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         Data Acquisition And Control:     more books (100)
  1. Data Acquisition and Process Control Using Personal Computers by Ozkul, 1996-04-23
  2. Mechatronic System Control, Logic, and Data Acquisition (The Mechatronics Handbook, Second Edition)
  3. Data Acquisition and Control Handbook (Data Acquisition and Control Handbook, A Guide to Hardware and Software for Computer Based Measurement and Control) by Keithley Instruments, 2001
  4. PC Interfacing for Laboratory Data Acquisition and Process Control by Sanjay Gupta, 1989-06
  5. Log Data Acquisition and Quality Control by Philippe Theys, 1999-08-15
  6. IEEE Standard Fastbus Module High-Speed Data Acquisition and Control System and IEEE Fastbus Standard Routines/IEEE Std 960-1993 by IEEE, 1994-07
  7. Data Acquisition and Control Programming Tools: Function Reference (Universal Library) by Measurement Computing, 2002
  8. Computer Interfacing A Practical Approach to Data Acquisition and Control by Terry Dalby, 1994-01-01
  9. Computer Interfacing : A Practical Approach to Data Acquisition and Control by William H. Rigby, 1995
  10. High Performance Data Acquisition & Control by J. W. Tippie, David A. Cooper, et all 1994-05
  11. Data Acquisition and Control Handbook : a Guide to Hardware and Software for Computer-Based Measurement and Control
  12. IEEE Standard Fastbus Modular High-Speed Data Acquisition and Control System
  13. FASTBUS Modular High Speed Data Acquisition and Control System for High Energy Physics and Other Applications (DOE/ER-0189) by U.S. NIM Committee, 1983
  14. Data Acquisition and Control Programming Tools: User's Guide (Universal Library) by Measurement Computing, 2003

21. GS TSC
Software and Service in data acquisition and control Technology.

22. Data Acquisition And Control - Ardan Scientific Programming - West Milford, New
data acquisition and control. Ardan Scientific Programming,LLC is experiencedin the design and assembly of complex process research systems.
Data Acquisition and Control
Ardan Scientific Programming,L.L.C. is experienced in the design and assembly of complex process research systems . In chemical processes, typical systems include recording multiple temperature, haze, pressure, pH and agitation measurements over long periods of time. Control systems are assembled to regulate complex reactant feeds and temperature regimes. We design systems using high quality Autoclave Engineers and Büchiglass products as well as fiber-optic UV/Vis probes. Eurotherm Allen-Bradley and programmable logic are a specialty. In addition to LabView and proprietary ladder-logic systems, Ardan Scientific Programming,L.L.C. is expert in creating intuitive, custom Visual Basic interfaces. Homepage Website Design Databases Data Acquisition ... Support Ardan Scientific Programming, L.L.C.
West Milford, NJ
Tel: 973-838-1487
Tel: 201-280-0689

23. Hytec Electronics Ltd
data acquisition and control systems, instrumentation and modules based on CAMAC, VME, VME64x, PCI and Industry Packs.
Hytec Electronics Ltd
Hytec Web Site Data Acquisition and Control Product Information
CAMAC VME Industry Packs PCI ... System Removals About Hytec
Contact Information Hot Modules Hytec News Company Profile ...
HYTEC Home Page
Hytec Electronics have been providing control and data acquisition systems solutions for over 25 years. Our hardware engineers design and manufacture high specification analogue and digital instrumentation for the harshest of industrial and research environments. We build quality designs into modular instruments based on the stringent standards including CAMAC, VME, VME64x, PCI and Industry Packs. Hytec has upgraded the Remote Emergency Indication Centre (REIC) system software and display hardware at Wylfa Nuclear Power Station in Anglesey, UK. The system provides monitoring of key reactor parameters on a separate system to the main data loggers and at remote locations. The system was implemented using Vsystem Control Toolbox software, Personal Computers interconnected by fibre optic Ethernet and data acquisition was using existing Solartron IMP modules.

24. Data Acquisition Product Line Introduction
Software programs are central to modern data acquisition and control systems.Software analysis. pCLAMP data acquisition and control for Windows.

About Axon Contact Us Neurosciences ... Downloads
Cellular Neuroscience
Amplifiers Introduction

MultiClamp 700A

Axopatch 200B

Digidata 1322A

Support Pages
Microelectrode Amplifiers

Digidata 1320 Series
Data Acquisition and Analysis
Axon Instruments offers hardware and software tools to condition, digitize, and analyze your neurophysiological signals. Axon data acquisition software allows you to create protocols to control your microelectrode amplifier (or other instrument), signal conditioner, and digitizing hardware, and to acquire data to a file on your computer. Axon data analysis software offers an extensive list of processing and analysis functions, as well as plotting and presentation output.
Signal Conditioning and Data Acquisition
Once an analog signal has been conditioned, it needs to be converted by a data acquisition system to a digital form for display and storage on a computer. The conditioned signal is connected to the analog input of a digitizer which uses an Analog-to-Digital Converter to take samples of the signal voltage at a user-determined rate. The analog samples are converted to digital values which are then transferred to the computer for display and storage. Software programs are central to modern data acquisition and control systems. Software programs orchestrate all of the experimental control, data acquisition and analysis. Software can, for example, set the gain, offset and filters on computer-controlled signal conditioners and analog input and output channels. During the experiment itself, the software would issue the voltage waveform commands through the analog output and digital outputs, acquire and display the digitized signal, and store the data to disk. The software is also crucial in analyzing the data and creating files and plots from the results of the analysis.

25. MODACS I, Modular Data Acquisition And Control System
MODACS (Modular data acquisition and control System) is a data......MODACS I. Modular data acquisition and control System.
Modular Data Acquisition and Control System
Description :
MODACS (Modular Data Acquisition and Control System) is a data acquisition and control system based on a variety of mainly VMEbus boards and Signal Conditioning daughter boards. It is highly innovative providing very high channel density yet is modular allowing small as well as large systems to be configured. Multiple MODACS systems can be synchronized to form even bigger simultaneously sampling systems. All functions reside in the same VME housing, which ranges in size from 7 to 21 slots, including power supply, signal conditioning, data recording (on SCSI, Flash or DRAM) as well as communication via Ethernet to a PC or notebook computer. Bandwidths as high as 20kHz and as low as a few Hz are accommodated, in any mix, across 15 different and independent tests. Due to the modular concept one can use MODACS as a small, mobile unit or as a big, rack mounted measurement and control system with hundreds of channels. Each system can be configured relatively easily. Place a VME30 VMEbus controller in slot 1 and a power supply card in the rightmost slot. A shock isolated disc unit can be placed in the 2 slots left of the Power Supply. The rest of the rack can be populated with

26. MODACSII, Enhanced MODACS, Data Acquisition And Control Unit
MODACS II. (preliminary). Enhanced MODACS data acquisition and controlUnit. Concept. MODACS II is a highly scalable, compact, mobile
Enhanced MODACS Data Acquisition and Control Unit
MODACS II is a highly scalable, compact, mobile and modular data acquisition unit. A unique feature is the wide variety of signal conditioning modules, which can be user installed and changed from test to test. High sampling rates including those required for acoustic signals is provided. Up to 640 channels can be accommodated into one unit; the exact number depends on the channel type, eg DC bridge, Structcel, thermocouple, etc. Additional features include low (DC) power consumption and rugged construction (wide temperature range and high shock/vibration conditions) with the possibility of running multiple systems synchronized with one another. This is useful for very large systems or when it is better to distribute channels amongst multiple systems. MODACS II is equally suited to mobile acquisition as well as laboratory/factory measurement and control. Furthermore because it is modular it can change and grow with time and upgraded card by card with the introduction of new technologies. MODACS II is VMEbus based and uses a single controller as master with multiple slaves. The controller is based on a PowerPC processor and provides an Ethernet link together with a SCSI interface for a local disc. Four serial interfaces, one of which is used to monitor the local power supply are also provided. The slave boards consist of

27. Software Resources In Nuclear Physics
TS Toolkit a generic software system for supervisory data acquisition and control(SCADA) applications (from CERN); Virginia Tech Partial-Wave Analyses.
Software Resources for Data Aquisition and Data Analysis in Nuclear Physics
This entry will offer locators to resources on the WWW which give information about existing and and future software products relevant to data aquisition and data analysis in nuclear physics. As of June 30, 2000 this web site will no longer be under maintenance.

28. Microlink PC-Based Measurement And Control Systems
A guide to computerised data acquisition and control. A series of technical notes clearly explain how to computerise measurements, examples are provided by application stories, and new products are discussed. Includes USB, RS232, RS485, ISABus, GPIB and Ethernet,
Welcome to the Microlink Measurement and Control Site
Welcome to the Microlink Measurement and Control site from Biodata. We hope anyone involved in data acquisition, test, measurement, analysis or control will find these pages useful.
Product Summary
Frame-based systems, Laboratory systems, Distributed systems, ...
Microlink Manuals available to download Biodata Ltd
10 Stocks Street, Manchester, M8 8QG, UK
Tel: +44 161-834 6688
Fax: +44 161-833 2190

29. Ontrak Control Systems Inc. Serial Data Acquisition Interfaces
Manufacturer of lowcost serial ( RS232, RS485 ) data acquisition and control interfaces with analog, digital and relay I/O.
HOME Serial Data Acquisition Made Easy Company Profile
Hot Products What is Serial Data Acquisition? Now accepting both VISA and MASTERCARD for small quantity orders. AUG
USB Relay I/O Interface Available NOW RS232,RS485 Relay I/O Interface with Amp rating available NOW SEPT 10,2001 NOW AVAILABLE: ADRCOM FREE terminal emulation software.
RS232 Video Multiplexer / Video Switch only Available NOW
with 16-bit analog input only available NOW! New Tutorial covering using LINUX to communicate with RS232 devices now available in our programming section. April
Tutorial on Using RS232 Devices with USB

New tutorial covering TCP/IP ( Internet ) access to ADR interfaces now available. Dec 6, 2000
Programming TCP/IP Access to ADR Cards

Click HERE for News archives
Ontrak Control Systems Inc. manufactures low-cost, high quality, serial data acquisition and control interfaces that allow data acquisition and computer control via a serial port (RS232, RS422, RS485 or USB ). When connected to a serial port the ADR and ADU boards allow control of analog (A/D and D/A), digital I/O, relay contacts and event counters using simple ASCII commands. Easy to interface to LED's, switches, potentiometers, analog sensors or stepper motors. Programming is easy using Visual Basic, Basic, LINUX, C, Visual C++ or any language that allows access to a serial port.

30. Macromolecular Structure And Dynamics - FTICR Data Acquisition And Control Softw
FTICR data acquisition and control Software Package–ICRTools. GAAnderson, JE Bruce, and RD Smith. Supported by EMSL Operations.

FTICR Data Acquisition and Control Software Package–ICR-Tools
G. A. Anderson, J. E. Bruce, and R. D. Smith Supported by EMSL Operations. Analysis of FTICR data requires software to convert time domain data into mass spectra. In the simplest case, the time domain data is transformed to the frequency domain, using fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithms, and then frequencies are converted to masses using the calibration functions of the instruments. This data analysis can be performed using the FTICR data system, or by using a custom software package developed at PNNL called ICR-2LS ( ICR-Tools) . Our software provides many functions and capabilities that currently exist in the commercial data analysis package, such as the standard apodization, truncation, and zero-filling features. However, ICR-2LS also has the ability to extract frequency selected time-domain signals that were demonstrated to be useful for individual ion signal identification and analyses, and the ability to extract only the desired information from large datasets resulting in smaller, more transportable data files. Importantly, our software offers high speed performance on a considerably lower cost computer (IBM PC or compatible) that is more likely to already exist in our collaborators laboratories. In addition to the custom analysis capabilities briefly described above, unique experiment control functions for many of the advanced experimental techniques developed at PNNL, are also supported by and in some cases, made possible with ICR-2LS. For example, our approach to increased sensitivity and dynamic range with the implementation of quadrupole excitation (QE) waveforms during the ion accumulation event that we call selective-ion accumulation is made possible with ICR-2LS in a fashion simple enough to employ that nearly all current projects make use of the extended capabilities.

31. Technical Data For The Arecibo Airglow And Optical Instrumentation
H. data acquisition and control System Airglow DEC Micro PDP11 computer with11/83 processor, 2.0 Mb memory, 159 Mb disk, 95 Mb, 0.5 cassette tape
Technical Data for the Arecibo Airglow and Lidar Instrumentation
A. Tilting-Filter Photometers:
2 available; Single channel; Bandwidth (3 dB) 0.3 to 1.0 nm (depends on choice of interference filter); Programmable filter tilt via stepping motors with 10 o tilt range or approximately 2.5 nm scan range; Field-of-view is variable between 0.25 o and 5.0 o by selecting field stops; Photomultiplier tube detection; Thermal control of filters and detectors; Pulse counting used; Calibration via C source; Radiant sensitivity depends on tube and filter configuration, but typically is about 300 (counts/sec) / (R/A).

B. Ebert-Fastie Spectrophotometer:
1 available; 1 meter focal length; Variable bandwidth between 0.02 and 1.0 nm using selectable slit widths; Programable wavelength scan via stepping motors with maximum scan range limited to 100 nm anywhere between roughly 300 and 900 nm; Variable field-of-view between 0.1 o and 9.0 o ; Set of Corning order sorting filters; Set of spectral lamps for wavelength calibration; Thermal controlled photomultiplier tube detector; Pulse counting used; Tungsten and hydrogen lamp calibration sources used for the visible and ultraviolet part of the spectrum, respectively; Typical radiant sensitivity at 630 nm of ~25 (counts/sec) / (R/A).

C. Fabry-Perot Interferometers:

32. LTTP Section 3 - Data Acquisition And Control Systems
Section 3 data acquisition and control Systems. 3.1 Highvolume andhigh-speed data processing. Real-time astronomical and geophysical

33. CGM Engineering, Inc.
An industry leader in software design and system integration. We use technology for data acquisition and control to deliver your measurement and automation system needs.

34. Welcome To Acquired Data Solutions!
SmartLab, a proprietary implementation of National Instrument's LabVIEW, is a fully integrated software package that provides data acquisition and control on the manufacturing line and in the laboratory.
Please contact us for information on any products listed below.
O ur family of PC/NI-based instrument systems are available in a number of configurations, all of which can be modified to the customer's unique specifications.
  • SmarTesterPC Mini-Lab with InstruPak

  • This unit has a generic program (InstruPak) which can be used as is by our customers, or it can be customized to meet the customer's unique requirements. It offers a standardized, off-the-shelf hardware and software package where there is a requirement for a combination of sensors, appliances, DAQ and process control software. This is a NI Systems product.
  • The SmarTesterPC Mini-Lab for Beverages

  • Developed especially for the carbonated beverage industry, this unit is a standard off-the-shelf product.
  • SmarTesterPC Mini-Lab Respirometer

  • This unit is configured to measure oxygen uptake rates and respiration of biomasses. It can incorporate other sensors like pH, conductivity and temperature.

This system collects and displays real-time data from independent laboratory instruments then seamlessly transfers the data into an historical database that produces meaningful reports. Data is optimally collected automatically, however manual data entry is also provided.

35. Main
Offers radio based communication, data acquisition and control systems. Profile and product range.
a2b Communication GPRS/GSM/ Radio Modems Products Application Specific Products About us Our mission Product Info Support ...

36. XBX Sales, Embedded Computers, Power Solutions, Data Acquisition And Control
Manufacturers representative and distributor for the electronics industry, embedded computers, power solutions, data acquisition and control.
Excellence in Products and Services
Manufacturers Representative and Distributor for the Electronics Industry
Encapsulated PCB Mount Modular Switching power supplies from 5 to 30 Watts. Our AC-DC Power Supplies come with Universal Input and Single, Dual and Triple Outputs. Desktop and Wallmount Power Supplies: 5 ~ 130 Watt. Various models are available in Medical and Commercial Versions. ASTRODYNE CORPORATION

Manufacturer of standard and custom wall-mount And desktop supplies with UL, cUL and CE ratings. Specializing in made-to-order output cabling. EMBEDDED COMPUTERS CONTACT DGH CORPORATION
Manufacturer of sensor-to-computer interfaces for Temperature, pressure, voltage, current and digital I/0, programmable in MODBUS RTU protocol. ADVANCED DIGITAL LOGIC
386/486/586 and Pentium PC104 Single Board and modular Computer Hardware.
President XBX SALES, INC.
REPRESENTATIVE 800-6400 XBX FAX 949-857-0721 P.O. BOX 51390 Irvine, California 92619-1390

37. HRC Facility
Canberra MCA PC card. data acquisition and control and Data Archiving. ctr. data acquisition,stability test control and data acquisition; PC for HV bias control;
The High Resolution Camera (HRC) Calibration Facility
This page describes the HRC Calibration Facility - the physical layout and the specialized equipment available for the calibration of x-ray detectors and detector components.
Ground Rules for Working in the Facility
1. When you don't know what you're doing, do it neatly.
2. First draw your curves, then plot the data.
3. Experience is directly proportional to the equipment ruined.
4. Experiments must be reproducible; they should all fail the same way.
5. A record of data is essential; it indicates that you have been working.
6. In case of doubt, make it sound convincing.
7. Do not believe in miracles; rely on them.
8. Teamwork is essential in the lab; it allows you to blame someone else.
Layout of the Facility
Calibration Laboratory Equipment

38. Data Acquisition From ACCES I/O Products
data acquisition and control cards for PCI, PC/104, RS485 and ISA buses which are fully LabVIEW compatible along with Watchdog Timers and Serial Communications.
document.write('<'); document.write('! '); Featured Products Isolated Digital I/O Bus Exp Serial Communication RIDACS ... Temp Monitor
March 7th, 2003
ACCES I/O Products is pleased to announce a reduction in price on its popular line of PCI Bus Serial Communications Products . This price change includes all of our isolated and non-isolated cards in the popular single, dual, quad and eight port configurations. For pricing and detailed specifications on the products please visit our PCI Bus products page. Give our Applications Group a call for more information on these products.
February 28th, 2003
ACCES I/O Products announces the release of a new LOW PROFILE line which includes our Eight-Port RS-422 and RS-485 Serial Communication Cards. These new additions meet all the requirements of the MD2 Low-Profile PCI Bus Specification. The LPCI-COM485/8 and LPCI-COM422/8 have the Universal PCI Connector for 3.3V and 5V operation along with being PCI-X Compatable. Visit our site soon to see what other Low Profile cards are on the horizon.
February 19th, 2003
ACCES introduces it's new ... RIO-24 with 24-bits in any combination of inputs or high-current outputs. The unit is ready-to-use, and offers flexible connectivity for remote data acquisition. Housed in a steel enclosure, the unit interfaces to a controlling computer through a wireless link, USB converter, or an RS-232 port via RS-485 converter.
February 19th, 2003

39. Data Acquisition And Control
Schematic diagram of data acquisition and control for autoclave. Keywords DataAcquisition, Process Control, LabVIEW, Instrumentation, Programming.
Problem: Manufacturing of composite materials requires precise and reliable control of process variables. Conventional control and acquisition systems are often limited in reliability and flexibility. In addition, because manufacturing processes often involve extended times, automated systems are needed to permit unattended use.
Approach: We are using LabVIEW, a PC-based graphical programming language, to execute process control and data acquisition for composite manufacturing. To begin with, a system is being designed to control a pilot autoclave. The system includes both software, such as the PID control, and hardware, such as process sensors, low-noise signal conditioner, and valves. Implementing a control system for the autoclave is the first of several tasks in which LabVIEW will be used to control laboratory instrumentation.
Process sensors used for composite manufacturing including thermocouple(left) and pressure transducer(right).

40. VMIC On-Line Daq
data acquisition and control (DAQ). 18 Reasons to Select VMIC as Your PCControl I/OSystems Supplier. Data Acquisition Systems, Configuration, Assembly and Test.
Data Acquisition and Control (DAQ) Input/Output Boards Input/Output Systems PC-Based I/O Controllers Data Acquisition Systems Solutions ... Application Guides
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