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         Bigfoot:     more books (100)
  1. Bigfoot and Other Mysterious Creatures (Crabtree Contact) by John Townsend, 2008-09-30
  2. Sasquatch/Bigfoot: The Search for North America's Incredible Creature by Don Hunter, Rene Dahinden, 1993-09
  3. Anatomy of a Beast: Obsession and Myth on the Trail of Bigfoot by Michael McLeod, 2009-06-02
  4. Supposedly True Stories Of Bigfoot Sightings by Lance A Hobday, 2010-07-30
  5. Bigfoot by John Napier, 1973
  6. Ol' Scratch: Bigfoot, the Boogeyman of the Bottomland by Cracker Irvin, 2010-03-29
  7. Field Guide To Bigfoot, Yeti, & Other Mystery Primates Worldwide by Loren Coleman, Patrick Huyghe, et all 1999-04-01
  8. Bigfoot: Annihilation Avoided: Fight to Save Bigfoot by John W. Irwin, 2006-05-10
  9. Nobody meets Bigfoot by Marian T Place, 1976
  10. Bigfoot Doesn't Square Dance (Adventures of the Bailey School Kids) by Debbie Dadey, Marcia Thornton Jones, 1997-03
  11. The Hunt for Bigfoot: A Novel by Lisa A. Shiel, 2003-11-10
  12. Bigfoot Sasquatch: Evidence by Grover S. Krantz, 1999-06
  13. Big Footnotes: A Comprehensive Bibliography Concerning Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman and Related Beings by Daniel Perez, 1998-01
  14. TRANSFORMATION OF BIGFOOT: Maleness, Power and Belief Among the Chipewayan (Smithsonian Series in Ethnographic Inquiry), by Henry S. Sharp, 1988-03-17

21. The Shadowlands: Mysteries & The Unexplained......
Numerous areas of the supernatural world are covered in detail. Topics range from bigfoot to the Jersey Devil, to sea serpents and lake monsters, to Spring Heeled Jack.
The Unexplained News:
Updates to the following page: Ghosts and Hauntings page, UFO page, Haunted Places page and Unknown Creatures page.
The Shadowlands Features : The Shadowlands U.F.O. page Mysterious Creatures The Shadowlands Bigfoot page Haunted Places Index Ghosts and Hauntings Lincoln - Kennedy Coincidences Spontaneous Human Combustion Pyramid Mysteries Who are the Men in Black ? Is this the face of Jesus Christ ? Atlantis
THE JERSEY DEVIL Learn about New Jersey's famous resident SPRING HEELED JACK London's Terror VAMPIRES THE ROANOKE MYSTERY
Original Commentaries
by The Shadowlands Staff Do you Pick
Your Parents?
... Vanishing People
Help Needed !
We are always looking for staff members to write article/reports, research topics, find new mysteries of the world, etc. If you have a particular subject that you can write a short bit on, We'll add it to the mysteries section with full credit going to you. We also want regular staff members to assist with running and editing the pages and monthly contributors as well. Please send any contributions or suggestions here Thanks.

22. BIGFOOT Home
are proud to welcome you to. bigfoot® 4x4 on the World Wide Web! bigfoot ® andThe Original Monster Truck® are Registered Trade Marks of bigfoot 4x4, Inc.
The Original Monster Truck Do YOU want to drive BIGFOOT?! Follow the link below to find out more. Click here to see the Franklin Mint replica of BIGFOOT #14. NOW AVAILABLE: New Bodies!! BIGFOOT 4x4 on the World Wide Web! What's New What's new on BIGFOOT's Web site. News The most up-to-date info about what BIGFOOT is doing. Online Store Mailing List Become a member of our FREE mailing list. Appearances Go here to find out when BIGFOOT will be in your area. Photo Gallery See tons of pictures of the BIGFOOT fleet. Video Gallery See video of some of BIGFOOT's greatest jumps and more. Team BIGFOOT Visit Come see us at the "Home of BIGFOOT." Birthday Parties Click here for info on BIGFOOT Birthday Parties! Sponsors See all of BIGFOOT's sponsors. History Find out how it all began. Links Visit other monsters, promoters and fan sites. F.A.Q. Get answers to frequently asked questions. Contents A table of contents for the BIGFOOT site. E-Mail Send your comments and questions to BIGFOOT.
Visitors since Jan 1999
Send your comments and questions to

23. Bigfoot Chester
Austin, Texasbased 4 piece punk/blues band. Site includes a band biography, a discography, reviews and tour information.
...unspeakably evil blues band: Breakfastime, Walter Daniels, Rice Moorehead, and Bill Anderson. HOME BIO DISCOGRAPHY REVIEWS LINKS ... View My Guestbook This The Official Blues Ring site is owned by Bigfoot Chester Previous 5 Sites Skip Previous
... List Sites (c) 2002 Big Foot Chester
Updated: January 28, 2002
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24. The Swiss Email Directory
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25. The Swiss Email Directory
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Chicago/Midwestbased company. Services include Betacam ENG/EFP crews, Avid editing, satellite, staging, complete duplication. Includes company profile and samples.
About Us Shooting Editing Other Services ... Portfolio Bigfoot Productions is a full-service video production company located in Chicago, Illinois.  As a producer of Broadcast, Corporate and Documentary programs, we have been serving Chicago and the world with unparalled quality and service.  We have two fully equipped Sony Betacam camera packages and uncompressed AVID editing along with a host of other services to fill any of your production needs.

27. Bigfoot Links
bigfoot Encounters Links to Additional Websites. Cryptozoology and Related SasquatchLinks. Submit a sighting. Subscribe to bigfoot Encounters' Newsletter.
Bigfoot Encounters
Links to Additional Websites Cryptozoology and Related Sasquatch Links
Submit a sighting
Subscribe to Bigfoot Encounters' Newsletter General Links: (scroll down for related links) Adirondack Research Organization
Alabama Bigfoot Seekers Group

Arizona Bigfoot Project

Arkansas Bigfoot Research
Primate Foundation

en Francais
Bigfoot Hunter

Bigfoot Internet Library

Bigfoot Ranger Team
Bigfoot Recordings - Sierra Sounds ... Dr. Dennis A. Etler and Etler's Website, China's Fossil Evidence Dan Jackson's Florida Bigfoot website Doug Trapp's website Dr. Jeff Meldrum's Website ... International Bigfoot Society Temporily down Joe Beelart's BF Field Notes Joe Heinen's Minnesota Bigfoot Site John Freitas Bigfoot Page John Aspinall, a favorite photo of mine ... Lee Krystek Bigfoot page (en Francais) Les Hommes Sauvages en France (en Francais) Kentucky Bigfoot Website Kentucky, Southeast Bigfoot Info Center Kiamichi Bigfoot Research Oklahoma Michigan Bigfoot Info Center, Bob Daigle

28. BIGFOOT: Fact Or Fantasy?
Includes list of sightings, photographs and videos.Category Science Anomalies and Alternative Science bigfoot...... beyond common sense. Yet reason argues that this is the case. . (JohnNapier, bigfoot The Yeti and Sasquatch in Myth and Reality ).
"The vision of such creatures stomping barefoot through the forests of north-west America, unknown to science, is beyond common sense. Yet reason argues that this is the case."
(John Napier, Bigfoot: The Yeti and Sasquatch in Myth and Reality
Footprints Patterson Film Redwoods Video ... Roger's Page Last updated: 21 March 2003 Newspaper articles: Search this site

29. Tennesee Bigfoot Lady's Web Site
Features reports and photos of bigfoot sightings in the state and surrounding areas.Category Regional North America Society and Culture Paranormal......THE TENNESSEE bigfoot LADY'S WEB SITE HAS MOVED SO PLEASE FOLLOW THE LINKBELOW! CLICK GREEN'S. Tennessee bigfoot Lady's New Web Site!!!
Tennessee Bigfoot Lady's New Web Site!!!

30. Cooking With Bigfoot: A Flash Animation Series
WELCOME TO COOKING WITH bigfoot NOW WITH CARTOON LIVERWURST! Howard Stern wantsto shave bigfoot's ass with a chainsaw. (1.6 MB) FREE bigfoot That's right.
CLASSIFIEDS STEVE-O VIDEO Ass of fire! Face-burning! Rodent-eating! More! More! More! PRANK-O-RAMA 427th best prank site on the web! ...
Click here for info.

Howard Stern wants to shave Bigfoot's ass with a chain-saw. Andy Richter just wants to be held. It's the most star-packed episode of CWB ever! Click here to see the second episode of this four-part storyline. For mature audiences only, please. (1.2 MB)

What do you get when you mix Bigfoot, porn star Anita Burymore, and a very jealous celebrity boyfriend? Click here to see the first episode of this four-part storyline. For mature audiences only, please. (1.6 MB)

That's right. We've unleashed Bigfoot from the shackles of subscription every episode we've created can now be viewed for free. If you like what you see, please consider sending Bigfoot a buck or two

Ever wondered how we make these animations? Click here to see an interactive tutorial starring Bigfoot.
You have questions about bovine steroids, alien fertility, and Teri Garr. Bigfoot has answers.

31. BigFoot Sucker Feet - Printing Press Accessory
Sheet seeking suckerfoot for both large and small printing presses.
For over 15 years, BigFoot printing press feeders have helped eliminate the feeding problems around the world. Designed by a pressman for the pressman, BigFoot will eliminate your feeding problems or your money back. The BigFoot feeder is the first true sheet seeking suckerfoot for both large and small printing presses. When vacuum on your press goes on, BigFoot reaches for the top sheet. Once there, it pulls back and feeds the sheet through the press, eliminating doubles and misfeeds. The action of reaching out is what makes the BigFoot printing press feeder a unique suckerfoot. Since each foot is controlled by its own vacuum actuated piston, one will reach lower than the other which is especially helpful when running envelopes and wavy stock. So give BigFoot a try. If it doesn't eliminate your feeding problems, we'll refund your purchase price. 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Order BigFoot , install it on your press, and if you aren't completely satisfied with BigFoot 's performance, return you set within 30 days and we'll refund your money. One Year Warranty: Should your BigFoot feeder fail within one year due to a manufacturing or workmanship defect, we will immediately replace or repair the unit(s).

32. Cooking With Bigfoot: Archived Episodes
(Part 3) Things look bleak for bigfoot, but then salvation arrives in the formof the muchcoveted Conway Twitty song catalog. (1.3 MB) God Hates Hairbacks!
(Cooking with Bigfoot features adult themes,
cartoon violence, and profanity. Discretion advised.)
God Hates Hairbacks! (Part 3):
Things look bleak for Bigfoot, but then salvation arrives in the form of the much-coveted Conway Twitty song catalog. (1.3 MB)
God Hates Hairbacks! (Part 2):
Bigfoot's new cologne and Michael Jackson's face-like thing make a volatile combination... (1.1 MB)
God Hates Hairbacks! (Part 1):
After one too many cooking-show controversies, public sentiment turns against Bigfoot and the ugly specter of anti-Sasquatchism raises its head. (1.01 MB)
Is teen-pop Svengali Lou Pearlman ready for Bigfoot's jelly? Watch and find out! (1.11 MB)
The Hairy Gourmet:
A tender melodrama about love, food preparation, and man-fur. Guest star Robin Williams has never been hairier. (1.34 MB)
Bake Stuff: Part 2:
It's an old-school fruitcake showdown between Eminem and Fred Durst, with a special appearance by Aunt Jemima. Second part: Fruitcake freestyles from Fred, Aunt Jemima, and Eminem. (1.5 MB)
Bake Stuff: Part 1:
It's an old-school fruitcake showdown between Eminem and Fred Durst, with a special appearance by Aunt Jemima. First part: Eminem explains the five elements of hip-hop to Bigfoot. (1.2 MB)

33. The Shadowlands Bigfoot Page
OSU Scientists are testing what are believed to be hairs from a bigfootlike creature, read more about this here (if anyone has results or updates about this
The Shadowlands presents:
Last updated on 3-1-03
Is it possible that a reclusive man-like creature inhabits the remote areas of our planet? Why not ? Isn't it arrogant of us to assume we know of all the species on this huge planet ? Scientists will tell you that we don't. Only a few years ago, a unknown animal now named the Okapi was discovered. What about creatures we know of , but are thought to be extinct ? The coelacanth was thought to be extinct for 70 million years until they were discovered alive and well in 1938. So is it really that hard to believe that a hair covered, man-like creature could exist on the verge of discovery ? In many remote areas of the world there have been sightings of just such a creature. Known by many names such as Sasquatch, Yeti, Almas and many more. Is this an unknown primate, the "missing link" or some other yet unknown species ? There is evidence to support the existence of just such a creature in the Northwestern United States as well as other remote areas. There are still numerous sightings every year. The descriptions of the creatures are very similar from sighting to sighting. There are discrepancies in some of the details but the mind does play tricks on us when frightened. Exaggeration and hoaxes do account for some of the discrepancies in the descriptions as well. The height is the most varied detail. Witnesses have reported the creatures to be from 5'6" to 8' +. This is easily explained if you take into account the possible age difference of the particular creature. Did they see and adult or juvenile ? There would be a noticeable size difference depending on the age.

34. Bigfoot Rentals
Walls for rent in the Northeast and Midwest United States. Walls feature auto belay and accommodate up to four climbers. Includes rates.
  • Rents out a portable climbing wall in the Northeast and Midwest for special events.
  • We are available 7 days a week.
  • Bigfoot Outdoor Rentals INC is fully insured.
  • It takes less then 20 minutes to completely set up.
  • We can set up inside or out (depending on space).
  • This is one of the most realistic and most challenging rocks available.
  • Up to four climbers at the same time.
  • "We'll bring the wall, you bring the adrenaline!"
Shawn Souza
Bigfoot Outdoor Rentals, INC.
Serving the Northeast and Midwestern
Regions of the United States

35. The Sasquatch & Bigfoot Northern Logging Company Railroad
HO layout depicting early logging operations, current projects, friends layouts, links to other great railroad sites and future outdoor layout, and the Georgetown Gilpan Bergen Park.
htmlAdWH('7005340', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7002028', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help "WEBPAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION, NEW LINKS, PAGES, LAYOUTS" (Logo courtesy of Gerald Styles) (enter here) Columbia 2002 Finescale Railroader Magazine's "Water Tank Contest" and feature article in Large Scale On Line. Railroad (Gn3/Fn3) (enter here)
MG Custom Models (enter here)
1:48n30 (bashed MDC shay) "ALL ABOARD" Please Sign My Guestbook Please View My Guestbook Hobby Shops Modeling Supplies Publications
Accucraft Trains
Backwoods Miniatures Banta Modelworks Barry's Big Trains Berlyn Locomotive Works Bridge Masters Des Plaines Hobbies Firebox Productions Finescale Railroader Frenchie Gratts Grizzly Mountain Engineering Hal's Hobby Warehouse ... Downtown Deco MG Custom Models My Large Scale Nicholas Smith Trains Northeast Narrow Gauge Ozark Miniatures P - B ... San - Val Trains The Gear Box The Trains Stop Trains West Venture Hobbies Woodies Train Shop Model Railroad Clubs
Holland Modular RR Club Grand Rapids "G" Scalers League of Non Aligned Modelers Midwest 'N' Pioneer Model RR Club Model RR Clubs of the World NTrak Nashville Garden RR Society North Texas Garden Railway Consortium ... Potomic Modeling Crew Salt Creek Society of Model Eng.

36. Index Of /~vxv
Offering fur from a bigfoot.
Index of /~vxv
Name Last modified Size Description ... Parent Directory 09-Mar-2003 23:04 - Apache/1.3.6 Server at Port 80

37. Bigfoot Central
Contains information, links, and photos.Category Science Anomalies and Alternative Science bigfoot......bigfoot Central. bigfoot CENTRAL This is a website of the bigfoot CentralFoundation North America's bigfoot Investigations Headquarters.
Bigfoot Central
BIGFOOT CENTRAL This is a website of the Bigfoot Central Foundation - North America's Bigfoot Investigations Headquarters. This is Bigfoot Country Bigfoot Central working with Science to Solve the Bigfoot Puzzle.
*****WELCOME TO BIGFOOT COUNTRY! Home of BIGFOOT CENTRAL (North America's Bigfoot Headquarters)***** Motto: "PEACEFUL PURSUIT" This website is designed and edited by the Staff, Directors and Sponsors of Bigfoot Central. North America's Official Bigfoot Headquarters. P. O. Box 147 Bothell, WA. 98041-0147 Chairman: Cary Crook (newly appointed 2/1/2000)
About Cary Crook: Cary is no stranger to the Bigfoot search. He set foot on the Bigfoot trail in 1974 which earned him the unique distinction of becoming the youngest known person in the field of the Bigfoot search. He appeared on the popular international TV program KIDS WORLD. The subject he presented was Bigfoot. He has since been interviewed in other national and international media news in the years to follow. He was one of the leading investigators in the famous Mt. Rainier track finds of 1990. With his family, Cary assisted in the making of the Hollywood Bigfoot movie "HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS"
BIGFOOT ID Exclusive to nearly all of the internet's Bigfoot website domains, this is not a "BIGFOOT IS EVERYWHERE" or "BIGFOOT LIVES-BELIEVE IT OR ELSE" website. Also, we make no claims that the alleged Bigfoot exists or does not exist. Contrary to myths spread by Bigfoot bandwagon groups, there are no indications that Bigfoot has ever been filmed. There is no photographic proof of Bigfoot on file. All alleged Bigfoot photos on file, to date, no matter how intriguing or convincing, must remain as "alleged" until Bigfoot in the flesh is available to compare any alleged Bigfoot photos to. As no concrete or ultimate proof of Bigfoot exists to date, all Bigfoot suspected trail clue "evidence" remains entirely "alleged". The BIGFOOT CENTRAL FOUNDATION, it's researchers and investigators, are not interested in any


39. Oregon Bigfoot Reports Sasquatch Sightings, Photos, Pictures, Sound Files, Recor
Includes sightings, news, journals, a FAQ, links, and a sighting reporter.Category Science Anomalies and Alternative Science provides a complete, comprehensive database of bigfootand sasquatch sightings in oregon. Oregon bigfoot track cast photo,
Join the newsletter for notification of new reports, website updates and bigfoot-related news! It's FREE! your email address: subscribe remove (Your email address will never be divulged to anyone, and you may unsubscribe at any time)
Add this site to your favorites!

There are currently bigfoot encounters in our database View reports from which county? Baker Benton Clackamas Clatsop Columbia Coos Crook Curry Deschutes Douglas Gilliam Grant Harney HoodRiver Jackson Jefferson Josephine Klamath Lake Lane Lincoln Linn Malheur Marion Morrow Multnomah Polk Sherman Tillamook Umatilla Union Wallowa Wasco Washington Wheeler Yamhill Featured Investigations :
Tracks found by Matt C. in the
snow near the Metolius River.
View the complete report and photos here Tracks found in Zig Zag, January 2003, by Rick - OSIR. Report and details here Large scat found in the southern Oregon coast range by Jason R.

40. GCBRO Main Page
Contains links, stories, news, pictures, and information.Category Science Anomalies and Alternative Science bigfoot......The Gulf Coast bigfoot Research Organization is leading the search inthe quest for answers to the greatest mystery of all, bigfoot!
The Gulf Coast BigFoot Research Organization is leading the
search in the quest for answers to the greatest mystery of all, Bigfoot!
Our quest initially began in the Southern United States, which had been either
ignored or completely overlooked by most Bigfoot researchers for years.
Until the GC B RO came along most emphasis was put solely on the Pacific Northwestern
Bigfoot, leaving the Southern Bigfoot to do as they wish, and go virtually undetected for years.
Yes, there have been reports of the Southern Bigfoot emerge from some research groups,
but not much effort has been put into the belief or investigation of these sightings.
We changed all of that and are now investigating areas of high activity levels, and have
made some startling discoveries pertaining to the habits of these creatures.
We are grateful for all the input we have received thus far from other Southern Bigfoot researchers. Their observations, and input has helped us in finding new evidences of these creatures existence, and shed new light on old theories. GC B RO U S A Let us continue to function as a whole, and not fall prey to the negativity that abounds

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