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         Bigfoot:     more books (100)
  1. The Making of Bigfoot: The Inside Story by Greg Long, 2004-03
  2. The Florida House Mission One Vampires, Bigfoot, Elvis, and the Bates Motel (#1 horror monster paranormal parody series a.k.a. Unexplained Unexpected) by Kristie Lynn Higgins, 2009-02-02
  3. Bigfoot Wallace by Jo Harper, 1999-06
  4. Bigfoot (Linford Mystery) by Richard Hoyt, 2006-08
  5. Benjamin Bigfoot by Mary Serfozo, 1993-04-30
  6. The Best of Sasquatch Bigfoot by John Green, Occo2900, 2004-09
  7. Bigfoot by B. Ann Slate, Al Berry, 1976-06
  8. In Search of Giants: Bigfoot Sasquatch Encounters by Thomas Steenburg, 2000-10
  9. Backyard Bigfoot: The True Story of Stick Signs, UFOs, & the Sasquatch by Lisa, A Shiel, 2006-09-08
  10. The Bigfoot Film Controversy by Roger Patterson, Christopher L. Murphy, 2005-04
  11. Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide by Robert Michael Pyle, 1997-06-18
  12. I Shot Bigfoot & Other Stories (Volume 1) by Michael Wells, 2008-07-01
  13. Bigfoot Exposed: An Anthropologist Examines America's Enduring Legend by David J. Daegling, 2005-01
  14. Bigfoot (The Unexplained) by Michael Burgan, 2004-07

61. Howstuffworks "How Bigfoot Might Work"
Illustrated narrative examines the reports of bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, and its Asian cousin the yeti, to find out what these creatures might be and where they might come from.
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How Bigfoot Might Work
by Tom Harris
Anatomy of the Sasquatch

An Ancient Ape

Monkey Suits and Fake Feet
... Shop or Compare Prices In March of 1999, a man reported a strange occurrence in northern California. He was driving up Interstate 5 to visit friends in Oregon, and around 10:00 p.m., he took an exit off the highway to see if he could find a place to get some dinner. When he couldn't find a restaurant, he decided to pull onto the side of the road and make do with some snacks he had in the car. After he ate, he dozed off, and was soon awakened by a loud thump. When he got out to investigate, he found a good-sized rock on the hood of his car. He got back behind the wheel, started the car up and turned on the headlights. In the beams, he saw an 8-foot-tall creature covered in thick, dark hair. The creature watched him for a minute, turned in the road and walked slowly off into the woods.

62. Stick Software (Mac OS X Shareware) : Software Products (BigFoot)
bigfoot 2.2 Download bigfoot (328K disk image) VersionTracker's Page on bigfootPrice $10 (Kagi) (PayPal) bigfoot is a Mac OS X desktop critter that
BigFoot 2.2
Download BigFoot (328K disk image)

VersionTracker's Page on BigFoot

Price: $10 ( Kagi PayPal
BigFoot is a Mac OS X "desktop critter" that provides you with endless entertainment, in the form of a pair of feet. But not just any feet! These peripatetic companions walk around your desktop, mostly minding their own business, but occasionally interacting with you in various ways. They dance, chase the mouse, play hopscotch, and lots of other things. Their appearance and behavior is extremely configurable; some appearance styles are shown here, and their configuration panel is shown below.
This is a very basic style for the foot; plain black, with a light shadow for depth. As you can see, the size of the feet is adjustable.
The engine from Aquatint is part of BigFoot, so you can easily get Aquatinted feet like these. These two examples show how you can vary the depth of the shadow cast by the feet, also.
Other styles of foot are provided; dress shoes for those fancy occasions, for example. Both of these images are using the Aquatint engine, too.
For less formal outings, sneakers are provided. The first image shows another style of colorizing, with solid black outlines around translucent colored interiors.

63. Centre De Location Masson-Angers
Located in Quebec, Canada offering 400cc ATV and 6X6 bigfoot rentals.

64. Bigfoot Guide Service: Guided Fly Fishing Trips For Trout And Smallmouth Bass In
Professional guide offers fishing trips in North Carolina and Tennessee. Features school, trip bookings, Category Regional North America Recreation and Sports...... for area map. Fly Fishing Schools. Fly patterns for Western North Carolina. bigfoot'sFishing Articles. August Article Trout Facts. 2002 bigfoot Guide Service.
// Next thing you do is include this script section WITHIN the tag. // WriteTicker([BODY], [ONCLICKEVENT]); // NOTE: The ON CLICK EVENT can do anything you want, but it must be written in JavaScript, VBScript, or JScript. WriteTicker(2,0,0,"window.location='';"); //Finally call StartTicker( [SPEED]); to start the whole shebang rolling. //NOTE: the speed is in milliseconds, so 1 = lightning, 1000 = one second StartTicker(150); Welcome to!
  • A Limited Liability Corporation Fully Insured Have all forest service permits Certified fly casting instructor (Federation of Fly Fishers) Use all Orvis and Sage equipment
Testimonial: Feb-24-2003 Joe,
What a great time we had! David and I enjoyed ourselves completely. Thanks again for your courtesy, professionalism and putting us on the fish. We also appreciate all the knowledge you shared with us. You are a very patient teacher and a blast to be with. Best of luck and we hope to be out with you again soon.
Roger Home About Us Wade Trips Float Trips ... Contact Us

65. BigFoot: Yellow Pages
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66. Bigfoot In Southern Oregon
First Person account of the 7/1/00 bigfoot sighting at the Oregon Caves NM, near Grants Pass, Oregon.


in Southern Oregon
Oregon Caves National Monument

Cave Junction, Oregon
July 1, 2000
Dr. Johnson of Grants Pass:
Don't ask me why but we continued to walk up the mountain through the very tall trees and brush. The sound continued in cycles of five to six repetitions (i.e., Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa). Louder and louder. Now the sounds were behind us.
it was much taller than a grizzly bear or a black bear. What I was (and I swear to God I saw it and I swear to God I'm not crazy) Bigfoot (otherwise known as Sasquatch). I swear to God I saw it. I'm not lying. I pulled up my shorts immediately, walked fast down to the trail and got my family moving up the mountain. I sure as heck wasn't going to go back down the trail where we came from and go right to it. I didn't tell my wife or children what I saw because I didn't want them to panic. At this point, the adrenaline was rushing and I was very hypervigilent (i.e., constantly looking behind us and through the woods). The sound stopped but I wasn't convinced we were safe. When we got to a place where the kids could stop and sit on a fallen log to rest and drink some water, I pulled R. away and told her that she wasn't going to believe what I saw. She believed me right away. She smelled the smell and she heard the repetitive cycles of "Whoa,Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa" and she knows I'm not crazy. I told her to keep the kids going and that I would stay at the back to keep my eyes on what was behind us. I told her that if anything came up from behind us or through the woods from the side of us that I would run interference to protect them. I told her that if this happened, I wanted her to run the

67. Yeti Et Cie/rumeurs Et Cie
Cryptozoologie et hominologie. Articles sur les hominid©s tels que le y©ti ou bigfoot.
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68. Bigfoot
Haunting, soulful, R North America Music Bands and Artists...... Brad Drums and vocals. Hosted in part by CRINGE The Columbus Sound.bigfoot 208 E. Maynard Avenue Columbus Ohio 43201 (614) 2945682.
Home Shows Re/InterViews
Guitar, Pedal Steel Melanie
Bass and vocals Jeff
Keys Dave
Guitar, vocals, harmonica Brad
Drums and vocals
Hosted in part by
The Columbus Sound
208 E. Maynard Avenue Columbus Ohio 43201

69. Life Is So Strange
For anyone who is interested in anything weird. Read strange stories about ghosts, aliens, and bigfoot.
Life Is So Strange
An UpDaTeD Web Site by Greg Hey there! This is Greg. I'm 15 years old and live in Pennsylvania. This is my web site dedicated to the paranormal and the supernatural. Has something that seemed very strange and practically impossible ever happened to you before? Have you spotted a UFO, Bigfoot, or had an out-of-body experience? Did you ever tango with a poltergeist or move something with your mind? Well I would love to hear about it. Please send your stories to me at and I'll post them here if you'd like! This page is updated often and is loaded with unbelievable stories. Please read the ones that are there. They are completely true! And don't forget to check out the Strange Links below! You'll be glad you did. The results of last week's quiz are in: Most of you knew that since my birthday was December 6, I was a Sagittarius! Good job, guys. Now, take this week's quiz! And don't forget to sign the Guest Book! Thanks for coming! Bye!
"Tizheruk- My Lake Monster"
A day at the lake turns terrifying for me when a mysterious swimmer makes an appearance...
"Attempting Telekinesis"
If you are interested in learning how to move things with your mind, be sure to read this...

70. Forbidden
Researches big foot sightings, sasquatch, skunk ape, yowie and other unexplained sightings.Category Science Anomalies and Alternative Science bigfoot......
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71. Bigfoot Travel Web Site Your Ski Vacation At Chamonix Mont-Blanc - Skiing Holida

72. Bigfoot In New York There Is A History Of Bigfoot & Sasquatch
Contains links, pictures and information.
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Bigfoot in New York?
Note the muscle tone and remember this was taken in the late 1960's
Most folk's when the hear of Bigfoot or Sasquatch think of places in the NW and Canada very few realize there is a strong history both past and present in New York as well as the east in general. Below you will find links to several sights containing information on this subject. As I was creating the New York outdoors site a good friend and I became involved in a series of events that caused me to rethink my attitude which up until now was total disbelief. If you have a sighting report old or new please let the BFRO know of it using there online sighting report form . You will need to leave your contact information so one of there investigators can call to follow up. They will withhold your personal information from the report if you wish, but these folks are serious about what they do so please no joke's or phony reports.
These prints are from 4/2000 in the Hudson Valley. They were cast after a period of heavy rain about 1.5 miles off the nearest road.

73. The Unnatural Museum - Bigfoot - Sasquatch
bigfoot of North America. bigfoot, or as it's often called in Canada,the Sasquatch, is mentioned in several native American legends.
Willow Creek, California, has declared itself the capital of BigFoot country and in the center of the village stands a wooden, life-size carving of the creature. (Photo courtesy of Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce)
Bigfoot of North America
If the Himalayas of Asia has it's Yeti, the Pacific Northwest of America has it's Bigfoot: A hairy, ape-like, biped that stands seven to nine feet tall and weighs between 600 and 900 pounds. Bigfoot, or as it's often called in Canada, the Sasquatch , is mentioned in several native American legends. In fact, the term "Sasquatch" is Indian for "hairy giant." The first sighting of a Sasquatch by a white man apparently came in 1811 near what now is the town of Jasper, Alberta Canada. A trader named David Thompson found some strange footprints, fourteen inches long and eight inches wide, with four toes, in the snow. In 1884 the newspaper, Daily Colonist , of Victoria, British Columbia told of the capture of a "Sasquatch." The creature was spotted by a train crew along the Fraser River. The crew stopped the train, gave chase, and captured the animal after following it up a rocky hill. The creature was given the name "Jacko" and was "...Something of the gorilla type, standing four feet seven inches in height and weighing 127 pounds. He has long black, strong hair and resembles a human being with one exception, his entire body, excepting his hands (or paws) and feet are covered with glossy hair about one inch long...he possesses extraordinary strength, as he will take hold of a stick and break it by wrenching it or twisting it, which no man could break in the same way."

74. Celedriel's Realm
Sightings and photographs of faeries, elves, mermaids, water spirits, dragons, unicorns, sea and lake monsters, bigfoot, winged beasts and other strange and unknown creatures.
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Click on the above image to enter.

75. Bigfoot Water Rocket Launcher Systems
Water rocket launcher systems, rockets, parachutes, and fins.Category Shopping Recreation Models Rockets...... Water Rockets Water Rocket Launchers. bigfoot Water Rocket LauncherSystem photo 03/03/03Water Rockets are fun and educational.
The Water Rocket Playground
Water Rockets are fun and educational. Enjoy pictures, illustrations, instruction, experiments (some are crazy), and information about water rockets. We are using plastic soda bottles and blasting them into the sky. Even though we market the greatest commercial water rocket launcher system available, we cheerfully share all the fun we're having. This is for both beginner and advanced levels of water rocketry. You'll be amazed at the level of amusement in the Water Rocket Playground. What's New On This Website
What's all these parts? NEWEST Bigfoot Launcher Pictures ... Dave's Parachute System
OTHER MISC RELATED INFO Mini Size Bigfoot Launcher- PREVIEW Estimating Height with a APOGEE SCOPE US PATENT Records of Water Rockets Safety Tips ... Explosion Cautions
LINKS Water Rocket Enthusiast "Water Rocket Neighborhood" in Geocities ...
The New Official WATER ROCKETEER sew-on fabric patch
Website started - 2/6/97
Provided by: Gary Ensmenger, 18064 First Ave., Orlando, FL 32820
(407) 568-3567 voice - (407) 568-3122 fax -

76. United States UFO Information And Research Center
Collects and distributes close encounter reports including UFOs, bigfoot, Earth Changes, and all things paranormal.

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77. Bigfoot, Redirigé Par
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78. Cryptozoology: Bigfoot To Nessie
Cryptzoology bigfoot, Nessie and Other Friends. Most cultures have biggerthan life, not quite human creatures. bigfoot, Sasquatch, and Yeti.
Cryptzoology: Bigfoot, Nessie and Other Friends
Most cultures have bigger than life, not quite human creatures. Euroamerican culture has developed some terrific mythical and newsworthy friends. A few scholars have looked at the evidence in detail with precious little to show that they really exist. Some evidence is downright fraudulent! Some "sightings" are episodes of collective behavior or collective delusion.
General Materials
Ben S. Roesch's Cryptozoology
Information, the latest reports and news, and more for anyone interested in cryptozoology, the scientific study of "hidden animals", such as bigfoot and sea serpents.
Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and Yeti
Most of the link titles speak for themselves. Matt Moneymaker's Sasquatch Gallery
A collection of bigfoot / sasquatch information consisting of sound recordings, witness sketches and witness reports The Bigfoot Recordings The Bigfoot Research Project The Western Bigfoot Society

79. Potato Software
you to the most upto-date location of this page. This is also thepreferred URL for links.) http//

80. Cryptozoology
Contains information on the study of hidden animals, and information on various cryptids such as bigfoot, Yeti, and other less well known creatures.
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Cryptozoology Cryptozoology Info Frequently Asked Questions Cryptids The Study of Unknown Animals Cryptozoology, the study of unknown animals, deals with animals as of yet unnacepted by science (such as bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster), as well as animals reported in areas outside of their normal habitat, and surviving members of species believed to be extinct. Updates 6/21/02- Added webcounter 6/21/02- Pages linked together. The site isn't complete yet, though it should be working now. 6/21/02- Beta version published. Crytozoology Info Frequently Asked Questions Cryptids (hidden animals) The author of the site can be contacted at

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