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         Crop Circles:     more books (100)
  1. Vital Signs: A Complete Guide to the Crop Circle Mystery and Why It is Not a Hoax by Andy Thomas, 2002-12-16
  2. Crop Circle Cards, The Living Oracle by Cariel Quinly, 1998-01-01
  3. Crop Circles: An Art of our Time by Mary Carroll Nelson, 2007-07-16
  4. Crop Circles, Gods and Their Secrets: History of Mankind, Written in the Grain by Robert J. Boerman, 2004-04
  5. The Hypnotic Power of Crop Circles by Bert Janssen, 2004-10
  6. Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance by Simeon Hein, 2002-08-01
  7. Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles by Linda Moulton Howe, 2002-09
  8. Crop Circles: The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times by Lucy Pringle, 2005-12
  9. The Gods' Machines: From Stonehenge to Crop Circles by Chok Bong Wun, 2008-05-27
  10. Crop Circles by Lucy Pringle , 2004-04-30
  11. The Mystery of Crop Circles (Can Science Solve?) by Chris Oxlade, 2005-09-15
  12. Crop Circles: Unlocked by Jonathan Sherwood, 2005-04-20
  13. The Gift : the Crop Circles Deciphered by Doug Ruby, 1996-01
  14. Crop Circles: Conclusive Evidence? by Pat Delgado, 1992-12

21. Crop Circles Research Of Truth
Italian crop circle research site.Category Society Paranormal crop circles......

22. The Crop Circular, Crop Circles And Sacred Geometry
An article with illustrations on the sacred geometry of crop circles, by Freddy Silva.
crop circles, circlemakers, crop circles, sacred geometry
Excerpts from Freddy Silva's book, Secrets In The Fields "Know, oh, brother..., that the study of sensible geometry leads to skill in all practical arts, while the study of intelligible geometry leads to skill in the intellectual arts because this science is one of the gates through which we move to the knowledge of the essence of the soul, and that is the root of all knowledge' - From the Rasa'il by the Brotherhood of Purity, translated by S.H. Nasr. THE ORIGINS OF SACRED GEOMETRY Our experience and our reaction to all things beautiful is made possible by our unique ability to subconsciously recognize geometric order from transitory chaos. At this level, the perfection inherent in a Greek temple or a painting by Da Vinci is not simply because it is made of a particular material or hue but because the harmonic proportions contained in their design are bound by the laws of sacred geometry, which is itself the embodiment of harmonic waves of energy, melody and universal proportion. What our senses respond to is the geometrical and proportional harmonies and wave forms created through the application of sacred geometry. As stated in Islam, and echoed in all Abrahamic and Hindu religions, sacred geometry provides the means to see the vestiges of God and Its multiplicity in the universal order of things. Remarkably, the arabic religion still contains at its core one of the last unadulterated vestiges of primordial truth. Its mosques and art forms, as well as its latter-day architecture still incorporate many of the keys to the structure of the cosmos, symbols of the archetypal world as a creation of God.

23. Crop Circle Radius Home Page
Michael Glickman and Patricia Murray's research. The form and function of the crop circles are examined Category Society Paranormal crop circles Researchers......The form and function of the crop circles are examined through field surveys, geometricalanalysis, aerial photography, books and videos by a varied group of


Inter-Dimensional Flower Arrangers


2000 CROP CIRCLE FIELD REPORT #1 (Silbury Hill)

This crop circle appeared on August 15, 2002 in Hampshire, England.
Interface with a hybrid? Are they showing us who they are?
Reports to follow...
97 Circles 98 Circles 99 Circles ... Contact Info
(revised August 21, 2002) You are visitor number 227517 since July 22, 1998. Michael Glickman and Patricia Murray Website produced by: Judy Chiswell Website maintained by: Bo von Hohenlohe Productions This site hosted by: MDC

24. Oxfordshire Crop Circle Group Homepages
Details of crop circles discovered in Oxfordshire from 1994 onwards. Includes photo documentation.
Oxfordshire's Crop Circle Group Web Pages The first place to look for all the information on Oxfordshire crop formations. Run in conjunction with the Oxfordshire Centre for Crop circle studies 2003 NOTICE ABOUT THE FUTURE OF OXFORDHIRE CCCS Oxford Centre for Crop Circle Studies has now merged with Contact International UFO Research. Details of Contact International can be obtained from P.O. Box 23, Wheatley, OXON, OX33 1FL or the hot-line 01869320989. This page has been accessed times since 5/4/97
Formations in 1994 Reports and pictures of Oxfordshire crop circles in 1994 Formations in 1995 Reports and pictures of Oxfordshire crop circles in 1995 Formations in 1996 Reports and Pictures of Oxfordshire crop circles in 1996. Formations in 1997 Reports and pictures of Oxfordshire crop circles in 1997 Formations in 1998 Reports and pictures of Oxfordshire crop circles in 1998 Formations in 1999 Reports and pictures of Oxfordshire crop circles in 1999 Formations in 2000 Reports and pictures of Oxfordshire crop circles in 2000 Formations in 2001 Reports and pictures of Oxfordshire crop circles in 2001 Latest Formations in 2002 Reports and pictures of Oxfordshire crop circles in 2002 Latest Formations in 2003

Wiltshire farmers say the lifting of footand-mouth restrictions has produced a late burst of "alien" phenomena.

Updated Tuesday February 18, 2003 08:05:52

This Page has been accessed
times since Sunday 7th January 2002

Take an air experience over the crop circles
2003 Crop Circle Calendar
Click above to join the Crop Circle Connector Membership

The Crop Circle Connector Mailing List 2002 Member's Web Site Links
SUBSCRIBE ONLINE WITH PAYPAL The Crop Circle Connector 1978 - 2001 Picture archives The 1978-2001 Archives are open to members of the Crop Circle Connector Membership only. APRIL Updated Formations MAY Updated Formations JUNE Updated Formations EARLY JULY Updated Formations LATE JULY Updated Formations AUGUST Updated Formations SEPTEMBER Updated Formations Crop Circle Calendar 200 The only calendar with images from 2002 The calendar has 13 x A4 colour photographs of some of the best formations of 2002 and a wealth of pictures, insets, diagrams and quotes. Available at the end of October 2002 Please place your order now to be in time for Christmas For more information or order forms please send a SAE to:- WCCSG, PO Box 939, Devizes, wiltshire. SN10 1XD. England.

26. - Crop Circle Hoax
Special feature article on the crop circles phenomenaCategory Society Paranormal crop circles...... Are crop circles A Hoax? If you have an interest in the crop circles that havebeen appearing around the world for the last 30 years, you're not alone.

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27. Frauds & Hoaxes
Discussion of 22 hoaxes, including Cardiff Giant, crop circles, and the Philadelphia Experiment
Robert Todd Carroll
Topical Index FTC: Where Spam Goes to Die Wired News, Nov. 5, 2002 Rumors of War Urban Legends Page Rumor Watch : Urban Legends and Folklore Fresh Zeitgeist : the Urban Legends page InfoWatch - Iowa Skeptics CSICOP Hoax Watch Canadian Broadcasting Corporation FAQ: Myths and Rumours - The Bunk Stops Here
Too Good to Be True
Other Sources

28. Crop Circles: Quest For Truth Crop Circles Movies Documentary Researcher Intervi
A feature-length documentary full of never-before-seen footage and interviews with leading Crop Circle Category Society Paranormal crop circles......crop circles Quest for Truth is an indepth examination of prevailing theoriesabout the origin and nature of crop circles. What Are crop circles?

About Us Contact Us
Crop Circles: Quest for Truth is a compelling and provocative feature-length documentary full of never-before-seen footage and interviews with leading Crop Circles researchers and scientists, some of whom agreed to be on camera for the first time. The film is an in-depth examination of prevailing theories about the origin and nature of Crop Circles and the possible implications for us and for the future of Planet Earth.
Gazecki featured in Tribune Article

Aloha Crop Circles in Hawaii (again)

The DVD and VIDEO are avail for Sale
MORE BUZZ... ...
Affiliate Program

Books on selfhelp, non-fiction, metaphysical, crop circles, ufo's, music theory, spirits, barbie, and body image.
ORDER TOLL - FREE 1-800-624-0401
Blue Note Publications is an Independent publisher of quality books. Blue Note Books has been providing a voice to new and established Authors since 1988. We are located in Central Florida. Phone 321.799.2583
New Perspectives In Music Theory Graves' Disease In Our Own Words Saved By Love Charles E. Van Riper Jake George
and Nancy Hord-Patterson, PhD Evelyn Guarino with Carol Jose
Herbert The Tadpole
Special Release
The Gift
Special Release ...
The Body Burden
Michael Bodrogi
Illustrator: Brian LaBeree Doug Ruby Stacey Handler An on-line Shopping Cart will be available soon to help with your book shopping. Please visit our Order Page to place your order via our toll free number.

30. 0 All Crop Circles Images And Explanations
French crop circle site with extensive photo archive.Category Society Paranormal crop circles......

31. Glastonbury Symposium - Investigating Crop Circles And Signs Of Our Times
Leading annual conference on crop formations and related issues, in Glastonbury, SW England, July/August.
Investigating Crop Circles
and Signs of our Time
a weekend conference in
South West England
25th-27th July 2003
Now in its magic thirteenth year!
The leading conference on
crop formations and associated subjects

32. The Head-space Project : V5
A noncommercial collaborative creative site, open to new contributors anywhere on the web, and including art, design, poetry, prose, discussion on racism, creativity, and crop circles.
14.36 GMT : 5th Mar, 2003
Get your art in print and get paid! Jalamex are running a competition to find eye-catching postcard designs to support a new product marketing campaign. They will distribute about 300,000, nationwide over 6 weeks, later this year. They need 3 designs, each will be displayed on 100,000 post cards, with your credit on the back, and 250 quid in your pocket! Go here if you think you can express their themes of communication and mobility. Poems, pictures, etc. have all been used successfully in the past. JH 20.22 GMT : 31st Dec, 2002
Happy New Year! From all the head-space crew :) 12.25 GMT : 26th Nov, 2002
New chapter alert! Check out the blurring of a hyperlink in the latest addition to the head-space project over at ibuild JH 1.21 BST : 26th Sept, 2002
Got a T68i mobile? Well here's the first of many head-space project graphics for you to use. These files JH 21.00 BST : 26th July, 2002
Creativity on PDAs or phones? : we want everyone who comes to head-space, irrespective of medium, to find something creative to see. In the meantime, on Wednesday we had 10,853 page impressions. We'll do some online PR later in the summer, so keep the ideas for contributed sites

33. August/Sept. 1996 Crop Circles
From Minnesota MUFON. The first crop circle reported on was at Pease, along with a possible UFO. Photos, drawings, report.
August/Sept. 1996 Crop Circles
Pease, MN Crop Circle (9/5/96)
Updated Thursday October 3, 1996
Pease, MN, USA. Discovered September 5, 1996
Henry Veurink, while driving by sitting high on his tractor seat, discovered a crop circle in a corn field one mile northwest of Pease, MN. It is a single circle 62 feet in diameter with stalks lying down in a counter-clockwise direction. Pease is located about 4 miles south of Milaca, MN. In October of 1994, a corn crop circle formation consisting of three circles in a row was discovered 10 miles east-northeast of here. Click here for image (full size approx 61k).
Click here for more detailed report and drawings by Bob Schultz.

Click here for smaller image (300x200 pixels).

On October 2nd, Bob Schultz and Tex Ritter collected 40 corn stalks and 13 soil samples. These samples were submitted to the BLT Research Team for labratory analysis . John Burke, Dr. W.C. Levengood and Nancy Talbott are the founders of the BLT team. Dr. Levengood will test the samples and write a lab report showing his findings. This report should be available by Spring 1997.
Click here for Pease Crop Circle Image Gallery.

34. The Crop Circular:serious Crop Circles Research
The Crop Circular.The home of crop circles research and information oncrop circles. crop circles, crop circle research. March 2003 Edition.
crop circles, crop circle research
March 2003 Edition in-depth crop circles research
visitors since February 1997
The crop circles site of author/researcher/lecturer Freddy Silva, dedicated to the appreciation, education, and understanding of crop circles.
Freddy Silva's groundbreaking crop circles book, Secrets in the Fields : The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles. Pub: Hampton Roads.
Click here for details or to purchase a copy. Or here to read reviews.
This month: Freddy Silva US lectures 2003 Los Angeles, Chicago) , and UK.
Section on important world issues
World Peace meditation dates for March.
A chance for my visitors to get a copy of award-winning director William Gazecki's new film. At a discount.
A quick synopsis of what the excitement is all about.
A year-by-year account of the phenomenon from its humble roots in England to its present-day global coverage.
Examining the evidence of sound as one factor in the creation of crop circles.
In this section we will focus on specific crop circles and the events surrounding them. Includes an eyewitness

35. The W-Files: An Archive Of The Wisconsin Paranormal
A collection of the paranormal from Wisconsin. Covers UFO sightings, crop circles, ghost stories, bigfoot and many other stories of the strange that have been reported in the state. Thanks for visiting! The URL you are looking for has been moved to a new and improved location: So please click on the above link and update your bookmarks.

36. Welcome To Crop Circle Research Dotcom
A comprehensive site investigating the crop circle mystery. This site specialises in research and Category Society Paranormal crop circles Researchers......A personal message from the webmaster. I believe that throughout theuniverse we meet many wonderful and unique individuals, each
A personal message from the webmaster I believe that throughout the universe we meet many wonderful and unique individuals, each travelling on their path to happiness, insight and knowledge. We are all souls who have spent time on this Earth in order to learn lessons and share information with our fellow beings. Before we depart this three dimensional existence we give back a little part of the universe in the form of love, knowledge and conscious awareness. The planet as a whole will benefit from our love and caring. I created this web site with the aim of sharing information and creating a forum by which people of like-minded souls around the planet can communicate with each other in order to spread love, light and positivity to the planet. There is so much pain and sadness in the world at the moment, we need to send love and understanding around the globe, in order to heal the planet and send inspiration to those who need it, whoever they are and whatever their agenda. Together we can make the world a better place. I hope you enjoy this web site and I wish you well on your path to happiness and enlightenment.

37. Cosmic Horizons UFOs, Crop Circles And The Paranormal
Cosmic Horizons your guide to UFOs , crop circles and the world of the paranormal. There'sfar more to Wiltshire than crop circles. Also added
Cosmic Horizons is the gateway to information about UFOs, crop circles and a whole
range of paranormal activity. The site was created by Mark Haywood in an attempt
to disseminate some of the information that he has gathered over the years while
investigating a whole range of strange phenomena.
Now living in Staffordshire, UK, he lectures and writes for The Circular Review (a full
colour publication devoted to the crop circle phenomena) and for his own
publication called Cosmic Horizons. He is often found in Wiltshire cornfields.
Last Updated - 15th February 2001
The Barge Inn - Crop Circle Central. Check out the Barge Inn at
Alton Barnes if you want to know what's happening in Wiltshire.
Last Updated - 1st December 2000 Now includes details of the latest issue from October 2000, and the January 2001 edition Last Updated - 22nd November 2000 Now includes a link to Egypt - Land of the Pharoahs Last Updated - 9th December 2000 Aura photographs of the Webmaster and his partner. COMMENTS

38. Crop Circles
A collection of crop circle related articles by Jonah Ohayv. Also a good collection of related links.Category Society Paranormal crop circles Researchers......CropCircles Corner. has moved to this new, larger, no-adssite -. click here.
Crop-Circles Corner
has moved to this new, larger, no-ads site -
click here

39. Crop Circle Research Main Homepage
crop circles or just
Quick subject finder:
Latest News Latest Crop Circles Crop Circle FAQ Books available on Crop Circles UFO Research and History Operation Right To Know (UK) Thoth and Spiritual Awareness The Truth and Suppressed Info Sacred Geometry Crop Circle Database Report a new crop circle Directory of Researchers Events Diary Sign our visitors book Online Book Store Search this site Contact us and offer feedback SELECTED ARTICLES Enigma Journal Index 2002 'Alien Face' crop formation '20% vs 80%' analysis 'Arecibo reply' crop formation 'White Crow' and Sound Harmonics Harmonic Resonance Project H.A.A.R.P. The Bilderberg Group Interview with David Icke Hale Bopp update The Face on Mars The Oliver's Castle Video Roswell Autopsy film Theories into parallel dimensions RESEARCH BLT research findings Michael Morton's Research Millennium Research LINKS to other sites
We Support:
Welcome to Crop Circle Research dotcom.
C rop circles are one of the most profound and mysterious phenomena of the modern age. Are they a communication from extra-terrestrials? Evidence of other dimensions or a catalyst to advancing our way of thinking? Governments have discussed them and then sought to confuse and misinform the populace through their control and manipulation of the popular media.

40. Mysterious Wiltshire
Focusing on crop circles, including photos and articles. Also contains information about the area and its history.
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