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         Archaeoastronomy:     more books (103)
  1. Chaco Culture National Historical Park: National historic park, Pueblo, Chaco Wash, Ancient Pueblo Peoples, Archaeoastronomy, Petroglyph, Fajada Butte, ... World Heritage Site, Hopi, Puebloan peoples
  2. ARCHAEOASTRONOMY the Journal of the Center for Archaeoastronomy - Volume VII (7), Numbers 1-4 by John B. (editor) Carlson, 1985-01-01
  3. Con El Sol, La Luna y Las Estrellas: Arqueoastronomia En Pachakamaq = with the Sun, the Moon and the Stars: Archaeoastronomy in Pachakamaq (Spanish Edition) by Alfio Pinasco Carella, 2007-01
  4. Archaeoastronomy The Bulletin, January - December 1983 by John B. (ed) Carlson, 1983
  5. Archaeoastronomy The Bulletin, October - December 1982 by John B. (ed) Carlson, 1982
  6. Archaeoastronomy. Vol. VIII. No. 1-4, Jan-Dec. 1985 by Carlson, 1985-01-01
  7. Archaeoastronomy The Bulletin, October-November-December 1980 by John B. Carlson, 1980
  8. Archaeoastronomy: Skywatching in the Native American Southwest (Plateau Magazine, Vol 63/2) by Ron McCoy, 1992
  9. archaeoastronomy: The Jounral of the Center for Archaeoastronomy by John B. Carlson, 1984-01-01
  10. Archaeoastronomy: The Journal for the Center for Archaeoastronomy by Various, 1988
  11. Archaeoastronomy the Journal of Astronomy in Culture (Volume XIV, Number 2, 1999) ; Archaeology and Astronomy: A View from Scotland; Astronomy, Oral Literature, and Landscape in Ancient Hawai'i; Archa
  12. Archaeoastronomy The Bulletin, January - March 1982 by John B. (ed) Carlson, 1982
  13. ARCHAEOASTRONOMY JOURNAL by John B. Ed. Carlson, 1993-01-01
  14. Zhongguo tianwen kaoguxue - Archaeoastronomy in China by Shi Feng, 2007-01-01

81. Science: Social Sciences: Archaeology: Topics: Archaeoastronomy -
archaeoastronomy is the study of the cosmological knowledge of ancient cultures,as revealed by texts, calendrical systems, monuments, and other ancient
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Archaeoastronomy Categories See Also: This category in other languages: World Wide Web Add site Update site The following results are from the World Wide Web and may contain objectionable material that Newave does not endorse. If you have a legitimate complaint against one or more of the following sites, do not hesitate to

82. Archaeoastronomy
archaeoastronomy. For calendars. Bates is working to create an archaeoastronomycourse and lab manual fora 100 level course at NAU.
Archaeoastronomy For several years Bryan Bates has researched archaeological-astronomy (archeoastronomy). Archaeoastronomistsstudy how native civilizations used celestial objects as calendars. Bates is working to create an archaeoastronomy course and lab manual fora 100 level course at NAU. Interested people should contact Dr.David Cole Yahoo! Archaeoastronomyclub Returnto the Space Grant homepage

83. Archaeoastronomy Ast387
archaeoastronomy 387. Texts Beyond the Blue Horizon, Krupp; Class Materials,Seeds. How to Study Astronomy. How to Write a Paper. General archaeoastronomy.
Archaeoastronomy 387
  • Beyond the Blue Horizon, Krupp
  • Class Materials, Seeds
  • How to Study Astronomy
  • How to Write a Paper
    Our Favorite Links
    As a class activity, we are assembling our favorite archeaoastronomy links and will list them here. If you find a link to add or an existing link that no longer works, please notify the instructor and he will add your link or fix the broken link.
    National Undergraduate Research Observatory

    Phoenix 10

    Department of Physics and Astronomy
    and we even have an astronomy minor.
    General Archaeoastronomy
    The Center for Archaeoastronomy
    Clive Ruggles's Resource Information

    Archaeoastronomy pages from Pomona College

    Italian Archaeoastronomy
    Mayan Astronomy
    A fine reference with many links.
    History of Astronomy: Archaeoastronomy
    An extensive page of links from Wolfgang R. Dick.
    Cross Quarter Days
    Visit the real Ground Hog Punxsutawney Phil
    Another Page for Punxsutawney Phil
    Candlemas and Imbolc Candlemas and Modern Christianity ... Lammas A modern pagan festival. Candlemas. This is a bit strange but you can learn something about Candlemas.
    Aztec Astronomy
    The Aztec Calendar: The Pointer The Aztec Calendar: World Ages The Aztec Calendar
    Mayan Astronomy
    Mayan Ruins Photo Adventures to Mayan Ruins Mysterious Mayan Ruins !!!
  • 84. Archaeoastronomy Page
    archaeoastronomy. The Science of the New Millennium. For foundations. Discoverthe Latest News on archaeoastronomy, Astronomy, and Archaeology.
    ARCHAEOASTRONOMY The Science of the New Millennium
    For as long as men and women have walked our planet, the skies of day and night have not only been a practical tool but also a source of divine inspiration. As our early ancestors repeatedly observed the infinite majesty of the heavens, they imagined the possibility of something greater than themselves supervising its harmonious regularity. At least 20,000 years ago, the abstract concept of a divine consciousness in the heavens above was beginning to form in the imaginations of early humans on the earth below.
    The supposition that early humans looked to the heavens for answers began in the late 1800s, when the science of archaeoastronomy was beginning to emerge as part of a popular pastime called antiquarianism. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries antiquarians were studying cultures of ancient times, writing literature on their discoveries, and collecting antiquities, which are objects from the past. Noted scholars of that era are William Stukeley and John Aubrey and their work is founded on fundamental archaeological principles. In the last century, Alexander Thom, Sir Norman Lockyer, and others engaged in important prehistoric astronomy research that advanced these practices.
    In the last twenty-five years the science of archaeoastronomy has seen its greatest advancement because contemporary scientists like Dr. E.C. Krupp, Gerald Hawkins, Anthony Aveni, Clive Ruggles, David Dearborn and Alexander Marshack have helped introduce the relationship of religion and cosmology to astronomical phenomena.

    85. Archaeoastronomy
    archaeoastronomy. What's WITH Those Stones? What Is archaeoastronomy? archaeoastronomyis still a very new area of study with a number of different definitions.
    Archaeoastronomy What's WITH Those Stones? This Page is a project for an Astronomy course
    At Plymouth State College
    during the Spring Semester of 1998.
    Plymouth, New Hampshire
    What Is Archaeoastronomy?
    Archaeoastronomy is still a very new area of study with a number of different definitions. Factors determining the definition depends on the approach you are taking. Being Theoretical - Dealing With Practical Applications Within a Modern or Ancient Framework - Dealing in General Investigative Research Or Offshoots or Sub-Disciplines of the Field Generally, it can be defined as the astronomical analysis of archaeological features. Overall, it is devoted to determining the nature and extent of early mans astronomical knowledge. There are other names for archaeoastronomy such as astro-archaeology, astronomical archaeology, and archaeological astronomy. Primarily they mean the same thing as are derived from Astro, meaning star and Archaeo meaning ancient Archaeoastronomy is an interdisciplinary approach involving areas of cultural anthropology, astronomy, mythology, engineering, folklore, navigation, prehistoric art, navigation, land surveying, philology, and geography. Archaeoastronomy developed as a result of the question - Could ancient man have built stone structures to measure, or at least account for movements of the sun, moon, and other celestial objects?

    86. Archaeoastronomy
    Ever wonder how the ancients observed the sky? And, how did they interpret what theysaw? These compilation articles serve as an introduction to these topics.
    Ever wonder how the ancients observed the sky? And, how did they interpret what they saw? These compilation articles serve as an introduction to these topics. Click on the title of your choice below to read an article, or you may explore the website already shown. Stonehenge and Standing Stones of Northwest Europe 3200 - 1500 B.C.E. Pyramids of the Old and Middle Kingdoms in Ancient Egypt 2650 - 1800 B.C.E. Calendars and Temples of Ancient Egypt 4500 - 30 B.C.E. 19 Oct 02 Home Events Links Join WOW ... Observing Tools

    87. Denver Astronomical Society --Archaeoastronomy Books
    archaeoastronomy (Clicking on Book and Product links will open a newBrowser window) Between the Lines The Mystery of the Giant
    (Clicking on Book and Product links will open a new Browser window)

    Back to BookStore Home Denver Astro Home President's Corner Newsletter ... Membership Form Last update: Sunday, November 11, 2001

    88. Archaeoastronomy Links And Resources
    archaeoastronomy museums and related organizations .. archaeoastronomy links,websites, archives and resources .. archaeoastronomy Links, Featured Links.
    museums shop links exhibits ... admin Archaeoastronomy Items at Auction Books and CDs Organizations General Links ... Archaeoastronomy Books .. why not take a moment to view the latest special offers and new arrivals for Archaeoastronomy .. available on .. this link will quickly deliver the results to your screen. Archaeoastronomy Auction .. the auction site offers a continually updated database of unique and hard to find items that relate to Archaeoastronomy .. from museum reproductions to original artwork .. you can find it here.
    links science archaeology :: archaeoastronomy
    Archaeoastronomy - Links
    Featured Archaeoastronomy Links search for more add a link Center for Archaeoastronomy
    Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
    email this page
    .. to a friend or colleague FREE NEWSLETTER .. sign up for our brief and occasional email newsletter .. receive news about current events, special resources, fun activities .. and much more from 1000's of fascinating museums around the world .. it's always easy to cancel .. so why not give it a try? INFORMATION .. this site is one of the world's leading gateways to educational and entertaining museum "stuff" .. Our network has helped over one million visitors gain access to museums online .. our project is a valuable tool for the public and participating organizations.

    89. Center For Archaeoastronomy - Quick Details From
    Center for archaeoastronomy .. details page from, the web'sleading guide to 1000's of museums worldwide. Center for archaeoastronomy. >> Center for Archaeoastronomy Email this page Print Edit Center for Archaeoastronomy OVERVIEW - Dedicated to research, education and public awareness of archaeoastronomy. Site includes answers to the question "What IS archaeoastronomy?" CLICK to ENTER THIS RESOURCE
    RELATED search the web .. for more archaeology archaeoastronomy resources .. companion search powered by
    - purchase direct offspring of trees from historic homes, battles, moments in history .. easy to plant seedlings make great gifts that will last for generations! .. the web's best source for posters and prints .. From popular artists to the most obscure, we've found this site to offer the most variety .. at discount prices. This helpful resource page has been brought to you by the .. one of the world's leading gateways to museum links and resources .. we are grateful to our sponsors for helping ensure the continued success of our network. Information updated on ..

    90. Archaeoastronomy
    A great page on archaeoastronomy. (1) The Egyptians have traced on thetheban soil a huge representation of the Aries constellation.
    This site is a member of WebRing.
    To browse visit Here This page hosted by Get your own Free Homepage Home Page of Robert Bywater and Jean-Pierre Lacroix Page française
    The mapmakers from the ice age
    Included in the Internet Digest (1998 number 2) of the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies Society for Interdisciplinary Studies
    Thebes: a reflection of the sky on the Pharaoh's earth
    Jim Alison's home page:
    A new look at an old design: exploring geographic and geometric relationships along a line of ancient sites around the world A new look at an old design: exploring geographic and geometric relationships along a line of ancient sites around the world Wim van Binsbergen (Africa Studie Centrum) with the astronomical collaboration of Jean-Pierre Lacroix
    Cupmarks, stellar maps, and mankala board-games (overview) An archaeoastronomical and Africanist excursion into Palaeolithic world-views

    91. Archaeoastronomy
    archaeoastronomy. Aveni, Anthony 19952002 2002-10-21 http//
    Aveni, Anthony F. Skywatchers of Ancient Mexico. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 1980. 355 p. $?. Aveni, Anthony F. Stairways to the Stars: Skywatching in Three Great Ancient Cultures. New York: Wiley, 1999. 240 p. $15.95. Coe, W.D. The Maya, 5th rev. ext. ed. Thames and Hudson, 1993. $?. Evans, James. The History and Practice of Ancient Astronomy. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press, 1998. 496 p. $65. Freidel, D.; Schele, L.; and Parker, J. Maya Cosmos: Three Thousand Years on the Shaman's Path. New York William Morrow, 1993. $?. Harris, John F. and Stearns, Stephen K. Understanding Maya Inscriptions: A Hieroglyph Handbook, 2nd rev. ed. Krupp, E.C. Echoes of the Ancient Skies: The Astronomy of Lost Civilizations. New York: Plume, 1994. 386 p. $19.95. Krupp, E.C. Skywatchers, Shamans and Kings: Astronomy and the Archeaology of Power. New York: Wiley. $27.95. Cycles of the Sun, Mysteries of the Moon: The Calendar in Mesoamerican Civilization. 1997. 288 p. $17.95. McCluskey, Stephen C.

    92. CompletePlanet - Directory Archaeoastronomy
    Search Databases for Search All Within archaeoastronomy.
    Search Databases for: Search All Within Archaeoastronomy Top Archaeology No further results below this node. NODE RESULTS 1-2 of 2 Open Directory - Science: Astronomy: Amateur: Constellations
    constellations, names, information, amateur, constellation, astronomy, sky, guide, maps, stars, deep, languages, science, update, belt, myths, orion, url, astronomical, editor, star, catalog, edit, seen, multiple, atlases, lore, modern, objects, pt
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    Books Kids'Books Spanish Books All Products Browse Choose a subject Art Architecture... Memoirs Business Investing Children's Books Christian Books Computers Internet Cooking, Food Wine... Books Docs Entertainment Gay Lesbian Health, Mind Body History... Romance Science Fiction Spanish-Language Sports Teens Travel... Price 59.00 From Book News, Inc. Traces
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    93. MID-ATLANTIC GEOMANCY: Archaeoastronomy - 1
    archaeoastronomy. Link to a great animated image of Cairn T at LoughcrewEquinox Sunrise. Stonehenge Summer Solstice Sunrise, Our

    Link to a great animated image
    of Cairn T at Loughcrew
    Equinox Sunrise
    Stonehenge - Summer Solstice Sunrise
    Our prehistoric ancestors were very aware of the movements of celestial bodies in the heavens - especially the Sun. Ancient sacred sites were usually oriented towards significant horizonal astronomical events. Since the time of Norman Lockyer when he 'documented' at the turn of the last century that indeed the Summer Solstice Sunrise did come up over the Heel Stone at Stonehenge (on the Wiltshire Downs in England), scientists have been finding significant astronomical orientations at more and more ancient sacred sites all over the world. From the Peruvian Machu Picchu's 'hitching post of the Sun', the Intihuatana Stone, to the Viking labyrinths in Sweden, and at Cairn T at Carnbane East (seen here on the right), it was important to orient the sacred site towards the Sun, the Moon and occasionally specific stars as they rose or set along the horizon. Carnbane East is in the Loughcrew Mountains of Ireland, about twenty miles North-West of Newgrange. Cairn T, Loughcrew, Ireland

    94. WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology: Archaeology: Archaeoastronomy
    Home Archaeology archaeoastronomy. SubCategories Suggest Category Links1. Mesoamerican archaeoastronomy 8.00 (Added Aug. 15, 2002 Modified Aug.
    This site uses javascript. Please turn it on. Careers Forum Library Members ... Contact Us Enter Keywords: All Categories This Category ONLY Advanced Search Search Tips FAQs Help ... Archaeology Archaeoastronomy Sub-Categories: Megaliths


    Suggest Category

    Links: Mesoamerican Archaeoastronomy
    Added: Aug. 15, 2002 Modified: Aug. 15, 2002 Hits: Votes: Rating:
    A Review of Contemporary Understandings of Prehispanic Astronomic Knowledge.
    Found at:
    See Details about this Link

    Bookmark It!
    Nominate It! Rate It! ...
    The Search of Lord Pakal Ahau in the 21st Century
    Added: Nov. 10, 2002 Modified: Nov. 10, 2002 Hits: Votes: Rating: An independent exhibition of collected facts and related theories about King Pakal of Palenque and the discovery of his Royal tomb in 1952 inside a Ma... Found at: See Details about this Link Bookmark It! Nominate It! Rate It! ... Submit your Internet Resource Search for Archaeology: Archaeoastronomy at Amazon DogPile Google Liszt ... Member of Anthro TECH's Banner Exchange Anthro TECH, L.L.C WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology maintained by Anthro TECH . The WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology is part of the WWW Virtual Library

    95. Archaeoastronomy, Ancient Astronomy
    archaeoastronomy Home - Return to Topics Page archaeoastronomy Learnabout ancient astronomy and ancient observations in Egypt and India.
    Archaeoastronomy Home Aboriginal (Native American) Star Knowledge: Menu This is a combination of basic astronomy, archaeoastronomy, and Native American mysticism which creates a very interesting website. - illustrated - By Paula Giese - Ancient Astronomy An Interactive Atlas of World Astronomy with good texts and links to additional material. "In addition to these resources, we also include an online tour of the Maya Dresden Codex and the Aztec Borgian Codex and sample essays and final projects from students in the Pomona College Ancient Cosmology course taught by Dr. Penprase." - illustrated - Archaeoastronomy "A section of Chaco Canyon National Historical Culture Park, NM, that has been occupied by both Anasazi and Navajo peoples, is being surveyed for astronomically relevant features by Ambruster and A. Hull (OCA Applied Optics)." This is a brief summary of the study. - From Villanova University -

    96. Italian Archaeoastronomy
    By maintaining this page we would like to contribute to the vast field of archaeoastronomy,by reporting news of studies performed in Italy at Universities or
    Versione italiana
    By maintaining this page we would like to contribute to the vast field of archaeoastronomy, by reporting news of studies performed in Italy at Universities or Archaeological Research Institutes. The aim is to spread the findings of the studies and to raise more interest on the topics of archaeoastronomy tackled by cooperating scholars of many disciplines.
    • A new book by G.Romano on North-American Archaeoastronomy has just been printed: "Mio padre è il Cielo - Segni dell'antica astronomia nord-americana", Ed. CLEUP - Padova, 1998. "Archaeoastronomy: religion and ancient beliefs"
      presented at the International Conference in Rome Conference on History of Astronomy - Naples 26-27, September
      Presentations schedule
    Papers Anasazi Indians Villages Measurements of orientations in the monuments of San Agustin Samaipata - Pilcokayna - Acclahuasi Links What is archaeoastronomy The object
    • Measurement of time Archaeoastronomical sites
    • Italian Publications on archaeoastronomy Books on archaeoastronomy
    If you want to broaden up the archaeoastronomical horizon here is a list of superlinks: amaze yourselves, we suggest a link... a day.

    97. Larz Of The North : Archaeoastronomy
    archaeoastronomy These are original writings involving my thoughtsand experiences in areas of archaeology, mythology and astronomy
    These are original writings involving my thoughts and experiences in areas of archaeology, mythology and astronomy put in a historical context.
    Where the Thunderbirds Roam

    In Search of...the Cetacean Nation

    Clones for Sale

    Sleeping Through a Vision Quest
    ... MP3 info

    98. Archaeoastronomy Calendars
    The Ancient History of Comet Hale Bopp, 0, 0, 1/7/02 103913 am, TroubledTimes.Brief Introduction to archaeoastronomy, 0, 0, 1/7/02 102857 am, TroubledTimes.

    99. World Mysteries - Related Links
    WorldMysteries deals with archaeoastronomy, archaeology, ancient writings,megaliths, ancient civilizations, unsolved world mysteries and more
    ... Home You are here: related links
    Online Books
    History Timelines ... Science Links
    Related Links
    Archaeoastronomy Pages
    Great collection of photography and papers by James Q. Jacobs.
    AEON is a journal of myth, science, and ancient history specializing in archaeoastronomy and.comparative mythology.
    The journal explores the evidence for global catastrophes and interplanetary upheaval in the recent past, seeking out the implications for the affected disciplines. Aeon is designed to encourage independent investigation, to speed up the process of communicating findings to others, and to foster a wider debate as to the interpretation of new data. Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations
    A look at ancient relics showing that Egyptians mapped the constellations. Center for Archaeoastronomy
    Advances research, education and public awareness of archaeoastronomy.

    100. Archaeoastronomy Innovations And Patents
    archaeoastronomy Innovations and Patents © 2002 Dialysis. More informationon archaeoastronomy and archaeoastronomy Research References.
    Archaeoastronomy Innovations and Patents © 2002, XQ23.COM Research (
    Who were the
    Great Minds

    Absolute Zero

    Acid Rain


    Educational Priorities

    kurt vonnegut arthur c clarke david brin ... Dialysis More information on: Archaeoastronomy and Archaeoastronomy Research References. Recent U.S. patents related to Archaeoastronomy: 6,372,801: Non-hazardous pest control 6,372,766: Substituted 2-(2'-pyridyloxy)phenylacetamides, as fungicides and pesticides 6,372,748: Fungicide mixtures based on pyridine amides and fenarimol 6,372,692: Isothiazole carboxylic acid amides and the application thereof in order to protect plants 6,369,090: Fungicidal mixture 6,368,846: Ectoparasite saliva proteins and apparatus to collect such proteins 6,365,614: Fungicides mixtures 6,365,613: Fungicidal mixtures 6,365,608: Fungicide mixtures based on pyridine carboxamides 6,365,396: Parasite-derived resistance 6,362,192: 2-(Pyrazolyloxy) -pyridin-3-ylacetic acid derivatives, agents containing the same and use thereof against noxious fungi and animal parasites

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