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         Alternative Science:     more books (100)
  1. Organic Production and Use of Alternative Crops (Books in Soils, Plants, and the Environment) by Franc Bavec, Martina Bavec, 2006-07-20
  2. Unraveling AIDS: The Independent Science and Promising Alternative Therapies by Ho Mae-Wan, 2005-12-15
  3. The Communicating Company: Towards an Alternative Theory of Corporate Communication (Contributions to Management Science) by Hartmut Hübner, 2007-03-05
  4. Power to Change the World: Alternative Energy and the Rise of the Solar City by S.L. Klein, 2008-04-08
  5. Fish Oil Replacement and Alternative Lipid Sources in Aquaculture Feeds
  6. How to Find Information: Complementary and Alternative Health Care by Bruce Madge, 2002-05-03
  7. Toxicity Assessment Alternatives: Methods, Issues, Opportunities
  8. Alternative Life-History Styles of Animals (Perspectives in Vertebrate Science)
  9. Nonlinear Dynamics, Mathematical Biology, And Social Science: Wise Use Of Alternative Therapies (Santa Fe Institute Series) by Joshua M. Epstein, 1997-05-05
  10. The Age of Alternative Logics (Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science) by Johan van Benthem, 2006-11-14
  11. Elementary chemistry, inorganic and organic, adapted to the requirements of the 'alternative' elementary syllabus of the science and art department .. by William S Furneaux, 2010-09-07
  12. Liquid Transportation Fuels from Coal and Biomass: Technological Status, Costs, and Environmental Impacts (America's Energy Future) by America's Energy Future Panel on Alternative Liquid Transportation Fuels, National Academy of Sciences, et all 2009-12-28
  13. Energy Alternatives (Heinemann English Readers: ELT: Intermediate: Science and Maths: Energy): Intermediate Level by Robert Snedden, 2005-07-19
  14. Can Bacteria Cause Cancer?: Alternative Medicine Confronts Big Science by David Hess, 2000-05-01

121. AquaSchemes The Science And Pseudoscience Of Alternative Water Treatments
Critical examination of the scientific validity of various devices promoted to treat water, including magnetic and catalytic devices purported to remove hardness and chlorine, clustered water, electromagnetic treatment, and lightbased treatments.

122. The Design And Implementation Of SPECS An Alternative C++ Syntax
By B.M. Werther and D.M. Conway, Dept. Computer science, Monash University, Melbourne. PDF

123. Mother Natures
A diverse gallery blending the arts, science, and natural history for an alternative and eclectic mix.

124. Predictive Deduction
An alternative proposal for more rigorous science.

125. Science Forum Of Debates
alternative physics articles and discussions.

126. The Alternative Medicine Advisory Page
The Veterinary Task Force on Pseudoscience offers sciencebased information on veterinary alternative medicine modalities, including acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and energy therapy.

127. Hampton Roads Publishing Company
Publishing categories include visionary fiction, new thought, new science, alternative medicine, nagualism and psychic realms. Authors include Neale Donald Walsch, Charles Tart, Linda Goodman and Mary Summer Rain. mystore2

128. Complementary Health Practice Review
Covers topics in natural, complementary, alternative, integrated and conventional healthcare and social science fields. Published by Springer Publishing Company, New York, NY.

129. World Mysteries
Explore lost civilizations and cultures, mystic places, sacred writings, unexplained artifacts, and science mysteries. Biographies of popular proponents of alternative theories.

130. IDEA U Mass Lowell K12 Teacher Investigations In Alternative
We have been involved in a program to develop new ways to determine whatour students have learned and understood in the science they study.

131. C-resonance
Ezine for speculative or science fiction from new writers and artists, featuring unusual, alternative prose.

A free educational forum dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information in the use of natural, non pharmaceutical medicines and alternative healing therapies in the treatment of disease conditions. Hidden science, free energy, Earth changes.

133. Complementary And Alternative Veterinary Medicine Community
Email discussion list is DVMs, VMDs, MDs, and PhDs in the health sciences to discuss the science and practice of unconventional, unproven, complementary and integrative medical therapies. More than 500 holistic doctors participate.

134. Empyrean Quest Publishers
Books in the newscience, alternative medicine, new-age, esoteric, oriental, and metaphysical fiction genres.

135. The Order Of Time
Dedicated to nature, science, politics and spirituality from an alternative perspective. Articles on all these subjects.

136. The American Journal Of Chinese Medicine
Created to link scientific research and alternative medicine by publishing review articles, research reports, and essays related to traditional or ethnomedicine of all cultures. Published by the Institute for Advanced Research in Asian science and Medicine (IARASM). Garden City, New York.

137. Pacific Area Communications
Small press science fiction and fantasy publisher that focuses on positive creative solutions for the future, the environment, science fiction, and alternative history.

138. Wheelock Mountain Publications
Ebook publisher of all types of non-fiction and fiction, including arts, science, technical, alternative energy, hobbies, do-it-yourself, romance, and adventure.

139. Erik Mark
Erik Mark are freelance writers for major print and Web publishers. Erik specializes in science, alternative energy and investigative reporting on societal issues. Mark write about online commerce. Both Erik Mark have a keen interest in Star Trek.

140. ARWZ World
alternative Reality Writer's Zone; Detailed fantasy and sciencefiction worlds are created entirely by members. Anyone may join and add to the collaborative efforts in world creation.

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