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         Dairy Science:     more books (100)
  1. Milk and Dairy Product Technology (Food Science and Technology) by Edgar Spreer, 1998-01-07
  2. Dairy science;: Its principles and practice in production, management, and processing, (Lippincott's agricultural science series) by William Earl Petersen, 1939
  3. Fermented Milks (Society of Dairy Technology)
  4. Dairy Starter Cultures (Food Science and Technology)
  5. Dairy Science Handbook
  6. Milk Fat Globule (Technical communication of the Commonwealth Bureau of Dairy Science and Technology ; no. 4) by H. Mulder, Pieter Walstra, 1974-05
  7. Dairy Science: Its Principles and Practice by W.E. Petersen, 1950
  8. Nutrition and Lactation in the Diary Cow (Easter School in Agricultural Science//Proceedings)
  9. Progress in Dairy Science by C J C Phillips, 1995-01-12
  10. Dairy Technology: Principles of Milk Properties and Processes (Food Science and Technology) by T. J. Geurts, A. Noomen, et all 1999-04-23
  11. Advanced Dairy Chemistry: Volume 1: Proteins, Parts A&B
  12. Organic Dairy Farming: A Resource for Farmers
  13. Dictionary of Dairy Terminology, Second Edition: In English, French, German and Spanish by International Dairy Federation, 1996-06-03
  14. Mycotoxins in Dairy Products

21. Department Of Animal Science
Academic Programs, Faculty and Staff, Facilities, Human Resources, News and Events, Animal Behavior, Animal Breeding and Genetics, Animal Nutrition, Beef Cattle, dairy science, Equine Science, Extension Food and Nutrition, Food Science and Technology, Human Nutrition, Meat Science, Physiology of Reproduction, Sheep and Goats, and Swine

22. University Of Florida - Department Of Animal Sciences
International Farm Fellows Program. dairy science Homepage. Equine Sciences FacultyAcademics Research Extension Youth Programs Publications. Poultry Extension
Home Students Research Facilities ... Intranet
Beef Cattle




Beef Units
... Meat Processing Center
Dairy Cattle



... Dairy Science Homepage Equine Sciences Faculty Academics Research Extension ... Publications Poultry Extension Contact the Webmaster About this Site Privacy Statement ... Department of Animal Sciences PO Box 110910 Gainesville, Florida 32611-0910 phone: (352) 392-1981 fax: (352) 392-7652 University of Florida

23. University Of Florida Dairy Science Program
dairy science Program at the University of Florida. Dept. of Animal Sciences.Welcome to the University of Florida dairy science Website.
Dairy Science Program at the
University of Florida
Dept. of Animal Sciences Welcome to the University of Florida Dairy Science Website. Dairy programs at the University of Florida are implemented through the Department of Animal Sciences. The mission of the Dairy Program in the Department of Animal Sciences is twofold: 1) to provide students at all stages of life with the intellectual depth; the independence of mind; and the tools required for self-sustained learning needed to lead productive lives in a rapidly changing world, while emphasizing knowledge related to dairy enterprises, and 2) to conduct research and make knowledge available through teaching and extension to assist the dairy industries in remaining profitable and sustainable while providing consumers with economical, plentiful, safe and wholesome food. See the links below for more information about education, extension and research programs in dairy science conducted in the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Florida People
Faculty - by Discipline Staff
Graduate Students, Postdocs and Visiting Scientists

24. University Of Wisconsin - Madison -- Department Of Dairy Science / Milk Quality
© 2000 by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System doing businessas the division of Cooperative Extension of the University of Wisconsin
© 2000 by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System doing business as the division of Cooperative Extension of the University of Wisconsin-Extension. UW-Extension provides equal opportunities in employment and programming, including Title IX requirements. UW-Extension programs are open to all persons without regard to race, color, ethnic background, or economic circumstances. URL: http:// /milkquality/index.html . You are the 1696th person to visit this site since 7/10/2000.
Map designed by Holly W. Roth

25. Department Of Dairy Science -- Milk Quality/ News Stand
Detection and control methods described in this recent paper by Pamela L. Ruegg,DVM, MPVM Dept. of dairy science, University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Find out the latest news at the News Stand. Look through the following sections to find out: What's New At This Website March 2003 March means it's time for the annual meeting of the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin Milk Money is the milk quality improvement program you've read about in the farm press, heard about on ag radio and has your neighbors talking. Take the opportunity to stop by our booth and learn how you can get a milk quality team started on your dairy. For for conference details visit the PDPW web site January Milk Money , the Extension program designed to help Wisconsin dairy producer improve milk quality, is proving both successful and popular. There are now more than 100 dairy herds enrolled in Milk Money throughout the state. Matt Jorgensen, Extension Dairy & Livestock Agent, Clark County, has led 12 successful Milk Money "teams" in his county. Jorgensen recently completed a survey of the people participating on the teams and has shared those results with all of us.

26. Mr. Babcock's Invention
A short play. Includes pictures, and an introduction explaining the importance of Babcock's discovery in dairy science. Requires Adobe Acrobat reader.

27. ISU Animal Science - Dairy Science
ISU dairy science Undergraduate Program. Farm Records and Protocols AssistedCalving Incoming Stock Calving Evaluation Mastitis Treatment
ISU Dairy Science
Undergraduate Program Farm Records and Protocols

Assisted Calving

Incoming Stock

Calving Evaluation

Mastitis Treatment
Dairy Science Club

THE MISSION of the ISU Dairy Program is to serve students, dairy producers, allied industry, and consumers through resident instruction, distance learning, research, and extension. Activities focus on discovery, development, and dissemination of knowledge that enhances understanding of basic animal biology; promotes economically viable and environmentally sustainable dairy production systems; maintains animal well-being; and results in desirable, safe and nutritious products. College of Agriculture AnS Department AnS Welcome AnS Mission ... AnS News
May 2001 ...Go ISU!

28. Animal Science-Dairy Science Club 2003
Particulars dairy science Club is open to students of all majorswho are interested in the dairy industry. Dues are $15 annually.

Animal Science

AnS Undergraduate
  • Dairy Program
  • Dairy Judging
  • Judging Teams
  • Judging History ...
  • 2000 Awards LINKS
  • ADSA
  • World Dairy Expo
    Animal Use Org

    January 2003
  • Brent Volker (DySPV, Sumner)
  • Susie Vaughan (DyS, Penn Yan, NY)
  • Katie Meyer (DyS, Garnavillo)
  • Bill Rauen (DyS, Farley) AG COUNCIL REP
  • SENIOR: Sarah Mullen (DyS, Fuquay-Varina NC)
  • JUNIOR: Conrad Spangler (DySPV, Hillsboro) HISTORIAN
  • Maple Kelly (AnS/DyS, Marengo) PUBLIC RELATIONS
  • Kayla Hotvedt (AgEd, Mabel MN) ADSA REP
  • Mark Fisher (DyS, Edgewood) SOCIAL/INTRAMURAL
  • Katie Zumbach (DyS, Monticello) ADVISORS
  • Dr. M. Douglas Kenealy
  • Dr. Lee Kilmer
  • Dr. Howard Tyler Particulars... Dairy Science Club is open to students of all majors who are interested in the dairy industry. Dues are $15 annually. Meetings are held at 7 pm the 2nd Tuesday of each month, September-May. Need a ride? Call 294-6021 (DyS office in Kildee Hall) we'll be happy to pick you up! 2003 Calendar...
  • The club also participates in intramurals and a variety of other social events throughout the semester
  • Times and locations will be announced for the activities
  • Please feel free to offer suggestions you may have for activities or events the club
    Our Activities...
  • 29. Dairy Products Technology Center, Cal Poly
    Courses, research and development, technology transfer in dairy science and technology.

    30. Dairy Science: Texas A&M University
    Behavior . Animal Breeding Genetics Animal Nutrition Beef Cattle dairy science Equine Science Extension Food Nutrition .
    Teaching Research Extension Faculty Graduate Students Dairy Center Texas Dairy Herd Improvement Association Academic Programs Facilities ... Swine

    31. Dairy Science Teaching Programs
    dairy science Teaching Programs DASC 202 Dairying Survey of dairyindustry; dairy breeds, standards for selection and culling, herd
    Dairy Science Teaching Programs
    DASC 202: Dairying:
    Survey of dairy industry; dairy breeds, standards for selection and culling, herd replacements, feeding, management, physiology and healthe maintenance. Food value of milk, tests for composition and quality, use and processing of market milk and dairy products.
    Return to Dairy Page
    Academic Programs Facilities Human Resources ... Swine

    32. TAMU
    Contact information, FAQ, calendar, members, officers, alumni, scrapbook, related links, and employment posts.
    Dairy Science Club
    Send correspondence to: 032 Kleberg Center TAMU-2471 College Station, TX 77843
    This page last updated on DASC webmaster

    33. Dairy Science - AgEBB
    dairy science. Missouri Dairy Business Update; Competitive Audit ofthe Missouri Dairy Industry February 2002; By-Product Feed Prices;
    Dairy Science
    [ AgEBB Home Page ] [ Comments ]

    34. Dairy Science Home Page
    UWRF New Dairy Learning Center World Dairy Expo. National Mastitis Council.Hoard's Dairyman. dairy science Major. The dairy science faculty.

    35. UW-River Falls Gets Dairy Science Major
    UWRiver Falls Gets dairy science Major. Students 5) approved theformation of a dairy science major at UW-River Falls. Students
    Last updated: Friday, 21-Feb-2003 08:32:32 CST
    November 5, 1999 For more information, contact Perry Clark at 715/425-3704. UW-River Falls Gets Dairy Science Major Students in one of the largest university dairy science programs in the nation will now graduate as majors in that industry. The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents on Friday (Nov. 5) approved the formation of a dairy science major at UW-River Falls. Students in that program presently are graduating as animal science majors with an emphasis in dairy science. Chancellor Gary A. Thibodeau said the new major is in tune with the changing nature of dairying in Wisconsin, and that the degree will help to make students more marketable. "The dairy industry is one of the most important segments of Wisconsin's economy," Thibodeau said. "This major responds to new directions in dairying, and it indicates the commitment of our University and its faculty to keeping that industry vibrant and economically healthy." Some 130 students are enrolled as majors pursuing the current dairy science option, making the program one of the top three in the nation for student numbers. With the new major, that is expected to increase by 30 students within the next four years.

    36. Extension Animal And Dairy Science
    Cooperative Extension Service. Animal and dairy science Department Animaland dairy science Building 425 River Road Athens, GA 306022771.
    The University of Georgia
    College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
    Cooperative Extension Service
    Animal and Dairy Science Department
    Animal and Dairy Science Building
    425 River Road
    Athens, GA 30602-2771

    37. Extension Animal And Dairy Science
    Conference Proceedings. Contact Info Phone (706) 5422581 / Fax (706)542-9316. Back to Extension Animal dairy science homepage.
    The University of Georgia
    College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
    Cooperative Extension Service
    Dairy Cattle

    38. UCCE - Dairy Science
    In dairy science, specific programs address the complex issues of animalhealth and welfare, dairy waste management, and water quality.
    Dairy Program Representative - Vacant at this time
    In Dairy Science, specific programs address the complex issues of animal health and welfare, dairy waste management, and water quality. Programs developed in the North Bay have national scope, serve to improve the quality and safety of milk and dairy foods, and encourage environmentally sound dairy management. The dairy program sponsors North Coast Dairy Day, an annual seminar supported by the University of California and donations from local dairy businesses. At this event ,dairy farmers attend workshops on such topics as heifer replacement, equipment sanitation, nutrition, and pasture management. For more information on this and other dairy-related programs, call (707) 565-2621. Frequently Asked Questions Home
    About Us
    Available Publications ... Youth Development / 4-H
    Any comments regarding this page should be directed to: webmaster
    Oct 18, 2002

    39. Dairy Science Abstracts – All Aspects Of Milk Production, Milk Secretion, Milk
    the database for information on dairy science, animal husbandry, milk production,milk secretion, milk processing, milk products, physiology and lactation
    Books CD-ROM Internet Journals Dairy Science Abstracts
    In print and via the Internet Search Abstracts (registered users only)
    Register for Internet Access
    (subscribers only)
    Annual Subscription Rates

    Register for Free Trial

    View a Sample Copy
    (in PDF format)
    How to Order

    Advertising Rates
    (in PDF format) Features: Records added to print each year: 7,500 Journal Articles, Reports, Conferences and Books Calendar of events Monthly Author, Subject and Serials Cited Indexes First issued: 1939 Monthly in Print Weekly updates for Internet version 10-year back file for Internet version Subject Coverage: Dairy Science Abstracts provides information on all aspects of milk production, secretion, processing and milk products. Aspects Include: Husbandry Chemistry Milk production Physics Technology Economics Physiology Legislation and standards Biochemistry Milk and public health Nutrition Dairy research Immunology Education Microbiology Take advantage of our Internet free trial offer!

    40. SDSU: Dairy Science Department
    The dairy science Department at SDSU has the teaching faculty and facilities toprepare you for a career specializing in either dairy production or dairy
    55° F
    H: W:
    SATURDAY, MARCH 22, 2003
    Dairy Science Faculty

    Text Only Version

    Contact Us
    ... College Of Agriculture And Biological Sciences
    The Dairy Science Department at SDSU has the teaching faculty and facilities to prepare you for a career specializing in either dairy production or dairy manufacturing. The Dairy Science Department has 100% placement of graduates with salaries averaging over $37,000.
    Dairy science is a diverse field and provides a variety of employment opportunities for graduates. The industry continually calls for college-trained people and is a stable, growing industry with dairy plants and farms worldwide.
    Dairy production students may choose to manage a dairy herd, become a county agricultural agent or an Extension dairy specialist, or be a manager or field representative for a dairy cattle breed association, a field representative for a dairy plant, or a technical representative of feeds, pesticides, animal health supplies, or other dairy farm needs. Other job opportunities include research in dairy cattle breeding, nutrition, physiology and management; a dairy farm automation manager of an artificial insemination center or a dairy farm management association; a dairy marketing specialist or a farm credit and finance officer for a bank or a government agency. Dairy manufacturing students may choose to manage their own milk or cheese plant; be an Extension dairy specialist; supervise the processing in a dairy plant or be a dairy plant maintenance engineer charged with keeping the equipment running; or work in a laboratory to ensure the proper quality and composition of dairy products.

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