talks, and speakers at ACACSE'99 go here
    For information about the 6th Conference on Clifford Algebras, May 20-25, 2002,
    go here.
    The Conference proceedings have been published in two volumes by Birkhauser Boston last June 2000. The following is the bibliographical information about each volume, and about the two-volume set. You can see cover for volume 1 and cover for volume 2 Individual volumes: "CLIFFORD ALGEBRAS AND THEIR APPLICATIONS IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS"
    Volume 1: Algebra and Physics Volume 2: Clifford Analysis Two-volume set: "CLIFFORD ALGEBRAS AND THEIR APPLICATIONS IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS"
    Volumes 1 and 2 "Clifford Algebras and Their Applications in Mathematical Physics"
    provides a broad overview of current topics in mathematical aspects and physical applications of Clifford (geometric) algebras. All papers presented in this two-volume set are either well-developed original articles or review papers. All contributions have been refereed. Both volumes are intended to be accessible to both graduate students and specialists in the general area of Clifford algebras and their applications.

    56. Mathematics Archives - Topics In Mathematics - Algebra
    Topics in Mathematics. algebra. About The Human Internet - Collegealgebra ADD. KEYWORDS Tutorial algebra ADD. KEYWORDS algebra
    Topics in Mathematics Algebra
    • About - The Human Internet - College Algebra
      ADD. KEYWORDS: Tutorial, Inequalities, Absolute Values and Exponents, Fractional and Negative Exponents, Polynomials, Factoring Polynomials, Rational Functions, Compound Fractions, Solving Equations, Word Problems, Solving Quadratic Equations, Quadratic Formula, Complex Numbers, Inequalities, Quadratic Inequalities, Graphing Equations and Circles, Lines, Functions, Applications of Functions
    • Algebra
      ADD. KEYWORDS: Algebra Postulates, Function Basics, Composite Functions, Even and Odd Functions, Inverse Functions, Linear, Quadratic, and Cubic Functions, Monotonic Functions, Periodic Functions
    • Algebra
      ADD. KEYWORDS: Tutorial, Real Number System, Numerical Representations In Algebra, Algebraic Techniques, Quadratic Equations and Inequalities, Graphing, Functions, Polynomial Functions, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Linear Algebra, Discrete Algebra
    • Algebra1: Graphing Linear Equations

    57. The Netlib
    A large repository of mathematical software in source code form, mostly in Fortran, though there is some in Matlab, C and other languages. Important directories include Lapack (linear algebra, eigenvalues, and SVD), toms (Trans. on Math. Software), numeralgo (Numerical Algorithms), and the many 'PACKS such as MINPACK (minimization), QUADPACK (quadrature, integration), FFTPACK (Fast Fourier Transform), ODEPACK, and ODRPACK.
    Netlib Repository at UTK and ORNL
    Netlib is a collection of mathematical software, papers, and databases. There have been requests to this repository as of Sat Mar 22 02:33:51 EST 2003 . Software, papers, etc. Services provided at Netlib Related efforts Information about Netlib How to contact Netlib

    58. Mathematics Archives - Topics In Mathematics - Linear Algebra
    Mathematics. Linear Matrix algebra. ADD. KEYWORDS Matlab, Software, ComputerExercises, Lesson Plans, Workshops; Applied Linear algebra ADD.
    Topics in Mathematics

    59. Stan's Home Page
    University of Waterloo Universal algebra, logic, computers.
    Stanley N. Burris Professor Emeritus and Adjunct Professor
    Department of Pure Mathematics

    University of Waterloo
    Phone: 519-888-4567 Ext: 5556
    Fax: 519-725-0160
    E-mail: Research Interests:
    Universal Algebra, Logic, Computers

    60. Understanding Algebra By James Brennan
    Covers the order of operations, working with plus and negative signs, solving for unknowns, straight Category Science Math algebra High School......The complete contents of this algebra textbook are available here online. Iam especially pleased to help homeschoolers. Understanding algebra.
    Understanding Algebra
    An online algebra text by James W. Brennan
    Book Contents
    Chapter 1- The Numbers of Arithmetic
  • The Real Number System Addition and Subtraction of Real Numbers Multiplication and Division ... The Quadratic Formula
  • The complete contents of this algebra textbook are available here online. This text is suitable for high-school Algebra I, preparing for the GED, a refresher for college students who need help preparing for college-level mathematics, or for anyone who wants to learn introductory algebra. I am especially pleased to help homeschoolers. I am paying for this website out of my own pocket, and I would like to be able to leave it up as long as people find it helpful. If you find it useful and you are able to help out by donating a few bucks, please click on the link above. The payment is processed by, so you can be confident that it is safe and secure. Thanks.
    You can now download the entire book as an Adobe Acrobat file formatted for printing. Click on the link at the upper-right to find out more.
    Download a printable version
    Click Here
    Graphing Applet
    (Java applet for exploring slope and intercepts of straight lines) Prime Factorization Machine Prime Number List Quadratic Equation Solver/Plotter
    James W. Brennan

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