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         Amateur Astronomy:     more books (102)
  1. The Observer's Guide to Astronomy: Volume 2 (Practical Astronomy Handbooks)
  2. Sky Vistas: Astronomy for Binoculars and Richest-Field Telescopes by Craig Crossen, Gerald Rhemann, 2004-01-27
  3. Amateur Telescope Making (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series)
  4. Celestial Objects for Modern Telescopes: Practical Amateur Astronomy Volume 2 by Michael A. Covington, 2002-11-11
  5. Astronomy: A Visual Guide by Mark A. Garlick PhD, 2009-02-01
  6. Observing Meteors, Comets, Supernovae and other transient Phenomena (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) by Neil Bone, 1998-12-11
  7. Astronomy for amateurs by Camille Flammarion, Frances A. Welby, 2010-08-25
  8. Star Watch: The Amateur Astronomer's Guide to Finding, Observing, and Learning about Over 125 Celestial Objects by Philip S. Harrington, 2003-07-24
  9. The Sky at Night (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy) by Patrick Moore, 2010-10-01
  10. Astronomical Spectroscopy for Amateurs (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) by Ken M. Harrison, 2011-01-01
  11. Through the Telescope: A Guide for the Amateur Astronomer, Revised Edition by Patricia Barnes-Svarney, Michael Porcellino, 1999-11-26
  12. Make Time for the Stars: Fitting Astronomy into Your Busy Life (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) by Antony Cooke, 2009-04-28
  13. Astronomy for Amateurs; A Practical Manual of Telescopic Research in All Latitudes, Adapted to the Powers of Moderate Instruments by John A. Westwood Oliver, 2009-12-21
  14. Stargazer's Handbook: A Brief Guide For Amateur Students Of Astronomy (1902) by Henry W. Elson, 2010-09-10

61. San Angelo Amateur Astronomy Association
This website tells a little about the San Angelo amateur astronomy Association,but the best way to get to know us is to come and hang out with us.
Today's date is
The current time is Thanks for stopping by - we're glad to have you visit. We have monthly meetings and regular star parties where we get to observe all the wonders in the night sky. We have enough telescopes to share, so even if you don't have one, come on out! Located in San Angelo, Texas, the S.A.A.A.A. was started by Dr. Roy Moon and has been in existence since 1962. We hold our meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at the Angelo State University Planetarium at 7:00 p.m. Our meetings are open to members of the general public who are encouraged to attend in order to learn more about our organization and its functions. We also hold additional public star parties for special astronomical events. Our members make themselves available to schools and other organizations for public star parties. Star parties are observing sessions where members bring privately and club owned telescopes to a dark remote location ( away from city lights ) and view the night skies. In addition to the meetings and star parties, our members enjoy discounts for

62. Carolina Sky - Home
Site devoted to amateur astronomy from North Carolina.
Please select from the following topics: A Graphical History of the US Space Program
Get Started in Amateur Astronomy

Life With the Dobsonian Telescope

Easy Meade Starfinder Dobsonian Mod's
Where did Carolina Deep Sky Astronomy Go?

Go to My Other Websites: Deep-Sky.Org
Planetary Observing

Selected Links: General Astronomy
Astronomy Equipment

This site and its contents are and are the sole responsibility of the author.

63. San Angelo Amateur Astronomy Association
Some books are available for sharing for Club Members only. These books are available from Dennis Edwards: A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME (FROM THE BIG BANG TO BLACK HOLES ) BY STEPHEN W. HAWKINS, 1988, PAGES: 198 LEVEL INTERMEDIATE SPACE TIME, COSMOLOGY, RELATIVETY BLACK HOLES (GREAT BOOK)

64. AW Mercator's Mainpage
amateur astronomy group from Bazel, Belgium.
You are visitor This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here

65. Mel Bartels' Homepage
ATM and linksCategory Science Astronomy Amateur Amateur Telescope Making...... Minor planet (17823) named Bartels by the International Astronomical Union in recognitionof Mel's contributions to amateur astronomy. Speaking Engagements.
Mel Bartels' homepage
BBAstroDesigns, Inc. Computer Operated Telescopes My Telescope Making My Amateur Astronomy ... Who's Mel?
sunset from home, 2001
Minor planet (17823) named Bartels by the International Astronomical Union in recognition of Mel's contributions to amateur astronomy.
Speaking Engagements
guest speaker Mt Bachelor Star Party, Sept 5-7, 2002, Bend, Oregon
guest speaker Winter Star Party, Feb 11-16, 2002, West Summerland Key, Florida
guest speaker Roseburg Astronomical Society, Nov 2001, May 2002, Roseburg, Oregon
guest speaker Oregon Star Party, Sept 1999, Aug 2001, Prineville, Oregon
guest speaker Atlanta Astronomy Expo, May 5, '01, Atlanta, Georgia
guest speaker Telescope Optics Workshop Mar 1999, April 2000, April 2001, Bellingham, Washington
guest speaker Boise Astronomical Society, June 9, '00, Boise, Idaho
guest speaker The Wilderness Center Astronomy Club , Nov 26, '99, Wilmot, Ohio
guest speaker Image The Sky , Nov 5-6, '99, Salem, Oregon guest speaker Okie-Tex Star Party , Oct 4-10, '99, Black Mesa, Oklahoma guest speaker Battle Point Astronomical Society May 12, '99, Bainbridge Island, Washington

66. Amateur Astronomy In Keene New Hampshire
An amateur astronomy club for people with an interest in astronomy and observing the night sky who live in the Monadnock Region.
Keene Amateur Astronomers, Inc.
Upcoming Astronomy Club Meetings
December 6, 2002 - Business Meeting
December 7, 2002 - Observing Session
Note: Winter business meetings are held once per month at Keene State College in the Science Building. Winter observing sessions are sponsored by individuals within the club. Summer observing sessions and meetings are held at our club observatory Fridays and Saturdays close to the new moon. Observing sessions are weather-dependent.
"What Is the Cause of the Aurora?" talk by Roger Arnoldy
(This talk took place at the Keene State College Science Center on Wednesday May 8 at 6 PM.)
Natives living at high latitudes believed that the aurora was produced by the burning torches their ancestors carried as they marched in single file toward heaven. If they should chance upon the skull of a walrus in this march they might suddenly get engaged in a soccer game using the skull as a football. As a result, the light of their torches, which they still carried, would tend to fill the entire night sky with light. Other early natives believed it was a discharge of static electricity off the tail of a fox racing through the snow. Not bad! However, with in-situ measurements made aboard rockets and satellites we have a more refined view, but not all of the answers as of yet. This talk will present these data to shed more "light" on the topic.
Roger Arnoldy has been involved with space research using balloons, rockets and satellites to study the aurora for over 35 years. In addition, he has used ground magnetometers to study the changes in the Earth's magnetic field due to solar activity at both poles of the Earth. He served as the Director of the Space Science Center at UNH for 28 years.

67. Amateur Astronomy
Mel Bartels' amateur astronomy pages. 2001 African Solar Eclipse. Visual Imagingthe ODM. CCD Images. amateur astronomy links. Play and Work. Radio Astronomy.
Mel Bartels' amateur astronomy pages
2001 African Solar Eclipse Visual Imaging: the ODM Lunar Graze Occultation 1999 Turkey Solar Eclipse ...
CCD Images
amateur astronomy links
Play and Work Radio Astronomy For Beginners Objects, Atlases, Catalogs, Observations ... Jokes

68. Welcome To S*T*A*R Astronomy Club
A nonprofit astronomical society in Monmouth County, New Jersey.Category Science Astronomy North America United States......S*T*A*R amateur astronomy club meets monthly atKing of Kings Lutheran Church in Middletown.
Members Discussion Board Club Links S*T*A*R is a registered non-profit educational amateur astronomy society located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Membership is open to anyone interested in any area of astronomy. See the Details section for more information. This page contains astronomical news , plus links to current observing information . Contents change daily, so be sure and visit us often. Click on the stars above to explore the rest of our site. It contains information about astronomy and the club's activities and members. Of special interest is our Discussion Board . Oh, and don't forget to scroll down; there's lots more stuff on this page. If you like this site consider becoming a member of S*T*A*R . Whether or not you join us, you are welcome to support the club and this web site
The next S*T*A*R club meeting will be Thursday, April 3rd, at 8 PM at King of Kings Lutheran Church, 250 Harmony Rd. in Middletown (intersection of Harmony and Cherry Tree Farm Rd.). The meeting will be devoted to spring cleaning for your optical equipment. Cleaning materials and assistance will be available for cleaning mirrors and eyepieces. Each week Greg will try to find a new and interesting object you can see in the sky currently.

69. UM Observatory: Amateur Astronomy
What is amateur astronomy? It's looking up and enjoying the beauty of thenight sky. There are many aspects that make up amateur astronomy.
Amateur Astronomy
Amateur Astronomy
What is amateur astronomy? It's looking up and enjoying the beauty of the night sky. It's making sketches of the craters of the moon. It's learning how to pronounce the names of stars and constellations. It's observing one object night after night to see miniscule changes. There are many aspects that make up amateur astronomy. We've tried to include some material that local amateurs and those wanting to get into astronomy might find useful in this section. Watch for announcements and updates of programs as well as interesting things that might be happening in the sky.
Monthly Observing Highlights
The University of Maryland Observatory is supported in part by: Last Updated: Wednesday February 26, 2003 by

70. Astronomy Links
amateur astronomy and telescope building.
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Welcome To Astronomy Topsites and Web Rings ENTER

71. Practical & Amateur Astronomy - Cambridge University Press
New titles email. For news of new titles in Astronomy Astrophysics. Relatedsubjects. Popular Astronomy. Search. Practical amateur astronomy.
New titles

All titles

Related journals

New titles email
Related subjects Popular Astronomy
Cambridge publishes a range of products, from introductory handbooks and a suite of best-selling monthly sky guides, to manuals for more advanced amateur astronomers on specific telescopes, objects and techniques.
Highlight titles
The Cambridge Star Atlas
Wil Tirion The one-stop atlas of the sky for beginners everywhere in the world and all year round. ‘Star maps of beauty and clarity are the hallmark of Wil Tirion. Imagine that you are anywhere in the world and want to know what stars are in the sky at any time; then his colourful and handy Cambridge Star Atlas … is the book for you.’ New Scientist
Photographic Atlas of the Moon

S. M. Chong, Albert Lim, P. S. Ang Day-by-day photographic guide to observing the features of the Moon through a small telescope. ‘The concept of providing a day-by-day photographic guide for observing Lunar features throughout an entire Lunation, specifically aimed at owners of small telescopes, is excellent … I recommend the book for those wishing to have a crash course on the Moon’s features …’. Mike Brown, Popular Astronomy
How to Use a Computerized Telescope
Michael A. Covington

72. Confederation Of Indian Amateur Astronomers
office bearers; Download some Astro freeware; List of amateur astronomygroups in India; All India Amateur Astronomers Meets; List of

73. ASCOM Initiative
Promoting the use of open scriptable tools for amateur and educational astronomy.Category Science Astronomy Software...... ASCOM and this web site are devoted to promoting the use of open scriptabletools for amateur and educational astronomy. Scientific amateur astronomy.
Home Page

Developer Info

News Center

Join List
Platform 2.1 Released
The ASCOM Platform 2.1 has been released. It is a maintenance update to 2.0, and may be downloaded from our Downloads page . The 2.x Platforms are the first to include support for ASCOM standard focusers. Also, several new telescope types are supported including the Meade LX200GPS. Finally, a new scope control plug-in for the new Starry Night Pro 4.0 is included. Thanks to all of the authors for their continued support and enhancement of their drivers!
January 30: Finalized proposal for the Telescope Driver Standard V2 is online. We have a consensus, and the implementation of at least one V2 driver. Stay tuned to the ASCOM-Talk group for further info on this.
February 5: Finalized ASCOM Camera/Detector and Filter Wheel Proposed Standard is online. Stay tuned to the ASCOM-Talk group for further info on this.
Read Mel Bartels' op-ed piece on future vision, "Connecting the Dots"
Download the slides for Bob Denny's talk at IAPPP 2002. (448KB, PDF)
Welcome to the home base for ASCOM

74. Curt Hall's Amateur Astronomy Site
Astronomy website created for the amateur astronomer and casual observer.Category Science Astronomy Personal Pages......Welcome. You have found, either on purpose or by chance, my amateurastronomy website. I hope that the content you find here will
Astronomy Links
My Moon Photos
You have found, either on purpose or by chance, my amateur astronomy website. I hope that the content you find here will be of some educational benefit, or that you will at least find some inspiration that may lead you to a passion you knew not existed. When I say passion I don't use the term loosely, for that is what the vast majority of amateur astronomers experience - true passion for our favorite past time. I, like many of you, am a backyard astronomer . We are the dedicated few who prefer to spend our free time looking up at the stars on any given clear night, no matter what the season, even if we are challenged with sub-freezing temperatures, vermin (skunks, opossums, racoons... etc.), obnoxious street lamps (light pollution), mosquitos and spiders, among other "hazards" and "inconveniences" . We tend to spend too much money on our hobby whether it's a new eyepiece, filter, software, magazines and books, or even that "big" telescope we've always wanted.

75. Amateur Astronomy And Astrophotography
A collection of astrophotos and links to astronomy sites. Sydney, AustraliaCategory Science Astronomy Astrophotography and CCD Imaging Images......Michael Rochfort's amateur astronomy and Astrophotography. Welcome to my collectionof (very) amateur astrophotography. General and amateur astronomy
Michael Rochfort's
Amateur Astronomy and Astrophotography
Welcome to my collection of (very) amateur astrophotography. Although I was a professional photographer for many years, I find the techniques of astrophotography a great challenge. My camera equipment consists of Nikon FM2, FM10and Nikkormat EL 35mm Cameras, 35mm, 50mm, 200mm and 500mm lenses, and a Hasselblad 500c with 80mm lens. I use my Vixen SP R150S Newtonian and Meade ETX 90mm Maksutov telescopes mainly from my light polluted back yard in surburban Sydney, Australia. I have recently aquired a Phillips Vesta webcam, and plan on eventually using this for CCD imaging of the brighter celestial objects.
My Equipment: Meade ETX and ETX90EC
Meade 4500
(Previously owned) Vixen R150S
Astro Images
Finding the South Celestial Pole Other Interesting Links: Here are some interesting places I have found in my search for information on Astronomy and Astrophotography on the internet: Astronomy Magazines: ASTRONOMY Magazine
Sky and Telescope

Dave's Astronomy Magazine

Astrophotography: Astro-Imaging Hints Page
Images of Comets from 60 degrees north

Joe's Astro-photography Page

Peter Armstrong's ScanCam Home Page
Robert Reeves Schmidt Camera Astrophotography
ATM Stuff: The Manchester Astronomical Society. Projects

76. Randy's Home Page
Randy's amateur astronomy Home Page. We Who Dare ..Win ! Greetings. I'maSWM, Photo and the proud owner of a Shetland Sheepdog named Shadow.
Randy's Amateur Astronomy Home Page
"We Who Dare.......Win"! Greetings. I'm a SWM, Photo and the proud owner of a Shetland Sheepdog named Shadow. Recent Article about my dog Shadow and how he saved the condo from a fire. I have recently been selected as JPL's Solar System Ambassador for Michigan Please click on the logo below for more information The 15-FEB-2001 Near-Shoemaker Presentation at MCCC was a success. Click here for images of the presentation 15-FEB-2001 For more information regarding the Ambassador Program or my next event please Email me. Email to: Randy Rubis ICQ-UIN 2918747 nick ShadowLord
Where I Live
I live near the 10th fairway at the St. Clair Shores Country Club in beautiful St. Clair Shores, Michigan 42d 32m 01s North
82d 53m 41s West Drop by for a cool drink when you're on the links. This is a perfect site for my new 10" Meade LX200 Telescope. If you come by and see the scope setup don't hesitate to take a peak.
My Scopes

My Site

Description of Instruments and Accessories

What is required for Astrophotography

I have modified the tripod on the LX200 to accommodate my wheelchair. The Bogen Dolley allows me to move the scope easily from my wheelchair. Any questions regarding the dolley or the other "handicapper" modifications please feel free to e-mail me. Handicapper Modifications to the LX200. 12" removed from tripod.

77. Welcome To The Beckington Astronomical Society Home Page
amateur astronomy society for new and experienced amateur astronomers. Provides observing information and details about the society including meetings and events.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

78. ASP: Clubs And Organizations
Links, Astronomy Sites, Clubs and Organizations, Planetaria, NGC, amateur astronomyClubs and Organizations. United States. Canada. Mexico. Europe. South America. Asia.
home resources
SEARCH ASP SITE: Resources Topics: Books Links Astronomy Sites Clubs and Organizations ... NGC
Amateur Astronomy Clubs and Organizations
United States Canada Mexico Europe ... has a listing of upcoming star parties and events. United States (by State) Alabama Von Braun Astronomical Society, Huntsville Arizona Huachuca Astronomy Club, Southeast Arizona
Saguaro Astronomy Club, Phoenix

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, Tucson

Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association

California Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Astronomical Unit, Santa Barbara

Eastbay Astronomical Society, Oakland

Fremont Peak Observatory Association, Fremont
Ventura County Astronomical Society
Colorado Colorado Springs Astronomical Society
FRASC, Colorado/Wyoming
Northern Colorado Astronomical Society, Fort Collins Connecticut Astronomical Society of New Haven Boothe Memorial Astronomical Society next page home ... Site Index

79. John Dobson: Amateur Astronomy's Revolutionary
A profile of John Dobson, the man who changes amateurastronomy with his cheap and powerful telescopes.
SEARCH: Spacewatch: Backyard Astronomy
John Dobson: Amateur Astronomy's Revolutionary
posted: 04:29 pm ET

05 May 2000

Strutting around the lawn of the Vedanta monastery in Hollywood, California, John Dobson, cracks the whip on a rag-tag assembly of wannabe astronomers who are grinding their slabs of glass into the shape of a telescope mirror. Grey ponytail wagging, he swaggers around the group. His ratty clothes mask sophistication while he genuinely wants everyone to do his or her best, in his eyes no one is grinding quite right. More Stories
Do-it-yourself Astronomy: When Is a Color More than a Color?

Astronomers Find Six More Planets Orbiting Nearby Stars

"He's my guru." Dobson helps acolyte Durga Pobre shape a lens.
Having taught the craft for over 30 years, Dobson, 84, admits his patience is wearing thin. "No, not like that," he barks at one young boy. "Longer strokes! Longer strokes!" A group of 20 or so have assembled at the spiritual enclave of the Vedanta society a religious order of chaste monks and nuns who believe in a religion inspired by Hinduism to learn the art of building cheap and powerful telescopes. "He's my guru," said Durga Pobre, a retired real-estate saleswoman taking the class. "I love the stars. I love the sky. It's like giving birth to a telescope."

80. Thames Amateur Astronomical Society
amateur astronomy club located in Southeastern Connecticut.
Driveway length from asphalt apron is 70 ft to garage. Width to the end of the turnaround is approx. 38ft
distance from driveway to end of steps is approx. 25ft

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