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         Anthropology:     more books (98)
  1. Introduction to Physical Anthropology 2009-2010 Edition by Robert Jurmain, Lynn Kilgore, et all 2009-03-13
  2. Cultural Anthropology: An Applied Perspective by Gary Ferraro, Susan Andreatta, 2009-02-24
  3. Essentials of Physical Anthropology by Robert Jurmain, Lynn Kilgore, et all 2008-03-20
  4. Conformity and Conflict: Readings in Cultural Anthropology (13th Edition) by James Spradley, David W. McCurdy, 2008-10-06
  5. Physical Anthropology by Philip Stein, Bruce Rowe, 2010-02-05
  6. Introduction to Physical Anthropology by Robert Jurmain, Lynn Kilgore, et all 2007-03-14
  7. Research Methods in Anthropology: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches by H. Russell Bernard, 2006-01-03
  8. The Anthropology of Turquoise: Reflections on Desert, Sea, Stone, and Sky by Ellen Meloy, 2003-07-08
  9. Exploring Biological Anthropology: The Essentials (2nd Edition by Craig Stanford, John S. Allen, et all 2009-03-06
  10. Biological Anthropology by Michael Park, 2006-10-12
  11. Cultural Anthropology: A Global Perspective (7th Edition) by Raymond Scupin, 2007-09-02
  12. Anthropology: The Exploration of Human Diversity by Conrad Kottak, 2008-10-07
  13. Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac?) by William A. Haviland, Harald E. L. Prins, et all 2004-07-21
  14. Cultural Anthropology (5th Edition) by Barbara Miller, 2008-12-25

21. Theory In Anthropology
Descriptions of various subdisciplines of sociocultural anthropology, reviews of trends in anthropologica Category Science Social Sciences anthropology Cultural anthropology......Theory in anthropology. Sociocultural anthropology has been through dramatic changesin the last 30 years. Asli Baykal. Association for Feminist anthropology.
Theory in Anthropology Sociocultural Anthropology has been through dramatic changes in the last 30 years. As part of their work in the Indiana University Anthropology Department's "Proseminar in Sociocultural Anthropology" students have compiled webpages covering subdisciplines within the field, important organizations and associations, changes in anthropological perspectives over time, and prominent theorists. All are valuable resources for beginning and advanced students in sociocultural anthropology. Webmaster and ringleader: Professor Richard Wilk SUBDISCIPLINES TRENDS OVER TIME BIOGRAPHIES NEW!!! Anthropological Associations and Organizations Introduction: Anthropologists and their Social Groups Asli Baykal Association for Feminist Anthropology Kathleen Costello Society for the Anthropology of Europe Sebastian Braun European Society for Oceanists Selamawit Hailemariam Pan African Association of Anthropology Alejandro Flores Cultural Survival Anna Governale Council on Anthropology and Education Candice Lowe Association of Black Anthropologists Matt Lavoie Society for Latin American Anthropology Angela Martin Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists Sarah Quick Society for Visual Anthropology Marvin Richardson American Ethnological Society Joshua Wells Society for the Anthropology of Work SUBDISCIPLINES Summaries, sources, institutions

22. Sociology/Anthropology Department
Sociology and anthropology (Shippensburg, PA)
Welcome to the SOCIOLOGY/ANTHROPOLOGY Department
428 Grove Hall
Shippensburg University
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania 1725
phone: 717-477-1735 hotlink to Chairs's email fax: 717-477-4011 SOCIOLOGY
FACULTY Dr. Walter
Konetscni, Chair Dr. Philip Broyles Dr. Debra Cornelius Dr. Cynthia
Drenovsky Prof. Katrina
Hartman-Dempsey Dr. Jerry Judy Prof. James Noon Dr. Robert
ANTHROPOLOGY FACULTY Prof. Karen Boden Dr. Alice James Dr. Christine Loveland ... LINK ANTHRO COURSES

23. Anthropology Internet Resources
Dept. of Social Sciences presents an index of anthro. resources divided into such subjects as archeology, physical anthropology and linguistics. Journals Cultural Survival; Cultural anthropology; Journal of World anthropology. The Web of Culture
Site developed by J. Bannister
Recognition Awards
Western Connecticut State University
Department of Social Sciences
WCSU List: Anthropology Internet Resources
Scroll down for complete list, or select by topic:
Linguistics Physical Anthropology Archaeology ... Other WCSU Lists
Please report non-working links.
Cultural Resources
U. Louisville: What is Anthropology?
WSU: What is Culture?
LC: Ethnographic Studies Resources
USC: Ethnographic Lab
U. Kent: CSAC's Ethnographics Gallery
Ann Gardner: Reflections on Fieldwork Among Sinai Bedouin Women
The Gypsy Lore Society
The Patrin: Harvard U: Harvard Museum of Natural History Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology Three Generations of Women Anthropologists at the Peabody Journals: Cultural Survival Cultural Anthropology Journal of World Anthropology The Web of Culture For resources on world cultural regions, see WCSU List: World Area Studies AAA/ARS: Anthropology of Religion Links CSU Stanislaus: The Nacirema English Server: U. Alabama: Anthropological Theories: A Guide by Students for Students R. Wilk's Course: Theory in Anthropology Implosion: Macro-Hypothesis of Habitat Theory of Culture Smithsonian Web Mag.:

24. Anthropology Department
s Description Provides a general overview of the Department, events and career opportunities. Located in Bloomington, Category Science Social Sciences Academic Departments I......anthropology@Indiana University http// Department. anthropology Courses
Department of Anthropology
Indiana University
Student Building 130
Bloomington, IN 47405
812.855.1041 voice
812.855.4358 fax
Chair: Richard Wilk Anthropology@Indiana University
Anthropology Department
Faculty Office Email Addresses and Office Hours
Faculty and Staff Profiles

Undergraduate Program

Graduate Program
... The WWW of Anthropology Skomp Distinguished Lecture Series Next Skomp Lecturer to be announced soon About the Skomp Distinguished Lecture Series
Anthropology Courses Descriptions:
Anthropology Courses Descriptions
General Course Information
IU Registrar Page (Schedule of Classes, etc.) COAS Bulletin (Course Requirements, Course Descriptions) Summer Sessions and Special Programs Theory in Anthropology - a Website Created by Graduate Students at IU
Anthropology on the web
Women's Affairs: Women in Science: IU Bloomington: To reach the Anthropology Department Please feel free to send an E-mail to: Departmental Questions.

25. University Of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Sociology Department - Home
Sociology and anthropology (Eau Claire, WI)
A brief overview of Sociology
Annoucements Courses and
Requirements Student Organizations Faculty Pages Sociology
Links Overview
Student Organizations
Faculty Pages Links Questions or comments?
Contact Dr. Donald Nielsen
Chair of Sociology Sociology department phone and fax numbers:
telephone: (715) 836-2720
Fax: (715) 836-2944 Last Updated on December 2nd, 2002

26. Welcome To The Department Of Social Work, Anthropology, And Sociology At Mansfie
Social Work, anthropology Sociology (Mansfield, PA)

27. Department Of Anthropology, Smithsonian Institution
Browse exhibits, collections, news, project descriptions and a list of the department's publications.
N a t i o n a l M u s e u m o f N a t u r a l H i s t o r y
Anthropology Online Exhibits
African Voices
examines the diversity, dynamism, and global influence of Africa's peoples and culture
Looking Both Ways Heritage and Identity of the Alutiiq People of Southern Alaska
Textiles of the North American Southwest
More online exhibits ...

Quick Links Internships and more ... Internships Fellowships Volunteering AnthroNotes Anthropology Library BAE Publications Indian Encyclopedia Archives Collections Conservation Borrowing Objects Sampling Requests Catalog Printouts Repatriation Repatriation Review Comm Staff Directory Department History Directions to MSC Collections and Archives Anthropology Conservation Laboratory
Archaeology, Ethnology and Physical Anthropology Collections

National Anthropological Archives and Human Studies Film Archives

Drawing the Western Frontier:
... The James E. Taylor Album A new online exhibit from the National Anthroplogical Archives Department News In Memoriam: Carolyn L. Rose, past chair of the anthropology department and an internationally recognized leader in conservation.

28. UCSB Anthropology Department: Web Links
Our links directory has moved here (you will be taken there in 6 seconds).
Our links directory has moved here (you will be taken there in 6 seconds).

Our culture is experiencing a profound radiation of new species of media. This project is an attempt to catalogue many past forms of media so future generations might remember them. It's an anthropology study, a media history and a memorial.
NOTE This site is officially DEAD
the new address is... And the notes are at Transferring you Now...

30. ARD - Anthropology Review Database
select one) Reviewer © 1997+ anthropology Review Database.
the entire database Title: Author: Subject: Year: from to Medium: (select one) Written Literature Film/Video Audio Recording Multimedia/Software Web Resource Other Medium Reviewer: just ARD reviews all recent reviews a publisher

31. The Ancient Greek World
An online exhibition from the University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology and anthropology, examining the land and time periods, daily life, economy, religion and death.

32. The Journal Of World Anthropology
As of September of 1997, the Journal of World anthropology (JWA) has been shelvedto make room for a new project, the Anthropological Review Database (ARD).

The Journal of World Anthropology (ISSN 1075-2579) was produced and published periodically at the University at Buffalo.
Editorial Staff:
Professor Ezra B.W. Zubrow (Editor-in-Chief)
Hugh W. Jarvis
Dan Finkler (Administrative Support)
UBWings Staff
(Technical Support)
As of September of 1997, the Journal of World Anthropology (JWA) has been shelved to make room for a new project, the Anthropological Review Database (ARD). All items published in JWA are of course still accessible via the links below JWA has been a rewarding experience, and it has been our great pleasure to bring important information to the world through the Internet. But we have come to realise that we are not creating as effective a resource as we would like. Production scheduling has been difficult and we have not been able to make the best use of our time and other resources. Despite the fact that we were publishing in an electronic format, we seemed to encounter all the problems and frustrations of a print journal. While publishing JWA we became aware that there seems to be no readily accessible and comprehensive source for review information. While anthropology is producing an ever-growing and increasingly varied range of information, to an rapidly growing number of scholars, many of the mainstream periodicals seem to be moving away from publishing this information.

33. Anthropology Resources On The Internet
anthropology Resources on the Internet. The following links may be of interestto you. Maintained by Hugh W. Jarvis. anthropology and Technology.

Academic Relations


Government Relations

Public Policy
Minority Issues

E-mail address:
Forgot password?

Need help?

Press Room
Members in the News ... Administer a Listing Max Rows: Go to AAA Home
Anthropology Resources on the Internet
The following links may be of interest to you. AAA is not responsible for these Web sites or the information they provide. Thank you. Anthropologists Anthropology and Technology Biological/Physical Anthropology Practicing/Applied Anthropology ... Visual Anthropology
Anthropology and Technology

34. Sociology - Bishop's University
Sociology and anthropology (Lennoxville, QC)
Welcome Use this website to learn what a Bishop’s Sociology degree could do for you by reading profiles of our recent graduates; explore the areas of concentration that our department offers in its wide selection of courses; understand the requirements for admission and for completion of an honors, a major or a minor in sociology; meet our faculty. We are a department with a history of excellence in the quality of teaching and of the learning experience that you will have as a student. Opportunity awaits:

35. Society For Cultural Anthropology
Society for Cultural anthropology.

Current Contents

Past Contents
Connect to J-Stor for Full
Text of CA, 1986-1995
Return to SCA
Current Contents
Volume 17, no. 4
November 2002 detailed description of cover
(new window will pop up)
Burying the Past: Locality, Lived History, and Death in an Aymara Ritual of Remembrance
Andrew Orta
Democratizing Dance: Institutional Transformation and Hegemonic Re-Ordering in Postcolonial Jamaica
Deborah A. Thomas Of Mimicry and Membership: Africans and the "New World Society" James G. Ferguson Comments on "Of Mimicry and Membership" Johannes Fabian An Anthropologist's (New?) Dress Code: Some Brief Comments on a Comparative Cosmopolitanism Eric Gable

36. Carleton College Sociology And Anthropology Department
Sociology and anthropology (Northfield, MN)
Description of the Sociology and Anthropology Department:
Sociology and Anthropology are closely related disciplines that aim to understand the patterns of human social behavior in alltheir historical and current diversity. We seek to understand how the myriad societies of the world work, and how people live, think, and believe, not only in our own society but in all human cultures.
Anthropologists: Jim Fisher
A South Asian expert, he is especially interested in India and Nepal. He spent more than a year north of the main Himalayan range in northwest Nepal carrying out his dissertation research in a village a two-week trek away from the nearest motorized transportation After getting his Ph D at the University of Chicago and teaching at Carleton for a number of years, he returned to Nepal several times to do further research, bringing two Carleton students to help him study the Sherpas on one of those trips. Between 1984 and 1986 he was a visiting Fulbright Professor in Nepal, where he helped start a new Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Tribhuvan University In 1989 and 1991, he and Nancy Wilkie led Carleton off-campus seminars to Nepal. Besides teaching introductory anthropology, Jim teaches courses on peoples living in India and Nepal, anthropological theory, and biography and ethnography. Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg
Specializes in the ethnographic study of sub Saharan Africa, gender, and health care She received her Ph D from Johns Hopkins University in 1990 and has taught in both Germany and the U S Her research on the symbolism of procreation and women's fear of infertility addresses changes in the holds of health care, religion, and politics in a highland kingdom of Cameroon. It has involved both archival research in Europe and extensive fieldwork in Africa. Pamela incorporates her African and European experiences in her classes. In addition to introductory anthropology, she teaches courses on gender, health and illness, ethnography of Africa, and ritual and politics in Africa.

37. KACIKE: Journal Of Caribbean Amerindian History And Anthropology
Established in 1999 by an international editorial board, publishing articles and reviews on Caribbean Amerindian Archaeology, History, and anthropology.
Journal of Caribbean Amerindian History and Anthropology
  • Editorial Board Editorial Policy Article Submissions Guidelines Editor's Statement ... Links to KACIKE
  • ISSN 1562-5028
    Updated: 17 February, 2003
    An electronic peer reviewed journal published by the Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink
    Search For:
    Any word All words Exact phrase
    Sound-alike matching Dated: Anytime Within the last week Within the last 2 weeks Within the last 30 days Within the last 60 days Within the last 90 days Within the last 180 days Within the last year Within the last two years From: January February March April May June July August September October November December To: January February March April May June July August September October November December Within: Anywhere Title Description Keywords Body Alternate text URL Target Show: results with without summaries Sort by: score date This site is a member of WebRing.
    To browse visit Here

    38. New Mexico State University: Sociology And Anthropology
    Sociology and anthropology (Las Cruces, NM)
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    39. Anthropology Exhibits On The WWW
    CSAC Ethnographics Gallery. anthropology Exhibits on the WWW. Egyptian ArtifactsExhibit. Interactive Multimedia and anthropology a sceptical view.
    CSAC Ethnographics Gallery
    Anthropology Exhibits on the WWW
    Egyptian Artifacts Exhibit.
    Incorporating digitised images and descriptions from their artifact collection.
    Mambila transcript. David Zeitlyn
    Incorporating digitised sound recordings, a version of the transcript (pp 213-215) in
    Zeitlyn, David 1993. Reconstructing kinship or the pragmatics of kin talk. Man
    Meek on the Mambila. David Zeitlyn
    A digital version of Chapter IX of C.K. Meek's 1931 Tribal Studies in Northern Nigeria . Volume 1, London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner Co. Ltd., with field annotations made in 1953 by Farnham Rehfisch.
    Interactive Multimedia and anthropology - a sceptical view. Marcus Banks
    Text of talk given at the conference Interactive Multimedia and Anthropology at the University of Western England, 1 and 2 June 1994.
    Archaeological Survey in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. Henry T. Wright and Sharon Herbert

    40. Lafayette College
    anthropology and Sociology (Easton, PA)
    Grottos of the American Midwest
    Other Anthropology Links
    Pages created by Ken Weinberger
    For information e-mail:
    revised 1/14/96

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