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         Artificial Intelligence:     more books (100)
  1. Qualitative and Quantitative Practical Reasoning: First International Joint Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Practical Reasoning, ECSQARU-FAPR'97, ... / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
  2. On Intelligence by Jeff Hawkins, Sandra Blakeslee, 2005-08-01
  3. An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Legal Reasoning (Artificial Intelligence and Legal Reasoning) by Anne von der Lieth Gardner, 1987-05-27
  4. Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems: Second International Workshop, ArgMAS 2005, Utrecht, Netherlands, July 26, 2005, Revised Selected and Invited Papers ... / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
  5. Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems: Third International Workshop, ArgMAS 2006, Hakodate, Japan, May 8, 2006, Revised Selected and Invited Papers (Lecture ... / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
  6. Artifical Intelligence in Education: Shaping the Future of Learning Through Intelligent Technologies (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications) (Vol 97)
  7. Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems: 4th International Workshop, ArgMAS 2007, Honolulu, HI, USA, May 15, 2007, Revised Selected and Invited Papers (Lecture ... / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
  8. Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems: First International Workshop, ArgMAS 2004, New York, NY, USA, July 19, 2004, Revised Selected and Invited Papers ... / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
  9. Artificial Intelligence in Education (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications) by C.-K. Looi, G. McCalla, et all 2005-07-01
  10. Artificial Intelligence in Wireless Communications (Mobile Communications) by Thomas W. Rondeau, Charles W. Bostian, 2009-06-30
  11. Artificial Intelligence and Natural Man, Second Edition by Margaret A. Boden, 1987-03-23
  12. Artificial Intelligence and Software EngineeringUnderstanding the Promise of the Future by Derek Partridge, 1998-11-23
  13. The Elements of Artificial Intelligence Using Common Lisp by Steven L. Tanimoto, 1995-04
  14. Applied Artificial Intelligence: A Sourcebook

41. Artificial Intelligence [Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy]
Describing the view that human cognitive mental states can be duplicated in computers.
Artificial Intelligence
As a theory in the philosophy of mind, artificial intelligence (or AI) is the view that human cognitive mental states can be duplicated in computing machinery. Accordingly, an intelligent system is nothing but an information processing system. Discussions of AI commonly draw a distinction between weak and strong AI. Weak AI holds that suitably programmed machines can simulate human cognition. Strong AI, by contrast, maintains that suitably programmed machines are capable of cognitive mental states. The weak claim is unproblematic, since a machine which merely simulates human cognition need not have conscious mental states. It is the strong claim, though, that has generated the most discussion, since this does entail that a computer can have cognitive mental states. In addition to the weak/strong distinction, it is also helpful to distinguish between other related notions. First, cognitive simulation is when a device such as a computer simply has the same the same input and output as a human. Second, cognitive replication occurs when the same internal causal relations are involved in a computational device as compared with a human brain. Third, cognitive

42. IMKAI And ÖFAI Welcome Page (12-Apr-1999)
Department of Medical Cybernetics and artificial intelligence (IMKAI). at the AustrianResearch Institute for artificial intelligence (ÖFAI). of the
Department of Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence (IMKAI)
at the
University of Vienna
Freyung 6, A-1010 Vienna, Austria
Phone: (+43-1) 4277-63101,
Fax: (+43-1) 4277-9631,
Email: [IMKAI] [Staff] [Events] ... [Services]
of the
Schottengasse 3, A-1010 Vienna, Austria
Phone: (+43-1) 5336112-0,
Fax: (+43-1) 5336112-77,
Email: - a version without tables can be found here

43. Assoc For Uncertainty In AI
Main association for belief network researchers. Runs the annual Uncertainty in artificial intelligence Category Computers artificial intelligence Belief Networks......Web site for the Association for Uncertainty in artificial intelligence

44. CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
Collection of files, programs, publications, of interest to artificial intelligence researchers, educators, students, practitioners.
CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
Notice - the official home of the Artificial Intelligence FAQ is now at UCLA. These pages are kept for reference purposes only.
The CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository was established by Mark Kantrowitz in 1993 to collect files, programs and publications of interest to Artificial Intelligence researchers, educators, students, and practitioners.
The Artificial Intelligence Repository gratefully acknowledges the support of Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science Prime Time Freeware , and ACM SIGART Snapshots of this repository are available on CD-ROM as Prime Time Freeware for AI /afs/
Last modified: July 8, 1999 16:14:13 EDT

45. Our Molecular Future
By Douglas Mulhall; Prometheus Books, 2002, ISBN 1573929921. Examines vast potential of new technologies to help us cope with many problems. Site has table of contents, excerpts, news release. Prometheus Books Publishers
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46. Site Officiel D’A.I.
Site officiel fran§ais du film de Steven Spielberg avec Jude Law et Haley Joel Osment.
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47. Eric Brill's Home Page
Johns Hopkins University Empirical natural language processing, speech recognition, spoken language systems, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Lexical disambiguation, parsing, classifier combination, spelling correction, language modelling.
Eric Brill's Home Page I am no longer at Johns Hopkins. I have moved to Sunny Seattle to join the Natural Language Group at Microsoft Research. To contact me: *E-mail You can access my Microsoft web page HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE You can still get my tagger HERE RESEARCH
The primary goal of my research is to make information access and the use of computing devices a natural and painless task. As a step towards this goal, we are trying to make computers proficient at processing human language. We are pursuing a line of research that falls under the rubric of Empirical Natural Language Processing: trying to get a computer to automatically or semi-automatically learn linguistic and world knowledge from on-line resources. I am the co-editor of a recent special issue of AI Magazine on this topic, which has some excellent introductory articles for anybody who wants to learn more about this field. I am on the editorial board of Computational Linguistics , and the Journal for Artificial Intelligence Research . I have also served as the program committee chair for: the 1996 International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING-96) Session on Corpus-Based Language Processing, the 1996 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (Sponsored by the Association for Computational Linguistics) and the 1995 Speech Recognition Symposium, Corpus-Based NLP Session. I served as a

48. The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Artificial Intelligence
artificial intelligence. Latest news The latest version of this page is now maintainedhere. Gopherspace search for information on artificial intelligence
Virtual Library Computing Logic programming
Artificial Intelligence
Latest news: The latest version of this page is now maintained here
Please mail if you know of relevant on-line information not included here. Use the newsgroup for general AI-related queries. This document contains some pointers to information on Artificial Intelligence AI ) available around the world on the World Wide Web (WWW or W3), a global hypermedia system providing worldwide information Starred entries are especially recommended.
New entries are added periodically. The following information is available:
Research sites and projects
Other information
Research sites and projects

49. Chinese Room Argument [Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy]
Article by Larry Hauser, on Searle's wellknown thought experiment opposing the possibility of artificial intelligence. The argument and several counterarguments are considered.
The Chinese Room Argument The Chinese room argument - John Searle's (1980a) thought experiment and associated (1984) derivation - is one of the best known and widely credited counters to claims of artificial intelligence (AI), i.e., to claims that computers do or at least can (someday might) think. According to Searle's original presentation, the argument is based on two truths: brains cause minds , and syntax doesn't suffice for semantics . Its target, Searle dubs "strong AI": "according to strong AI," according to Searle, "the computer is not merely a tool in the study of the mind, rather the appropriately programmed computer really is a mind in the sense that computers given the right programs can be literally said to understand and have other cognitive states" (1980a, p. 417). Searle contrasts "strong AI" to "weak AI". According to weak AI, according to Searle, computers just simulate thought, their seeming understanding isn't real (just as-if) understanding, their seeming calculation as-if calculation, etc.; nevertheless, computer simulation is useful for studying the mind (as for studying the weather and other things).

50. PC AI - Artificial Intelligence
an enormous amount of resources pertaining to AICategory Computers artificial intelligence......Where Intelligent Technology Meets the Real World, The PC AI Home Pagehas moved. PC AI Magazine PO Box 30130 Phoenix, AZ 85046 Voice
Where Intelligent Technology Meets the Real World
The PC AI Home Page has moved. PC AI Magazine
PO Box 30130
Phoenix, AZ 85046
Voice: 602.971.1869 Fax: 602.971.2321 e-mail:

51. Udine, University Of
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Research areas include databases, software engineering, medical informatics, artificial intelligence, programming languages, formal methods, robotics, and computer vision.
DiMI Statistiche di accesso Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at University of Udine
Welcome to our Web Site!
The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Udine is devoted to basic and applied research in the areas of Mathematics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.
The Department runs several programs for graduate students and offers various services to undergraduate students for their thesis work and projects for advanced courses.
General Info Services News Research ... Internet World For any information about this Site, please contact DiMI WebMaster

52. PCAI Artificial Intelligence - Free EMagazine, White Papers, Demos, Products, Gl
Practice and propagate Islam in the USA by providing religious, educational and recreational facilities Category Society Religion and Spirituality Organizations Societies......Real World artificial intelligence applications including rulebased systems, knowledge,logic, expert systems, agents, NLP, data mining, learning, speech and
Where Intelligent Technology Meets the Real World
16.5 is HERE! DARPA funding more AI. Robotics, Man versus Machine, Prolog, Smart Simulation Click here to see a partial list of articles and information in 16.5
Theme: Data Mining, Modeling and Simulation
Other topics in the issue include: AI-Q Crossword Puzzle, Book Zones, Logical Programming,
Intelligent Knowledge Searching,
Knowledge Management,
Conference, Events and User Groups Checkout Microsoft's Machine Translation in 16.4 Sample. Free Selections from
Issue 16.4
'PC AI' Online
Including the Entire article on " Microsoft's Machine Translation. "
Sample a Limited Selection -
Now Available Free Visit the all new PC AI Bookstore Order PC AI Online At our Low Internet Price (Secure Transactions)
Includes articles in HTML and PDF format both can be searched. Latest Update: 3/09/03 Fill out our survey for one free sample issue (online) Click here to order Back Issues - One of the best sources of AI resources.

53. Hansen, Eric
Mississippi State University artificial intelligence, planning and reasoning under uncertainty, and resource-bounded computing.

adapted from TH Huxley. WHAT IS artificial intelligence? Abstract This articlefor the layman answers basic questions about artificial intelligence.
Next: Basic Questions
Extinguished philosophies lie about the cradle of every science as the strangled snakes beside that of Hercules. - adapted from T. H. Huxley
John McCarthy
Computer Science Department
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305 Revised July 20, 2002 :
This article for the layman answers basic questions about artificial intelligence. The opinions expressed here are not all consensus opinion among researchers in AI.

John McCarthy
Sat Jul 20 15:13:56 PDT 2002

55. 15th Australian Joint Conference On Artificial Intelligence
26 December 2002 in Canberra, Australia. Workshops, tutorials, invited speakers, call for papers, topics, registration and accommodation information.

Neural Computing, hybrid systems, cognitive modelling, intelligent agents, distributed intelligence.Category Computers artificial intelligence Research Groups......Information on current research, courses, and publications of the ArtificialIntelligence Research Laboratory at Iowa State University.
Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory
Department of Computer Science
Iowa State University

Contact Information Research Overview People
Students Alumni Visitors ... Schedule Research
Projects Grants Publications Graduate Study
Note to Prospective Graduate Students

Computer Science
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Note to Bionformatics and Computational Biology Students
... Graduate College Artificial Intelligence Resources
AI Courses
AI Readings Cognitive Systems Evolutionary Design ... AI Societies Events AI Seminar AI Lunch Research Methods and Writing Workshop Computer Science Colloquium ... Other Events Other Information Computer Science Department Iowa State University Computing Facilities Library ... Useful Links Additions or changes to this page should be directed to: If you would like to receive email when this page is updated, please enter your email address in the box below and click on the Mind it button. Receive email when this page changes Click Here Powered by Netmind You are virtual guest number to visit this page since March 8, 1996.

57. Prolog For Artificial Intelligence Programming With The AI4U Textbook
Open Source AI projects in Prolog.
Summon a Robot AI Mind into your presence with Prolog for AI Textbook Software by A.T. Murray based on a Theory of Mind
1. Overview and Brain-Mind Diagram for
Artificial Intelligence Programming in Prolog
See the mindloop.html diagram of how the AI is coded in software.
2. Prolog AI Projects on SourceForge
PESS - Prolog Expert System Shell is a project
with an Inference Machine driven by a Knowledge Base (KB),
and may therefore share knowledge-base theory and practice
with the AI Mind project that implements a Knowledge Base.
is the summary page.
Prolog Image Processing may eventually provide visual sensory input for an AI Mind written in Prolog. is the summary page. 3. Implementing a Consensus AI Theory The artificial Mind diagrammed above has already been released at in the Artificial Intelligence category. Although many of the hundreds of Open Source AI projects at Sourceforge are technically more advanced than the Mind project and show far better programming skills than is evident in the Forth and JavaScript AI Mind code

58. On Line Index Of Artificial Intelligence Journals
On Line Index of artificial intelligence Journals. Applied artificial intelligence;Applied Intelligence; artificial intelligence; artificial intelligence Review;
On Line Index of Artificial Intelligence Journals
Most entries on this page have been extracted from Prof. Rob Cameron's Computer Science Journals page. Please send suggestions, additions, or changes to:

59. Department Of Cybernetics And Artificial Intelligence
Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia.
Department at a Glance Address Management Activities at a Glance Annual Reports Personnel Directory and Home Pages PhD. Students Directory and Home Pages Education Courses Research Groups Projects Publications Conferences 2. Euro-International Symposium on Computational Intelligence (E-ISCI) 2002
1. E-ISCI 2000
IEEE Conference INES 1999 Please e-mail us with any comments, suggestions, or problems
Editor: Jan Paralic, Contact: Last change: February 9, 2000

60. Navy Center For Applied Research In Artificial Intelligence, NRL
The Navy Center for Applied Research in artificial intelligence (NCARAI) has beeninvolved in both basic and applied research in artificial intelligence since
** Privacy and Security Notice **
Naval Research Laboratory

Information Technology Division
Code 5510, Washington DC 20375-5337
(202) 404-7037 (voice) (202) 767-3172 (fax)
Center Director: Dr. Alan L. Meyrowitz
The Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence (NCARAI) has been involved in both basic and applied research in artificial intelligence since its inception in 1982. NCARAI, part of the Information Technology Division within the Naval Research Laboratory , is engaged in research and development efforts designed to address the application of artificial intelligence technology and techniques to critical Navy and national problems.
Mission Statement Research Projects More information The NCARAI Web Pages have been approved by Dr. Alan Meyrowitz,
Director, Navy Center for Applied Research In Artificial Intelligence
For more information, please contact the webmaster
Last modified: 07/28/99

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