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         Armadillos:     more books (100)
  1. It's an Armadillo! (Picture Puffins) by Bianca Lavies, 1994-01-01
  2. The Land of Hungry Armadillos by Lawrence David, 2000-05-09
  3. Armadillos Sleep in Dugouts: And Other Places Animals Live by Pam Munoz Ryan, 1997-10-01
  4. Tank Girl Armadillo!: A Novel by Alan C Martin, 2008-04-08
  5. Blondes in Venetian Paintings, the Nine-Banded Armadillo, and Other Essays in Bi by Professor Konrad Bloch, 1997-02-27
  6. The Story of Armadillo (Bang on the Door Series) by Jackie Robb, Berny Stringle, 2003-10
  7. Armadillo in the Grass by Shelby Hearon, 1983-10
  8. Armadillos (Nature's Children) by Amanda Harman, 2004-01
  9. Armadillos sleep in dugouts; and other places animals live, illustrated by Diane deGroat. by Pam Muñoz Ryan, 1997
  10. Bongo the Armadillo: v. 1 by Steve Way, 2001-03-30
  11. Armadillo stew by Myrtle Simpson, 1975
  12. Fan-tailed Warbler Foraging with Nine-banded Armadillos. (Short Communications).(Author Abstract): An article from: Wilson Bulletin by Oliver Komar, Cullen K. Hanks, 2002-12-01
  13. Do Armadillos Come in Houses? by Jonathan Reed, 1981-09
  14. Armadillo and the Pirates of Jupiter by Amelia Scott, 2010-07-13

61. Armadillos
armadillos. Texans and armadillos call the Lone Star State home, but who are thesearmored neighbors? armadillos once belonged to the primitive order Edentata.
Armadillos Texans and armadillos call the Lone Star State home, but who are these armored neighbors? While some believe that the armadillo can be a pest in the home landscape, they are actually beneficial. There is a lot to know about this interesting mammal with tiny eyes, a pig-nose, ears like a donkey and a football-shaped body. Armadillos once belonged to the primitive order Edentata. Edentata means "toothless," a misleading name since armadillos have 32 peg-like molars. Armadillos are now classified to the order Xenarthra. The Armadillo ( Dasypus novemcinctus ), originated in South and Central America and is related to anteaters and sloths. Armadillos traveled to Texas through Mexico and stayed because our moderate climate is essential for their survival. Armadillos don’t hibernate and cannot survive long periods of cold weather. The name Armadillo means "little armored one" and is derived from the Spanish word armada. The name Nine-Banded Armadillo ( Dasypus novemcinctus ) refers to the moveable bands across the back of the "dillo," which can number between 7 and 11. Other nicknames include "possum in a half shell," "Texas turkeys" and "Hoover hogs," to name a few. The name "Hoover hogs" began when armadillos were eaten by the economically disadvantaged during the Depression, when Herbert Hoover was President.

62. Armadillos, Possums And Pavement
Montgomery, Al 36130. armadillos, POSSUMS AND PAVEMENT. No one is quite sure. Somebelieve that armadillos followed fire ants as they spread east and northward.
Alabama Dept. Of Conservation and Natural Resources 64 N. Union Street Montgomery, Al 36130 ARMADILLOS, POSSUMS AND PAVEMENT By Mitchell Marks Wildlife Biologist
Freedom Hills WMA They must be born dead on the side of the road because you never see them anywhere else. Many people have thought this, though they know that it isn't true. As more and more cars and trucks travel more and more paved roads, wildlife will always fall victim more often than other animals. The armadillo is not native to Alabama. It originally immigrated to this country from Central America. Some were possibly introduced to the southeastern states. Why? No one is quite sure. Some believe that armadillos followed fire ants as they spread east and northward. While they prefer to forage on insects and small invertebrates, armadillos do consume some vegetable matter. They have peg-like teeth with no root or enamel, making soft food a necessity. They are covered with an armor plating which is actually bony dermal scales and have sparse hair on their unprotected belly. Their offspring all develop from a single egg, and they usually give birth to quadruplets that are always identical. Armadillos are typically slow moving, their vision is poor and hearing is little better. When startled, the first thing they do is jump straight up. This strategy works when a predator attacks, but when a car or truck is passing over them, it usually means sure death. It's an instinctive flaw that gets them killed when crossing pavement. But rest assured, there are many more that cross the pavement successfully than those that don't. It is also important to note that armadillos sometimes carry leprosy.

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64. Put On Your Armor Against Drugs, Crime, And Violence - Armadillos
How pet armadillos are making a difference by teaching millions of children.See video and audio Why armadillos? The Armadillo is cleverly
Home Page
School Programs
About Armadillos Armadillo Derby ... Church Programs
Why Armadillos?
The Armadillo is cleverly presented as a visual teaching aid and memory anchor for the community service anti-drug message. Just as the armadillo's armor protects against enemies, children are encouraged to PUT ON THEIR ARMOR against drugs, crime, and violence because they are special.
Armadillo Stats
Weight 10 lbs. (Nine-banded) to 130 lbs. (Giant) Length Body 2-4 feet, Tail 1-2 feet Body Temperature 90 degrees Pregnancy 260 days (Litter 2 to 12)
(Always quadruplets in nine-banded) Young Eyes Open 25 days
Weaning Age 6 weeks Life Span 15 - 20 years
Looking at armadillos
The early Spanish explorers in Central America called it "El Armadillo" - "the armored one." Its body looks like a knight's armor. In the wild, the armadillo is a true insect-eating machine with its
snout to the ground, rooting like a pig, packing away over 200 pounds of insects in a year, and contributing admirably to the control of insect overpopulation! The armadillo is a world-class digger found only in the Americas - Southern United States, Mexico, Central and South America. In Mississippi, it is nicknamed the "grave digger."
The armadillo wears a stiff, leathery wrapping. The head and rump are solid: the middle is divided into flexible bands. The flexible bands allow the armadillo to roll up into a tight ball for protection if it can't escape by digging. Where can you tickle an armadillo? On its belly. This is the only spot with no armor. It is the armadillo's area most vulnerable to attack.

65. SPMFBL Clubhouse
armadillos. OC Larry Pyle. From Free Agency To armadillos. LB Kenneth Schmidt. FromFree Agency To armadillos. OT Michael Smith. From Free Agency To armadillos.

66. Armadillos
Fossil name, Fossil group, Locality, Age. Glyptodon clavipes, armadillos, Uruguay,Quaternary. Glyptodon sp. armadillos, South America, Quaternary.
Fossil name Fossil group Locality Age Glyptodon clavipes Armadillos Uruguay Quaternary Glyptodon sp. Armadillos South America Quaternary Panochtus sp. Armadillos Uruguay Quaternary
, University of Oslo, Norway, 2001. [Norsk tekst]

67. Dasypodidae (Armadillos)
Family Dasypodidae. NineBanded Armadillo. Members of this family,the armadillos, are the most diverse group of xenarthrans. There
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Home Zoo Mammals :Armadillos
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Xenarthra
Family: Dasypodidae
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Family Dasypodidae
Nine-Banded Armadillo
Members of this family, the armadillos, are the most diverse group of xenarthrans. There are 20 species of armadillo in 8 genera. The primary feature of the armadillo is its "shell". It is not like a turtle's shell but a layer of thick, hard skin that covers the dorsal surface. This can be very hairy or lack hair at all. The underside of most armadillos is very hairy and some armadillos can actually curl up into a ball so that their soft belly is protected. Species vary in size and have various other features that are not consistent (ear size, etc.) However, they all have short, powerful limbs with long, curved claws. All armadillos are string swimmers and most live their entire lives on the ground. The are usually solitary though some species will nest together in the same burrow. All are diggers that live in burrows and dig after food.

68. Xenarthra (Armadillos, Anteaters & Sloths)
HomeZooMammalsarmadillos, Anteaters Sloths. Kingdom Animalia Phylum ChordataClass Mammalia Order Xenarthra, 2003 Calendars. Anteaters (1) armadillos (1).
Home Zoo Mammals
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Xenarthra
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Order Xenarthra

Members of this order consist of the two and three toed sloth, the American anteater, and the armadillos. All members of this order are found in South, Central, and Southern North America. The nine-banded armadillo is the only member of this order in the United States. These animals are primarily insectivores and herbivores . While currently moderately sized animals, in the past members of this order approached the size of elephants. The forefoot of most animals in this order has five digits though usually just two or three are prominent. These usually have long, sharp claws. This order was until recently referred to as Edentata but that is now being used for some toothless or near toothless extinct animals which may or may not be related.
Most Popular
Giant Anteater

Nine-Banded Armadillo

69. The Rockin Armadillos Index
Welcome the the web portal for The Rockin' armadillos; information, imagesand music downloads for one of the UK's leading Blues/Rock bands.
Welcome the the web portal for The Rockin' Armadillos; information, images and music downloads for one of the UK's leading Blues/Rock bands. This site has been built using Flash technology which will require the Macromedia plugin to operate correctly. If you don't have it, or are unsure click the following link to download. (This will take a few seconds and will not damage your system in any way).
Finally, please ensure that your screen resolution is set to 1024 x 768, maximise your browser window, close any unecessary programs and enjoy! If you have any questions regarding this site, please contact the webmaster: Big Al ENTER ROCKINARMADILLOS.COM

70. Animals And Creatures/Armadillos
Facts. armadillos have four babies at a time, and they are always the same sex. SponsorLinks. Sponsor This Category! Search for armadillos on the Web!

71. Armadillos
http //; About armadillos , by Mariella Superina, IVSA Zürich, SwitzerlandAnatomy, Physiology, Nutrition, Reproduction, Domestication, Husbandry
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  • Armadillo Network - DilloScape Armadillo information and photos. Also educational games, links, and downloads. http: // About Armadillos , by Mariella Superina, IVSA Zürich, Switzerland Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition, Reproduction, Domestication, Husbandry, Diseases, Treatment http: // Armadillo - Texas Mammals Fun facts about the nine-banded armadillo. http: //
  • 72. Editor Of IJL
    44 No. 3 pp. 376377, 1976 Leprosy in Wild armadillos by Olaf K. Skinsnes,Editor We have found that these animals will cannibalize dead armadillos.
    Vol. 44 No. 3 pp. 376-377, 1976
    "Leprosy" in Wild Armadillos
    by Olaf K. Skinsnes, Editor

    Abstracts of two communications of considerable significance and interest to those concerned with the problems of leprosy appear on page 421 of this issue. Their venues are such that they may not be readily available to many whose main concerns are related to leprosy. For this and other reasons, they warrant comment. The publication of the first of these reports is accompanied by a guest editorial raising many pertinent points but based essentially on the assumption that the report relates to a newly discovered, naturally occurring, leprosy-like mycobacterial infection in wild armadillos. This report is. in turn, based on the finding of a mycobacteriosis, sometimes widely disseminated, in several feral armadillos which had been in the hands of Gulf South Research Institute, New, Iberia, Louisiana for periods ranging from a day to 15 weeks and which had not been experimentally infected with M. leprae

    73. AIDS, Apes, And Armadillos
    We don't know yet, but Barry Bloom, in a guest editorial in the New YorkTimes, saw a link between leprosy, cancer, and armadillos (1m).
    Note: This section was written in 1990 and has not been updated. AIDS is caused by a virus and leprosy by a bacterium; yet many social and medical parallels exist between them. Leprosy was once thought to be a venereal disease; so its victims were social outcasts. The time between initial infection and onset of symptoms is long for both diseases. Most important, they are under control of the cell mediated immune (CMI) system, the branch of the body's protective mechanism that wards off cancer, fungus infections, and virus diseases.
    The AIDS virus cripples the immune system; so the victim becomes highly susceptible to other diseases. Leprosy attacks people with pre-existing immune deficiencies. When the disease progresses to the multibacillary (lepromatous) stage, immune defenses collapse altogether.
    Is the armadillo relevant to AIDS? We don't know yet, but Barry Bloom, in a guest editorial in the New York Times, saw a link between leprosy, cancer, and armadillos (1m).
    But the essence of fundamental research is that no one can predict what area of knowledge can contribute crucially to long range progress in another. A case in point is the armadillo. Absurd as it may seem to believe that the armadillo could have any practical relevance, it has become clear that the lowly armadillo holds the key to the possible eradication of leprosy. . . . For those who demand relevance closer to home, it may be added that cancer researchers believe that leprosy patients will provide insights into the failure of cancer patients to reject their tumors.

    74. Our-Town Internet Service - A Word Edgewise - Mary Joe Clendenin
    A Word Edgewise by Mary Joe Clendenin, armadillos AT HOME IN TEXAS.Truly, they are not your soft, cuddly, sweetlooking, intelligent
    A Word Edgewise
    Truly, they are not your soft, cuddly, sweet-looking, intelligent-acting, touchable little animals. I don't know of any school or sports group that call themselves Armadillos, but more and more when people see, hear or read about armadillos, they think Texas. Texas and armadillos go together like sugar and cream, like dust and track meets, like tumble weeds and stickers, like boots and hats. Maybe we should know more about our close associates other than recognizing them as the chief road-kills on our highways. The armadillo looks as if he might have been thrown together from spare parts left over from turtles for the shell, rabbit, woodchuck, hogs and anteaters. The nine banded variety we have in Texas came from South American about 150 years ago, many as wet backs. Since he can either swim quite agilely or walk on the bottom of streams or lakes, the Rio Grande was no hindrance to him. By engulfing big amounts of air, he floats and swims. When he prefers walking, he expends most of the air to sink. An Armadillo can stay under water for a full six minutes, and may nibble a few aquatic bugs while strolling on the bottom. Armadillos have great resistance to insecticides and herbicides which makes them very effective insect control animals. An adult will eat 200 pounds of insects in a year. With tongues like anteaters, which they are, armadillos like fire ants better than people like chocolate. Doesn't that make them almost pretty? We could overlook ugliness on most any creature with such welcome food preferences!

    75. ::: ELEKTRICMEDIA :::
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    76. Armadillos
    armadillos. Armadillo Armadillo by Brent, Paul Art Print 8 in. x 10.Framed. See Also Animals. Copyright © 2002
    Armadillo by Brent, Paul
    Art Print
    8 in. x 10 Framed
    See Also

    77. Jefferson Parish : Armadillos: Damage Prevention And Control Methods
    armadillos Damage Prevention and Control Methods HomeParish Departments Environmental Development Cntl.

    78. Creation Wonders In The Classroom
    Creation Wonders About armadillos. Get aprintable Copy of armadillos Facts. AttentionGetters. Lesson Plan Ideas. Discussion. Create Wonder About armadillos.

    armadillos. Do you have a site about armadillos and would you like the reciprocallink here ? Write to us Filters ? ICQ, Off. Female, Off.

    80. Wild Texas: Nine-banded Armadillo (Dasypus Novemcinctus)
    armadillos range in color from brownishblack to gray. Gifted with akeen sense of smell, armadillos have extremely poor eyesight.
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    Nine-banded Armadillo Dasypus novemcinctus
    Shannon Moore The armadillo is a curious-looking creature, its twelve-pound body almost entirely covered with jointed, armor-like plates. Armadillos range in color from brownish-black to gray. Native to Central and South America, the nine-banded armadillo first appeared in Texas in the late 19th century. Today, the armadillo's range includes Texas and the southeastern United States. Armadillos are often visible while foraging during the summer months, or as the unfortunate victims of "roadkill" along highways and busy streets. Despite their small size, armadillos are quite noisy when rooting through forest duff in search of insects, worms, and berries. They use their sharp claws for digging and finding food. Gifted with a keen sense of smell, armadillos have extremely poor eyesight. Upon sensing danger, armadillos scurry off to safety at a frantic pace. Adding to its peculiar appearance, the armadillo also has the unique ability to make itself buoyant when the necessity to cross deep or expansive water arises. In shallow waterways, dillos simply walk underwater on the bottom to the opposite side!

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