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         Crop Circles:     more books (100)
  1. Crop Circles (The Mysterious & Unknown) by Stuart A. Kallen, 2010-01
  2. Bible Encoded Crop Circle Gods: The Bible and Crop Circles are Decoded to Reveal Their Common Source. Four Alien Mysteries Explained--Origin of UFOs, Mars ... Crop Circles, and the Torah's Text. by Steve Canada, 2006-06-05
  3. Crop Circles (Wooden Books Gift Book) by Michael Glickman, 2005-02-15
  4. Crop Circles: Signs of Contact by Colin Andrews, Stephen J. Spignesi, 2003-03
  5. Signs On The Earth: Deciphering The Message Of Virgin Mary Apparitions, UFO Encounters, and Crop Circles by Richard Leviton, 2005-06-10
  6. Government Circles by Colin Andrews, 2009-04-07
  7. Crop Circles Revealed: Language of the Light Symbols by Barbara Lamb, 2001-10-15
  8. Crop Circles Stained Glass Coloring Book (Dover Coloring Books) by Jessica Mazurkiewicz, 2009-08-21
  9. Crop Circle Babies!: Geometry for Newborns (Volume 1) by Adam Wolfe, 2009-12-01
  10. Crop Circle Note Cards Gift Set #1 by Darwin K Foye, 2002-11-07
  11. The Adventures of Roo & Winston - Crop Circles by Brenda Bryson, 2009-11-16
  12. Creation: Towards a Theory of All Things by John Umana, 2005-05-24
  13. Crop Circles: Signs, Wonders and Mysteries   [CROP CIRCLES] [Hardcover]
  14. A Small Archive of Geometric Terraformations (Crop Circle Jerk) by Gerald Edwards III, 2009-01-01

81. Apocalypse & Millennium: End Time Prophecy & Conspiracy - Antichrist Prophecy, N
Links from angels, aliens, UFOs and crop circles to Mars and satan.
Stuck in Someone's Frames?
Click Here to Escape

David Flynn's long awaited book Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars is now available! click here to order on the secure server or click here for offline, phone, fax, mail order.
Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars reveals:
  • the great Cosmic Clock embodied in the Ouroboros, and the true meaning of this serpentine symbol the "gods" who ruled the planets in the ages before Adam - (Pre Adamic History) - and their return as "aliens" the distinctly Martian influence on human civilization from earliest times to the present the meaning behind the esoteric tenet "As Above, So Below" the Great Work of the Mystery Schools from its origin to the implementation by the modern alchemists of NASA

Evidence of Civilization on Mars: Cydonia Sphinx Face / Giza Sphinx

Cherubim in the heavens:The Zodiac and the Sphinx

Watcher's Millennium Apocalypse:

2 Thes 2:9
Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie

82. BBC News | MEDIA REPORTS | Crop Circles Mystify Russian Farmers
The overnight appearance of crop circles in a field in southern Russia haspuzzled farmers with witnesses saying aliens landed there.
low graphics version feedback help You are in: World: Monitoring: Media reports Front Page ... AudioVideo Saturday, 24 June, 2000, 13:05 GMT 14:05 UK Crop circles mystify Russian farmers
Locals say these circles are UFO landing sites
The overnight appearance of crop circles in a field in southern Russia has puzzled farmers, with witnesses saying aliens landed there. Russian Public TV reported that a farmer from the village of Yuzhnoye, Stavropol Territory called in local officials "to record an act of vandalism" after finding that his field of ripe barley had seemingly been ruined.
Officials believe alien landing reports
Closer examination revealed four distinct circles - one 20 metres in diameter in the centre and three outer ones 5-7m in diameter each. The barley had been smoothed down "as if by hand" in a clockwise direction. Representatives of the Stavropol security council arrived on the scene and suppressed all reports of what happened. They found no traces of radiation or chemicals, and human intervention was ruled out. UFO landing Officials found eyewitnesses in a neighbouring village who said they had seen a UFO landing in the field.

83. Dutch Cropcircle Website
Reports and articles about Dutch crop circles.
Dutch Cropcircle Website (DCW) Last update: 20-11-2002
Nieuw/New Deze website beoogt een algemeen beeld van graancirkels en eraan rerelateerde zaken.
Het overzicht van de verschillende jaren betreft slecht die formaties, die door ons zelf bezocht zijn, of waarvan we rapporten van derden kregen This website wants to give a general overviuew about cropcircles and related items. The survey of Dutch formations, are only formations visited by us, or reported to us by others Voor Nederlandse graancirkels vanaf 2000:
For Dutch cropcircles starting 2000: Formaties van / Formations of 2002 Formaties van / Formations of 2001 Formaties van / Formations of 2000 Oudere formaties / Older formations Water opgeladen in de formatie van / water loaded in the formation of
Barendrecht 2000 Graancirkel geluiden / Cropcircle sounds
Graancirkel artikelen / Cropcircle articles Graancirkel aanmelden / Reporting a cropcircle Inschrijven op onze / subscribe on our mailinglist.

84. UFO's - NASA Astronaut Application.
Investigates UFO's, alien abduction, crop circles, and cattle mutilations.
UFO's? NASA's Under $10 store.

85. Crop Circles
The riddle of the crop circles An article by Idina Le Geyt on some of theUFO sightings that have accompanied the discovery of crop circles.
"Above all keep your sense of wonder in these strange occurrences of the late twentieth century. They may possibly mean more than any of us can yet divine." Ralph Noyes, former Ministry of Defence employee "The full phenomenon is yet to be seen. The grand finale will be a manifestation of a kind that no man will doubt. What's coming out of the noise, will be a manifestation of a physical kind that will, I hope, unite all mankind in knowing and accepting ... his place in the universal and natural... order. At that point, we will have truly reached the New Age. The turning of the key will have been accomplished. That is why it is so important to humanity that we study and participate, that we share this tremendous time when the signs have arrived." Colin Andrews, "Undeniable Evidence" (documentary)
Main Stories

86. Science Report Radio: Crop Circle Math
Report from the America Institue of Physics about the diatonic ratios found in crop circles.
AIP HOME PAGE Online Journal Publishing Service AIP Journals Publishing Services Science Policy History Center Working at AIP Site Index Crop Circle Math
(Edition 46, No. 7)
No one knows who makes these fancy patterns trodden into farm land in England. But one scientist has come up with an intellectual profile of the perpetratorhe knows music, math, and has studied Euclid.
Radio Station Personnel: You can download this file in a non-streaming RealAudio format for broadcast on your station. If you click here you will download the actual file to be saved to your hard drive. When the file downloads (in broadcast quality) make note of where on your hard drive the file is saved; most often it will be saved in a directory called TEMP. You can then call up the file and convert it to your own format.
Click on Logo to Return to AIP Home Page
American Institute of Physics

One Physics Ellipse, College Park, MD 20740-3843
Email: Phone: 301-209-3100; Fax: 301-209-0843

87. UFO S & Bible
Articles on aliens, angels, antichrist, demons, Sphinx, Cydonia, Mars, pyramids and crop circles.
Aliens : Angels or Demons?
It's incremental acclimatization
from THEM!
"Why Israel?" UFOs in Mid-East
Israel and Jordan UFO Flap
    Thebook of the Jubilees remarks that Jaredor Yeh-red , an Old Testamentpatriarch, was so called because in his days the angels descended uponthe earth - Yaw-rad" descend" It is interestingto note that "Jordan" comes from that same root word denoting "descent,coming down or falling" - Yar-dane "the place of the descent" .Jordan, "place of the descent", is located in the ancient boundary of Israel. Israel is currently a major location for sighting UFOs, and the fallen angels in disguise as "aliens".
  • UFOs in the Mid-East page for September 1996 ISRAEL UFO FLAP CONTINUES Art Bell wonders "Why Israel?" Early 1997 UFO and alien activity in Israel! Israelis Looking for Space Visitor article from Southwest Radio Church. FAST FLYBY IN ISRAEL April 97 from UFO Roundup Quoteson the Deceptive Nature of UFOs and Alien Abductions from Blue ResonantHuman - thanks BB.
    • Speculation on the natureof the "alien presence" is increasing...and the public acclimatization continues.

    88. Swirled News
    crop circles, corn circles, crop formations whatever you call them, SwirledNews gives you the latest news, reviews, controversial opinion and incisive

    89. VITAL SIGNS - A Book By Andy Thomas
    Small publisher of crop circles books by Andy Thomas, including the guidebook Vital Signs.
    A revised and updated 2002 edition of this acclaimed book, with 48 extra pages, many additional photographs and a new foreword by award-winning film director MIKE LEIGH About the author Contents of the book Read some extracts Order the book ... e-mail us
    And then visit these... Swirled News Glastonbury Symposium Top annual conference investigating crop circles and signs of our times Crop Circle Connector Online crop circle resource Temporary Temples Photos, posters, videos
    Photos on this website are included in Vital Signs
    A Complete Guide
    to the CROP CIRCLE Mystery
    and Why it is NOT a Hoax
    A book by Andy Thomas
    VITAL SIGNS is the ultimate guide to crop circles for newcomers and an essential summary for those already entranced, including the most complete chronological account of the crop circle mystery available. What are CROP CIRCLES? WHERE and WHEN do they appear? What could be making them? What strange effects surround them? What do they MEAN?
    CROP CIRCLES, the complex and beautiful shapes which appear each year swirled into fields around the world, continue to fascinate the public and media alike. There have been many attempts to explain them away as the work of human artists through ambitious but flawed man-made demonstrations and the propaganda of unproven claims. Yet the shocking truth is the source of the majority of the

    90. Swirled News
    A rolling news service for the crop circle phenomenon.Category Society Paranormal crop circles......crop circles, corn circles, crop formations Swirled News gives you the latestnews, reviews, controversial opinion and incisive commentary on this amazing

    91. Oregon UFO Review Home
    Dedicated to the scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon. Oregon UFO sightings, plus info and pictures of recent and past Oregon sightings, cattle mutilations, crop circles, and UFO lore.
    /* Static Top Menu Script By Constantin Kuznetsov Jr. ( Featured on For full source code and installation instructions to this script, visit */
    Oregon UFO Review is dedicated to the scientific investigation of the UFO Oregon UFO sightings, plus info and pictures of Oregon cattle mutilations, crop circles, UFO sightings, desert viewed at 800x600 resolution
    Our e-mail address is
    Recent Sightings

    Oregon UFO Research Hotline
    February 1st, 2003. Weyauwega Wisconsin.
    As of Tuesday March 18th there have been 11 sightings reported with a total of 17 witnesses in Oregon for 2003.
    In 2002 there were 75 sightings reported with a total of 130 witnesses, 2 confirmed cattle mutilations near Bend and 1 crop formation in Forest Grove.
    There were 59 total sighting reports in the State of Oregon for the year 2001.
    New Team Member. Oregon UFO Research welcomes new investigator trainees/team members Christina Bennett of Salem and Salvador Loredo of Albany. Possible physical UFO trace evidence discovered.

    92. CSICOP Crop Circle Experiments
    2002 CSICOP crop circles Experiments. Kevin Christopher CSICOP PublicRelations Director. August 15, 2002. SI . Skeptics crop circles.
    2002 CSICOP Crop Circles Experiments
    Kevin Christopher
    CSICOP Public Relations Director August 15, 2002
    "Signs," starring Mel Gibson, is Hollywood's latest attempt to cash in on the allure of the paranormal. The film, distributed by Disney's Touchstone Pictures, opened in American theaters on August 2, 2002. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, who brought audiences the haunting spiritualistic thriller "The Sixth Sense" (1999), "Signs" tells the story of Pennsylvania pastor Graham Hess (Gibson), who turns to farming as a way to escape his theological doubts following the death of his wife in a car accident. Hess is thrown into the media spotlight when 500-foot crop circles suddenly begin appearing in his fields. Several months ago, Skeptical Inquirer Managing Editor Benjamin Radford, who moonlights as a film reviewer, sent a memo to CSICOP Senior Research Fellow Joe Nickell and me warning us that "Signs" would likely generate a huge interest in crop circles among the media. True to his prediction, the media have been falling over themselves to discuss this paranormal topic now that it is the centerpiece of Shyamalan's hopeful summer blockbuster. For once, surprisingly, they have proved overwhelmingly sympathetic to skeptical explanations of the crop circle phenomenon. Over the past three weeks Joe Nickell, Benjamin Radford and I have produced two experimental crop circles in Upstate New York. The first experiment was conducted on Wednesday, July 31, 2002, in Amherst, New York, in a large field of dry wild grass. The tools employed were a long piece of rope and one "stalk stomper." The stomper is a board approximately 4 feet (1.3 m) long with two holes drilled at each end. A thick piece of rope was run through the holes and knotted to make a handle. Staffer Vance Vigrass modeled the stomper on similar devices used by British circle hoaxers Doug Bower and Dave Chorley.

    93. Crop Circles, Stonehenge & UFOs - England
    The crop circles pose the most controversial enigma of our times.Recently, documentaries have reported that crop circles are a
    September 20-27, 1999
    You will personally explore the life transforming energies of these mysterious symbols of encircling power. You will also experience the mystical, magical energy of Stonehenge and other ancient sites, including Avebury, a major and massive ceremonial site, Silbury Hill, Old Sarum, and Salisbury Cathedral. WALK INSIDE THE CROP CIRCLES For additional information and reservations call Power Places Tours at 800-234-8687 Power Places Tours -
    Return to Index

    94. Zef Damen Crop Circle Reconstructions
    Possible solutions for the construction sequence of many crop circles.
    Zef Damen Crop Circle Reconstructions Home
    Professional Pages

    Crop Circle Reconstructions

    Line Patterns

    Lego Clock

    What are crop circle reconstructions?
    Take a look at my reconstructions
    of the following crop circles:
    NEW !!

    (September 2002) High quality, high resolution, downloadable
    picture files of final reconstructions

    Crop Circle images courtesy The Crop Circle Connector images by: Steve Alexander Russell Stannard Colin Andrews Stuart Dike ... Andrew King *** NEW *** (10-November-2002) Ivinghoe Beacon 26-July-2002 Sompting (2) 28-June-2002 (18-October-2002) Weyhill 28-July-2002 (9-October-2002) Crooked Soley 28-August-2002 (2-October-2002) Avebury Stone Circle (2) 28-July-2002 (23-September-2002) Beckhampton 26-August-2002 (17-September-2002) Sompting 3-June-2002 (14-September-2002) Nursteed 11-August-2002 (12-September-2002) Barbury Castle 24-July-2002 (28-August-2002) The Gallops 28-July-2002 (1-August-2002) Windmill Hill 18-July-2002 (23-July-2002) Telegraph Hill 1-June-2002 (21-July-2002) Avebury Stone Circle 26-June-2002 (17-July-2002) West Overton 23-June-2002 (14-July-2002) Normanton Down 4-July-2002 (5-July-2002) Silbury Hill 4-June-2002 (3-July-2002) Avebury Trusloe 2-June-2002 (22-June-2002) Reconstructions of 2001 Reconstructions of 2000 Reconstructions of 1998 and 1999 Nederlandse versie Last updated: 10-November-2002 Want to react?

    crop circles crop circles questa parola ormai è sulla bocca di tutti appassionati,ricercatori, scettici. FD. crop circles Story di Roberto Malini.

    Crop Circles Story di Roberto Malini
    Cum Grano Salis -storia-. di Campaniolo Cum Grano Salis - 3.1 Dalla terra alla Terra. di Campaniolo Doug Bower: l’infinito in un cerchio di Roberto Malini
    "Crop Circles" questa parola ormai è sulla bocca di tutti appassionati, ricercatori, scettici. Il fenomeno dei cerchi nel grano ha attirato l'attenzione di tutto il mondo. La patria dei cerchi nel grano è senza dubbio l'Inghilterra, più precisamente il sud Inghilterra. Nessuno sa dare una provenienza a questi imponenti cerchi, molti li classificano come grandi segni lasciati nel grano da parte di civiltà aliene alla nostra. Molti invece ne danno un origine terrestre, cioè alcuni uomini i "CircleMakers" creerebbero questi segni, magari ispirati ad alcuni cerchi già presenti sulla terra fatti da extraterrestri. In molti raccontano che dopo essere stati all'interno di queste immense opere di aver provato una sensazione che li legava alla natura, una sensazione che tutti giurano di non aver provato mai prima e dopo la loro esperienza all'interno di un crop circles. Ora però dopo questa breve introduzione lascio spazio agli articoli dei "nostri" esperti. F.D. Crop Circles Story di Roberto Malini Cum Grano Salis -storia-. di Campaniolo Cum Grano Salis - 3.1 Dalla terra alla Terra. di Campaniolo Doug Bower: l’infinito in un cerchio di Roberto Malini ...

    96. Crop Circle Art
    Digital Artwork based on crop circles by Gary Geisler
    After looking at crop circles for more than ten years,
    It seems pretty obvious that they AIN'T made by US!
    Whoever it is must be "smarter than Your Average Bear..."
    Maybe it's about time people sat up and took notice!
    In an attempt to experience crop circles on a deeper level,
    I copied my favorite designs at the computer and went NUTS.
    While not as impressive as the real thing, I thought the results
    of my little experiment might appeal to other Crop Circle Fans...
    Intro Gallery Prints ... Contact

    97. Universal Citizen Crop Circle Art
    Fine Art inspired by the sybolism found in crop circles and an online community for those interested Category Society Paranormal crop circles......Fine Art inspired by the sybolism found in crop circles and an online communityfor those interested in crop circles and universal awareness.
    home crop circles circle art shop ... aromatherapy Last updated. Mon, 10.03.03 12:28 PM WELCOME TO THE UNIVERSAL CITIZEN WEB SITE.
    Universal Citizen offers a unique range of Circle inspired artwork. A range of English Hardwood wall hangings with some of the most beautiful crop circles and original circle art carved from them, our shop has photo,s and accompanying artwork and information. You can purchase these carvings and more art pieces from our secure online store.
    To see some photo's of the real crop circles check out the crop circle page.
    leave a link guest book ... credits
    F ree crop circle desktop wallpaper and screensaver click on the downloads button below.

    98. Crop Circles And Unexplained Light Phenomena - Index - The Noise Room
    crop circles reports and articles about known hoaxes.
    Welcome to our updated Crop Circle and Unexplained Light Phenomena Index.
    As you will notice we have dropped the UFO section, instead we have decided to concentrate our efforts on the
    unusual lights, some call them Earthlights others BOL's, that appear to roam the British countryside and are being
    caught on film with increasing regularity both at night and during daylight hours.
    If you feel you have anything to contribute to either section please email us using the address at the base of the page. Crop Circle Index Unexplained Light Phenomena Index Click here to purchase site related books, videos and cds Crop Circle Index
    Crop Circle Report Archive - 355 Reports Online Other Crop Circle Information Crop Circle Update - Monthly News Letter 1999 - 144 Reports Online Hoaxers and Hoaxes - Details of Known Hoaxes 1998 - 96 Reports Online ... A statement from The CircleMakers after the 1997 season Unexplained Light Phenomena
    Light Phenomena Index
    Images caught on film by us over the last few years
    Well what did you think ? More to come soon so keep your bookmark in place.

    99. Weird Wiltshire - Crop Circles
    Swirls of flattened corn, or 'crop circles', litter the landscapelike fingerprints. The county of Wiltshire is one of the most
    Welcome to Crop Circles
    Crop Circles news, views, gallery and archive brought to you by Weird Wiltshire

    Latest News

    News Archive


    Each summer, the Wiltshire countryside is host to a strange phenomenon. Swirls of flattened corn, or 'crop circles', litter the landscape like fingerprints.
    The county of Wiltshire is one of the most active areas for crop circles in the world, particularly around the historical stones of Avebury and Silbury Hill. In this ancient landscape, the grassy whorls take over the fields of rape, barley and wheat like massive installation art.
    Crop circles are geometric circles impressed in crops and other types of vegetation and sometimes in sand, gravel, earth, ice and snow. In Wiltshire, widely recognised as the centre of crop activity in the world, they are usually found in fields of standing corn. Of the 175 recorded in England in 2000, 70 were found within a 15 mile radius of Avebury. In 2001, there were 184 crop formations recorded worldwide, of which 102 were in the UK.
    The circles range from small to large, to gigantic. The smallest circle recorded as part of a formation was six inches in diameter and the longest formation nearly a mile long. The biggest so far, consisting of 409 circles of various sizes and measuring 787ft in diameter, was found at

    100. NHNE Special Report: Crop Circles By Sherry Stultz
    Sherry Stultz indepth report about her time spent time with crop circle research and makers in the UK.Category Society Paranormal crop circles Circlemakers......
    Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.

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