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         Amateur Astronomy:     more books (102)
  1. Choosing and Using a New CAT: Getting the Most from Your Schmidt Cassegrain or Any Catadioptric Telescope (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) by Rod Mollise, 2008-12-12
  2. Peterson First Guide to Astronomy (Peterson Field Guide Series) by Jay M. Pasachoff Professor of Astronomy, 1998-08-15
  3. Visual Astronomy in the Suburbs: A Guide to Spectacular Viewing (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) by Antony Cooke, 2003-09-12
  4. Teach Yourself VISUALLY Astronomy (Teach Yourself VISUALLY Consumer) by Richard Talcott, 2008-12-03
  5. Amateur astronomy for the beginner (Skillfact library) by H Charles Woodruff, 1968
  6. The New Amateur Astronomer (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) by Martin Mobberley, 2004-08-25
  7. Viewing the Constellations with Binoculars: 250+ Wonderful Sky Objects to See and Explore (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) by Bojan Kambic, 2009-10-16
  8. Radio Astronomy for the Amateur by David L. Heiserman, 1975-06
  9. Introduction to Astronomy: A Complete Guide for the Amateur Astronomer by Rick Shaffer, 1999-09-14
  10. So You Want a Meade LX Telescope!: How to Select and Use the LX200 and Other High-End Models (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) by Lawrence Harris, 2010-05-04
  11. The Observational Amateur Astronomer (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series)
  12. Astronomical Equipment for Amateurs (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) by Martin Mobberley, 1998-11-06
  13. New Horizons in Amateur Astronomy:How to Search for Meteors, Planets, Galaxies, Variable Stars, Comets, Satellites, Novas, and More by Grant Fjermedal, 1989-02-03

21. Astronomy Magazine, Star Charts, Space
amateur astronomy magazine.


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Have Wheel, Will Travel: Get a handheld planetarium.

The Smoking Gun

High-resolution map from NASA reveals evidence of the Chicxulub impact crater.
Spying a Supernova’s Double Bubble
Chandra’s x-ray vision detects the signature of a Type Ia supernova. Record Breaking Galaxies May Shed Light on Dark Ages The Subaru Deep Field Project commences with discovery of farthest-removed Milky Way cousin and a promising new window on the universe in its infancy. Lumicon is Back in Business After shutting its doors last September, the popular accessory company has a new lease on life. Celestron Wins "Go-to" Argument with Meade A California court rules that Celestron's NexStar telescopes do not literally infringe upon a Meade Instruments patent. The Cyber Observatory Astronomers rethink the "classic" observing model.

22. CCD Amateur Astronomy
CCD amateur astronomy By Richard Jacobs, MD. The world of amateur astronomyhas undergone revolutionary changes in the last decade.
Above: CCD Images of Mars from the Hubble Space Telescope
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since June 18, 1999 CCD Amateur Astronomy
By Richard Jacobs, MD Please adjust your monitor brightness and contrast
to see 17 distinct shades of gray. Best viewed at 800 X 600 resolution Click Here For New Images
Updated March 19, 2003
This Website is about viewing the Universe using the new technologies available to amateur astronomers. The wonders of the Cosmos are now readily available to everyone. The world of amateur astronomy has undergone revolutionary changes in the last decade. New technologies now allow the amateur astronomer, using a modest telescope and readily available equipment, to view the Universe with the detail and clarity of the world's largest professional telescopes of only a decade ago. These new technological developments include the charged coupled device ( CCD ), desktop personal computers, powerful software, and the Internet. With these new technologies, the amateur astronomer can make serious contributions to the science of astronomy through supernova and asteroid research

23. Amateur Astronomy Observers Log
amateur astronomy Observers Log. Welcome. This site lets amateur astronomersshare their observations with each other. I hope you
View Observations Add Observations
Discussion ... Acknowledgements
Amateur Astronomy Observers Log
Welcome. This site lets amateur astronomers share their observations with each other. I hope you enjoy it, and will consider adding your own observations.
View the most-recently added observations...
...or use the complete form:
Sort by: Observation time Upload time Sort order: Forward Reverse Object: Type of object: Atmospheric Asterism Asteroid Comet Galaxy Globular Cluster Galaxy Group Bright Nebula LMC Globular Cluster LMC Nebula LMC Open Cluster Meteor Moon Multiple Star Open Cluster Planet Planetary Nebula QSO Satellite SMC Globular Cluster SMC Nebula SMC Open Cluster Star Sun Unknown Visual Binary Variable Star External Globular Cluster External Nebula External Open Cluster Zodiacal Light Other Constellation: Andromeda Antlia Apus Aquila Aquarius Ara Aries Auriga Bootes Canis Major Canis Minor Canes Venatici Caelum Camelopardalis Capricornus Carina Cassiopeia Centaurus Cepheus Cetus Chamaeleon Circinus Cancer Columba Coma Berenices Corona Australis Corona Borealis Crater Crux Corvus Cygnus Delphinus Dorado Draco Equuleus Eridanus Fornax Gemini Grus Hercules Horologium Hydra Hydrus Indus Leo Minor Lacerta Leo Lepus Libra Lupus Lynx Lyra Mensa Microscopium Monoceros Musca Norma Octans Ophiuchus Orion Pavo Pegasus Perseus Phoenix Pictor Piscis Austrinus Pisces Puppis Pyxis Reticulum Sculptor Scorpius Scutum Serpens Sextans Sagitta Sagittarius Taurus Telescopium Triangulum Australe Triangulum Tucana Ursa Major Ursa Minor Vela Virgo Volans Vulpecula Observer: If this is your first time using this form, you may wish to view the

24. The American Association Of Amateur Astronomers
News, events, publication discounts for members, CCD image gallery, links to members' astronomy sites .Category Science Astronomy North America United States...... Astronomy Club. Bringing amateur astronomy to the World through the Powerof the Internet. League. Bringing amateur astronomy to the World. Serving
The American Association of Amateur Astronomers Explore the AAAA Universe
Start Here Control Center
Site Table of Contents Join
Membership in the AAAA News from the AAAA
Press Releases and News Updates FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions Member Activities
AAAA News and Reports AAAA Guestbook The American Astronomer
The AAAA Newsletter - Online The American Association
of Amateur Astronomers

AAAA Mission Partnerships
Members of the AAAA Team AstroMax The AAAA Online Store First Light Introductory Astronomy Kit Links to Astronomy Sites Observing Programs from the Astronomical League The Solar System Planetary Data Page The Constellation Home Page Facts, Background, and Myths An Overview of Astronomy A Concise Guide to the Universe Arp Peculiar Galaxies A CCD Image Gallery SWRAL Southwest Region of the Astronomical League Bringing Amateur Astronomy to the World Serving the Amateur Astronomy Community Online Since 1996 Click on our LOGO to TAKE a TRIP to the UNIVERSE
Select AAAA AAAA Universe AstroMax Press Releases Join the AAAA Control Center Member Reports Astronomy Links Observing Programs FAQ Constellations Planets Universe Guide Arp CCD Images Partnerships AAAA Newsletter AAAA Mission Search AAAA Web Site Browse the A stro ... Astronomy Catalog
The Astronomy Club for the New Millennium
If your friends think that your Newtonian telescope tube

25. Astronomy In Dubai
Dubai Amateur Astronomers is for UAE residents who own telescopes and offers basic information about the hobby and science.
Astronomy in Dubai
You've reached the one stop for amateur astronomers in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Introductions first. I'm Samson David, 26 years old and finally pursuing the hobby I have always dreamed about. I've had a fascination with the stars ever since I was a child and always wondered about the millions of distant suns that shine over us each and every night. I have just purchased my telescope over the internet. It is a Russian TAL 200K telescope. Now all I am waiting for is clear skies and cooler weather. If you live in Dubai, or the UAE and are an amateur like me, do drop me a line and we can exchange what little we know in hopes of better understanding our new hobby. If you are a professional, please help this newcomer understand what he is supposed to be doing. As I get better at what I do, I am going to start putting up pictures, and a whole bunch of information for astronomers in Dubai. Did you know that there are virtually millions of stars that you can see up to magnitude -13..? WellI never knew that till I got my telescope. The prices of scopes here are quite expensive. However, there are ways to get them cheaper. Trust me.. I've searched for the better part of two years for the perfect scope. Finally, if you are reading this and are even slightly interested in Astronomy, do take a minute to join the Dubai Astro group at Topica. It used to be hosted on Yahoo, but I changed that due to some email problems and lots of spam. There's a link below.

26. Astronomy Boy: Amateur Astronomy
Resources and tutorials for amateur astronomers.Category Science Astronomy Amateur......Welcome The information at this web site reflects my personal interestsin amateur astronomy. There are features here for newcomers

Getting Started

CG-5 Improvements

SAA 100 Deep Sky List

Constellation Portraits

Current Moon Phase
Courtesy U.S. Naval Observatory
The information at this web site reflects my personal interests in amateur astronomy. There are features here for newcomers, for do-it-yourselfers, for deep sky observers, and for astrophotographers. Your comments are always welcome.
Jeff DeTray
Welcome to listeners of the Jordan Rich Show on WBZ Radio - AM 1030 Click here for Hubble Space Telescope pictures! Getting Started in Astronomy Got a new telescope? Thinking of buying one? Don't know what your next step should be? Check out Astronomy Boy's guide to getting started in astronomy, including telescope buying advice , lists of informative web sites books for newcomers, and local astronomy clubs and observatories CG-5 Mount Improvements The CG-5 German equatorial mount is a Chinese-made clone of the well-known Vixen Great Polaris (GP) mount. Although the CG-5 is quite popular, many examples suffer from sticky movements in both the right ascension and declination axes. Astronomy Boy shows you how to smooth out the motions of your CG-5.

27. Telescope - Telescopes Sky Hubble Pictures Tasco Telescope Making
Science through amateur astronomy, including easy art of Dobsonian making, tailor made or kit. Based in Adelaide, sales throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia. Ed Does not include online product catalog or online ordering.

FINALLY! Affordable 2" (50mm) Eyepieces
42mm $145AUS or $80US$
35mm $118AUS or $65US$
28mm $95AUS or $50US$
Super Plossl PL4mm
Super Plossl PL6.5mm Super Plossl PL10mm Super Plossl PL15mm Super Plossl PL25mm Super Plossl PL30mm 4 Wratten Filters Aluminium Carry Case $220AUD$ OR $125US$ Harry Siebert 1.25" Eyepeices 2.9, 3.4, 3.9, 4.4, 4.9, 5.4, 5.9mm $190AUS OR $99US$ 8" (200mm) Bushnell Dobsonians $695AUS OR $375US$ Filter Sets: Red #23A, Green #58A, Blue #80A, Yellow #12 $75AUD$ or $40US$
Telescopes and Astronomy
UPDATED: 21.02.03 Formed in April 1994 by myself, Matthew Lovell. I had found buying an amateur instrument to look at the stars involved limited information, high prices, long waiting periods and sales people generally weren't knowledgeable about the instruments themselves or astronomy. I decided to offer a service which would cover all of these problem areas.
To make the most of your instrument, refer to the contents for tips.

28. Amateur Astronomy Net
Information for the beginning backyard stargazer. Contains informative articles, book reviews, advice Category Science Astronomy Amateur Beginners......Welcome to amateur astronomy.Net, a web site dedicated to the beginning backyardstargazer. This site contains essential information about amateur astronomy.
Welcome to Amateur Astronomy.Net, a web site dedicated to the beginning backyard stargazer. This site contains essential information about amateur astronomy. It covers such topics as how to choose a telescope and use it properly, to observational techniques and building your own telescope. Various other subjects of interest are covered along with numerous links to online resources. This site is for you, enjoy!
Over the last few years amateur astronomy as been growing rapidly. Since the return of comet Halley in 1986, thousands have joined the ranks of the backyard stargazer. Recently the appearance of two bright comets, namely Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp have continued to spark interest. Hollywood as always, capitalizes on public interest and has released an onslaught of space movies dealing with comets, asteroids and the odd alien or two. Further enticing the public's interest in astronomy and space.
But by far in my opinion, the biggest champion in revitalizing public interest in astronomy as been the tantalizing and beautiful images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Coupled with today's information age, amateur astronomy has experienced exponential growth.
With a new interest, comes the need for knowledge. And in the spirit of the information age, it's what this web site will provide.

29. Armando Caussade's Amateur Astronomy
Contains stories, reports, technical data, images and links.
by Armando Caussade
  • About the Author English Spanish
  • Update Log English
  • Report on the Total Solar Eclipse of 1998 February 26 Spanish
  • Dark Skies of Southern Puerto Rico Spanish
  • The Large Magellanic Cloud from Latitude +18° Spanish
  • Report on the Puerto Rico Messier Marathon of 1999 March 20 English Spanish
  • The Astronomical Society of Puerto Rico: A Brief History (1985-2000) Spanish
  • The Brightest Stars English Spanish
  • Calculating a Star's Diameter Spanish
Web site created on May 9, 1998. Last updated on March 25, 2001. Made in plain HTML Comments and suggestions are welcome. Please send them to Back to

30. The Home Of Amateur Astronomy In The UK
This home page is dedicated to amateur astronomy. Most of these sites are for amateurastronomy and all are for societies and organizations based in Britain.
SETI@home is a scientific experiment that will harness the power of hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data. There's a small but captivating possibility that your computer will detect the faint murmur of a civilization beyond Earth. You can Volunteer your PC to help process molecular research being conducted by the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford to help cure cancer, and participate in other research and development projects. You can actually watch as your machine's unused processing power works on the projects. This home page is dedicated to amateur astronomy. I have combined my love for astronomy and computing to produce and maintain a number of astronomy web sites . Most of these sites are for amateur astronomy and all are for societies and organizations based in Britain. I also maintain my companies web site

31. Huachuca Astronomy Club Home Page
amateur astronomy in Cochise County.
Updated: 22-Mar-2003 HOME Calendar of Events 2003 Officers Members ... Updates You are esteemed visitor
since May 18, 2000 Contact Us At:
Huachuca Astronomy Club

Mailing Address:
2310 E. Suma Drive
Sierra Vista, AZ 85650 President:
Frank Zizza
Doug Snyder

** 2003 - Welcome to the Huachuca Astronomy Club - 2003** Thank You for visiting our web site and having an interest about our club! We welcome everyone, at any level of experience, who share our interest in astronomy and all the wonders and diversity it offers. Our dark sky home base is in southeastern Arizona. Here on our web site, we offer more information on our members, our telescopes and observatories, our projects, local astronomy events, and many resources available here in SE Arizona . We invite you to join in and become a member of the best amateur astronomy club in Arizona!
New or Recent Late Breaking HAC News View the ONLY naked eye main belt asteroid - the minor planet (4) Vesta will be at its brightest until early April. Here is more information Telescopes For Telethon 2003 300+ folks attending, 15 telescopes, 24 volunteers, $765 donated.

32. Ford Amateur Astronomy Club ( FAAC ) - Home Page
You are invited to the following Events February 27 , 2003 General Meeting@ 500. General Membership Meeting map NOTE We are back at FMCC room 1491.
You are invited to the following Events:
February 27 , 2003- General Meeting @ 5:00 General Membership Meeting map
We are back at FMCC room 1491 Special Star Parties with UofM Dearborn Group
  • May 9, 2003
You can now subscribe to the FAAC email list service Put subscribe faac in the body of the email to subscribe.
Once you get a response in your email that you have successfully subscribed, you can then send email to to send to everyone else on the list. Home
Previous Page

Club Information

Observing Sessions
Other Links
Web Site Updated:
February 19, 2003 19:29 Maintained by Doug Bock

33. Yoonho's Amateur Astronomy
12 LX200 owner, fluorite APO refractor, astro photos.
Night Sky Watchers

34. Boon Hill Web Server For Amateur Astronomy
Great Lakes amateur astronomy Clubs Warren Astronomical Society Home Page Ford AmateurAstronomy Club Home Page Seven Return to NCO Main Page Whats New on the
Providing web services to Amateur Astronomers BoonHill Weather
Fenton Weather

Whats New


Michigan Amateur
Clay Kessler

Rick Kovari

Dan Kmiecik
Randy Rubis ... Doug Bock Michigan Star Parties: Island Lake (Public) Kensington (Public) Astronomy on the Beach at Kensington Metro Park, May 17, 18 2002 National Star Parties: Texas Stellafane Nebraska Winter Star Party Search: Magazines/ Newsletters: Astronomy Regulus Amateur Astronomy magazine Astronomy Watch ... The Universe Today Astronomy Vendors: Riders Hobby Shop Optical Guidance Sys. RC Optical Systems Obsession Telescopes ... Mel Bartels Scope Drives
Links: Astronomical League The Space Place More Links Last Update: October 5, 2002

35. Welcome To The CASE Homepage -- The Amateur Astronomy Club Of Siloam Springs, Ar
New Astrophotos Now OnLine! CASE is a proud member of the AstronomicalLeague. CASE - 1005 Hunter Ridge - Siloam Springs, Arkansas 72761.
New Astrophotos Now On-Line! CASE is a proud member of the Astronomical League CASE - 1005 Hunter Ridge - Siloam Springs, Arkansas 72761

36. Marshal Martz Memorial Astronomical Association & Observatory
Club site with information on the Martz Observatory in Frewsburgh, NY. Additional resources for current upto-date Space News and amateur astronomy resources.
Click here to enter

37. Amateur Radio Astronomy (W6/PA0ZN )
Amateur Radio Astronomy. Amateur Radio Astronomers Grote Reber andJeffrey Lichtman. South Florida amateur astronomy Association.
Amateur Radio Astronomy
Amateur Radio Astronomers Grote Reber and Jeffrey Lichtman
The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomer's Home Page.
SARA's Educational Page on Radio Astronomy.
Amateur Radio Astronomy on the Internet and SARA EU.
NRAO Primer on Radio Astronomy. ...
"Waterhole" Newsletter.
Subscribe to SARA list Server.
Put in body "subscribe sara"
SARA List Server
Active Amateur Radio Observatories
Radio Amateurs in Amateur Radio Astronomy.

38. - Croatian Amateur Astronomy And Astrophotography - Astronomija I A
Images of planets, Sun, Moon and Deep Sky.Category Science Astronomy Astrophotography and CCD Imaging Images......One of Top Ten Croatian Web site in category SCIENCE, EDUCATION AND CULTUREfor 2002 Jedna od 10 najboljih hrvatskih web stranica u kategoriji ZNANOST
One of Top Ten Croatian Web site in category SCIENCE, EDUCATION AND CULTURE for 2002 Jedna od 10 najboljih hrvatskih web stranica u kategoriji ZNANOST, OBRAZOVANJE I KULTURA za 2002. SKIP Intro Preskoèi Intro

39. Participate In The Study Of Space Science - Amateur Astronomy
amateur astronomy. amateur astronomy is a fascinating hobby and canbe an introduction to several practical and useful technologies.
Amateur Astronomy
Amateur astronomy is a fascinating hobby and can be an introduction to several practical and useful technologies. Instruments used in ground based astronomy range from the unaided eye, to common video cameras, to large computer controlled telescopes using adaptive optics . The hard part is finding dark skies that are conveniently located. Although we can't provide dark skies , we can help introduce you to this awe inspiring activity! Getting started!
Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to see and use many telescopes and talk to other amateur astronomers, is to go to a "star party"! See the Calendar of Star Parties at Sky and Telescope. Monthly subscription to popular magazines such as Astronomy Magazine and Sky and Telescope will keep you informed of upcoming celestial events. A pocket sized "field guide" or a star atlas is also an indispensible tool. If you know of an unused telescope stashed away in someones attic, ask to borrow it! Binoculars are also a good starting instrument. Astronomy Groups and Organizations
Although there are several professional observatories scattered throughout the world, complimented by a host of satellites dedicated to space science, several gaps exist in the area of observing

40. Amateur Telescope Makers Of Boston
The Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston is one of the nations oldest and largest astronomyclubs. One of the nation's oldest and largest amateur astronomy clubs.
One of the nation's oldest and largest amateur astronomy clubs Dark Sky Bill page Search updated Mar 7. Current Events Astro-photos, articles, software About ATMoB Getting started in amateur astronomy ... 2002 Event Calendar To contact the webmaster at this site Email: Next Meeting : Thursday, Mar 13th, 2002, at 8:00 PM, Dr. Supriya Chakrabarti , Director of the Center for Space Physics at Boston University The NASA Explorer Program provides frequent, low-cost access to space for physics and astronomy missions using small to mid-sized spacecraft. In July, 2002 NASA selected two small explorer missions for flight in 2005 and 2006. The Please join us at the Chang Sho Restaurant located at 1712 Mass Ave. in our fair city, Cambridge, for dinner along with our most excellent speaker at 5:45 PM. The ATMoB is a group of over 300 individuals in the greater Boston area. Not a member yet? Join us - there's something for everyone. In addition to telescope making, our club members are involved in star, comet, and planetary observing. Among our activities, we hold star parties for area groups. Star Party volunteers are always needed!

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