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         Crop Circles:     more books (100)
  1. Crooked Soley: A Crop Circle Revelation by Allan Brown, John Michell, 2005-06
  2. Crop Circles: Harbingers of World Change
  3. Crop Circles and the Mistresses of the Martian Pyramids : England's Crop Circle Connection to Egypt's Giza Plateau and the Mars Cydonia Region by Steve Canada, 2000-09
  4. Fields of Mystery: The Crop Circle Phenomenon in Sussex by Andy Thomas, 1996-06-01
  5. The Mystery of the Crop Circles: 1900 Headwords (Footprint Reading Library) by Rob Waring, National Geographic, 2009-03-13
  6. Crop Circle Secrets Part 1 and 2 by Donald (Editor) Cyr, 1991-01-01
  7. Letter from Tomorrow by JC Clarke, 2006-12-08
  8. The Skeptic, Volume 8 Number 1: Crop Circles : The full Story by Unnamed Unnamed, 1994
  9. Mysterious Crop Circles (US) (Footprint, Reading Library Level 5) by Rob Waring, 2008-11-11
  10. Crop Circles: The Latest Evidence by Pat Delgado, 1991-06
  11. Crop Circles: How to Read the Mandala Formations by Steve Canada, 2000-01
  12. UFOs and Crop Circles (Marvels & Mysteries - Macmillan Library) by Paul Mason, 2005-02-25
  13. The Crop Circle Enigma: A Range of Viewpoints from the Centre for Crop Circle Studies
  14. If In Doubt, Blame The Aliens!: A new scientific analysis of UFO sightings, alleged alien abductions, animal mutilations and crop circles by Leslie Howarth, 2001-12-26

61. SkullSpace U.F.O. Crop Circles 1
Offers photos of crop circles, UFOs and skulls.Category Society Paranormal crop circles...... UFO UFO Photos. UFO Graphics. crop circles. Alien Graphics. UFO News. UFO Directory.UFO Links Games. Game Links. Guestbook. Classifieds. Submit Your Link. crop circles1.
Skulls Skull Graphics Skull Animations Skull Buttons Skull Backgrounds ... Skull Links U.F.O. U.F.O. Photos U.F.O. Graphics Crop Circles Alien Graphics ... Skull Mall Jokes SkullSpace Jokes More Jokes Joke Links Cartoon of the Day Chat Lottery Results Horoscope ... Games Game Links Guestbook Classifieds Submit Your Link Crop Circles 1

62. FGK - Forschungsgesellschaft Kornkreise E.V.
crop circles from Germany. Most articles have an English translation.Category Society Paranormal crop circles......Sorry, this document can be viewed only with Netscape Navigator version 1.2 orlater. Take this link to the first HTML document in this set.
Take this link to the first HTML document in this set.

63. Ufo,ufos,UFO DVD,dreamland,jaime Maussan,UFO Anthology CD-ROM,crop Circles,roswe
Win Mac The UFO Anthology Vol.1 CD-ROM. A presentation of the entire UFO Phenomenon. Online ordering.Category Computers Software Educational Science......UFOs Dreamland Area 51 Aliens crop circles and more. For Macintosh and Windows computers.Welcome to Ovnilab Dreamland.
Welcome to Ovnilab Dreamland. Home of the top selling The UFO Anthology Vol.1 CD-ROM , the most comprehensive presentation ever produced on the topics of UFOs in History, UFOs Described, UFO World Report, UFO Government Cover up, Secret UFO Government projects and more. The CD-ROM presentation is over 9 hours long! No other CD-ROM or video presentation comes close to offering the depth of content as The UFO Anthology Vol.1 CD-ROM guaranteed! Also available is the new Pilot U FO Sighting DVD and Alien Abductions DVD But the The UFO Anthology Vol.1 CD-ROM doesn't stop with UFOs. Explore the entire history of mysterious UFO related cattle mutilations worldwide, Alien abductions and the history of Crop Circles. All of this presented with hundreds of photos, over one hour of never before seen UFO videos and interviews with top UFOlogist and researchers. Ovnilab Dreamland is also a web site filled with up to date UFO information and other quality UFO products not available anywhere else. Ovnilab Dreamland and it's products have been featured and

An online resource for UFO, alien life, and other unidentified flying objects. Contains photos, videos, forums, and discussions. Includes Area 51 links, space sites, and crop circles.

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65. Lucy Pringle's Homepage
Excellent pictures taken since 1996 by Lucy Pringle, articles, you can order cards, prints, books, Category Society Paranormal crop circles Researchers......Lucy Pringle's Homepage

66. Crop Circles
Book by Carolyn North describes crop circles with many photos.
Cover photo by Steve Alexander ISBN 1-57951-019-1 96 pg $8.95 Purchase:
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Links to Contributors Ruben Uriarte Peter Sorensen Steve Alexander Freddie Silva ... Busty Taylor BLT Research Team
offers a packet of information on their research
for a modest fee and is seeking field workers.
To inquire or to report a new formation,
contact: Nancy Talbott
Crop Circles
Carolyn North Photos by
Ruben Uriarte, Peter Sorensen, Steve Alexander, Busty Taylor Diagrams by
Freddie Silva, Sara Glasser Science photos by Nancy Talbott of BLT Reaearch Team, Inc. Each year when crops are maturing, thousands of amazing designs appear in farmer's fields around the world, with most in southern England near Stonehenge and other archeological sites. The mathematical precision and intricacy of the designs increases in complexity and beauty with each growing seasonóas if whatever is creating the circles is evolving. How the formations are formed and why is a mystery of our time. Are they caused by UFOs? A force within the earth? Divine powers? Do they contain messages? What is going on here? Crop Circles is a fascinating introduction, filled with photos and diagrams of these beautiful formations contributed by leading croppies.

67. Sightings UFO Sightings UFO Reports Aliens Ufos Aliens Ufos Ufology Alien Abduct
UFO research, sightings, reports, theories, merchandise, organizations. Hangar 18, Area 51, crop circles, extraterrestrials, Roswell crash.
Welcome to Great UFO Links ! Return to UFO Folklore ! Major Gordon Cooper to the United Nations: "I believe that these extra-terrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets... Most astronauts were reluctant to discuss UFOs." "I did have occasion in 1951 to have two days of observation of many flights of them, of different sizes, flying in fighter formation, generally from east to west over Europe. The Black Vault
Kevin Smith Radio Talk Show
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UFO Findland

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Massachusetts MUFON ! MUFON Ontario ! Alabama MUFON ! Michigan MUFON ! ...
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68. Canadian Crop Circle Research Network
Reports about Canadian crop circles with an extensive archive of formations dating back to the 70s.
Updated March 20, 2003
Visitors since March 1, 2001
CCCRN founded 2001 (formerly CPR-Canada founded 1995), web site launched 1997
Webmaster: Paul Anderson This web site is optimized for Internet Explorer and standard 17 inch monitors

69. Crop Circles: Artworks Or Alien Signs?
Email this story Sponsored in part by. crop circles Artworks or Alien Signs? Cropcircles first appeared in the fields of southern England in the mid-1970s.
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Sponsored in part by
Crop Circles: Artworks or Alien Signs? Hillary Mayell
for National Geographic News
August 2, 2002
Mel Gibson's new film, Signs, is reviving public interest in the phenomenon of crop circles. It would be unfair to reveal what it is that's scaring Mel so badly in the world of movies. In the real world, the battle to explain the formations is a torrid wrestling match between artists and people who believe in other-worldly influences. Are the circles an emerging art form: agrarian graffiti, large-scale land art that will be written about in future art history texts as the most remarkable artistic innovation to emerge from the 20th century? Or are they the result of UFO landings or mysterious messages from extraterrestrials? Crop Circle in Hampshire, England

Photograph by Christopher Cormack/CORBIS
More News
Diary of the Planet
The Environment Travel National Geographic Today Special Series Digital Lifestyles: feature by Sony EarthPulse National Geographic Out There ... Mount Everest Expedition The most curious aspect of the sometimes vitriolic debate is the fact that each group needs the other.

The Centre for Crop Circle Studies has been investigating crop circles since its inception in 1990
The Centre for Crop Circle Studies page has moved to: Centre for Crop Circle Studies

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71. The Unnatural Museum - Crop Circles
crop circles from Outer Space? Proponents of this theory note that occasionallycrop circles seem to appear in conjunction with a UFO sighting.
Crop Circles from Outer Space?
Artist's conception of a UFO with a crop circle. For over twenty years the southern English countryside has been the site of a strange phenomenon that has baffled observers and spawned countless news stories and not a few books. In the middle of the night, flattened circular depressions have appeared in fields of wheat, rye and other cereal crops. They range in diameter from ten feet to almost a hundred feet wide and vary from simple circles to complex spirals with rings and spurs. All have sharply defined edges. The most striking feature of the circles is the frequency with which they occur. In 1990 over 700 crop-circles appeared in Britain. People who attempt to study these circles have coined a name for themselves: cereologists. The word comes from the name of the Roman goddess of vegetation, Ceres. There are two favorite theories held by cereologists that think crop circles are the result of some not well understood physical phenomena. The first is that the depressions are the result of an unusual weather effect. George Tenence Meaden, a former professor of physics, calls this a "plasma vortex phenomenon" which he defines as "a spinning mass of air which has accumulated a significant fraction of electrically charged matter." According to Meaden the effect is similar to that of ball lightning , but larger and longer lasting.

72. Sedona Journal Of Emergence
The home of Sedona Journal of Emergence, and also publishes channeled books about crop circles, UFOs and ETs.
Welcome to Light Technology Publications Please pardon our dust while we continue to roll out our new website. Light Technology Publications Offers Books of Light that give our readers Guidance and Benevolent-Magic Techniques to move them Safely through these Tumultuous Times. Browse Our Bookstore Choose one of the subjects or categories below and you will be taken into our bookstore. Categories: Choose a category... Books SJE - Advertising SJE - Back Issues SJE - Subscriptions Tapes Subjects: Choose a subject... Ascension Series Astrology Atlantis Auras Channeling Children's Books Color and Sound Crop Circles Display Advertising Drunvalo Melchizedek Elias de Mohan ETs/UFOs Explorer Race Flower of Life Healing Janet McClure Kryon Books Montauk Series Mystical Fiction Numerology P'Taah Priestess Training Ramtha Sedona/Vortex Seminar Shaman Nature Series Shamanic Books Shining The Light SJE - Back Issues SJE - Subscribe Canada SJE - Subscribe Other SJE - Subscribe USA Sound Current Tapes Tom Kenyon Transformation Wesley H. Bateman Search: Our Best Sellers: The Predictions Book: 2003 and You New channeled predictions for 2003 on topics like business, government, healing...

73. BBC NEWS | UK | 'I Make Crop Circles'
The Mel Gibson film, Signs, has renewed interest in who or what - might makecrop circles. My heartfelt thanks to the gentleman who makes crop circles.
You are in: UK News Front Page World UK ... Programmes SERVICES Daily E-mail News Ticker Mobile/PDAs Text Only ... Help LANGUAGES EDITIONS Change to World Friday, 16 August, 2002, 13:15 GMT 14:15 UK 'I make crop circles'
Farmers often charge spectators an entrance fee
'Tis the season for crop circles. And the Mel Gibson film, Signs, has renewed interest in who - or what - might make these mysterious markings. Here, controversial crop circle maker John Lundberg tells of his nights in the Wiltshire fields. I don't regard myself as a hoaxer - I'm not interested in rug-pulling anybody. Yet the assumption is that if I make a crop circle, it must be because I want to undermine the beliefs of people who think they are not man-made. John Lundberg: "Some regard us as heretics"
But the myths and folklore that build up around crop circles are what fascinate me. And we've always tried to have as good a relationship as possible with the crop circle research community, even though we're at odds with it. It's like with politics - there are the moderates who are happy to coexist with us and the extremists who won't even admit that one crop circle might be manmade. They're the ones who have really demonised us. They regard us as heretics.

74. FUSION Anomaly. Crop Circles
crop circles aliens? plasmavortex? sound imprints? transdimensional communication?art? hoax? _As The Bubble Expands_ MP3. crop circles are entheogenic.
Telex External Link Internal Link Inventory Cache
Crop Circles
plasma vortex ? sound imprints? trans dimensional communication?
art? hoax? does it matter?
This nOde last updated January 29th, 2002 and is permanently morphing...

(3 Imix (Waterlily) - 19 Muan ( Owl

entity Crop Circles aka Pleiadians aka Etnica
Members: Max Lanfranconi, C. Paterno, M. Begotti, A. Rizzo, Francesco Damato, Filippo Scrmizzi
Discography: Different Species (off of
Full Mental Jackpot KICK58
Full Mental Jackpot EP AURA001 Lunar Civilisation AURA003 sample: "Personally, I'm convinced that there must be many, many higher civilizations in this enormous and incredibly ancient universe of ours." ( Arthur C. Clarke quote) Stanley Kubrick
  • Blue Room Released Crop Circles are entheogenic . If they are fake, it might be the only true art form left (and possibly the grandest ever conceived and executed). If it falls under the notion of "prank", by definition, it must remain anonymous. Those who claim the work, when demonstrating their technique, fall miserably short of the intricacies involved, especially in the dark, clandestine, and with a time limit. There are no mistakes, and they are always complete, finished within a matter of hours, and no-one being able to spot them in the

75. New Age Web Works Link Index
Alchemy, altered states, astrology, crop circles, UFOs, tarot, myths, occult, and other new age and paranormal subjects.

76. British Crop Circles

77. Crop Circle Reports
Crop Circle reports and investigations.Category Society Paranormal crop circles...... Dec., 1997 (MN, WI) (Last Update= 12/5/97) Analysis of Oct '94 crop circles(Blaine and Milaca, MN) (Last Update= 4/30/2002) Back to Index Page
Crop Circle Reports
The Crop Circle Report Section is now split into 2 sections: Initial Crop Circle Reports, and Crop Circle Investigations. INITIAL CROP CIRCLE REPORTS:
Crop Circle reports from Jan.- Dec., 2000 (MN, WI, ND)

(Last Update= 5/1/2002)
Crop Circle reports from Jan.- Dec., 1999 (MN, WI)

(Last Update= 10/27/99)
Crop Circle reports from Jan.- July, 1998 (MN, WI)

(Last Update= 4/19/99)
Crop Circle reports from Aug. - Dec., 1997 (MN, WI)

(Last Update= 1/5/98)
Crop Circle reports from Aug., Sept. 1996 (MN, SD, and Canada)

(Last Update= 3/14/97) Crop circle reports from Oct '94 (Blaine and Milaca, MN) (Last Update= 10/15/96) CROP CIRCLE INVESTIGATIONS: Crop Circle Investigation Reports for Jan. thru Dec., 1999 (MN, WI) (Last Update= 4/3/2000) Crop Circle Investigation Reports for Aug. - Dec., 1997 (MN, WI) (Last Update= 12/5/97) Analysis of Oct '94 Crop Circles (Blaine and Milaca, MN) (Last Update= 4/30/2002) Back to Index Page NOTICE: For all reports, data, etc. submitted: Anonymity will be preserved where requested. To submit UFO, Abduction, Crop Circle, or Cattle Mutilation reports for inclusion here

78. World Mystery Research Center
Explores and researches various world mysteries in the world including Crystal Skulls, crop circles, UFOs, and the Bible Code.
World Mystery
Research Center The World Mystery Research Center is an international organization setup to explore the incredible mysteries on our planet that we believe will provide us with key information about humanity and the universe. Key areas of Research In our world today exist many mysteries... some of which remain unsolved and others which can not be explained by modern day scientific theories. It is the goal of our center to utilize all known methods of research, both scientific and paranormal, to try and uncover the reasons and their importance which may lie behind some of these mysteries. The World Mystery Research Center is involved in a number of key areas of research. To your left are buttons which represent six key subjects we are investigating and collecting information. At this time, we are really just building our center but if you would like to know more or get involved, please fill out our online mailing list form and we will get back to you when our center becomes very active. We hope to be at full operating capacity during the spring or early summer of 2003. We are now actively seeking public support and donations (we have a non-profit status in the U.S.) to help us with our various projects.

79. Czech Crop Circle Web Site
Czech crop circles.
CZECH CROP CIRCLE WEB SITE Databáze agrosymbolù objevených v Èeské republice další informace o kruzích v obil next more CC information domovská stránka UFO Klubu Záblesk UFO Club Zablesk Home Page ... další informace o kruzích v obilí next more CC information domovská stránka UFO Klubu Záblesk UFO Club Zablesk Home Page další stránky other sites Pokud máte jakékoli informace o nových i starších obrazcích objevených v Èeské republice - napište nám: UFO Klub Záblesk, Vestec 43, Jaromìø 551 01, E - mail : mailing list contact us Tyto webové stránky jsou spoleèným projektem: UFO Klubu Záblesk Jaromìø a Klubu psychotroniky a UFO Plzeò design by: Jan Èerný

80. The Mysteries Of The Unknown Website!
Jan-Willem Bobbink's site about his experiences with balls of light. Also crop circle reports and diagrams.Category Society Paranormal crop circles......Choose your language / Kies uw taal Nederlands English This website is made by Dutchyoungest crop circle researcher JanWillem Bobbink He's a member of the
Choose your language / Kies uw taal:
This website is made by Dutch youngest crop circle researcher: Jan-Willem Bobbink
He's a member of the DCCCS Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies
and the PTAH Foundation

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