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         Applied Anthropology:     more books (100)
  1. Global Health Policy, Local Realities: The Fallacy of the Level Playing Field (Directions in Applied Anthropology)
  2. Globalization and the Rural Poor in Latin America (Directions in Applied Anthropology)
  3. Practicing Development Anthropology (Westview Special Studies in Applied Anthropology) by Edward C. Green, 1986-11
  4. Studies in applied anthropology (Monographs on social anthropology) by Lucy Philip Mair, 1957
  5. Becoming a practicing anthropologist: A guide to careers and training programs in applied anthropology (Napa bulletin) by John Van Willigen, 1987
  6. Applied Anthropology in Canada: Understanding Aboriginal Issues by Edward J. Hedican, 2008-07-30
  7. Tips on Taping: Language Recording in Social Sciences (Applied Cultural Anthropology Series) by Wayne B. Dickerson, Lonna J. Dickerson, 1977-03
  8. Target of Health in Ethiopia a Holistic Reader in Applied Anthropology by Simon D. Messing, 1973-01-01
  9. Meaningful Inconsistencies: Bicultural Nationhood, the Free Market, and Schooling in Aotearoa/New Zealand (Studies in Public and Applied Anthropology) by Neriko Musha Doerr, 2009-07-01
  10. Let Shepherding Endure: Applied Anthropology and the Preservation of a Cultural Tradition in Israel and the Middle East (Suny Series in Anthroplogy and Judaic Studies) by Gideon M. Kressel, 2003-08-01
  11. Cultural Anthropology: An Applied Perspective With Infotrac and Earthwatch by Gary P. Ferraro, 2001-07
  12. Female "Circumcision" in Africa: Culture, Controversy, and Change (Directions in Applied Anthropology: Adaptations & Innovations)
  13. Decolonizing Anthropology: Moving Further Toward an Anthropology for Liberation
  14. Anthropology and Ethics by May Edel, Abraham Edel, 2000-09-05

81. ANU Graduate School - Graduate Coursework Guide
Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates. Master of applied anthropologyand Participatory Development MAAPD. CRICOS Code 036808G Faculty

82. New Page 1
applied anthropology (ANTH 461). Examples of Dr. LaLone's applied anthropology ClassProjects Spring 2003 class project Farm Heritage Events Park Project;
Applied Anthropology
(ANTH 461)
Examples of Dr. LaLone's
Applied Anthropology Class Projects:
Class Description: Throughout the semester we do two activities concurrently A survey of Applied Anthropology through class seminar/discussions/readings. The topics covered include:
- the history of developments in Applied Anthropology;
- methods and ethics;
- survey of the variety of topics/research in which Applied Anthropology practitioners work;
- exploration of current directions and career opportunities in Applied Anthropology. Applied Anthropology Class Project At the same time, the class participates in a full-semester class project designed to give actual hands-on experience doing Applied Anthropology. For the last two classes, the project has involved hands-on work in the fields of anthro-planning and cultural heritage preservation/interpretation. Our class assumes the role of an applied anthropology consulting firm that has been commissioned to investigate the possibilities for developing a specific community project and for proposing a set of potential planning ideas for that project. The class members work as a collaborative "consulting team," under Dr. LaLone's direction, to tackle the project and write a consulting report which presents the team's recommendations. See the box above for examples of the specific projects undertaken by the class.

83. ANTH 225 Applied Anthropology
applied anthropology. Anthropology 225 Spring 2002. TTh 200315 PM, Fitzelle302. McDonald, James H. 2002. The applied anthropology Reader. Allyn Bacon.
Applied Anthropology Anthropology 225 Spring 2002 TTh 2:00-3:15 PM, Fitzelle 302 Dr. Brian D. Haley Office: Fitzelle 520 Phone: 436-2001 E-mail:
Course description
This course explores the applications of anthropological methods and knowledge. Anthropological training is useful in a wide variety of activities, from advertizing to social service delivery, and environmental management to background research for policy making. Government, business, and private consulting arenas are the fastest growing sector of employment for those trained in anthropology. The course provides a general overview of applied anthropology, and practical training through a class project assessing tourism within the greater Oneonta region. Students will undertake individual research projects contributing to the overall class project.
Required Readings
McDonald, James H. The Applied Anthropology Reader. Chambers, Erve, editor. Tourism and Culture: An Applied Perspective SUNY Press. Additional readings as part of individual projects.
Course requirements
This course is based on lectures, readings, discussion, and research.

MASTER OF ARTS (applied anthropology). MA (applied anthropology).Responsible Unit. PRAA 610, Seminar in applied anthropology, 3, (03).
M.A. (Applied Anthropology)
Responsible Unit
Institute of Population and Social Research
Mahidol University
Mailing Add: P.O.BOX 13, Salaya, Nakhon Pathom 73170, Thailand
Tel: (66-02) 441-9518
Fax: (662) 441-9333
Aim of Program
The  Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology has been designed with the objective of producing graduates who have extensive knowledge of applied anthropology and are  capable of applying it to their research. With the  capacity to understand people, they should be able to use the information obtained effectively  in development work, particularly with regard  to medical and public health problems.
Admission Requirements
The candidate must have the following qualifications:
  • Hold a Bachelor degree in science or social science with a GPA of at least 2.5.
  • Fulfill all the qualifications required by the Graduate School and the Institute of Population and Social Research  as given  in the rules and regulations at every entrance examination.
  • Applicants who do not meet the required standard or are outside these categories may be admitted at the discretion  of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Institute of Population and Social Research.
  • 85. Anthropology 4D3-Applied Anthropology
    Anthropology 4D3. applied anthropology. Dr. Wayne Warry. CNH 531/Ext 23901. Thecourse is concerned with the ethics, theory and method of applied anthropology.
    Anthropology 4D3 Applied Anthropology Dr. Wayne Warry CNH 531/Ext 23901 email: Office Hours: Wednesday 2:30-3:30 ;Thursday 1:30-2:20 pm or by appointment. This course looks at how anthropology can be used to solve a variety of human problems. The course is concerned with the ethics, theory and method of applied anthropology. We look at the relationship between pure and applied The course examines various styles of applied anthropology including: advocacy, action research, cultural brokerage, program planning, evaluation and policy research. The course draws on examples of applied research in North American and Third World settings. Students also receive practical advice on how their anthropological training can be used in a variety of occupations beyond university teaching and research. We examine the kind of work practising and professional anthropologists do in fields such as: health and medicine, counselling, education, community development, program planning and policy analysis. Assignments/Grading Project Description/Proposal: Essay: Seminar Participation and Presentation: Note on Seminar Responsibilities and Presentations: The course is organized in seminar format with weekly discussion of readings. Different individuals will then assume primary responsibility for leading discussion based on weekly readings.

    86. Invitation To The Society For Applied Anthropology 2003 Annual Meeting
    Invitation to the Society for applied anthropology 2003 Annual Meeting. MarriottPortland Downtown • Portland , Oregon March 1923, 2003. Abstracts Due Soon.
    Invitation to the Society for Applied Anthropology 2003 Annual Meeting Marriott Portland Downtown • Portland Oregon
    March 19-23, 2003 Abstracts Due Soon
    The challenges associated with displacement and resettlement continues to impact thousands of people around the world. While a community of researchers, impact assessors, and evaluators from a variety of disciplines work on these issues, seldom do they discuss the strengths and promises that each of these disciplines offer and the benefits of collaboration. To foster this community of scholars, the International Network on Displacement and Resettlement (INDR), in collaboration with the Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA), invites you to attend the 2003 Annual Meeting of the SfAA “Building Bridges: Collaborating Beyond Boundaries” – March 19-23, 2003 in Portland, Oregon, USA. To applaud the theme of the 2003 SfAA meetings, we hope to “ exhibit the diversity and strengths of anthropologists and create a vision of future collaborations with other professionals, researchers, agencies, and communities. This meeting will explore current trends and future paradigms for research, teaching, and application as well as their impacts on important policy issues and public debate.” We encourage you to submit an abstract for a proposed organized panel session or an individual paper. The deadline for submissions is

    87. NAT-EDU (1993): High Plains Society For Applied Anthropology
    High Plains Society for applied anthropology. leeson_k@cubldr.colorado.eduThu, 18 Feb 1993 145135 GMT
    High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology
    Thu, 18 Feb 1993 14:51:35 GMT
    I would like to pass this information below along to anyone that is
    interested. This is a very dedicated group of people who are willing to use
    their expertise and also to learn from others. They are devoted to helping
    multi-cultural groups and in particular Native American groups. The late
    Omer Stewart spent his life fighting for religious freedom for Native
    Americans. Dr. Walker, who I have taken classes from, is very dedicated to
    the Native Americans and is now trying to turn around the sterotypes
    created by academics and present the Native American as he is today. This
    group will be holding a meeting in April. It is concentrated in the High
    Plains area, but reaches beyond that. It is not limited to just anthro, but to many other disciplines, business, health, education etc. If anyone

    88. A & B Anthropology SuperSite
    Cultural Anthropology Physical/Biological Anthropology Archaeology LinguisticAnthropology applied anthropology Photo Credits Cultural Anthropology Bill

    89. Free Essays On Applied Anthropology
    Within the past few decades, a specialization known as applied anthropology has begunto emerge and be popuralized among anthropologists. applied anthropology.
    March 22, 2003 FREE STUFF CATEGORIES Acceptance
    Top 75 Essays

    MEMBER LOGIN LINKS Top 50 Essays
    Direct Essays

    Top 100 Essays

    Mega Essays
    ... essays at Direct Essays!
    This is only the first few lines of this paper. If you would like to view the entire paper you need to register for free here. If you are already a member then login here. Category: Politics Word Count: Featured Papers Anthropology Today
    cultural anthropology

    Forensic Anthropology

    Corporate social responsibility
    ... cross cultural psychology
    applied anthropology Tired of looking through thousands of essays by hand? Try Searching through 80,000 essays quickly (not!

    90. SfAA Employment
    have trained in social or cultural anthropology with a specialization in medicalanthropology; we welcome candidates who additionally have applied training.
    Are you looking for work? This page includes job openings in government, academia and the private sector for anthropologists and related social scientists. Listings on this site will be updated on a regular basis. Are you an employer looking to hire an applied anthropologist? To list your position on this bulletin board, send your announcement to
    Positions Open
    Research Associate, UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center Work Experience: a minimum of two years of progressively responsible experience working on a research project(s). Knowledge: knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methods, including experience working with diverse Latino cultures; experience conducting interviews and research in English and Spanish, with native-level fluency; experience with qualitative and quantitative analysis, including use of qualitative data management software (Atlas.ti or Nud*ist). Abilities: ability to coordinate research projects and to work with a small team; ability produce clearly written fieldnotes; capacity for independent and creative thinking on research problems and community needs.

    91. Overview Of BARA
    The Bureau of applied Research in anthropology (BARA) is research institution at the University of Arizona that seeks to apply social science knowledge toward an enhanced understanding of realworld problems. Offers training information, descriptions of publications and projects.
    The Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology (BARA) was founded in 1952 as the Bureau of Ethnic Research, charged with the responsibility to monitor the socio-economic welfare of Native American communities in Arizona. In 1982, BARA changed its name and vastly expanded its research and training mission. Currently, the BARA faculty is comprised of 19 state-funded and project funded professionals organized around six different programs. For each program there exists a set of active research activities consistent with the BARA mission, as well as corresponding academic courses and student participation that contribute in an integrated fashion to the BARA commitment to applied training. BARA is a unique research institution within the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Arizona. As a research unit, BARA seeks to apply social science knowledge toward an enhanced understanding of real-world problems. Its diverse range of research activitiesin both domestic and international contextsaddresses critical human issues dealing with change and development, power and poverty, gender and ethnicity, growth and learning, social justice and equity, and environmental change and sustainability. At the heart of BARA's approach lies a commitment to community participation, empirical fieldwork, and innovative research methods. BARA bases its reputation on its ability to create effective dialogues with local stakeholders, to accurately document strategies of household and community survival, and to promote the economic well-being and cultural integrity of its partner communities. Building on its extensive field experience, BARA has developed and tested a research methodology that combines qualitative and quantitative techniques within a participatory and empowering framework.

    92. CAE: The W. Maurice Young Centre For Applied Ethics
    An interdisciplinary centre offering graduate programs in conjunction with other academic departments such as philosophy, nursing, anthropology, and animal welfare.
    Welcome to the official website of the W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics . Created in 1993, the CAE is an independent unit in the Faculty of Graduate Studies of the University of British Columbia , Vancouver, B.C. Primarily an interdisciplinary research centre , the CAE a diverse range of topics, including health care practices, business and professional procedures, new information technologies and environmental issues; ethicists grounded in the theories and methods of ethics and political economy, a robust knowledge of the subject matter (e.g., medicine, commerce, environmental science), as well as expertise in social science research methodologies; and for private, public, and not-for-profit institutions and groups. The W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics
    The University of British Columbia
    227 - 6356 Agricultural Road
    Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z2

    93. School Of Communication: SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY
    Courses in applied media studies; cultural industries; public information and policy; history, theory and critical media studies; information technology and society; international communication; political economy. Minor program in Publishing, joint majors in Business Administration, Latin American Studies, Sociology and/or anthropology.
    March 2003
    Jane Nunnikhoven, a Communication Co-op student, is the recipient of this year's Canadian Association for Co-operative Education (CAFCE) Student of the Year Award! Check out the press release for further details. Tiffany Chong, a Communication Co-op student, is awarded the CBC Peter Gzowski internship for the summer! Click here for further details.
    more news and events

    Site design by Program Information, Continuing Studies
    Webmaster Johnston Reesor

    94. Bureau Of Applied Research In Anthropology
    The Bureau of applied Research in anthropology The University of Arizona, anthropologyBuilding Room 316 PO Box 210030, Tucson, Arizona 857210030 Phone (520
    The Bureau of Applied Research in
    The University of Arizona, Anthropology Building Room 316
    P.O. Box 210030, Tucson, Arizona 85721-0030
    Phone (520) 621-6282 FAX: (520) 621-9608

    95. Type_Document_Title_here
    anthropology professor at Northern Arizona University researching culture change, gender issues, applied, and development in Polynesia.
    Table of Contents
    View first and/or last page of each chapter
    Special Features
    For teachers here is what the book has to offer
    About the Author
    How to Order the Book

    96. AusAnthrop: Native Title And Aboriginal Issues (Applied Anthropology)
    Native Title News collected events on Aboriginal Native Title andLand Rights issues and anthropology. 01 November 2002 De Rose

  • Jobs and careers
  • Conferences
  • Native Title News
  • Newsletter ...
    Summary list
    of tribes nations languages documented in the AusAnthrop database
    Check the research section for other resources
    Native Title News: collected events on Aboriginal Native Title and Land Rights issues and anthropology
    01 November 2002
    De Rose Hill Station decision: this is the first native title decision made in South Australia, and the judge found that native title has been lost due to lack of connection. - Yankunytjatjara people ATSIC Media release ABC News
    27 September 2002
    Martu: successful native title claim in the Western Desert Region of Western Australia. - More on the Martu NNTT release and information ATSIC media release
    06 September 2002 Among others as a result of the Miriuwung-Gajerrong case, Indigenous people have expressed their anger with the Native Title Process at the Native Title Conference in Geraldton. - Geraldton Conference ATSIC media release ABC news 03 September 2002 Yamatji Land and Sea Council in conjunction with AIATSIS is organising The Native Title Conference 2002: Outcomes and Possibilities in Geraldton (WA) 03-05 Sept 2002 - Conference details 08 August 2002 Miriuwung-Gajerrong case: "Two landmark High Court decisions handed down today have confirmed the primary place of the Native Title Act 1993 (NTA) in determining where native title exists and the extent to which it may have been extinguished, the head of the National Native Title Tribunal has said". -
  • 97. Human Rights - Selected Reference Books
    Indexes and Abstracts for anthropology and related areas Eldis is a gateway tofulltext online ERIC, education and development, applied language studies.
    Human Rights and Development studies
    selected reference sources in the Information Center and on the web
    "Human Rights throughout the World" from Scientific American
    Find b asic country-specific background information in Library of Congress Country Studies Background Notes World Factbook EIU country reports ... country profiles via ELDIS
    Human Rights Information from Government Sources (A Jonsson Library guide)
    Killing fields in the late 20th Century: a statistical compilation of murder and genocide
    Compendia of Documents/Sources
    • Human Rights: 60 major global instruments . 1992. K3238.H859. U.N. conventions, resolutions, etc. Has keyword index: women, indigenous peoples, etc.
    • Basic Documents on Human Rights
    • Women's Rights in International Documents
    • Women's rights in the United States: a documentary history
    • Human Rights: A Reference Handbook
    • The American Reader . 1990. E173.A753. There are other collections of documents in the same call number range edited by Boorstin, Commager

    98. Human Organization -- Journal Of The Society For Applied Anthropology (SfAA)
    Our site has moved. The new home page is http//,
    Our site has moved. The new home page is

    99. Environment And Development - Jürg Schneider's Applied Anthropology Site
    This site would like to guide you to a range of interests in the field of environmentalanthropology which have developed in my research work over the years.

    contact me

    This site would like to guide you to a range of interests in the field of environmental anthropology which have developed in my research work over the years. Problems of resource use by human societies are at the core of my interests.
    Projects online
    Learn about research that I have undertaken within various projects – for example at the intersection of anthropology and agriculture.
    Selected publications
    A list of selected publications. A short piece on "crop pests" from my study on Sumatran rice agriculture.
    Selected links
    "Politics, social change, greed, profit, self-actualization, ethics, and philosophy are all aspects of the human engagement with the physical environment, and these factors must be incorporated into our understanding of human ecology if we are to achieve a more sustainable use of the world" (John W. Bennett, in: Emilio Moran (ed), The Ecosystem Concept in Anthropology, p. 436) Environment and

    Jürg Schneider Contact:
    Website created by webhint

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