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         Apiculture:     more books (100)
  1. Apiculture Et Moyens D'existence Durables (French Edition)
  2. Cours Pratique D'Apiculture: Culture Des Abeilles (1893) (French Edition) by Henri Hamet, 2010-09-10
  3. Notes Sur L'Abeille Et Sur L'Apiculture Dans L'Antiquite (1900) (French Edition) by Raymond Billiard, 2010-09-10
  4. The Practical Beekeeper V1, November, 1893: A Quarterly Journal Devoted To Apiculture (1893)
  5. Cours Pratique D'Apiculture: Culture Des Abeilles (1893) (French Edition) by Henri Hamet, 2010-09-10
  6. Le Livre Des Abeilles: Ou Manuel D'Apiculture (1874) (French Edition) by M. Boissy, 2010-09-10
  7. Conference Pratique Sur L'Apiculture (1905) (French Edition) by J. Boudot, 2010-09-10
  8. L'Apiculture Perfectionnee Ou Theorie Et Application Pratique, De La Direction Des Rayons: Elevage Des Abeilles (1856) (French Edition) by J. Greslot, Georges De Layens, 2010-09-10
  9. Conference Sur L'Apiculture (1897) (French Edition) by Madame Fischer, 2010-09-10
  10. Cours Pratique D'Apiculture: Culture Des Abeilles (1859) (French Edition) by Henri Hamet, 2010-09-10
  11. Apiculture (1906) (French Edition) by Robert Hommell, 2010-03-19
  12. Traité Rustica de l'apiculture
  13. The Asiatic Hive Bee: Apiculture, Biology, and Role in Sustainable Development in Tropical and Subtropical Asia by Peter G Kevan, 1995
  14. L'apiculture en Cote-d'Ivoire: Regions Nord et Centre (French Edition) by M Douhet, 1980

81. Apiculture Gallery
Telford Advanced Certificate in apiculture. Welcome to New Zealand's only AdvancedCertificate course in apiculture. Telford Advanced Certificate in apiculture.
Telford Advanced Certificate in Apiculture Welcome to New Zealand's only Advanced Certificate course in Apiculture. This course is designed for those who wish to pursue a career in the beekeeping industry or to further develop their interest in beekeeping. What will I study? This course has a strong emphasis on practical skills and project work that is closely linked to the apiculture industry. Subjects include: Telford Advanced Certificate in Apiculture
  • Hive management and equipment Hive manipulations Feeding hives Colony behaviour Queen bee rearing Requeening hives Wintering bees Pollination Removing honey Extracting honey Alternative hive products Tropical apiculture Pests and diseases of bees Agrichemicals Botany and entomology Building bee hives and frames Welding, mechanics and fencing Marketing and administration Plant collection Special hive product project
How long is the course? The course is composed of 38 weeks of full-time study at Telford Rural Polytechnic beginning in late January.

82. Apiculture
researcher Copyright 1999 Franzen Hopper Enterprises Limited All RightsReserved apiculture 07.09.05. also see related category Honey.
the premier internet directory for the business executive and the professional researcher Apiculture also see related category: Honey Africa: Beekeeping in Africa a very thorough report from FAO Agricultural Services Bulletin 68/6, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations
Africa: Beekeeping in Africa from The Danish Beekeepers Association
Albania: Beekeeping Statistics from Apiservices
Algeria: Beekeeping Statistics from Apiservices
Apicultural Abstracts
survey of research and technical developments concerning all bees and bee-related subjects throughout the world, published quarterly Apiservices - Virtual Beekeeping Gallery Apitherapy Reference Data Base
Argentina: ApiNet integrated platform for the communication and circulation of argentine apiculture information
Argentina: Beekeeping Statistics including market report from Apiservices
Argentina: Espacio Apicola Revista de Apicultura del Centro del Pais - Beekeeping magazine serving central Argentina (in Spanish)
Argentina: General Information About Argentinian Beekeeping
Argentina: L'apiculture argentine Argentine apiculture - report dated from Apiservices (in French) Argentina: PROAPI Integrated Project of Apicola Development Argentina: SanCor Young People Centers Federation honey cooperative (in Spanish) Argentina: Sociedad Argentina de Apicultores Criadores de Abejas - Argentine beekeeping society - bee breeders (in Spanish) Asia: Beekeeping in Asia a very thorough report from FAO Agricultural Services Bulletin 68/6, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

83. Apiculture
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84. Joel Schiro Distribution - Honey - Miel - Bees - Abeilles
Translate this page Joël Schiro Distribution. Wholesale honey trading / Pyrenean beecolonies / Expert evaluation, advice, appraisals Vente de miels
Joël Schiro Distribution Wholesale honey trading / Pyrenean bee colonies / Expert evaluation, advice, appraisals
Vente de miels en fûts / Colonies d'abeilles Pyrénéennes / Expertises, conseils, estimations
Honey wholesale trading
Bee colonies Négoce miels en fûts
Vente de colonies d'abeilles Realization / Réalisation : Gilles RATIA
Last update / Mise à jour

85. Apiculture
Translate this page Cette page n'existe plus. Pour retourner versle site Coeur de France. cliquez ici.
Cette page n'existe plus Pour retourner vers le site Coeur de France cliquez : ici

86. Agri-info - Élevage - Généralités F
Translate this page porc, basse-cour, farmyard, livestock, livestok, yardstock, care, soin, vet, veterinaire,veterinary, bee, beekeeping, bee-keeping, apiculture, abeille, miel
Votre Librairie agricole et horticole
Tel : Fax :
Courriel / E-mail :




Aquaculture - pisciculture

Bovins de boucherie
Bovins laitiers Chevaux ... Animaux de compagnie : chiens et chats Autres sujets, par section Agriculture Jardinage Horticulture ornementale Fruits et vergers ... Le coin des aubaines LE SUJET : Apiculture compte 18 items. $CAN 40.00 $CAN 22.00 B. de Belvefer, Dr. Gautrelet, 1989. 212 p. France. $CAN 28.00 L'AUTOBUS MAGIQUE DANS LA RUCHE. $CAN 9.00 $CAN 9.00 APICULTURE. Les maladies des abeilles et du couvain. $CAN 6.00 $CAN 6.50 COURS D'APICULTURE. G. Ravazzi, 1996. 135 p. Italie. $CAN 32.00 $CAN 420.00 LE GRAND LIVRE DES ABEILLES. L'apiculture moderne. M. Biri, 1989. 260 p. France. $CAN 25.00 Marcel Scipion, 1994. 264 p. France. $CAN 33.00 LE MIEL. Dr Donadieu, 1984. 64 p. France. $CAN 10.50 Jean-Luc Darrigol, 1991. 144 p. France. $CAN 29.00 $CAN 10.00 APICULTURE AUJOURD'HUI.

87. Organization Detail
Contact Information. Blueberry/apiculture. Type Unit. Department Agriculture,Fisheries and Aquaculture. General Information (506) 4532172.

88. Détails De L'organisme
Translate this page Coordonnées. Bleuets/apiculture. Type Unité. Ministère Agriculture, Pêcheset Aquaculture. Renseignements généraux (506) 453-2172. Accueil (506) 453-2172.

89. Ferme Tavlast Apiculture
Translate this page apiculture. La perte d'une quinzaine de ruches a été enregistrée lors des inondations,fin novembre 2002. Tous les apiculteurs se plaignent cette année.
image1=new Image;image1.src="../../images/pucemini_verte.gif";image2=new Image;image2.src="../../images/pucemini_jaune.gif";
Le Staff
Pomme de terre Cardes Apiculture Plasticulture Irrigation Distinctions obtenues Articles de presse Contactez nous!
Tout sur la Kabylie Vgayeth T document.write(messageDate); Apiculture

90. Apiculture
apiculture 11370308 (3 Credits). Spring 2000 Joerg Schmidt-Bailey.WED 1130 - 1250 and FRI 110 - 230 (Tentative time, can be TBA).
Apiculture 11:370:308 (3 Credits) Spring 2000 - Joerg Schmidt-Bailey WED 11:30 - 12:50 and FRI 1:10 - 2:30 (Tentative time, can be TBA) For all Students Interested in New Jersey's State Insect, the HONEY BEE Class covers:
  • The Evolution of Bee Social Behavior Interaction of Honeybees and Other Animals Bee Products: Honey, Beeswax, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Bee Venom and Their Use by Humans Identification, Morphology, Physiology, Natural History History of Beekeeping from Ancient Times to Today Bees as Pollinators of Wildflowers and Cultivated Crops Fieldwork: Trapping Swarms, Beekeeping Methology and Management, Production and Use of Bee Products.
For more information, call the Department of Entomology at 932-9459 Back to Entomology at Rutgers

91. Apiculture, Bee Biology
apiculture and bee biology, interrelated studies of beekeeping and bees, havebeen researched at the University of California, Davis for many years.

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Apiculture and bee biology, interrelated studies of beekeeping and bees, have been researched at the University of California, Davis for many years. Shields Library provides an outstanding collection of books and journals to support classes and research.
Using the Melvyl Catalog find books on the topic.

Know the author's name?
Type his/her name in Author input box:
Know words from the book's title?
Type the words in title input box:
Know the Library of Congress subject headings?
Some examples are: Bees
Bee Culture Honeybee Bumblebees Apidae Africanized Honeybee Type subject words in Subject input box:
Much of the scientific literature on apiculture and bee biology is recorded in journal articles. Indexing and abstracting sources in many formats (online, print, CD-ROM) provide access to these articles with author name indexes, subject indexes, and keyword indexes. While each index is different, most provide ways to combine keywords to create a precise search for articles about a specific topic.
Example: looking for articles about honeybees' dancing.

92. Manuscript Collections - Apiculture
apiculture. Skip To apiculture Collection List Related information in can befound under the subject heading of Entomology. apiculture Collection List.
Special Collections
Manuscript Collections - Apiculture
Skip To Apiculture Collection List In 1857, John Harbison imported sixty-seven colonies of bees into Sacramento and initiated a new era in California beekeeping. Records of his voyage and his innovative hives are held in the Department of Special Collections and form the basis for other apicultural collections relating to the management of honeybees, both for the pollination of agricultural crops and for honey production. In addition to the Harbison papers, the Department holds the papers of other early California apiculturists who made significant contributions to the field. The papers of John McCubbin contain his autobiography and correspondence relating to commercial beekeeping in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in California, as well as photographs of Harbison and other early apiculturists. The Richter papers focus on queen rearing, and contain correspondence, photographs, and scrapbooks concerning apiculture in California, Europe, and South America. University of California faculty and extension agents played a seminal role in the development of apicultural science, and the papers of Laidlaw, Eckert, and Watkins reflect their research in this field. The papers of Watkins, an apicultural staff research assistant with the University of California at Davis, contain his notes on American beekeeping history and a wealth of information about other apiculturists, including John Harbison. Laidlaw, Professor of Entomology, Emeritus, left a small collection of correspondence relating to his pioneering research in queen bee artificial insemination, while the Eckert papers contain correspondence and articles relating to all aspects of apiculture.

Acquisition de 02 modules de 10 ruches pleines (programme reconversion)
50.000 DA/module maximum 5 modules
140.000 DA
Programme de reconversion :
Exploitant agricole sousrivant au programme
- Acquisition de ruches vides
2.000 DA/ruche

94. Page D'accueil
Translate this page Bienvenue. Sur le site de la société romanded'apiculture. 125 ans. 1876-2001. Entrer.
Bienvenue Sur le site de la société romande d'apiculture 125 ans Entrer

95. Métiers D'Alsace > L'apiculture De La Ruche Au Pot -
apiculturede la ruche au pot. © Jean Isenmann 1999-2002.
Rechercher une photo Photos
L'Apiculture de la ruche au pot

96. Les Plaisirs De L'apiculture
Translate this page Désolé! votre navigateur n'affiche pas les cadres.
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97. L'apiculture Au Québec
Translate this page L'apiculture AU QUÉBEC. Bonjour, un nouveau site web apicole pourle Québec est réalisé et remplace celui-ci. Désormais vous
Bonjour, un nouveau site web apicole pour le Québec est réalisé et remplace celui-ci. Désormais vous devez le consulter afin de recevoir de l'information apicole. N'hésitez pas à le visiter, merci d'être venu. Lien vers le site Agri-Réseau section apicole :

98. Apiservices : Beekeeping Bees Honey - Apiculture Abeilles Miel
Translate this page Toutes informations internationales sur l'apiculture, les abeilles et le miel associations, sociétés, journaux, manifestations, instituts, laboratoires
The World's First Virtual Beekeeping Gallery - La Première Galerie Virtuelle Apicole au Monde Take note ! Our address has changed. The World's First Virtual Beekeeping Gallery
Click here for our new site Toutes informations internationales sur l'apiculture, les abeilles et le miel : associations, sociétés, journaux, manifestations, instituts, laboratoires, marchés, équipement, musées. Liens, conseils personnalisés, outils et friandises, etc... Attention ! Notez notre nouvelle adresse dans votre bookmark La Première Galerie Apicole Virtuelle au Monde
Cliquez ici pour notre nouveau sitel Realization : Gilles RATIA - APISERVICES
Translation : Joséphine CARTER COMMUNICATE NOW
Last update :

99. Apiculture Residence Retraite
Translate this page maison de retraite - residence senior Projet de vie - Liberté du choix - Animations/SpectaclesFormations - Jardinage - Ferme animalière - apiculture

Projet de vie
Liberté du choix Animations/Spectacles
... Apiculture
Quelques ruches seront installées sur le site et permettront de polliniser les arbres et les fleurs et produiront du miel et du pollen...
- 26 Crs Maréchal Leclerc - 17100 SAINTES
Village sénior / maison de retraite / foyer logement Charente Maritime ( Poitou Charentes )
Tel : 05 46 93 64 65 - Fax : 05 46 93 65 66 - email :
Recevoir une documentation : cliquez ici !

100. Apiculture - Description
Feasibility of apiculture in the Pacific. The apiculture project is a collaborativeproject between NZaid and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC).
Feasibility of Apiculture in the Pacific
Overview of the Programme
The Apiculture project is a collaborative project between NZaid and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC). At SPC, the project is developed by the Animal Health Advisor, Dr Peter Saville (mail to:
These pages are a short presentation of the project based on the final report, written by James Driscoll (PO Box 9098,Hamilton, New Zealand, ), and they will be completed as soon as the publication of the report is endorsed.
Programme specifications Introduction Potential Products and markets for the Pacific Islands Advantages of Beekeeping ... Apiculture terminology
European missionaries probably first introduced honey bees into the Pacific in the mid 19th century. Early attempts to establish national apiculture industries were largely unsuccessful until the 1970’s when projects were initiated in Niue, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Fiji. These projects demonstrated that commercial honey production was a viable enterprise with the capacity to supply domestic markets and generate export earnings. The NZ funded apiculture development programme in the Solomon Islands has shown that apiculture is an appropriate activity for the rural dwelling Pacific Islander. Countries presently known to be producing honey for market are: Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Niue, Cook Islands (Raratonga, Mangaia, Atiu), Fiji Islands, Tuvalu, Pitcairn Island, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Kiribati, Palau and French Polynesia. These are all developing beekeeping industries, but it should be noted that there are great variations in the scale of these industries. Some of these countries beekeeping industries might not grow beyond infancy and a few have even begun to diminish, e.g., Tonga.

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