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         Armadillos:     more books (100)
  1. Armadillo Book, The by Bill Bryant, 1983-03-30
  2. There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos: A Work of Political Subversion by Jim Hightower, 1998-09-01
  3. The armadillo: Its relation to agriculture and game, by E. R Kalmbach, 1944
  4. Digging Armadillos (Pull Ahead Books) by Judith Jango-Cohen, 1999-04
  5. Amazing Armadillos (Step into Reading) by Jennifer Mckerley, 2009-08-25
  6. Armadillo: A Novel by William Boyd, 2000-04-11
  7. The Armadillo (Wildlife of North America) by Steve Potts, 1999-08
  8. The Armadillo Whisperer by Denniger Bolton, 2008-01-14
  9. The Evolution and Ecology of Armadillos, Sloths and Vermilinguas (Portuguese Edition)
  10. Redneck Riviera: Armadillos, Outlaws and the Demise of an American Dream by Dennis Covington, 2004-12-13
  11. Don't Ever Cross That Road! An Armadillo Story by Conrad J. Storad, 2007-09-01
  12. Alice the Armadillo: A Tale of Self Discovery (Animal Fair Values) by Felicia Law, 2009-12-15
  13. The Astonishing Armadillo (Nature Watch) by Dee Stuart, 1993-03
  14. Altruistic Armadillos, Zenlike Zebras: Understanding the World's Most Intriguing Animals by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, 2010-02-01

21. Native American Indian And Ethnic Sculpture, Hands Around The World, Specializin
Handmade Native American Indian sculpture by artists from Mexico and South American including dolls, dragons, devils, munecas, armadillos, jaguars, and birds.
Hands Around the World
Hand Made Native American and Ethnic Sculpture
Hands Around the World is dedicated to providing a marketplace for traditionally produced Native American sculpture. Sculpture making is one of the oldest Native American arts, being present in largely unchanged form. The Indians had created a repertoire of sculpture shapes and design elements specific, if not unique, to each tribal grouping. The variety and beauty of these creations are prized throughout the world. Sculpture crafts are ideal for starting a Native American art collection. We also have sculpture by artists from Indonesia and Mexico. The unique sculptures include dragons, figures, animals, dolls, and warriors. They are made from corn husks, pottery, or carved in wood. Atzompa is a tiny village in Mexico known for it's pottery including the fanciful and intricate munecas, or figures. The Guahibo Indians live in the Amazon Basin of South America. The women make dolls from bark and fiber, decorated with seeds. The Yekuana Indians are a very traditional tribe living along the riverbanks in the Amazon Rainforest in Venezuela. The men also carve benches into likenesses of jungle animals. The jaguar is often used as it is the symbol of the seat of power. The thinker which symbolizes God is another design often used, especially in shamanic items such as ceremonial rattles. The Piapoco Indians also live in the Amazon basin of Venezuela. The Piapoco men and sometimes women carve animals such as the eagles and armadillos from light weight balsa wood, plentiful in the rainforest.

22. Armadillo Online!
Armadillo logo Armadillo Online! Welcome to the wonderful world of armadillos. armadillosare an amazing group of animals that originated in South America.
@import "../script-style/armadillo.css";
Armadillo Online!
Welcome to the wonderful world of armadillos.
Not your average speed bump on the information superhighway!
Armadillos are an amazing group of animals that originated in South America. Armadillos are mammals , just like you. Contrary to what you may have heard, the armadillo is neither a rodent nor a marsupial, and they are not related to the opossum any more than you are. There are twenty different species of armadillos. They belong to the order Xenarthra, family Dasypodidae. Their closest relatives are sloths and anteaters shell three-banded armadillo Armadillos are built to dig. They have short, strong legs that are well suited to rapid digging, either for food or for shelter. Like their cousins, the sloth and anteater , armadillos have strong claws giant armadillo peg-shaped . Armadillo teeth do not have the hard white enamel coating that protects the teeth of other mammals. nine-banded armadillo
What can I find on this website?
Why an armadillo page?
biodiversity species Dasypus novemcinctus ). This is only one of about twenty kinds of armadillo, and several of the others are endangered. The

23. IMusic Country Showcase - Smokin Armadillos On The ARTISTdirect Network
Includes photos, audio clips, biography, album information, and bulletin board.



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Smokin Armadillos

What they found were six good looking, clean cut and courteous young men. The kind of men who make women swoon. A band whose energy drives crowds crazy. Musicians who make great music. And they're poised to leave country music singed and smokin' with their self-titled MCG/CURB debut album. Meanwhile back at the ranch, when Josh finally arrived home he scribbled his idea onto a piece of notebook paper and gave birth to what eventually became the first Armadillo original 'I'm A Cowboy'(he really is). It was a stompin' romp of a song. Actually it was just the lyrics. Actually it was more of a rap that Cowboy Josh performed on request at banquets and talent shows. Friends kept telling him he ought to add some music and suggested he collaborate with a young fiddler in town. Enter quietly Jason Theiste(J.T), a nearly-silent young man with championship credentials and a bold and boisterous fiddle, Josh's friends were right. Music was a must. A rap and a fiddle. This had some quirky potential.
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24. Chad's Eclectic World Of Armadillos, Poetry, And Etc.
About the author, his poetry, armadillos, college life, and links to his friends.
SYCAA Hi, my name is Chad! aka: Speedo! College Life More about me My Friends Online
Comments? Email me at antispambot @at chadl
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25. Rockin Armadillos

26. Ivory Tower Crime
Detailed information about leprosy and armadillos.
Ivory Tower Crime
do not constitute
according to

Then what constitutes scientific misconduct? According to Dr. Clyde Watkins of Office of Research Integrity , the official government definition was fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism. We flunked his test. Of three words we used to characterize a major scientific crime , only one was on his list, and we used it out of order. Therefore, he dismissed our appeal for a hearing. Since then, the Ryan Commission has compounded the problem by redefining misconduct as misappropriation, interference, and misrepresentation. Now, ORI has six words they can Babelize to block the public from hearing the truth about misconduct in science.
In reality, we did not get a hearing because our case incriminated U.S. Public Health Service officials, and Office of Research Integrity would do anything in their power to protect them, including a sophomoric juggling of words.
The clumsy deceptions used by USPHS to obstruct justice are more frightening than the crimes they committed to begin with. You can pick up this labyrinthine trail of deceit by visiting

27. Guide To Ski Resorts In Colorado Section 1
A 3 day country music festival and rodeo event featuring Lila McCann, Aaron Tippin, Diamond Rio, Smokin armadillos. Site includes schedule of events, directions and ticket information.
Alpine Slide - "Ride the Slide"
The Alpine Slide thrill begins with an eleven minute scenic charilift ride on the Arrow. Memories of Olympic Bobsledding come to mind, as you board your plastic alpine sled. Equipped with rollers and brakes, excitement becomes a reality as you feel the rush of the 610 foot vertical drop of the Alpine Slide. Over 3000 feet long, the heart pounding track winds its way under the Arrow chairlift. Open from 10:00-5:30, come ride the slide at Winter Park Resort.
Rock 'n' Roll Gyro
Let the good times roll with Winter Park Resort's new Rock 'n' Roll Gyro! Riders strap into the sphere and control its speed by shifting their body weight. Fast or slow or in between, this unique attraction should not be missed. The Rock 'n' Roll Gyro is located at the base of the resort.
Zephyr Express Chairlift
The Zephyr Express transports passengers from The Village at Winter Park (9,000'el.) to the summit of Winter Park mountain (10,700'el.). Once at the top, enjoy an alpine hike or mountain bike ride on the resort's 50 mile trail system. Then rest and linger over a relaxing lunch on the sunny decks of The Lodge at Sunspot. Don't forget to do some shopping at the Sunspot Mercantile, the official summer logo store of Winter Park Resort. Summer Ski Train Excursions
The Ski Train will be beginning its summer season excursions in June 2002, offering a postcard-perfect train experience through the dramatic peaks of the Rockies. Mountain bikers, hikers, music lovers, and sightseers alike enjoy a day at Winter Park. For comfort, convenience and amenities, there’s no better route to go. We travel through scenery you’ll never see any other way. In addition to the scenic wonders of the Flatirons and South Boulder Canyon, you will encounter rugged alpine wilderness and vistas not seen anywhere else but on The Ski Train. You’ll pass through dozens of tunnels including the historic Moffat Tunnel under the Continental Divide. We drop you off directly at the base of the Winter Park Resort, within a short walk all resort activities, and music festivals.

28. Guitars And Cadillacs - Texas Gifts
Online shopping site for Texas gifts, gourmet foods, Jardine Foods, gift baskets, salsa, clothing, Tshirts, cooking, Texas flags, armadillos, and apparel.
Go Shop! Truly Texas Gourmet Foods DL Jardines Texas In A Basket New Canaan Farms ... Contact Us Established in 1983, has continued to be the country's most complete retailer of unique Texas gifts for over 20 years. Our awarding winning web site provides convenient 24/7 shopping from the Lone Star State So come on in and SHOP our unique Texas Gift Collection including wonderful Texas limestone desk accessories, Texas wind chimes, rustic metal home accents, Texas throws, bluebonnet gifts, and an extensive selection of "Made in Texas" gourmet foods. All provide the "Texas Touch" to your home and lifestyle. Now Available! "Multiple Address Shipping" . Ship to all the cousins in one easy transaction. Simply fill up your shopping cart, then choose separate "ship to" addresses when you check-out. Free Shipping As ambassadors to the Great State of Texas , we must be true to our Texas Hospitality heritage. With that in mind

29. Armadillos - Nine-Banded Armadillo - Texas Wildlife
Fun facts about the ninebanded armadillo.Category Science Biology Mammalia Xenarthra armadillos...... warmer hours of the afternoon. Outside of the breeding season, adultarmadillos generally live alone. A single armadillo may have
Nine-Banded Armadillo
Photo courtesy of Dr. Deborah Craton's
Armadillo Burrow on the Web
Fun Facts
A distant counsin of the sloth and the anteater , the Nine-Banded Armadillo originated in South America. It immigrated to Texas by way of Mexico in the 19th. century. Its name comes from a Spanish word referring to its armor like covering. The shell is made of a bone like casing. In the Nine-Banded Armadillo (the only species of armadillo found in Texas), the armor consists of a large shield over the shoulders, a second large shield over the rump, and nine bands in the middle. Because the shell itself cannot grow nor be replaced as the armadillo grows, it is soft and leathery when the armadillo is born. It does not harden until the armadillo reaches its full adult size of 8 to 15 pounds. While not as slow as the sloth, the armadillo rarely hurries. Walking on the soles of its back feet and the tips of its claws on its front feet, the armadillo ambles along at no more than a third of a mile per hour. However, the armadillo is able to run when danger threatens. Its hard shell allows it to run through thorny underbrush when fleeing predators. The armadillo has a particularly interesting method for crossing water. Its heavy armor shell causes it to sink. When faced with a narrow stream or a water filled ditch, the armadillo will simply walk across the bottom, under water. However, when up against a wider body of water, the armadillo will swallow enough air to inflate its stomach to twice its normal size. This increased buoyancy then allows the armadillo to swim across. Afterwards, it takes the armadillo several hours to release all the excess air from its body.

30. Order Xenarthra
Overview of the order of armadillos, anteaters, and sloths from the Animal Diversity Web.
The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Animal Diversity Web About us ... Glossary
Order Xenarthra
(armadillos, anteaters, and sloths)
Xenarthrans radiated in South America during the Tertiary, when that continent was isolated by sea from other continents. The group currently includes armadillos 2-toed sloths 3-toed sloths , and anteaters , placed in four families containing 29 species. These animals are mostly insectivores and herbivores of small to medium body size (up to around 60 kg). In the past, however, xenarthrans were much more diverse and numerous. They radiated into around a dozen families, including not only the groups known today, but also such animals as giant ground sloths, some of which were larger than elephants; glyptodonts, reaching 3 m in length and the most heavily armored vertebrates that ever existed; and a large number of smaller grazing and browsing forms. Several groups of xenarthrans successfully crossed the Central American land bridge to North America when it formed in the Pliocene; these included a number of kinds of ground sloths and armadillos. Only one species, however, an armadillo ( Dasypus novemcinctus ), is still alive today.

31. Armadillos
armadillos. armadillos are used to study Hansen's disease (leprosy), a naturallyoccurring disease in this species. armadillos, copyright Animals Animals Inc.
ARMADILLOS are used to study Hansen's disease (leprosy), a naturally occurring disease in this species. Scientists are using armadillos to test a new vaccine to help people who have Hansen's disease and to try to find ways to prevent it..

32. Index Of /lark/
Includes information about the class, gallery, links, classifieds, forum, and events.
Index of /lark/
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33. Home
Kingston Restaurant specializing in Southwestern cuisine.
Armadillo Annual Spring Spruce Up
Reopen Thursday Night - April 3rd
with 1/2 price fabulous frozen margaritas
SINCE 1987
A rm a d i ll o B a r G r i ll
97 Abeel St. Kingston, NY 12401 845 339 - 1550
Join us in 2003 for
Award winning food - Zagats Dining Guide
A BIG THANK YOU to all of our customers
We received an award from Zagat's Guide for Restaurants
because so many of you gave us such high marks and glowing comments that we were voted as one of the top restaurants in
the Hudson Valley/New England Area.
take a look at the new Bodacious Burrito selections
New Seasonal Dinner menu kidz menu days and hours of operation photos of friends cookin' with the Armadillo recipe page weekly specials cappuccino coffee drinks ... sweet endings our email Armadillo Crossing
About our place For over 16 years, customers and food critics alike have praised our innovative, fun restaurant. Our talented culinary crew creates exciting food combining the spice of the Southwest with the freshest fish and local Hudson Valley produce and cheeses.

34. Armadillo Printout-
Armadillo printout. armadillos are timid, armored mammals that live in warm grasslandsand forests from South America up to the southeastern United States.
Armadillos Animal Printouts
Label Me! Printouts

Armadillo are timid, armored mammals that live in warm grasslands and forests from South America up to the southern United States. Armadillos are burrowers who dig underground dens. Armadillos can jump 3 ft (1 m) straight up into the air. Many armadillos are killed when they are run over by cars. Anatomy : Armadillos are protected by plates of bony armor covered with skin. Many armadillos can curl into a ball when threatened by predators. There are 20 different types of armadillos that range in size from 6 to 60 inches (15-152 cm) long. Diet : Armadillo are primarily insectivores (insect-eaters). They dig into the earth using their large claws to find food. They use their long tongue to get ants, beetles, termites, worms, grubs, other small animals and eggs. Armadillos have peg-like teeth. Reproduction : Most armadillos give birth to one or two offspring, but the Nine-Banded Armadillo always has identical quadruplets (4 babies that come from one egg). Classification : Class Mammalia (mammals), Order Edentata (anteaters, sloths, and armadillos), Family Dasypodidae (armadillos), Genus Dasypus.

35. Armadillo Traps And Plans - Critter Control
Armadillo Trap Engineering Company allows you to trap armadillos with no bait. Our traps prevent pests from destroying your garden, flowers, and homes.

Product Information
Armadillo Facts Privacy Policy Contact Us ... Email
Armadillos are found throughout the Southern U.S. The South's high temperatures, humidity, and sandy-loam soils create the prefect habitat for this animal.
They are known to be voracious diggers, digging burrows as long as 15 feet. This often causes damage to yards as well as homes and driveways as the animal burrows beneath.
Click here to Order Your Assembled Armadillo Trap.

(Instant online credit card approval) We have discovered the secret!!!

36. Smokin Armadillos Fan Page
Includes the latest news, updated tour dates, recent concert photos, and message board.

37. Armadillos Posters
program. armadillos Posters Gallery is brought to you in associationwith The World's Largest Posters and Print Store.

38. Family: Dasypodidae
Basic information and anatomy of the armadillo.Category Science Biology Mammalia Xenarthra armadillos......armadillos. armadillos range from the central United States south through Centraland South America. armadillos lack canines, and most have no incisors.
The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Animal Diversity Web About us ... Glossary
Armadillos range from the central United States south through Central and South America. They are by far the most diverse group of xenarthrans, with 20 species in 8 genera. To most of us, the defining feature of armadillos is their " shell ." This structure consists of bony scutes covered with thin keratinous (horny) plates. The scutes cover most of the dorsal surface of the body. They are interrupted by bands of flexible skin at least behind the head, and in most species, at intervals across the back as well. The belly is soft and unprotected by bone except insofar as some species are able to curl into a ball. Hairs project from the areas between scutes, and in some species the ventral surface is densely hairy as well. The limbs have irregular horny plates covering at least parts of their surfaces; they also may be hairy. The top of the head is always covered by a shield of keratin-covered scutes, and the tail is covered by bony rings. Armadillos vary in size from the tiny fairy armadillo (120 gms) to the giant armadillo (60 kg). Body length ranges from about 125 mm to around 1 m. The snout is short and triangular in some species, long and tubular in others. Some species have large external ears, others do not. The eyes generally seem small. All armadillos have powerful forelimbs, with 3-5 digits (depending on the species) tipped with heavy, curved

39. Armadillos
The armadillos' most notable feature is their armor —the bony platescovering their body. In fact armadillos. HSUS. Although armadillos
About Us Campaigns How You Can Help Government Affairs ... Armadillos Armadillos
HSUS Although armadillos have several unique characteristics that distinguish them from other mammals, the more than 2,000 bony scales that cover the head, legs, and back are their most notable features. The Spanish word armadillo means "little armored one." The "armor" of the armadillo is composed of bony plates covered by a leathery skin. While this hard shell offers some protection, it cannot really repel predator attacks. However, it may provide protection when the armadillo coils himself in his burrow and a predator cannot get enough of a grasp to do any damage. Armadillos range throughout the south-central and southeastern United States and may now be found as far north as Oklahoma and Arkansas. This range expansion has been aided somewhat by humans, who have transported armadillos to other parts of the country. Originally native to South America, armadillo colonization in the U.S. seems to have taken place only within the last 150 years. The armadillo found in the U.S. is called the nine-banded armadillo ( Dasypus novemcinctus Armadillos live in a variety of habitats, including thorn scrub, mixed grasslands, and wooded bottomlands. Their preferred habitat may be wetlands with dense shade and sandy soils that are easy to dig. River valleys and areas around creeks, stock ponds, and reservoirs are choice armadillo habitats. Usually nocturnal, armadillos dig numerous emergency and temporary burrows. These may range in depth from 20 inches to 20 feet. More permanent abodes may include a network of tunnels with three to four entrances.

40. Armadillo Control, Armadillos, Traps, Repellents, Elimination, Wildlife
Armadillo control measures; repellents, traps, pest control for lawn pests; howto eliminate armadillos. armadillos. Elimination of Nuisance armadillos.
Pest Control Pests Products
Control, Biology, Identification of Armadillos
Control Measures Armadillo Control Summary Armadillo Information Armadillo Damage ... Armadillo Control Products Armadillo Information Control Measures Armadillo Damage Armadillo Control Summary An Armadillo can cause tremendous damage to cultivated areas such as your manicured lawn, golf courses. This damage is due to this mammal's diet of grubs, insects and other small invertebrates. While hunting for food, an Armadillo can wreak havoc on turf, digging small to medium holes in numerous locations. While there are many people who are fascinated with the Armadillo and its habits, those who spend many long hours cultivating a nice lawn do not appreciate their grassy front yard resembling a mine field!
These armored mammals can also cause great damage to ornamental and fruit trees. The burrows (which can run up to 25 feet long) often disturb and damage the root systems of trees and shrubs. This burrowing activity also damages concrete slabs, creating air pockets beneath the concrete that weakens (and many times cracks) the foundation of homes and other buildings.
Homes built off-grade (including mobile homes) are not immune to Armadillo damage. Their tunnels help create water run-off problems and often cause flooding beneath homes.

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