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         Dairy Science:     more books (100)
  1. Dairy Cattle Science (4th Edition) by Howard Tyler, M. E. Ensminger, et all 2005-06-23
  2. Dairy Modernization by Roger W. Palmer, 2005-01-10
  3. Dairy Science and Technology, Second Edition (Food Science and Technology) by Pieter Walstra, Jan T. M. Wouters, et all 2005-09-29
  4. Dairy Cattle: Principles, Practices, Problems, Profits by Donald L. Bath, Frank N. Dickinson, et all 1985-06
  5. Dairy Science and Technology Handbook: Product Manufacturing
  6. Principles of Dairy Science by G. H. Schmidt, L. D. Van Vleck, et all 1988-03
  7. Large Dairy Herd Management by C. J. Wilcox, 1999-03
  8. Advanced Dairy Science and Technology
  9. New Research on Livestock Science and Dairy Farming
  10. Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences, Four-Volume Set
  11. Dairy Powders and Concentrated Products (Society of Dairy Technology)
  12. Applied Dairy Microbiology, Second Edition (Food Science and Technology)
  13. Dairy Rheology: A Concise Guide (Food Science and Technology) by J. H. Prentice, 1992-12-07
  14. One Hundred Years of Inquiry and Innovation: An Illustrated History of the American Dairy Science Association

1. Dairy Science And Technology Home Page
Covers the technology, physics, chemistry and microbiology of the subject and milk production and processing, with glossary and references.
W elcome to D airy S cience and T echnology.
This is an educational site focussed on milk, dairy products, and dairy technology. It was developed (originally in 1995) for use with an undergraduate course in dairy processing at the University of Guelph . It is freely available as a resource for university and secondary school students, industry personnel, and interested consumers around the world. This site was developed and is continually maintained by:
Professor Douglas Goff
University of Guelph
I hope you find this site useful as a reference, or for teaching or training purposes.
Introduction to Dairy Science and Technology: Milk History, Composition, Production and Consumption Data and Trends
Milk Production and Biosynthesis
Milk Grading and Defects
Dairy Chemistry and Physics ...
Dairy Microbiology
Dairy Processing
Dairy Products

2. American Dairy Science Association
An international organization of educators, scientists, and industrialists who are committed to advancing Category Science Agriculture Animals Mammals Dairy...... Welcome to the Web site of the American dairy science Association! All pages Copyright© 1999, American dairy science Association, all rights reserved.
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Welcome to the Web site of the American Dairy Science Association!
This site provides information about our Association, the Annual Meeting and the Journal of Dairy Science. New information is added as it becomes available, so remember to check this area frequently. Several items shown on this page are in PDF format. To view PDF files you will need a helper application . PDF documents viewed on screen may be difficult to read; therefore, they should be printed for best results

3. Dairy Science Home Page
(225)5784411. Facilities. dairy science. Dairy Research and Teaching Farm
DEPARTMENT of DAIRY SC IENCE Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803
Dairy Science Dairy Research and Teaching Farm
Dairy Improvement Center Creamery Faculty Graduate Study Undergraduate Study Dairy Science Club ... FINANCIAL AID Program of Study SCHOLAR SHIPS Dairy Alumni Banquet Activities
  • Audio Mission Statement Personal Biography Link in Name Column Courses Links in Rank Column Research Activities Links in Interest Column
TOP Staff NAME RANK INTEREST B. F. Jenny, Head PROFESSOR DARY 4046 A. S. Achacoso ASSOC. PROFESSOR DARY 1048 Brought out of Retirement R. A. Baron INSTRUCTOR DARY 2040 DARY 2049 H. G. Bateman ASSIST. PROFESSOR DARY 3010 DARY 7003 DARY 7018 DARY 7019 Nutrition C.A. Boeneke INSTRUCTOR DARY 2093 Dairy Manufacturing J. E. Chandler PROFESSOR DARY 4045 DARY 4047 DARY 7020 Reproductive Physiology R. H. Gough Gerald_Simmons Professor PROFESSOR DARY 2085 DARY 4081 Milk quality Dairy Technology K. Aryana ASSIST. PROFESSOR DARY 2075 DARY 4020 G. M. Hay Extension Specialist DHI Program C. F. Hutchison Extension Specialist Nutrition and Management C. C. Williams

4. Journal Of Dairy Science
Last Name User ID Remember login. The online version of the Journal of DairyScience is available to members of the American dairy science Association.
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Remember login. The online version of the Journal of Dairy Science is available to members of the American Dairy Science Association. Upon becoming a member of the ADSA, you will be given a member name and User ID to access the Journal . A User ID is required to read full-text articles. HAVING TROUBLE LOGGING IN?
A User ID is not required to read Journal abstracts. TABLES OF CONTENTS JOURNAL RELATED
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(pdf) List of Abbreviations Used in JDS
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Publishing in color Instructions for Authors Online Manuscript Submission Now Available MEETING ABSTRACTS MEETING SYMPOSIA 2002 Joint Meeting 2001 Joint Meeting 2000 Joint Meeting 1999 Meeting Abstracts ... 2002 ADSA/ASAS/CSAS Joint Meeting Symposia INSTITUTIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS Electronic Subscriptions for Institutional Access URL

5. Dairy Science Department: Cal Poly
Explore the facilities, course offerings, curriculum and faculty of Cal Poly's dairy program, which claims to be one of the largest in the US. CAL POLY DAIRY'S 100th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION and GRAND REUNION

Student Academic Fee Increase Information
... Click to go to our cheese site
Comments and questions about this page can be directed to The Dairy Science Webmaster
First published 02/98.
Last Modified: April 5, 2001

6. Glossary
Small glossary of terms used in dairy science.Category Reference Dictionaries By Subject Agriculture...... ions. Includes H+ ions free in solution and those associated withacids and proteins. Back to the Home Page of Dairy Home Page.
Glossary of Terms
Boiling Point Elevation: One of the colligative properties. The boiling point of a solution is increased over that of water by the presence of solutes, and the extent of the increase is a function of both concentration and molecular weight. Colligative Properties: Properties which depend on the number of molecules in solution, a function of concentration and molecular weight, rather than just on the total percent concentration. Such properties include boiling point elevation, freezing point depression, and osmotic concentration. Emulsion: Foam: a gas dispersed in a liquid where the gas bubbles are the discrete phase. There are many food foams including whipped creams, ice cream, carbonated soft drinks, mousses, meringues, and the head of a beer. A foam is likewise unstable and needs a stabilizing agent to form the gas bubble membrane. Freezing point depression: of a solution is a colligative property associated with the number of dissolved molecules. The lower the molecular weight, the greater the ability of a molecule to depress the freezing point for any given concentration. For example, in ice cream manufacturing, monosaccharides such as fructose or glucose produce a much softer ice cream than disaccharides such as sucrose, if the concentration of both is the same. Osmotic pressure: A chemical force caused by a concentration gradient. It is a colligative property and the principle behind membrane processing.

7. Animal & Dairy Science | The University Of Georgia
Faculty listing, graduate and undergraduate programs, a description of facilities and publications.Category Reference Education......© 2000 by the University of Georgia Website designed by Jeff Walker Photos byHeather Lynch and Rick Jones CAES UGA You are visitor
Website designed by Jeff Walker
Photos by Heather Lynch and Rick Jones
You are visitor number 51167 since April 10, 2000.
Graduate Program
Undergraduate Program Research Faculty ... Contact Info

8. PSU Dairy And Animal Science Home Page
Offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs, extension and research programs in dairy, beef, Category Reference Education Agricultural Sciences...... John W. Fuquay 2003 dairy science Distinguished Alumni In 1969 he was awardedthe Ph.D. in dairy science from The Pennsylvania State University.

9. Dairy Digital Marketplace For The Dairy Industry
Daily news and product updates for professionals in the dairy science industry Information on manufacturing, technology, equipment, supplies, and discussion forums, online chat, newsletter and software
HOME Buy Online Sell Online Services Jobs ... Free Newsletter Search: Tips Products Suppliers Categories Articles Downloads Buy Online Buyer's Guide Product Showcase Market Research Reports ... Help
Welcome to Dairy You have reached the premier information source for the Dairy Processing industry. Find products and suppliers , read current headlines , and keep up with the latest information in your professional community through these featured resources: FREE Newsletters
FREE Trade Publications

Market Research Reports

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BH8000S Labeling System

The BH8000S features an in-line conveyor and is designed for heavy-duty, low maintenance, high-speed labeling of containers. Get more info!

10. University Of Florida - Department Of Animal Sciences
Department of dairy science. 2470 Litton Reaves Hall, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
Home Students Research Facilities ... Intranet
Beef Cattle




Beef Units
... Meat Processing Center
Dairy Cattle



... Dairy Science Homepage Equine Sciences Faculty Academics Research Extension ... Publications Poultry Extension Contact the Webmaster About this Site Privacy Statement ... Department of Animal Sciences PO Box 110910 Gainesville, Florida 32611-0910 phone: (352) 392-1981 fax: (352) 392-7652 University of Florida

11. Journal Of Dairy Research
Journal of Dairy Research publishes original scientific research on all aspects of dairy science including animal husbandry; the physiology, biochemistry and endocrinology of lactation.

12. Welcome To OSU Food Science & Technology
Programs including fermentation science, sensory evaluation, food safety, flavor chemistry and dairy sciences. Links to faculty and individual research laboratories.

FST 440/540


(click here for flyer)
Department Head and
Jacobs-Root Professor:
Robert J. McGorrin
Office Address:

100 Wiegand Hall
Oregon State University Corvallis, OR 97331-6602 Phone: Toll free: Fax: e-mail inquiries: fst-inquiry L ocated within the College of Agricultural Sciences , the Department of Food Science and Technology (FST) offers undergraduate and graduate programs of study supported by 21 tenured and tenure-track faculty, a number of adjunct faculty, and 35 graduate students. Most faculty are housed in Wiegand Hall. Off campus facilities include the Food Innovation Center in Portland, Oregon, and the Seafood Laboratory in Astoria, Oregon. The Department has active research programs supported by more than $1.9 million in funding and offers M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs with specializations in:
    Food Chemistry and Biochemistry Food Microbiology and Biotechnology Flavor Chemistry and Sensory Evaluation Food Processing and Engineering Enology (Winemaking) Brewing Science Dairy Processing Surimi Seafoods Value-Added Foods
Within our pages dedicated to our Graduate Program you will find information regarding Admissions, Financial Support, Curriculum Information, and Program Application. An

13. Dairy Science Department: About The Dairy Science Department
Back to dairy science Department ABOUT THE dairy science DEPARTMENT Few,if any, universities offer more dairy science classes than Cal Poly.
- Cal Poly has one of the largest undergraduate Dairy Science student enrollments in the United States, with 125 undergraduates studying husbandry and processing related topics. In addition, 18 graduate students are pursuing graduate study in dairy products technology.
Course of Study - Cal Poly which is located in San Luis Obispo , California, is the only west coast university to offer a specific Dairy Science major. Few, if any, universities offer more dairy science classes than Cal Poly. A Master of Science Degree in Agriculture with a specialization in Dairy Products Technology is also offered.
Facilities - The Dairy Cattle Instructional Center, completed in 1992 at a cost. of $4.5 million, contains the milking parlor, meeting rooms and classrooms, a nutrition and physiology lab, a microbiology lab, and a computer system dedicated to dairy management applications software. The Dairy Products Technology Center was completed in 1996 at a cost of $7.5 million. It provides small production-scale facilities for research, teaching and technology transfer, a conference facility, and state-of the-art analytical laboratories. Area map and Self-Guided Dairy Tour Information
Dairy Science Advisory Council
- Established in 1982 to provide advice and counsel and enhance the relationship between the Department and the Dairy Science Industry.

14. Virginia Tech Department Of Dairy Science
Department of dairy science. 2470 Litton Reaves Hall, Virginia Welcome to the Department of dairy science.
Department of Dairy Science 2470 Litton Reaves Hall, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
Telephone: (540) 231-6331; FAX: (540) 231-5014; E-mail:
Welcome to the Department of Dairy Science
Student Information
Congratulations to Jimmy and Donna Kerr , owners of Ameva Farm, Inc., in Amelia, on being named the 2003 Virginia Distinguished Dairy Producers . Jimmy and Donna are graduates of the Virginia Tech Department of Dairy Science.
Other Information
visitors to this page since August 21, 1998.
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15. Dairy Science Internet Resources
Department of dairy science. 2470 Resources. dairy science InternetResources. Listed below are a few links that you may find helpful.
Department of Dairy Science 2470 Litton Reaves Hall, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
Telephone: (540) 231-6331; FAX: (540) 231-5014; E-mail: Your Location Dairy Science
Dairy Science Internet Resources
Listed below are a few links that you may find helpful. Please share other links with us that would be appropriate for this site.
Breed Organizations
American Jersey Cattle Association
Holstein Association USA, Inc.

Virginia Holstein Association
Dairy Organizations
American Dairy Science Association
Dairy Records Management Systems

National Dairy Shrine

National DHIA
Professional Dairy Heifer Growers Association
Dairy Producers
Huffard Dairy Farm
General Dairy Information
Cheese Net
Dairy Action!

Johnes Information Center

... WWW Virtual Library for Dairy Production
Genetics / Reproduction
ABS Global, Inc. Alta Genetics AMS Genetics, Inc. Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory ... World-Wide Sires
Penn State Dairy Cattle Nutrition
General Agricultural Information
Agri-Launch Agriculture Network Information Center @griculture Online AGLAW - Legal Issues in Agriculture ... USDA Ag Statistics
Dairy Herd Management Farm Journal Today Feedstuffs Hoard's Dairyman
Virginia Tech
Virginia Cooperative Extension Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Dairy Club Virginia Tech Dairy Science Alumni Association Please send any comments or questions to

16. Animal & Dairy Science | Clubs
Animal dairy science Clubs and Organizations. Meetings are the first Mondayof each month at the Edgar L. Rhodes Center for Animal and dairy science.
The UGA Block and Bridle Club
The UGA Block and Bridle Club allows students who are interested in Animal Science to gain experience towards a future in Agriculture. The Block and Bridle is one of the most active organizations on campus and is involved in a wide variety of social and service activities. Each year Block and Bridle sponsors the Little International Livestock Show and the Great Southland Stampede Rodeo. These give students hands-on-experience and familiarizes them with the business skills required to conduct such events. Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. For more information contact Dr. Susan Duckett ( ), Room 206 Edgar L. Rhodes Center for Animal and Dairy Science, 542-0942 or Dr. Ronnie Silcox ( ), Room 152 Edgar L. Rhodes Center for Animal and Dairy Science, 542-9102. The UGA Cattlemen's Association
The UGA Cattlemen's Association is a local chapter of the Georgia Cattlemen's Association. The club works to promote the beef industry by educating its members and consumers about Georgia's beef industry. Among its various activities, the club tours farms, works cattle sales, and entertains guest speakers at meetings. The association sponsors a scholarship for new members who are active in the local association and beef industry. Members receive the monthly Georgia Cattlemen's magazine. Meetings are the first Monday of each month at the Edgar L. Rhodes Center for Animal and Dairy Science. For more information, contact Dr. Ronnie Silcox (

17. Faculty Of Brewing, Food Technology And Dairy Science
List of institutes, with further information mainly in German.

Similar pages dairy science Department Home PageHome, dairy science DEPARTMENT. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN MADISON.

19. UW Extension - Dairy Science
Home, dairy science DEPARTMENT. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN MADISON. dairy scienceExtension. Nutrition, Dr. Louis E. Armentano Patrick C. Hoffman Robert M Kaiser
Dairy Science Extension
Nutrition Dr. Louis E. Armentano
Patrick C. Hoffman
Robert M Kaiser ... UW Extension Home Page

20. LSU Dairy Science Club
Louisiana State. University. dairy science Club. Beinvenue! Welcome!Welcome to the Louisiana State University dairy science Club.
Louisiana State University Dairy Science Club
Members Activities Excellence ... Lagniappe Beinvenue! Welcome!
Welcome to the Louisiana State University Dairy Science Club. The Dairy Science Club is one of the most involved clubs in the College of Agriculture. From selling ice cream at LSU home football games to providing security for a local corn field maze club members are knee-deep in activities.
Dairy Science Dept.
College of Agriculture LSU AgCenter ADSA

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