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         Aquatic Ecology:     more books (101)
  1. A Biological Assessment of the Aquatic Ecosystems of the Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil (Conservation International Rapid Assessment Program)
  2. Synthetic Pyrethroids: Occurrence and Behavior in Aquatic Environments (Acs Symposium Series)
  3. Trophic Interactions Within Aquatic Ecosystems (Aaas Selected Symposium) by Dewey G. Meyers, 1984-06
  4. Acidic Deposition and Aquatic Ecosystems: Regional Case Studies
  5. Ancient Lakes: Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution, Volume 31 (Advances in Ecological Research)
  6. Biological Response Signatures: Indicator Patterns Using Aquatic Communities
  7. From the Forest to the Sea: The Ecology of Wood in Streams, Rivers, Estuaries and Oceans (Sustainable Community Development) by Chris Maser, James R. Sedell, 1994-05-01
  8. New Approaches to Monitoring Aquatic Ecosystems: A Symposium (Astm Special Technical Publication// Stp)
  9. Aquatic Plants and Wetland Wildlife Resources of Nigeria (Cifa Occasional Papers , No 21) by E. O. Ita, 1994-11
  10. International Mechanisms for the Control And Responsible Use of Alien Species in Aquatic Ecosystems
  11. Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems: Perturbation and Recovery (Ellis Horwood Series in Environmental Management, Science, and Technology) by Italy) European Ecological Symposium 1989 (Siena, 1991-04
  12. Aquatic Mesocosm Studies in Ecological Risk Assessment (Setac Special Publications) by Robert L. Graney, 1993-10-20
  13. Living in Water: An Aquatic Science Curriculum for Grades 5-7 by National Aquarium Staff, 1997-08-01
  14. Effects of Watershed Development and Management on Aquatic Ecosystems: Proceedings of an Engineering Foundation Conference

101. Central Michigan University Graduate Studies
The Central Michigan University Department of Biology offers the master of science (M.S.) degree with emphasis in aquatic biology, ecology, conservation biology, behavior and behavioral ecology, physiology, microbial ecology, molecular biology, and immunology. The degree is offered with both thesis and nonthesis options.

102. BESC
Specializing in environmental management systems, integrated environmental management, industrial ecology, and aquatic biotechnology.

103. Nonindigenous Aquatic Plants - Waterhyacinth
Discussion of the plant's introduction, spread, and damage to the ecology of Florida.

104. Florida Caribbean Science Center
Conducting research in nonindigenous aquatic species, environmental contaminants, manatees, ecosystem modeling, southeastern aquatic fauna, coral reef ecology, Everglades ecosystems, marine studies, amphibians and reptiles, and geospatial technologies.

105. Environmental Change Research Centre
An interdisciplinary research centre which provides research into freshwater ecology, surface water acidification, air pollution, eutrophication, aquatic biodiversity and climate change.

106. Discover Canada's Amphibians
Explores amphibian morphology, ecology and evolution. All Canadian species are described indepth.

107. Sei Whale, Balaenoptera Borealis
Photos, description, distribution, ecology, and behavior.

108. Gadwall (Anas Strepera)
Details about this species' reproduction, ecology, and behavior. Includes a photo.

109. Brant (Branta Bernicla)
Physical characteristics of the adult and juvenile, behavior, and ecology. Includes a sound file.

110. King Eider (Somateria Spectabilis)
Image, description, distribution, and ecology of this species.

111. Franklin's Gull (Larus Pipixcan)
Provides photo, distribution map, and data on this bird's reproduction, ecology, and behavior.

112. Yellow-crowned Night Heron (Nycticorax Violacens)
Photo, distribution map, sound file, and facts about this bird's ecology.

113. Lincoln's Sparrow (Melospiza Lincolnii)
Fact sheet describes this bird's reproduction, ecology, and behavior. Includes a sound file.

114. Sora (Porzana Carolina)
Provides facts about this bird's physical description, reproduction, and ecology. Includes a photo.

115. Earth Ecology Institute, Inc.
We are a private, independent, nonprofit corporation dedicated to research and education in the areas of natural resource management, habitat management and wetland and aquatic habitats.

116. Ecology At Spartanburg Technical College
Environmental education and public awareness in Spartanburg, SC (USA). Emphasis on aquatic and community ecology and pollution.

117. USGS National Wetlands Research Center Wetlands Ecology Branch
Research related to sustainable management and restoration of the USA coastal saltwater wetlands, coastal and inland freshwater wetlands, submerged aquatic ecosystems, and coastal prairie.

118. Aquatic Microbial Ecology
formerly Marine Microbial Food Webs

119. Aquatic And Wetland Plants
A forum for the discussion of current ideas and problems relating to the ecology, conservation, identification and taxonomy of wetland plants.

120. Fishes Of Canada
Explore the fish families of Canada, aquaculture, Canadian fisheries, and fish ecology.

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