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         Amphibians:     more books (100)
  1. What is an Amphibian? (The Science of Living Things) by Bobbie Kalman, Jacqueline Langille, 2000
  2. Reptiles and Amphibians of the Amazon: An Ecotourist's Guide by RICHARD D. BARTLETT, PATRICIA BARTLETT, 2003-09-19
  3. Amphibians and Reptiles of Georgia by Contributors, 2008-07-01
  4. Amphibians and Reptiles of Delmarva by James F. White, Amy Wendt White, 2007-09
  5. Reptiles and Amphibians of East Africa (Princeton Pocket Guides) by Stephen Spawls, Kim Howell, et all 2006-07-03
  6. Amphibians: The World of Frogs, Toads, Salamanders and Newts
  7. Do You Know About Amphibians? (Lightning Bolt Books - Meet the Animal Groups) by Buffy Silverman, 2009-09
  8. 100 Things About Reptiles and Amphibians (100 Things You Should Know Abt) by Ann Kay, 2001-06-01
  9. Firefly Encyclopedia of the Vivarium: Keeping Amphibians, Reptiles, and Insects, Spiders and other Invertebrates in Terraria, Aquaterraria, and Aquaria by David Alderton, 2007-09-14
  10. Amphibians of Central and Southern Africa (Comstock Books in Herpetology) by Alan Channing, 2001-11
  11. A Guide to Reptiles & Amphibians of Egypt by Sherif Baha el Din, 2006-06-01
  12. Captive Management Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles (Studies in Latin American Ethnohistory & Archaeology) by James Murphy, Kraig Adler, et all 1994-05-01
  13. Firefly Encyclopedia of Reptiles and Amphibians
  14. Amphibians and Reptiles of Baja California by Ron H. McPeak, 2000-01

21. Amphibians And Reptiles In The UK
Contains information on reptile and amphibian species native to the UK, and practical tips on how to help conserve them.
AMPHIBIANS AND REPTILES IN THE UK Although reptiles and amphibians are becoming increasingly familiar as pets in the UK, the twelve or thirteen native species are paradoxically becoming less and less familiar. These webpages are an attempt to provide information on the amphibians and reptiles found in the UK. These animals are no longer as common as they once were, and some species are in danger of extinction. Species information

Legal issues

Latest update: 25th May 2002. Herpetological links Back to main index

22. Home Page
Information on reptiles, amphibians and birds provided by specialist vet. Provides veterinary practice details, services and links.
HERPTILEWORLD Welcome to Herptileworld My name is Bruce Maclean and this is my home site. It is designed to provide information about the two related services which I run:
  • - a veterinary practice providing a complete service for all birds and exotic animals HerpVet Information Services - providing information on all aspects of reptile and amphibian keeping.
Please click the appropriate link below for further information on either of these services. About me Following graduation, I also spent a period at the University of Utrecht in Holland, further studying the veterinary care of birds and exotic animals. After a short period in mixed veterinary practice, I have spent the last 8 years working as a full-time bird/exotic animal veterinary surgeon. Site layout HOME BEAVS HERP VET INFO LINKS Details on the veterinary practice Information on the service Other sites of interest View My Guestbook Sign My Guestbook This site is still under construction Thanks are due to Krista Salter for help with the construction of this site.

23. Amphibian Printouts -
amphibians, Frog and ToadTheme Page. amphibians are coldblooded; theirbody temperature depends on the temperature of their environment.
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Animal Printouts A B C D ... More Biomes Click on an animal to go to that printout. Go to animals listed by biome
For the top 25 printouts, click here Amphibians Frog and ToadTheme Page Amphibians are vertebrates that spend part of their lives under water (breathing with gills) and the remainder on land (breathing with lungs). Amphibians are cold-blooded; their body temperature depends on the temperature of their environment. There are three groups (orders) of living amphibians: newts and salamanders (urodeles); frogs and toads (anurans); and caecilians (the worm-like gymnophiones). Printouts: Frogs Tadpoles grow up to be frogs. Frog Life Cycle Label Me! Diagram Label a diagram of the frog's life cycle. Answers Frog Life Cycle: Cloze Activity Fill in the blanks (using a word bank) about the life cycle of frogs. Answers Frog Life Cycle Quiz Color the picture and answer the questions about the amazing life cycle of this amphibian. For the

24. The Great Lakes Reptile And Amphibian Expo
Annual reptile and amphibian expo that offers sales and exhibits of captive bred reptiles, amphibians, exotic insects, cages, equipment, books, supplies and other related items.
scheduled for July 12-13, 2003 has been cancelled.
The Expo will not be re-scheduled at this time. Visitors to this site since Jan. 1, 2003

25. Macau Reptiles Amphibians
Check list of amphibians and Reptiles of Macau

26. Welcome To Birmingham Reptiles And Pets
Pet store offering snakes, lizards, amphibians, furry mammals, birds, tortoise, spiders.
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27. Amphibians Of Canada Browse Species
Provides descriptions and pictures of amphibians that live in Canada.Category Kids and Teens School Time amphibians......

28. Amphibian Checklist And Identification Guide
Taxonomic checklist for North America north of Mexico and detailed accounts, including photos and Category Science Biology Animalia Chordata Amphibia...... An Online Guide for the Identification of amphibians in North America north ofMexico. 1991 1998. Reptiles and amphibians, Eastern/Central North America.
Checklist of Amphibian Species
and Identification Guide
An Online Guide for the Identification of Amphibians in North America north of Mexico
Interest in amphibians continues to rise as people become more aware of this fascinating group of animals. To the uninitiated all frogs may look alike; ditto for salamanders (in the same manner that beginning birders are overwhelmed by the immense variety of small brown birds!). One of the purposes of this CHECKLIST and online IDENTIFICATION GUIDE is to help you learn what species exist in North America (north of Mexico). Go directly to checklist: Caudata: Salamanders Anura: Frogs and Toads Notice: All images contained hereafter are the property of the said photographer.They are not to be
reproduced,copied, printed, stored, or distributed without written permission of the photographer.
Identification Guide
The checklist is also accompanied by a growing identification guide An advantage that the herpetologist has over the ornithologist is that his or her study animal can often be approached quite closely for a good look or photo, or even to be captured. However, before attempting to capture any animals make sure that you know what species are protected by law ! Also, keep in mind that being captured on film is far less stressful than being physically captured, and that a good photo often suffices for identification purposes. Nevertheless, some species must be caught for positive identification. If this is necessary make sure you have the proper equipment and training (if you have no experience in this find someone that can teach you).

29. Reptiles And Amphibians Of North Dakota
A nontechnical guide to reptiles and amphibians of North Dakota, including colorphotos and distribution maps. Reptiles and amphibians of North Dakota.
Reptiles and Amphibians of North Dakota
Ted Hoberg and Cully Gause Originally published in:

North Dakota Outdoors
(July, 1992)
Official Publication of the
State Game and Fish Department
100 North Bismarck Expressway
Bismarck, North Dakota 58501-5095 The following guide to reptiles and amphibians of North Dakota is the work of Grand Forks teachers Ted Hoberg and Cully Gause. It is designed to give the curious reader a tool to identify some of the least understood of North Dakota's wildlife species. Most of us are capable of identifying the generic toad or snake, but beyond that, how many of us know much more about what the various reptiles and amphibians are called, where they live, and what they eat? This guide is not technical and is meant to be useful to anyone wanting to learn more about these secretive animals. It should be of particular interest to school students and to those who live in the countryside, where encounters with reptiles and amphibians are more likely to occur with greater frequency. As you will learn, like various species of birds, reptiles and amphibians within the same species sometimes come in different colors. We have attempted to choose pictures that best represent each species treated. Range maps have also been provided showing where each species has been reported and also areas where they are likely to be found.

30. Amphibians Of Canada
amphibians of Canada are examined in the light of conservation, life history, and habitats.

31. Colorful, Spotted And Other Frogs - Glass Art For Gift Giving Or Decorating By M
Unique glass art pieces by Mary Brightwell. amphibians, each with its own unique personality.
Mary Brightwell's Handmade Glass Frogs
Created with a sense of humor in mind, my amphibian friends are formed through the cold assembly of various pieces of glass. The glass is then fused together and slumped in a very cozy, very hot kiln where they begin to take on a life of their own. Once cool and removed from the kiln, I'm often surprised to find amphibians with their own unique and expressive personality. I continue to cut, carve, paint and sandblast each piece until they say, "I'm me!". It is my desire that my friends speak to you as well. I hope they spark your imagination and spirit as much as they do mine. Mary Call 888-852-0538 or E-mail me to adopt your one of a kind handmade frog:
Custom frogs also available.

VanDerGraff, Inc.

32. AmphibiaWeb
(Click images for a map or a list of extinct and threatened amphibians.).Citation AmphibiaWeb Information on amphibian biology and conservation.
Home Search the Database About Amphibians About AmphibiaWeb Links ... Site Map
AmphibiaWeb, a site inspired by global amphibian declines, is an online system that allows free access to information on amphibian biology and conservation.
AmphibiaWeb offers ready access to taxonomic information for every recognized species of amphibian in the world. Species descriptions, life history information, conservation status, literature references, photos and range maps are available for many species and are being added to regularly by specialists and volunteers from around the world. In addition, AmphibiaWeb provides easy and fast access to museum specimen data from large herpetological collections . We hope AmphibiaWeb will encourage a shared vision for the study of amphibian declines and the conservation of remaining amphibians. Please see About AmphibiaWeb for more details.
(Click images for a map or a list of extinct and threatened amphibians.) Citation: AmphibiaWeb : Information on amphibian biology and conservation. [web application]. 2003. Berkeley, California: AmphibiaWeb. Available:

33. We've Moved!
Diverse program of publications, meetings, and other activities of interest to herpetologists in zoos, museums, universities and the general public.
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34. Chordata
Overview of the taxonomy of Phylum Chordata, which includes the wellknown vertebrates (fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals), hagfishes, tunicates, and lancelets.

35. - Nature And Wildlife Field Guides is a searchable nature and wildlife database with information and photographson birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, butterflies, insects
site index: select a section HOME Ask an Expert Backyard Birding Wildlife Backyard Wildlife Habitats About Create your own Gallery Resources Birding Focus Regional Birding Backyard Birding Bird-watching Bird Audio eCards Field Guides Amphibians Birds Butterflies Fishes Insects Mammals Native Plants Reptiles Seashells Seashore Creatures Spiders Trees Wildflowers Help Center Join eNature Nature Theater News Outdoor Planner Bird Habitats Habitats Parkfinder Screen Savers Shop.eNature Wildlife Lists ZipGuides LocalGuides Mammal Tracks About Us Contact Info Media Kit Newsroom About This Site Free Content Links Member Services Privacy wildlife search: Field Guides News Articles Expert Answers Photographers The Web member features - Join NOW! Wildlife Lists Backyard Habitats Nature Theater ...
Need more selections?
Try our advanced search to search by size, color, habitat, region, and more. Enter the name or part of the name of a reptile or amphibian.
Eastern Birds

Western Birds


... Member Services

36. Zoos Of Russian
Links to Russian zoos with web sites, and other information about animals, birds, fishes, amphibians, reptilians and herptiles.

Moscow Zoo

Internet Inc.

Moscow Zoo

Internet Inc.

The weekly comic strip adventures of a bon vivant Frog and a philosopher king toad and their friends
JANUARY 30, 2003
MADE in U .S. A

38. Reptiles And Amphibians Of Coastal Southern California
Illustrated guide to all native and introduced species.Category Science Biology Zoology Chordates Herpetology......A Field Guide to the Reptiles and amphibians of Coastal Southern California byRobert N. Fisher and Ted J. Case with photos by Chris Brown Frogs and Toads
A Field Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Coastal Southern California
Robert N. Fisher
and Ted J. Case
with photos by Chris Brown Frogs and Toads Introduction
Guide Format
... Accessibility
Comments to:
Last update: 07 March 2003

39. George McCarthy - Wildlife Photographer
A source for butterflies, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and fungi from Europe and America. Also, available for commissions and workshops.
Welcome to my new website.  I hope you like the new design and content.  Our goals in producing it were to reflect a more modern and innovative style whilst striving to keep the basics of navigation and loading as simple and as fast as possible.  I was especially keen to show off the larger gallery images to their best advantage and, to this end, I think we have been successful.

A biogeography of amphibian species found in the state. Includes distribution maps for each species.
William H. Redmond

Regional Natural Heritage Project

Tennessee Valley Authority

Norris, Tennessee 37828
A. Floyd Scott
Austin Peay State University

Clarksville, Tennessee 37044 E-mail: Updated 15 January 2003 var site="s10scotta" This website is designed to be viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer or or later. To Download a FREE Copy of the Latest Version, Click Here: APSU Homepage APSU Department of Biology APSU Center for Field Biology This document was adapted to the WWW by Rusty Smith and Carol Mayo. This web site is maintained by Cindy L. Taylor, Last updated: Thursday, November 1, 2001.

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