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  1. ANSI/IEEE C37.1-1979: IEEE Standard Definition, Specification, and Analysis of Manual, Automatic, and Supervisory Station Control and Data Acquisition. by IEEE Standards Board, 1979-01-01
  2. Energy sector owners, operators, and system vendors team up with DOE to boost control system security.(SCADA Gets Tough)(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition ... An article from: Pipeline & Gas Journal by Robert C. Hill, Robert Pollock, et all 2007-02-01
  3. SCADA Cyber Security Training.(supervisory control and data acquisition): An article from: Pipeline & Gas Journal by Al Rivero, Shabbir Shamsuddin, et all 2009-11-01
  4. SCADA under scrutiny.(Tech Talk)(supervisory control and data acquisition): An article from: Security Management
  5. PNM is upgrading measurement and SCADA systems.(Public Service Company of New Mexico upgrades System and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition): An article from: Pipeline & Gas Journal by Peter Ford, 2007-04-01
  6. Snohomish Spells success "S-C-A-D-A".(supervisory control and data acquisition)(Statistical Data Included): An article from: Bulletin (Northwest Public Power Association) by Mike Smith, Gary Coleman, 2000-01-01
  7. SNMP is becoming the new framework for SCADA.(Simple Network Management Protocol)(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition): An article from: Pipeline & Gas Journal by Vishal Prakash, Robert Casey, 2009-02-01
  8. Political changes, younger workforce on minds of SCADA, telecommunications experts.(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)(Greg Vaughn)(Dan Mueller)(Brian ... ): An article from: Pipeline & Gas Journal by Gale Reference Team, 2009-02-01
  9. DNP3 protocol recommended for pipeline, gathering and distribution applications.(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)(Distributed Network Protocol): An article from: Pipeline & Gas Journal by Philip Aubin, 2009-02-01
  10. Scada Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition by Suar ABoer, 2009
  11. An Approach to Vulnerability Assessment for Navy Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems by Dennis J. Hart, 2004
  12. New business processes also transforming SCADA market.(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition): An article from: Pipeline & Gas Journal by Russ Novak, 2009-02-01
  13. An Architectural Framework for Describing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems by Michael P. Ward, 2004
  14. SCADA security, compliance, and liability--a survival guide.(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition): An article from: Pipeline & Gas Journal by Clint Bodungen, Jeff Whitney, et all 2008-09-01

41. CALCULEX Home Page
Ruggedized, laboratory, modular nonvolatile solid state (MONSSTR) data acquisition recorders and PCI bus interface (PBIF) cards are used throughout the data acquisition and control industries.
Electronics, Systems, Software and Support for the Engineering and Scientific Communities
What's New



Y2K Compliance

Come Visit Us At The Following
APR 7-10 ITEA China Lake, Ridgecrest, CA
APR 21-23 SPIE Orlando, FL

To discuss your application or request more information
about CALCULEX products please contact: Tom Beams Vice President of Marketing and Sales ITC 2002 Photos! HEADLINES March 19, 2003: CALCULEX NAMES WESTERN REGIONAL SALES REP CALCULEX announced today that it has appointed Elotek as Western Regional Sales Representative. Elotek, based in San Juan Capistrano, California, covers California, Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. more...

42. SIXNET - Leading The Way In Industrial Ethernet, Modems, LINUX IPm, And More.
Manufacturer of advanced hardware for data acquisition and control.
Home Sales Support FAQ ...

PRODUCTS Selection Guide

Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Modems

FEATURES Product Catalog
Install Software

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OEM Solutions
... Security Statement A Full Spectrum of Modular Open Automation Tools With choices from single distributed I/O modules or Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) to the largest DCS systems, SIXNET provides you with high performance building blocks that fit together perfectly to create powerful and flexible automation and instrumentation systems. View All New Products Redundant Datalogging Select a Product ... Open Solutions Open DCS Controllers Real-time Industrial Ethernet Switches Request Your FREE CD Industrial Modems LINUX IPm OEM Platform Remote Terminal Units S calable C ontrol S ystems SCS ) make your job easier.

43. EIG, Electro Industries/GaugeTech Power Meters, Power Measurement, Power Monitor
Manufacturers power monitoring, advanced power quality, revenue metering, substation data acquisition and control that is web based.
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Case Studies News Downloads ... more... What's New
PowerCET Launches New Training Seminars Dedicated To Nexus Power Monitors more...
Nexus 1250 Power Monitor VeriLinx Certified more...
more... Electro Industries sets the standard in web accessed power monitoring, advanced power quality, revenue metering, artificial intelligence reporting, industrial sub-metering, substation data acquisition and control. EIG's expertise ensures your power meters are well designed and cost effective. A High-Performance Utility Grade
Socket Meter
  • 0.06% Watt/Hr Accuracy Revenue Meter Extensive On-Board Mass Memory Historical Data Trends Advanced Power Quality with Waveform Expandable I/O Capability 4 Communication Ports Optional Built-In Ethernet or Modem Dial-out on Alarm or Outage
Advanced Web Reporting Technology
Now Built Into Your Nexus Series Meter
  • Fully Customizable Web Page Development Direct Web Page Hosting With Live Readings

44. Data Acquisition, Environmental Monitoring
A variety of models, each with a powerful set of builtin features toperform accurate, efficient data acquisition and control functions.
Products ....manufactured in the United States to exacting ISO 9001 Quality Standards Sutron's complete line of remote site equipment and systems including data acquisition units, control units, telemetry and transmission units, sensors, and software are designed for continuous, reliable operation in extreme environments (-40 to +60° C typically). Since 1975 our software, equipment and systems have been designed by Sutron, built by Sutron, installed by Sutron, supported by Sutron and maintained by Sutron Dataloggers, Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Control Datalogger Feature Comparison A variety of models, each with a powerful set of built-in features to perform accurate, efficient data acquisition and control functions Communications, Remote Telemetry, Radio, Telephone, Satellites Wireless, web-enabled, telephone, radio, and high data rate satellite Sensors Rugged, accurate, years of reliable service Ancillary Equipment Cables, towers, enclosures, solar panels, antennas Software Hydrological Services Support Services Technical assistance, on-site advice, training, calibration, testing

45. CONCURRENT COMPUTER CORPORATION LabVIEW from National Instruments is a revolutionary graphicalprogram for data acquisition and control, data analysis and presentation.
A range of software tools and hardware products are available on Concurrent computer systems through partnerships and alliances with third-party vendors. These products are used extensively in Concurrent's target market applications such as modeling, data acquisition, and distributed interactive simulation. MontaVista Software is the leading provider of embedded Linux. MontaVista's principal offerings include MontaVista Linux®, a Linux-based embedded source and binary distribution, cross development platform and a set of tool kits for x86/IA-32, PowerPC, StrongARM, MIPS, SH, ARM and other microprocessor architectures. MontaVista offers developers a family of products and services for embedded design targeted for applications ranging from communications infrastructure to thin-client and edge applications. The Mathworks' MATLAB is an intuitive language and a technical computing environment that provides core mathematics and advanced graphical tools for data analysis, visualization, and algorithm and application development.

46. Amplicon Liveline Industrial IT And Instrumentation
data acquisition and control boards and software, signal conditioning, panel instrumentation and power supplies.
Amplicon Liveline - suppliers of data acquisition, industrial communications, RS232, RS485, industrial computers, power supplies, test and measurement, panel instrumentation, compact PCI PXI and software
Data acquisition

Professional and industrial computers

Power conversion and supplies

Test and Measurement
Data communications and networking

47. Adept Scientific: Press Releases
PCIbus data acquisition boards make it easy to use newer, faster, more powerfulcomputers for data acquisition and control, and transferring existing

What's New

and Map
Welcome to Adept Scientific plc
The Technical Computing People Adept Pressroom 7 July 1999 PCI BUS DATA ACQUISITION, MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL World's premier collection of boards featured in new free catalogue The largest collection of PCI-bus compatible data acquisition boards, from ComputerBoards, is listed in a new product guide from Adept Scientific. Over forty PCI-bus test, measurement and control boards are described, along with a broad range of accessories and software.
Automatic hardware calibration is a feature of all the multifunction analogue I/O boards listed, eliminating manual potentiometers for calibration adjustments. Each board has a precision voltage reference; correction coefficients stored in non-volatile on-board memory are automatically applied, so stability and precision are guaranteed.
PCI-bus data acquisition boards make it easy to use newer, faster, more powerful computers for data acquisition and control, and transferring existing applications to PCI is a simple process.
The new catalogue is available free of charge on request from Adept Scientific, who supply and support all ComputerBoards products in the UK.

48. LTT GmbH-Multifunktionale Transientenrekorder Mit 16 Bit Genauigkeit
Portable data acquisition and control 8 differential channels sampling up to 20 MHz.

49. Data Acquisition And Control
Towing Dynamometers. data acquisition and control. Dynamometer Software. Home. DataAcquisition and Control. What does data acquisition control equipment do?
Home Products Support Company ... AETC
Flowbenches Engine Dynamometers Chassis Dynamometers Towing Dynamometers Data Acquisition and Control Dynamometer Software Literature Request Form Financing Home
Data Acquisition
and Control
XConsole Classic XConsole SuperFlow's expertise with integrated dynamometer test systems is apparent in our stand-alone data acquisition systems. User interfaces, system architecture and software are designed to make installation, configuration, and operation simple, efficient, and versatile. Our latest systems use state-of-the-art 32-bit electronics and high-speed Ethernet communications for maximum performance and convenience. Contact: SF Corporate SF East SF Europe
Email: Sales Customer Service Suggestion Box Harold Privacy Statement Industry Links Page last updated SuperFlow Corp.
If you have any problems with this page, please contact the webmaster

50. NetAcquire Distributed Acquisition, Telemetry, And Control From Java
Java Virtual Instrument DisplayThe NetAcquire Java interface offers an easy and efficientcrossplatform approach to distributed data acquisition and control.
Data Display and Analysis from Java The NetAcquire Java interface offers an easy and efficient cross-platform approach to distributed data acquisition and control. Both standalone Java applications and browser-enabled Java applets can connect to NetAcquire hardware to obtain real-world interfaces to analog, digital, and serial data. The NetAcquire Java Toolkit includes support for JavaBeans , which allows interactive screen development without programming. JavaBeans are pre-engineered Java components that can be graphically configured without programming. The NetAcquire Java Toolkit includes JavaBeans components for graphing, text and lamp displays, tables, disk logging, scaling, real-time network communication, and data distribution. These components allow the creation of real-time data display screens and virtual instrument front-panels in only minutes. screen shot Web server , making the applet immediately available across the enterprise. The NetAcquire Java interface is a package of Java classes that provide communications with one or more NetAcquire nodes. These classes handle all the low-level details of network input/output, flow control, and error handling. Complete distributed NetAcquire applications can be created with just a few lines of Java code. Also included are sample programs that illustrate advanced real-time displays, including continuous data charting. The NetAcquire Java Toolkit is integrated with NetAcquire Publish/Subscribe and NetAcquire Decommutation , which allows for easy processing and display of telemetry data. These components allow the creation of real-time telemetry data display screens and virtual instrument front-panels in only minutes with little or no programming. Each telemetry measurement is assigned a name that can be referenced from display classes such as graph, text field, table, and indicator light.

Software is a set of data acquisition and control modules for real time monitoring of marine and pipelaying parameters.
Optimum Consulting Reviews News Downloads ...
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Data supervisor

Pipe Tracking

Posit Survey
Tech Update


Data Buoy Data Station ... Download Email CONCEPT SEAHORSE Le Concept Seahorse A l'image du "Pack Office de Microsoft", le concept Seahorse crée par Optimum Consulting est un ensemble de logiciels compatibles entre eux, ouverts vers les fichiers et les applications extérieurs, nous avons nommé cette suite de logiciels: "

52. - Hardware
Dedicated Devices Controllers, dimmers, and more for lighting controlor data acquisition. (EECI) - data acquisition and control boards.
Sponsored Links - Huge selection of home automation gadgets, X-10, audio/video, security, and more. Home Hardware - Home automation, security, X-10, A/V, software and other products. A large selection, including some devices you can't find anywhere else. - Manufacturer and retailer of the industry standard line of X10 powerline home automation. ACS - Manufacturers and sells CEBus products and custom embedded controllers. Amazing Gates - Iron gates especially suited for automation, and integrated gate/opener kit. Animatics - Designer and manufacturer of motion control products (servos and smart motors). Applied Digital Inc (ADI) - Digital I/O, relay switching, and X10 control (with the popular CPU-XA) for industrial and home automation projects. Archnet - Provider of power line carrier modems, public lighting monitoring and control, and other devices. ARLA 2010 Remote Control Systems - Istanbul manufacturer of relays, sensors, and remote control hardware. ATEC WaterCop - A device to detect water leaks.

53. RMV Manufactures And Distributes Data Acqusition Control, Stepper Motor, Control
Develops, manufactures and distributes products for data acquisition and control, data logging, as well as stepper motor controls.
RMV offers custom engineering services To obtain information, click on the text. Thank you. #300 - 3665 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, V5M 5W2, Canada
Phone: 604-299-5173 Fax: 604-299-5174
e-mail: technical support or sales
Web site designed by Enviro-Foco Art for RMV
Revised: July 03, 2002

54. CTI/EnFlex Networks And Gateways
Data on the business case, hardware, and software descriptions for a wide range of Linux based gateways, data acquisition and control systems.

55. D-TACQ Solutions Ltd: High Performance Simultaneous Data Acquisition
Manufacturers and suppliers of Turnkey data acquisition and control systems and consultancy.
High Performance Intelligent Data Acquisition Boards and Systems D-TACQ Solutions Ltd is a premier supplier of turnkey data acquisition products and services. D-TACQ specialises in high quality, simultaneous digitisers featuring high channel count, deep capture memory and open standard interfaces Our aim is to be involved at every stage of the problem solving process from initial conception through to system installation and integration. Here at D-TACQ we encourage a close relationship from the first contact, forming a working partnership that will ensure the system meets your entire requirement. D-TACQ's acquisition systems are designed to interface with standard operating systems both in standalone configurations and in a networked solution. D-TACQ's systems feature on our own high performance intelligent data acquisition cards, ensuring that the core acquisition technology meets the most stringent needs of the customer. So what is the benefit of using an intelligent data acquisition card? In a word "Flexibility". For more information, download our Operating Modes Summary
D-TACQ Solutions Ltd , James Watt Building, Scottish Enterprise Technology Park,
East Kilbride, G75 0QD, SCOTLAND

data acquisition and control interface cards for aerospace and electronic systems. Includes illustrated product catalogue and list of overseas agents.
Sycos Home Page With a portfolio of more than 40 products, Sycos is a leading designer of interfaces between commercial aircraft data busses and a variety of host computers including VME, VSB, ISA, PCMCIA, PCI and CompactPCI. Commercial Aircraft Data Busses supported include ARINC-429, ARINC-575, ARINC-561, ARINC-568, ARINC-571, ARINC-582 and ARINC-629. Established since 1989, Sycos products are supporting many aircraft test, development and simulator programmes throughout the world For information on: ARINC 429 products ARINC 629 products ARINC 561, 568, 571, 575, 582 products Summary Product List Information on other products and services New products Job opportunities at Sycos International representatives for Technical Assistance for Sales Visits To This Site If you have any comments on our web-page design, please E-mail us at
Kensworth Gate, Garden Rd., Dunstable, England. LU6 3JD
Tel: +44 (0) 1582 600 640
Fax: +44 (0) 1582 665 210

57. Data Acquisition From Microstar Laboratories
Processor boards with onboard DSP commands for PC-based, real-time data acquisition, digital signal Category Science Technology Digital Signal Processing - DSP...... Laboratories. The Intelligent Solution for Networked data acquisition control and Digital Signal Processing in RealWorld Applications.
Data Acquisition from Microstar Laboratories
Real-World Applications
Home Products Data Acquisition Processors ... First visit? Take 10 seconds to find out if you want to stay for 2 minutes
Featured Product: External Timing Channels on the iDSC 1816
The iDSC 1816 samples eight channels simultaneously, with 16-bit resolution and an overall throughput of 1.2M samples per second. The data stream optionally includes an additional 300k samples per second: information from one or two external timing channels, identified in the connector diagram as pins 12 and 13. Software can parse the data stream to correlate the analog data with events on one or both of the timing channels, to a resolution of 51 nanoseconds. The one or two optional timing signal inputs make the iDSC 1816 an excellent choice for applications that monitor vibration in rotating assemblies - in the automotive, aerospace, and power generation industries, for example.
Browse a history of previous featured products. Microstar Laboratories manufactures Data Acquisition Processor boards for PC-based real-time data acquisition and control. Every

58. JBT Engineering
controls design and manufacture including mechanical , electrical hydraulic or pneumatic specializing in data acquisition, bespoke software, humanmachine interface and supervisory control technologies for process and machine control.
NAVIGATION Home Electrical Services Mechanical Services Presses ... Contact Us We are recognized leaders in the application of data acquisition, Bespoke software, human-machine interface and supervisory control technologies for process and machine control. JBT can provide full service to customers whether it is mechanical , electrical hydraulic or pneumatic. From concept design to completed systems ..we offer the complete solution under one roof.
Applications we have installed:
  • MMC'S
  • HVAC
JBT's Process Experience:
Our talented staff includes: MECHANICAL ENGINEERS With expertise in mechanical process engineering, chemical process engineering, machine design, pneumatics, hydraulics, pump, HVAC and structual design.

59. Data Acquisition Instruments From IOtech
controllers, analyzers, converters, extenders, isolators, multiplexers, data acquisition instruments.Category Science Instruments and Supplies...... for portable and desktop data acquisition, waveform capture, distributed I/O, temperatureand-voltagemeasurement, data logging, IEEE 488 control, and more!
Search IOtech Products Tech Support Contact Us Search ... Global Partners Website
IOtech's DaqBook/2000E
and WaveBook/516E
both featured as
Product of the Month
in Nasa Tech Briefs
February 2003 issue!
Welcome to IOtech, Inc.
Our online catalog includes systems for portable and desktop data acquisition, waveform capture, distributed I/O, temperature-and-voltage measurement, data logging, IEEE 488 control, and more! March 3, 2003
new products, the and , that provide unique measurement capabilities for the new
Ethernet-based 1-MHz WaveBook/516E Read the full press release February 10, 2003 Read the full press release January 22, 2003 , providing 8 channels of dynamic signal input for its popular WaveBook systems. Read the full press release December 18, 2002 software support for its DaqBoard/2000 Series of products. Read the full press release What's new in Data Acquisition? Find out more on IOtech's "What's New" page. Who is IOtech?

60. Process Control And Data Acquisition
Process flow calculators everything one needs to calculate orifice bore, full scale flow, or delta pressure.
Moving ATT discontinued my local access number and provided instead a long distance one; therefore, I must change Internet Service Providers. I will leave this site here for a while but probably will not update it. Please visit my new site: If you are looking for a Web site that caters to Process Control Engineers and Instrument Technicians, you have come to the right spot. You will find some useful utilities and information here. This site is constantly under construction, so content will be added regularly. I would like to cultivate a network of engineers, operators, and technicians to share information and innovative ideas. If you have a Web site that provides process control information, I will provide a link to it. If you would like to provide content for this site, I will publish it with appropriate links and credits. If you have a suggestion, I would like to hear it.
Note: This web site heavily uses Frames, Java, and JavaScript. Most modern computers and browsers support these technologies, however, some may not. If you experience problems, please send an email to

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