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         Analytical Chemistry:     more books (100)
  1. Liquids, Solutions, and Interfaces: From Classical Macroscopic Descriptions to Modern Microscopic Details (Topics in Analytical Chemistry) by W. Ronald Fawcett, 2004-07-01
  2. Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry and its Applications (Sheffield Analytical Chemistry Series)
  3. Green Analytical Chemistry, Volume 57: Theory and Practice (Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry) by Miguel de la Guardia, Sergio Armenta, 2010-12-27
  4. Sample Preparation Techniques in Analytical Chemistry
  5. Chemometrics: Statistics and Computer Application in Analytical Chemistry by Matthias Otto, 2007-04-24
  6. Analytical Instrumentation Handbook, Third Edition
  7. Handbook of Computational Quantum Chemistry by David B. Cook, 2005-08-02
  8. HPLC: Practical and Industrial Applications, Second Edition (Analytical Chemistry)
  9. Green Analytical Chemistry by Mihkel Koel, Mihkel Kaljurand, 2010-06-08
  10. Archaeological Chemistry: Organic, Inorganic, and Biochemical Analysis (Acs Symposium Series)
  11. Formulation and Analytical Development for Low-Dose Oral Drug Products
  12. Encyclopedia of Analytical Science, Ten-Volume Set, Second Edition
  13. Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry: Applications, Theory, and Instrumentation
  14. Principles of Chemical and Biological Sensors (Chemical Analysis: A Series of Monographs on Analytical Chemistry and Its Applications)

61. Constantinos A. Georgiou Associate Professor, Analytical Chemistry
Constantinos A. Georgiou Associate Professor, analytical chemistry,Agricultural University of Athens, Greece, Chemistry Laboratory
Constantinos A. Georgiou
Associate Professor, Analytical Chemistry Agricultural University of Athens, Greece Chemistry Laboratory, 75 Iera Odos, 118 55
phone: +3010-5294248, fax: +3010-5294265
email: Our research group is involved in the development of new analytical methods for the quality assessment of olive oil, the determination of pesticides and pharmaceutics in formulations, and the study of cyclodextrin and protein interactions with micromolecules. We also work on biosensor development for food analysis and we are interested in every aspect of analytical chemistry. Research Our group Food links For my students Various Conferences: Invitations/Organization Visits since 1 April 2000:

62. KTH / Institutionen För Kemi / Analytisk Kemi
Analytisk kemi. The Division of analytical chemistry at KTH is very activein undergraduate and postgraduate education as well as in research.

In English
Sök personal på KTH
Kungl Tekniska Högskolan
Inst. för kemi, analytisk kemi
Institutionen för kemi / Analytisk kemi Analytisk kemi
Forskning Utbildning Publikationer ... Examensarbeten
Analytisk kemi
The Division of Analytical Chemistry at KTH is very active in undergraduate and postgraduate education as well as in research. Undergraduate courses aim at giving prospective chemical engineers insights in the benefits of chemical analysis and common instrumental analytical techniques. An important aim of the courses is to teach the students to select methods, treat analytical data and judge its reliability. Two research groups are active at Analytical Chemistry. One of the groups is studying and developing new separation methods for organic and biochemical compounds, with pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Another important activity of this group is the development of chip based tools for nano-scale chemistry and analysis (see also

63. Analytical Chemistry Resources
Links to journals, societies, software, conferences and related areas, maintained for the Hamilton Section of the Chemical Institute of Canada.
Agricultural Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Biochemistry Chemical Education ... Photochemistry April 23-26 2002:
Analytica 2002
Instrumental Analysis, Laboratory Technology and Biotechnologies 18th International Trade Fair and Conference New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Munich, Germany
An international journal on analytical chemistry
Published by: EDP Science and Wiley-VCH
The Analyst
Published by: Royal Society of Chemistry
Analytica Chimica Acta
An International Journal devoted to all branches of Analytical Chemistry
Published by: Elsevier Science
Analytical Chemistry
Published by: American Chemical Society
Analytical Communications
Published by: Royal Society of Chemistry
Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry
Published by: CRC Press
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis
Published by: Elsevier Science
Seperation and Purification Technology
Published by: Elsevier Science
Scientific Computing and Instrumentation
Published by: Cahners Science
TRAC - Trends in Analytical Chemistry
Published by: Elsevier Science

Analytical Chemistry Encyclopedia
University of Kentucky - Seti
Analytical Chemistry
Created by: James K. Hardy, The University of Akron

64. A Comprehensive List Of Analytical Chemistry Resources On The Internet
The links listed below are an editedmirror of Knut Irgum's attempt to presenta comprehensive list of analytical chemistry resources on the Internet.
The links listed below are an edited-mirror of Knut Irgum's attempt to present a comprehensive list of analytical chemistry resources on the Internet. Knut is affiliated with the chemistry department of Umea University, Sweden. If you get a chance, check out Knut's version. It's colorfully annotated, and possibly, more recently updated than these pages. Before reproducing these pages you should contact Knut at You are invited to submit links for indexing, as well as to notify either Kurt (as above) or Jack of errors you may find in the links. The mirror site was created by Jack Martin, Faculty Adjunct at San Diego State University, for the convenience of SDSU, and to reduce traffic on the Internet. Analytical Chemistry Information Resources Return to the Main Menu This page was last edited May, 1996 by Jack Martin.

65. Probing Brain Chemistry Voltammetry Comes Of Age.
analytical chemistry A pages article (1996) discusses in vivo voltammetry.
Analytical Chemistry
June 1, 1996
Analytical Chemistry
by Jonathan A. Stamford and Joseph B. Justice, Jr.
Understanding the chemistry of the brain has been a longtime goal. However, because of the small size of synapses and the inaccessibility of the brain, the task of making meaningful chemical measurements has not always been easy. Direct assessment of tissue content for neurotransmitters, metabolites, and other species has been done for many years, and much has been learned from these experiments. However, there are several drawbacks to tissue assays. Aside from the fact that only one time point is obtained from a subject, tissue content does not yield information about compartmentation of the neurotransmitter among the various structures of the brain such as neurons, glia, cytoplasm, vesicles, and extracellular fluid. Because communication is achieved via chemicals released by one cell to stimulate receptors on the surface of another cell, it is primarily the compartment outside the cells where observations are desired, particularly the release and removal of transmitters. Twenty-one years ago, Ralph Adams introduced in vivo voltammetry (

66. Analytical Chemistry (Constitutional Chemistry)
CHEMINFO Title Bar. SIRCh analytical chemistry (Constitutional Chemistry). The NucleicAcid Database at Rutgers. Miscellaneous Sources for analytical chemistry.
SIRCh: Analytical Chemistry (Constitutional Chemistry)
Link to Lecture Notes on this topic
Return to SIRCh Home Page
Updated: 29 July 2002 Spectra Crystallography Biomolecules Miscellaneous
Spectral Sources
Crystallographic Sources

67. Organic Process Research And Development
Reports works in the broad field of process chemistry encompassing aspects of organic chemistry, catalysis, analytical chemistry, and chemical engineering with special focus on the development and optimisation of chemical reactions and processes and their transfer to a larger scale, via large laboratory and pilot plant operations, for manufacture.

68. International Union Of Pure And Applied Chemistry
analytical chemistry Division (V). Dr. DS Moore (2002 2003) President, Prof. HKPowell (2002 - 2003) Vice President, Prof. R. Lobinski (2002 - 2003) Secretary.
Standing Committees
... Home Page Analytical Chemistry Division (V) Dr. D.S. Moore
President Prof. H.K. Powell
Vice President Prof. R. Lobinski
Secretary Division Committee and Members Analytical chemistry is a scientific discipline that develops and applies methods, instruments and strategies to obtain information on the composition and nature of matter in space and time, as well as on the value of these measurements, i.e., their uncertainty, validation, and/or traceability to fundamental standards. Read about it ... in Chem. Int.
A Discipline at the Heart of IUPAC
, by D.S. Moore Aims and Areas of Interest Activities, Projects and Reports News and Events "Orange Book" online !! new link !! Call for Project Proposals
- next selection - - April 30, 2003 Next Elections - - early 2003 Membership Information Access former Commissions Structure (terminated end of 2001) Page last modified 16 January 2003.

69. Analytical Chemistry Resources
analytical chemistry links to universities, organizations, companies and articles compiled anonimously using space at

High Throughput LC and SFC Combinatorial Chemistry Drug Discovery ... An Analytical Chemist?
Analytical Chemistry Resources
A comprehensive list of analytical chemistry resources on the internet
Mass Spectrometry and Biotechnology Resources
LC and SFC
Mass Spectrometry Links ...
Scripps Center for Mass Spectrometry Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: February 28, 2002

70. KAR Laboratories Inc, Analytical Laboratory Testing In Michigan For Pharmaceutic
A 45year-old testing laboratory that pioneered electronic data access and data deliverables. Guarantees Category Science Chemistry Analytical Laboratories...... KAR Laboratories consistently ranks in the top few percent of laboratoriesnationally by ACIL tagand . We put analytical chemistry to work for you.
Company News Facilities Staffing ... Contact us Since 1956 News: FDA Inspected Other News Our mission is to provide the best quality, best service pharmaceutical and environmental testing laboratory - anywhere - at competitive prices. KAR Laboratories consistently ranks in the top few percent of laboratories nationally by and . We put analytical chemistry to work for you. Lab Data Online Ultra-Trace Mercury WEB SITE POLICY: No cookies, no banner ads, no frames, no Flash, no Shockwave, no Java, no pop-ups, no counters, no flashing graphics, no PDF's, no ASP's, and no lateral scrolling. Just fresh, informative content, quickly downloaded, cacheable, with readable text on a light background, and respect for your privacy. KAR Laboratories, Inc. Last update: March 21, 2003 PRIVACY POLICY Se a l of Excellence Participating L aboratory

71. Analytical Chemistry - Institut Fuer Chemie - KFU Graz
Welcome at Institute of Chemistry KarlFranzens-University Graz Austria.You are the 19293 visitor of this homepage since 21.05.1996.



Last modified:
Welcome at
Institute of Chemistry
Karl-Franzens-University Graz
You are the visitor of this homepage since 21.05.1996
This homepage is best viewed with Internet Explorer 5.0

72. Humble Instruments & Services, Inc.
Providing analytical instrumentation and interpretive services in analytical chemistry, specializing in complete services in the field of organic geochemistry.
P roviding analytical instrumentation and interpretive services in analytical chemistry, specializing in complete services in the field of organic geochemistry.
HISI Analytical Technologies
provides analytical instrumentation for use in chemical laboratories. We specialize in thermal extraction and pyrolysis systems but also provide System Solution WorkStations that provide integrated hardware/software solutions to difficult analytical problems while enhancing laboratory productivity. Humble Geochemical Services a division
We also provide analytical services in fuels, contaminates (manufacturing and environmental), and materials science analysis such as polymers.
We are pleased that Agilent Technologies has recognized Humble Instruments as an Channel Partner. The advantage to you, Humble Instruments and Agilent customers, is fully integrated system solutions to enhance the productivity and analytical capabilities of your laboratory. Any questions or comments regarding this web site should be directed to

73. Virtual
Search engine specializing in analytical chemistry, with sites in categories similar to ODP, based in Germany.

74. Division Of Analytical Chemistry (DAC) Of The Swiss Chemical Society (SCS)
Homepage (Division of analytical chemistry (DAC) of the Swiss ChemicalSociety (SCS)). DAC, DIVISION of ANALYTICAL
DIVISION of ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY of the Swiss Chemical Society
DIVISION ANALYTISCHE CHEMIE der Schweiz. Chem. Gesellschaft
DAC Home
What's new


DAC Board

Site Map
DAC The Division of Analytical Chemistry (DAC) of the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS) is the forum for analytical sciences and chemical measurement in chemistry, materials and life sciences. It represents its members in national and international organizations.
Goals and Objectives
  • to promote analytical science in all fields of science to disseminate information through organization or sponsoring of meetings, seminars, workshops and lectures to create a forum for discussion of topical issues and for interdisciplinary collaboration to highlight the importance of analytical science in science and education, industry, commerce and government to establish and maintain links - nationally and world wide - with professional societies and institutions through DAC and its individual members
back to top
Informations and discussions of topical issues are regularly published in CHIMIA back to top Last modification: 27.07.2001

75. WSLH Environmental Health Division
Specializes in analytical chemistry and environmental biology. Provides information and resources on Occupational Health, Environmental Sciences and Toxicology.
Section Information
Environmental Virology

Organic Chemistry

Links of Interest

Welcome to the Environmental Health Division of the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene. This division occupies the State Laboratory's Agriculture Drive facility. As part of the University of Wisconsin, the laboratory is operated by faculty, academic staff and professional chemists and biologists. The laboratory specializes in analytical chemistry and environmental biology. The Environmental Health Division consists of three main sections - Occupational Health, Environmental Sciences and Toxicology.

76. Department Of Analytical Chemistry At Lund University

77. Analytical Survival Guide
A Survival Guide to analytical chemistry. Introduction. There is nota lot that needs to be memorized to do analytical chemistry well.

analytical chemistry DIVISION. Head of the division Professor Yuri A. ZOLOTOV. FUNDAMENTALCOURSE OF analytical chemistry (Dr. Inga F. Dolmanova).
Head of the division - Professor Yuri A. ZOLOTOV SPECIALIZATIONS:
  • Spectroscopic methods of analysis
  • Electrochemical methods of analysis
  • Chromatographic methods of analysis
  • Separation and preconcentration methods
  • Kinetic, biochemical and biological methods of analysis
  • Metal complexes in analytical chemistry
Number of candidates is 45 and number of doctors of science is 6. The division consists of 5 laboratories: FUNDAMENTAL COURSE OF ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY
(Dr. Inga F. Dolmanova The course deals with the fundamental concepts of analytical chemistry including chemometrics, the methods of separation and determination: classical titrimetric and gravimetric methods; instrumental - spectroscopic, electrochemical, chromatograph hods. SPECIAL COURSE: INTRODUCTION INTO MODERN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY

79. KLUWER Academic Publishers | Analytical Chemistry
analytical chemistry of Synthetic Colorants Volume 2 Arnold T. Peters, J. SzepOctober 1994, ISBN 07514-0208-7, Hardbound Price 273.00 EUR / 281.50 USD
Title Authors Affiliation ISBN ISSN advanced search search tips Home Browse by Subject ... Chemistry Analytical Chemistry
Sort listing by: A-Z

Publication Date

13C-NMR of Natural Products

Vol 2: Diterpenes

Atta-Ur-Rahman, V.U. Ahmad
July 1992, ISBN 0-306-43898-4, Hardbound
Price: 264.00 EUR / 272.50 USD / 164.25 GBP
Add to cart

13C-NMR of Natural Products
Vol 1: Monoterpenes and Sesquiterpenes Atta-Ur-Rahman, V.U. Ahmad January 1992, ISBN 0-306-43897-6, Hardbound Price: 281.00 EUR / 290.50 USD / 175.00 GBP Add to cart Advances in Analysis and Detection of Explosives Jehuda Yinon February 1993, ISBN 0-7923-2138-3, Hardbound Price: 334.00 EUR / 422.50 USD / 254.75 GBP Add to cart Advances in Coal Spectroscopy Henk Meuzelaar January 1992, ISBN 0-306-43796-1, Hardbound Price: 195.50 EUR / 202.00 USD / 122.00 GBP Add to cart Advances in X-Ray Analysis John V. Gilfrich, Ting C. Huang, C.R. Hubbard, M.R. James, Ron Jenkins, G.R. Lachance, Deane K. Smith July 1993, ISBN 0-306-44571-9, Hardbound Price: 229.00 EUR / 237.00 USD / 143.00 GBP Add to cart Advances in X-Ray Analysis John V. Gilfrich, C.C. Goldsmith, Ting C. Huang, Ron Jenkins, I. Cev Noyan

80. Instrumental Chemistry
Designed to give students of analytical chemistry a better understanding of chromatography.
[Home] [Search] [Feedback] [Site Index] ... [Liquid Phase] This site is designed to give students of Analytical Chemistry a better understanding of chromatography, both gas chromatography and liquid chromatography. This site contains a series of topics relating to instrumental chromatography. The major focus of this site is the animations available for each topic. It is the hope that these animations provide the student with an insight into the workings of these topics that is difficult to obtain through lectures, textbooks and static slides. On the left of this page is a link to the RealPlayer viewer. The RealPlayer viewer is necessary to view and hear the animations over the web. These animations are also available on CD-ROM at double the size (640x480 pixels) and significantly higher resolution that you see on this website. This CD-ROM can be purchased from The button on the left will take you directly to the appropriate page. Chromatography or at least the chromatography dealt with here is specifically about the separation of organic compounds using either a gas phase (GC) or a liquid phase (HPLC) in conjunction with a stationary phase. In the case of GC, the stationary phase is a liquid coated on or a substrate bonded to a solid phase, whereas, in HPLC, the stationary phase is typically a substrate bonded to a solid phase. Of course, there are exceptions to these cases. As a matter of fact, I'm sure that someone can point to a contradiction to everything I say on this site but that is the nature and excitement of Analytical Chemistry. No matter what type of chromatography you want to do, there is probably someone, somewhere that has tried that nuance. So, instead of saying it in each instance, right now I will say that this site pertains to chromatography "in general" and is not meant to cover or detail every thing there is to chromatography.

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