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         Artificial Intelligence:     more books (100)
  1. Artificial Intelligence (3rd Edition) by Winston, 1992-05-10
  2. Mind Design II: Philosophy, Psychology, and Artificial Intelligence
  3. Affect and Artificial Intelligence (In Vivo) by Elizabeth A. Wilson, 2010-08-01
  4. Artificial Intelligence: Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem Solving (6th Edition) by George F. Luger, 2008-03-07
  5. Swarm Intelligence: Introduction and Applications (Natural Computing Series)
  6. Fundamentals of the New Artificial Intelligence: Neural, Evolutionary, Fuzzy and More (Texts in Computer Science) by Toshinori Munakata, 2008-02-04
  7. Mind Making: The Shared Laws of Natural and Artificial Intelligence by Patrick Roberts, 2009-12-16
  8. Universal Artificial Intelligence: Sequential Decisions Based on Algorithmic Probability (Texts in Theoretical Computer Science. An EATCS Series) by Marcus Hutter, 2010-11-02
  9. Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games: An Introduction by John David Funge, 2004-07-29
  10. Artificial Intelligence: Theory and Practice by Thomas Dean, 1995-01-10
  11. Automated Planning: Theory & Practice (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Artificial Intelligence) by Malik Ghallab, Dana Nau, et all 2004-05-17
  12. Robotics, Mechatronics, and Artificial Intelligence: Experimental Circuit Blocks for Designers by Newton C. Braga, 2001-11-08
  13. Collective Intelligence in Action by Satnam Alag, 2008-10-17
  14. Artificial General Intelligence (Cognitive Technologies)

61. Events On Artificial Intelligence
List of artificial intelligence conferences, including genetic algorithms.Category Computers artificial intelligence Genetic Programming...... Events on artificial intelligence. This page gives you acces to a listof conferences that are somehow related to artificial intelligence.
Events on Artificial Intelligence.
This page gives you acces to a list of conferences that are somehow related to artificial intelligence. Please search among all future events past events events for (enter some and-combined keywords; the search is case in-sensitive). Search only among events with forthcoming deadlines: no yes (notification or registration deadlines are ignored; if no keyword is given, all events are listed). You may want to announce a new event , see a list of all forthcoming events, or look at the past events in , and , the events which are announced the last days.
Events are in chronological order. An edited version of these announcements is published under the title Current Events in Neurocomputing by Elsevier Science B.V. The events on artificial intelligence database was accessed 17000 . Please send an email to Georg Thimm if you encounter any problems, inconsistencies or out-of-date information.

62. Mind.Forth AI4U Program For Robot Artificial Intelligence
Robot AI (in Win32Forth) based on an original theory of mind.
Summon the Tutorial AI Mind into your presence with The Robot AI Mind (with Programmer and User Manual
You do not need to know Forth to bring the Robot AI Mind to life.
You do need to download Win32Forth by Tom Zimmer et al. from
onto your hard disk.
The Mind.f source code below has been updated to conform with
Since the JavaScript AI has become the instantly accessible "teaching"
version of the AI Mind, the original Forth version as updated below
no longer caters primarily to the human user and no longer contains tutorial material. On the contrary, the AI-centric Mind.Forth software is being coded as if for the sake of the AI or robot itself evolving towards full civil rights on a par with human beings and towards superintelligence beyond any human IQ (intelligence quotient). Because memory space and other implementational options are limited in the hardware of an autonomous mobile robot, the tutorial burden

63. Paradigms Of Artificial Intelligence Programming
Case Studies in Common Lisp. By Peter Norvig (1992)Category Computers Programming Languages Lisp Books......Paradigms of artificial intelligence Programming Case Studies in CommonLisp. by Peter Norvig. A book published by Morgan Kaufmann, 1992.
Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp
by Peter Norvig
A book published by Morgan Kaufmann
Paperbound, xxviii + 946 pages, ISBN 1-55860-191-0.
As seen on TV!
Rated at Amazon
I: Introduction to Common Lisp
1. Introduction to Lisp
2. A Simple Lisp Program
3. Overview of Lisp
II: Early AI Programs
4. GPS: The General Problem Solver
5. ELIZA: Dialog with a Machine
6. Building Software Tools
7. STUDENT: Solving Algebra Word Problems 8. Symbolic Mathematics: A Simplification Program III: Tools and Techniques 9. Efficiency Issues 10. Low Level Efficiency Issues 11. Logic Programming

64. AILab, University Of Zurich
artificial intelligence Laboratory Department of Information TechnologyUniversity of Zürich. Director Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeifer. Department
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Department of Information Technology

Director: Prof. Dr. Rolf Pfeifer
Department of Information Technology
University of Zurich
Andreasstrasse 15
CH-8050 Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 1 635 43 20/53

RESEARCH Research Program Projects Robots PUBLICATIONS ... Lab Visits MEDIA COVERAGE Newspapers Magazines PARTNERS TEACHING Semester- and Diplomarbeiten SIROP Online Tutorials Classes MISC Spin-off companies Addresses Links AI Wiki ... UNDERSTANDING INTELLIGENCE Rolf Pfeifer and Christian Scheier, MIT Press, 1999. Hard cover Edition, 1999 Paperback Edition, 2001 Japanese Edition, Kyoritsu Shuppan, 2001 Excerpts ... from the book Last update: Feb 17, 2003 by rs

65. ACIMS -- Arizona Center Of Integrative Modeling & Simulation
artificial intelligence and Simulation Group. The page contains summaries of ACIMS simulation projects, simulation links, and news. One of the main research projects is the Discrete Event Specification Formalism (DEVS).
New Announcements: Search this site or the web
Site search Web search Primary URL:
Mirror URL:
Please contact Webmaster for questions, help, and comments. Maps and physical mailing address

66. A Taylor & Francis Journal: Applied Artificial Intelligence
Applied artificial intelligence. Applied artificial intelligence addresses concernsin applied research and applications of artificial intelligence (AI).
Arenas Menu: Select an Arena Addiction Anthropology Arts Asian Studies Bioscience Business and Management Classics Colloquials Development Economics Education Ergonomics Gender Geography GIS History Humanities Language and Linguistics Language Learning Life Sciences Literacy Literature Media and Cultural Studies Medicine Philosophy Physics and Chemistry Politics and IR Psychology Science Sociology Social Science Sports and Leisure Studies Toxicology Journals Listings Home Alphabetical Listing Journals by Subject Journal Resources Advertising Contacts Customer Services E-mail Contents Alerting ... Special Sales Information About Us Books Site Map
Applied Artificial Intelligence Editor-in-Chief: Robert Trappl , Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence and University of Vienna, Schottengasse 3, A-1010 Vienna, Austria Publication Details:
Volume 17, 2003, 10 issues per year
ISSN Print 0883-9514
ISSN Online 1087-6545 2003 Subscription Rates
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Institutional: US$924/£560
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67. John McCarthy
artificial intelligence (Stanford Univ., USA)
John McCarthy's Home Page
I'm Professor Emeritus (as of 2001 Jan 1) of Computer Science at Stanford University and here's more about me including addresses. A few people and a lot of spam lists still have as my email. Because that mail was almost all spam, I killed the address. will work for the indefinite future. If you like frames try this [courtesy of Tim McCarthy
What's new?
It occurs to me that those who have already looked at this web page might not want to slog through all of it on the chance that something newly installed might interest them. If you've looked at the page before, then look at this dated list. Dates start in 1995 July. I sometimes miss one or two. THE ROBOT AND THE BABY is a science fiction story. Maybe I'll try to publish it conventionally. Do you think I should? INTRODUCTORY My goal is get all my papers and many of my notes into a form reachable from this page. If any of the papers here are listed as references, I would be grateful if the URLs were given along with the printed references. Some are available only as Web documents and will remain that way. Please include them as references if you would reference a printed document with the same content. The Sustainability of Human Progress
Many people, including many scientists, mistakenly believe that human progress, in the form it has taken in the last few hundred years, is unsustainable. This page and its subsidiaries attempt summarize the scientific basis for technological optimism. There is also a section discussing related ideological phenomena and the advocacy politics to which ideologies have given rise.

68. A Taylor & Francis Journal: Journal Of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Int
Journal of Experimental Theoretical artificial intelligence. Editorin-ChiefEric Dietrich, Department of Philosophy, SUNY at
Arenas Menu: Select an Arena Addiction Anthropology Arts Asian Studies Bioscience Business and Management Classics Colloquials Development Economics Education Ergonomics Gender Geography GIS History Humanities Language and Linguistics Language Learning Life Sciences Literacy Literature Media and Cultural Studies Medicine Philosophy Physics and Chemistry Politics and IR Psychology Science Sociology Social Science Sports and Leisure Studies Toxicology Journals Listings Home Alphabetical Listing Journals by Subject Journal Resources Advertising Contacts Customer Services E-mail Contents Alerting ... Special Sales Information About Us Books Site Map
Editor-in-Chief: Eric Dietrich , Department of Philosophy, SUNY at Binghamton, USA
Editorial Information
Publication Details:
Volume 15, 2003, 4 issues per year
ISSN 0952-813X 2003 Subscription Rates
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Institutional: US$572/£347
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Aims and Scope:
(JETAI) is advancing scientific research in artificial intelligence (AI) by providing a public forum for the presentation, evaluation and criticism of research results, the discussion of methodological issues, and the communication of positions, preliminary findings and research directions.

69. Psychology - The Most Comprehensive Psychology Site On The Internet
Examine the history, uses and consequences of AI. Beginners can learn the basics here while researchers can access extensive technical resources. Formerly known as the Mining Co. AI Guide.
zfp=-1 About Homework Help Psychology Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
with Shelley Wu, Ph.D.
Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects BUYER'S GUIDE Before You Buy
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Books about the Psychology of Love
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Free Psychics

In The Spotlight Sat, Mar 22, 2003
How to Write in the APA Style

It may take months or years to conduct a psychological study. Writing an article about the study does not have to take that long. A logical structure and familiarity with the APA style always helps. Here is a step-by-step instruction. Editing Your Research Articles Your want to write a research article that has a good style and in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) Style Manual? Here are eleven easy to follow steps you can take to edit your article. A Young Girl's Diary "This diary is a gem. Never before, I believe, has anything been written enabling us to see so clearly into the soul of a young girl, belonging to our social and cultural stratum, during the years of puberal development." -Sigmund Freud Discussion: Keeping a Journal - Found the authorial voice embarrassing?

70. Singularity Institute For Artificial Intelligence, Inc.
A tax-exempt nonprofit specifically devoted to the design and development of self-understanding, self-mod Category Society Philosophy Transhumanism Singularity...... smarterthan-human intelligence - perhaps through enhancement of the human brain,direct links between computers and the brain, or artificial intelligence.
What is the Singularity? Sometime in the next few years or decades, humanity will become capable of breaking the upper limit on intelligence that has held since the rise of the human species. We will become capable of technologically creating smarter-than-human intelligence - perhaps through enhancement of the human brain, direct links between computers and the brain, or Artificial Intelligence. This event is called the "Singularity" by analogy with the singularity at the center of a black hole - just as our current model of physics breaks down when it attempts to describe the center of a black hole, our model of the future breaks down once the future contains smarter-than-human minds. Since technology is itself the product of intelligence, the Singularity is an effect that snowballs once it occurs - the first smart minds can create smarter minds, and smarter minds can produce still smarter minds. Why does the Singularity matter? The Singularity Institute was created in the belief that the Singularity represents a tremendous opportunity to accomplish good. The Singularity may offer a new opportunity to solve fundamental human problems, not just by creating new technologies, but by increasing the intelligence with which we solve problems. For the first time, there is the possibility of humans using technology to become, not just healthier and wealthier and longer-lived, but smarter.

71. EG-SEA-AI, Artificial Intelligence
European Group
for Structural Engineering Applications

of Artificial Intelligence
Sorry, this site currently uses frames to ease navigation.
Your browser seems incapable of using frames.
Please use the link above to access the pages directly.
You will find links to the main pages at the foot of the introduction.

72. New Scientist | AI And A-Life | Introduction
A authoritative guide to the topics from the UK science magazine.Category Computers Artificial Life......artificial intelligence AND ALIFE. Robot face smiles and sneers K-bothas a full repertoire of facial expressions, say her creators
New wave AI

Traditional AI

Neural networks
Intelligent agents

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND A-LIFE Robot face smiles and sneers K-bot has a full repertoire of facial expressions, say her creators - she could help scientists researching artificial intelligence Software gambler takes on the tipsters The intelligent program outperforms the best human tipsters for Australian Rugby League - it could easily be adapted for other sports WELCOME TO THE UNIVERSE of humanoid robots, intelligent insects and virtual creatures designed to fly real planes...
Researchers in artificial intelligence (AI) and artificial life (A-Life) make their living by modelling, copying or adapting systems from biology. The combination of human ingenuity and the explosion in computer power has created a host of creations that take as their starting point anything from human intelligence and emotions to genetic inheritance and evolution.
"Traditional" AI grew out of efforts to crack enemy codes in the Second World War. It aimed to capture human intelligence by following vast lists of rules programmed into a computer. Today, this approach is best known for creating Deep Blue, the computer that beat the chess world champion Garry Kasparov in 1997.
But this strategy has serious limitations because it seems unlikely to produce anything that really resembles human intelligence. Instead, a new wave of AI is slowly making its mark. It relies to a large extent on coaxing complex behaviours from the interaction of simple components. So, for example, networks of artificial brain cells can learn and recognise patterns. Already such neural networks are advising financial wizards about investing their money and helping doctors to diagnose cancer.

73. Artificial Intelligence And Meteorology
Collection of links to web resources related to the applications of artificial intelligence to the field of weather forecasting.

74. Artificial Intelligence Group, JPL
artificial intelligence group planning and scheduling machine learning systemsjpl caltech nasa. Employment opportunities in artificial intelligence at JPL.

Home Page



AI Group Awards
Current Projects:
3 Corner Sat

Adaptive Problem Solving


Autonomous Rover Command Generation
Onboard Planning for Rocky7 Techsat-21 (ASE) UAVs Past Projects: ASIP DANS Data Chaser DPLAN ... Data Mining Seminars Current Projects: MISUS Multi-Rover Diamond Eye Onboard Science Analysis Quakefinder ... STARtool Past Projects: ASPIRE SELMON SKICAT Employment opportunities in Artificial Intelligence at JPL. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Journal Machine Learning Systems AIPS 2000 Conference , Breckenridge, CO, April 2000 AIG's Anonymous FTP site. Planning and Scheduling Workshop 97 , Oxnard, CA, October 1997 KDD-98 Conference , New York City, NY, August 1998 KDD-97 Conference , Newport Beach, CA, August 1997 Exploration Systems Autonomy Section Questions:

75. IMKAI/ÖFAI Library Information System BIBLIO
Contains 62566 books, research papers, conference papers, journal articles from many subareas of artificial intelligence. From the University of Vienna and the Austrian Research Institute for artificial intelligence.
[IMKAI] [Staff] [Events] [Research] ... [Services]
Biblio Query
Welcome to 's and IMKAI 's library information system BIBLIO. Today it contains 75115 books, research papers, conference papers, journal articles from many subareas of Artificial Intelligence. Author: (begins with) Title: (contains) Year: Please note:
  • Names of authors are stored in the database in the form Lastname F.M.
  • The search engine looks for titles which contain all words specified independent of their order.
  • In order to be able to use this service, your installation must support form input.
  • Currently, output will be limited to 200 items. In addition, you may try the library service of the Austrian Universities
    A List of pointers to online publications on data mining algorithms, software, and applications. Many pubs include full pdf or ps versions.
    Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory
    Department of Computer Science
    Iowa State University
    Publications of the Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory Books
  • Honavar, V. and Slutzki, G. (1998) (Ed.). Proceedings of the Fourth International Colloquium on Grammatical Inference. (LNCS Vol. 1433). Berlin: Springer-Verlag.
  • Patel, M., Honavar, V., and Balakrishnan, K. (2001) (Ed.) Evolutionary Synthesis of Intelligent Agents. Boston, MA: MIT Press.
  • Honavar, V. and de la Higuera, C. (2001) (Ed.) Advances in Automata Induction, Grammatical Inference, and Language Acquisition. Forthcoming.
  • Honavar, V. and Uhr, L. (1994) (Ed). Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks: Steps Toward Principled Integration. New York, NY: Academic Press. Journal Papers and Book Chapters
  • Caragea, D., Silvescu, A., and Honavar, V. (2002). Multi-Agent Decision Tree Learning from Distributed Autonomous Data Sources. To appear.
  • Helmer, G., Wong, J., Slagell, M., Honavar, V., Miller, L., and Lutz, R. (2002) A Software Fault Tree Approach to Requirements Specification of an Intrusion Detection System. Requirements Engineering . Vol 7 (4) (2002) pp. 207-220.
  • Helmer, G., Wong, J., Honavar, V., and Miller, L. (2002).
  • 77. Artificial Intelligence Introduction
    Introduction to artificial intelligence, including a definition, analysis of themotivations and limitations of AI, and an overview of the technology along
    Artificial Intelligence
    Plain and simple. I've read this introduction before, always take me to the main artificial intelligence page
    What is Artificial Intelligence?
    A rtificial Intelligence is a branch of Science which deals with helping machines find solutions to complex problems in a more human-like fashion. This generally involves borrowing characteristics from human intelligence, and applying them as algorithms in a computer friendly way. A more or less flexible or efficient approach can be taken depending on the requirements established, which influences how artificial the intelligent behaviour appears. AI is generally associated with Computer Science , but it has many important links with other fields such as Maths Psychology Cognition Biology and Philosophy , among many others. Our ability to combine knowledge from all these fields will ultimately benefit our progress in the quest of creating an intelligent artificial being. Further details... Field of Artificial Intelligence
    Why Artificial Intelligence?

    78. School Of Computer Science And Software Engineering
    School of Computer Science and Software Engineering. Research areas include artificial intelligence; audiovisual information processing; digital systems hardware; computing education; database systems; distributed, parallel and mobile computing; logic and theory; reasoning under uncertainty; and software engineering.
    School of Computer Science and Software Engineering
    General information about the School, location, contact details, history Degrees, courses and handbook entries Staff, students and alumni including home pages, telephone/email lists Research groups, publications, seminars, workshops, conferences On-line coursework, subject details, timetables, important dates, projects, Student Club Job vacancies, SmartHouse, Open Day, Schools liaison activities Internal information (mostly restricted access) ACS Student conference The ACS Student conference is to be held on Saturday 22nd March at the Cumberland Resort in Lorne. Monash Freeway extension - linking Monash's Clayton and Berwick campuses The Monash Freeway extension , which will provide a much needed new road link between Monash's Clayton and Berwick campuses, slashing travel times and avoiding traffic congestion in Melbourne's thriving south-eastern suburbs, is set to open within a few months.
    CSSE home


    79. IIIA
    Category Computers artificial intelligence Academic Departments

    80. Kluwer Academic Publishers - Computational Economics
    Integrates computer science with economic and management science, including symbolic information processing, numerical procedures, computational aspects of mathematical programming, hardware developments, operational research, artificial intelligence, user interfaces, database interfaces, and software research. Provides tables of contents and abstract archive.
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