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         Alternative Science:     more books (100)
  1. Suppressed Science: Radiation, Global Warming, Alternative Health & Healing ... by Jack Phillips, 2006-01
  2. Shadows of the Magic Lamp: Fantasy and Science Fiction on Film (Alternatives)
  3. The Best Science Fiction of Arthur Conan Doyle (Alternatives)
  4. Return from Exile: Alternative Sciences, Illegitimacy of Nationalism, The Savage Freud (Oxford India Collection) by Ashis Nandy, 2004-01-08
  5. Aliens: The Anthropology of Science Fiction (Alternatives)
  6. Science Meets Alternative Medicine: What the Evidence Says About Unconventional Treatments
  7. Intersections: Fantasy and Science Fiction (Alternatives) by Adjunct Professor George E Slusser PhD, Professor Eric S Rabkin PhD, 1987-10-26
  8. Science and the Media: Alternative Routes to Scientific Communications (Routledge Studies in Science, Technology and Society) by Massimiano Bucchi, 1998-08-25
  9. Nitrite Curing of Meat: The N-Nitrosamine Problem and Nitrite Alternatives (Publications in Food Science and Nutrition) by Ronald B. Pegg, Fereidoon Shahidi, 2004-12-27
  10. Carbon Nanotubes:: A New Alternative for Electrochemical Sensors (Nanotechnology Science and Technology) by Gustavo A. Rivas, Maria D. Rubianes, et all 2009-12-30
  11. (Post) Modern Science (Education): Propositions and Alternative Paths
  12. Standing Ovation: Performing Social Science Research About Cancer (Ethnographic Alternatives, 11) by Ross Gray, 2002-08
  13. Mobile Alternative Demilitarization Technologies (NATO Science Partnership Sub-Series: 1:)
  14. Bridges to Science Fiction (Alternatives)

21. Alternative Science Community Managers
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22. LookSmart - Alternative Science
Search the Web Sponsors. alternative science. Time Travel, Cryptozoology, Jointhe Zeal community and help build the alternative science Directory Topic.

23. Anomalies And Alternative Science ( 494 Human Selected Links )
Pages PZ, 4 Columns. Anomalies and alternative science. CBEL Science Technology ( 494 links, last update 24 April 2002 ) * = new links
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Anomalies and Alternative Science
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Aleksandar Vukovic: Four Theories

Alternative Science

Analinear or Nonlinear?
X-Project Paranormal Magazine

Ages of Alchemy

Alchemical Garden at the Edge of Time
Alchemical Information Alchemical Octaves ... The Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry Alchemy E-mail Lists and Discussion Groups Alchemy ( Alchemy Lab (eGroups) Yahoo Groups: Spiritual Alchemy Anomalous Objects Ancient Greek Computer Flying in Ancient Egypt Anomalous People Charlotte King Effect Is the Brain Really Necessary? Kaspar Hauser The Green Children of Banjos ... Unusual Phenomena Reports: Electric People Anomalous Sounds Taos Hum Hearer's Website Taos Hum Page Things That Go Boom in the Night Astroarchaeology 101 Interstellar Anthropology Aboriginal (Native American) Star Knowledge: Menu Adventures in Astro-Archaeology:Dance of the Gods Age of Aquarius ... The Noise Room - Archaeo-Astronomy, Archaeology and Egyptology P Astronomy, Alternative Astro-metrics Of Undiscovered Planets Chromodynamix Sudden Planet Magnetic Reaction in Orbit The Cause of the Canyons of Mars ... Vulcan, Comets and the Impending Catastrophe

24. Alternative Science
alternative science Challenging the Myths of the Scientific Establishmentby Richard Milton ISBN 089281-631-7 Park Street Press
Alternative Science
Challenging the Myths of the Scientific Establishment

by Richard Milton
ISBN 0-89281-631-7
Park Street Press
272 pages, 6 x 9
Paper, $16.95 (CAN$26.95) About the Book
About the Author

Table of Contents


Excerpt Ordering Return to Inner Traditions' homepage About the Book About the Author Richard Milton is a journalist working in Britain who has written widely on science and technology. He is also the author of Shattering the Myths of Darwinism Visit the author's web site at Reviews "A very good survey of the subject with fascinating stories and examples." Rupert Sheldrake Author of A New Science of Life and Seven Experiments That Could Change the World Table of Contents Alternative Science Challenging the Myths of the Scientific Establishment Part One: Science 1. Too wonderful to be True 2. A Completely Idiotic Idea 3. Sunbeams from Cucumbers 4. The Gates of Unreason 5. Animal Magnetism 6. A Case of Ill Treatment 7. Forbidden Fields Part Two: Taboo 8. Calling a Spade a Spade 9. The Research Game

25. Alternative Science
alternative science. ATLANTIS IN WISCONSIN. by Frank Joseph. Is the underwaterarchaeological enigma in Wisconsin linked to the lost civilization of Atlantis?

Alternative Science
ATLANTIS IN WISCONSIN by Frank Joseph Is the underwater archaeological enigma in Wisconsin linked to the lost civilization of Atlantis? THE LOST PYRAMIDS OF ROCK LAKE by Frank Joseph Rock Lake conceals an ancient City of the Dead in its murky depths. MARS/EARTH ENIGMA by DeAnna Emerson Did extraterrestrial life visit both Mars and Earth in the past? Return to Main Listing

26. Electricbrain Home Index Science Anomalies And Alternative
electricbrain Index Science Anomalies and alternative science,home index write privacy. Cryptozoology Alchemy Astroarchaeology

27. The Scientist's Guide To Traditional And Alternative Careers
Alternative Careers for Scientists, alternative science Careers DefinedWhat is an alternative science career? It is probably a job
Alternative Careers for Scientists
Alternative Science Careers Defined
What is an alternative science career? It is probably a job that an early stage graduate student would never have predicted for his/her future, but yet in some way is related to science and so makes use of the individual's scientific training. This group of careers includes jobs in science industry away from the bench, e.g. in computational biology, regulatory affairs, marketing, sales, technical support and business development. Other examples are technical writer, patent attorney, patent agent, public policy specialist, science journalist, and science textbook editor. General Information and Links
Career Success for Some Ph.D.'s Comes by Leaving Academe Behind. From The Chronicle of Higher Education's Career Network (Oct 97). Careers for Ph.D.s in the Non-Profit World. From The Chronicle of Higher Education's Career Network (Sep 00). Leaving the Lab Bench. Excellent essay detailing one molecular biologist's decision to leave behind the world of research for an opportunity in science communication/education. By Randy Krauss, Ph.D.
Specific Alternative Careers Law.

28. Alternative Science?
EDITORIAL. alternative science? Do we need any alternative science toconvert the potential of this doubt into the energy of knowledge?
EDITORIAL ALTERNATIVE SCIENCE? By a curious coincidence, the titles of all papers in this issue of RB end with question-marks. This is not so strange, though. RIAP aims at scientific studies of anomalous phenomena, and anomalistics is in fact a big question-mark, erected before the modern scientific picture of the world. Do we need any "alternative science" to convert the potential of this doubt into the energy of knowledge? As experience tells us, pretensions "to go beyond the limits of science" rarely take their authors somewhere. On the contrary, attempts to approach "anomalous problems" in a rigorous scientific way can be fruitful indeed.
True enough, the number of real attempts of this kind is rather limited, to say the least. Nonetheless, they do merit attention. A prominent place among them is occupied by the problem of the Tunguska explosion. Science got its teeth into this problem, believing it could be solved within the limits of the established paradigm of meteoritics. It was known that on June 30, 1908, a fiery body had flown over Central Siberia and fallen not far from the Podkamennaya Tunguska river. On falling it leveled taiga for tens of kilometers around.
The real importance of the "first Tunguska anomaly"—the overground character of the explosion—was grasped rather late. Even in 1951 the most distinguished Soviet astronomers wrote in the popular-science journal "Nauka i Zhizn" ("Science and Life"): "There is no question that immediately after the meteorite fall, a crater-like depression formed where at present the Southern Swamp exists. It is quite possible that the... crater was relatively small and soon it was inundated with water. In subsequent years it was covered by silt and moss, filled with peat hummocks and partly overgrown with bushes. The dead trees standing upright can be seen not at the center of the catastrophe, but on the hill-sides which surround the hollow..."

29. Alternative Science - Index Page - Lake Chapala Review - LCRINDEX
The Plenum alternative science Index Page articles by Jerry W.Decker. written for the Lake Chapala Review - 7/31/02. 002 - Who
The Plenum - Alternative Science Index Page
articles by Jerry W. Decker
written for the Lake Chapala Review - 7/31/02
002 - Who was John Keely and what did he do?
003 - About the Lake Chapala problem

I would appreciate any questions or feedback to Jerry Decker which might be used in the column or posted online. Lake Chapala Review - Alternative Science articles Index Lake Chapala Review Mexico Connect KeelyNet Loader page

30. Alternative Science - Who Was Keely? - Lake Chapala Review - LCR 002
The Plenum LCR002 alternative science Outlook By Jerry W. Decker.This month Who was John Keely and what did he do? Lake Chapala
The Plenum - LCR002
Alternative Science Outlook
By Jerry W. Decker
This month: Who was John Keely and what did he do?
Lake Chapala Review Article - June 2002 Issue
I thought it might be of interest to folks who might like to know something about John Ernst Worrell Keely and why I chose him as the ‘patron’ of my website. When I was 15, I found some information about an intriguing researcher working with complex frequencies from about 1872 until his death in 1898. The claims were nothing short of miraculous; 1) a motor claimed to run on ‘etheric’ energy, once initiated (kick started), it would run until the parts wore out 2) a method of ‘dissociating’ 3 or more drops of water to generate an explosive force of 25,000 to 30,000 pounds per square inch (consider air pressure at sea level is only 14.7 pounds per square inch, we use about 30psi in our car tires and general use compressors only produce up to about 160psi), reports were 2” thick steel pipes with needle thin holes would burst like balloons at such pressures. (Note: this was NOT simply the production and combustion of hydrogen/oxygen from water.) 3) an acoustic means to disintegrate quartz mineral into powder 4) a cannon that used acoustically generated explosive force was demonstrated to the press 5) an ‘airship’ claimed to have levitated from the ground and flown at approximately 500mph as demonstrated to the US Army in 1893 and declined for investment due to its ‘complexity’ 6) reports of a ‘luminiferous’ aether glow in experiments using focused acoustic sound in water

31. Anomalies And Alternative Science
Anomalies and alternative science. Look, Find, Search, Study, Research Shop! Directory Science Anomalies and alternative science. Links Add Your Site .

32. Anomaly And Alternative Science
anomaly and alternative science. Open Directory Science Anomalies and AlternativeScience about dmoz add URL update URL become an editor help. and a

33. What's Alternative Values? [ALTERNATIVE SCIENCE]
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34. Forum Find Search Results...
forum find Science Anomalies and alternative science
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35. Omniseek: Science And Tech: /Science & Tech/Anomalies And Alternative Science
Top Science Tech Anomalies and alternative science Alchemy Astroarchaeology CryonicsCryptozoology Exobiology Geologic Catastrophism International Medicine
News Sections




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Anomalies and Alternative Science
Cryonics Cryptozoology Exobiology Geologic Catastrophism International Medicine, Alternative New Age Psychology Paranormal Physics, Alternative Popular Psychic Skeptical Inquiry Society: Paranormal UFO Show Sites in this topic Sat Mar 22, 5:36 pm

36. Mu, Atlantis, Archaeology, Conspiracy, Population Control, Ufos, Aliens, Cold Fu
alternative science sites. Still worth a look. Atlantis Rising MagazineThis magazine covers everything in the world of alternative science.
Cheap Web Site Hosting
Population Control, Cold Fusion, Conspiracy, Aliens, Ufos, Mu, Atlantis Alternative Science sites Visit the rest of the Conspiratorium Population Control
Ufos and Paranormal


Atlantis Database
  • The Daily Grail
    Are you getting yours? Another great site, these gentlemen really keep on top of things, regardless of their own opinions of themselves.
  • The Noise Room
    One of my favorites, this site is not updated as much as it was in the past. Still worth a look.
  • Atlantis Rising Magazine
    This magazine covers everything in the world of Alternative Science. Free downloadable PDF issues, plus articles from back issues so you can decide if you want to download or get a subscription.
  • The BBC online news desk
    For those of you stateside, you may not know the BBC reports many items of interest the USA does not.
  • Dr. Brainz Lab of Knowledge
    All sorts of alternative science topics.
  • Euthopia Foundation Alternative Science Theories A collection of theories on ways to reduce cost, provide alternative energy, solve food shortages, and many more theories.
  • Alternative Science Challenging the myths of the scientific establishment - including neo-Darwinism - by controversial writer, journalist and broadcaster Richard Milton.

37. Directory - Science: Anomalies And Alternative Science
Top Science Anomalies and alternative science (526) Science is constantly reshapingitself through unexpected observations, new ideas, and revisions to old

38. Suchmaschine Acoon - Webkatalog
Top Science Anomalies and alternative science Epublisherconcentrating on alternative science, history and medicine.

39. Open Directory & Pay Per Click Search Engine: Science/Anomalies And Alternative
Home Science Anomalies and alternative science. http// Deduction An alternative proposal for more rigorous science.
Need Traffic Search the Web Home Toolbar LinkManager bookmark ... Science : Anomalies and Alternative Science CATEGORIES: Alchemy Anomalous Objects Anomalous People Anomalous Sounds ... Weather Control LINKS: Pages: 1
  • 'dr'dees/channel 7
    Alchemy, magic, readings, old secrets, new discoveries. A variety of topics, including alchemy, history.
  • E-zine, covering outer space and planet Earth.
  • Alchemical Garden at the Edge of Time
    Includes online information on alchemy and other subjects in divided sections, including images, alchemical texts, bibliographical material on the printed books and manuscripts, and general reference material.
  • Alternative Science
    Challenging the myths of the scientific establishment - including neo-Darwinism - by controversial writer, journalist and broadcaster Richard Milton.
  • Analinear or Nonlinear? Analinear dynamics create chaos patterns in life.

40. The Universe
alternative science and philosophy.

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