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         Data Acquisition And Control:     more books (100)
  1. Hacking the industrial SCADA network.(supervisory control and data acquisition): An article from: Pipeline & Gas Journal by Frank Dickman, 2009-11-01
  2. Switching Systems for Automatic Test, Data Acquisition, Communications and Controls by Cytec Corp., 1999
  3. Understanding New Developments in Data Acquisition, Measurement, and Control-a Practical Guide to High Performance Test & Measurement by None Stated, 2007-01-01
  4. Understanding New Developments in Data Acquisition, Measurement, and Control- A
  5. Understanding New Developments in Data Acquisition, Measurement, and Control- A by None Stated, 2007-01-01
  6. Data Acquisition and Process Control with the M68HC11 Microcontroller by Frederick F. Driscoll, 1999-01-01
  7. Processors combine control, communications, data acquisition. (Computer Hardware & Software).(new from Online Development): An article from: Plastics Engineering by Hope Molinaro, 2003-05-01
  8. Real World Instrumentation with Python: Automated Data Acquisition and Control Systems by John M. Hughes, 2010-12-01
  9. IEEE 488 and VXIbus Control, Data Acquisition, and Analysis by National Instruments, 1993
  10. Subsea Control and Data Acquisition 2010: Future Technology, Availability and Through Life Challenges
  11. Use of a PC Printer Port for Control & Data Acquisition by Peter H. Anderson, 1996-07
  12. PC Interfacing for Data Acquisition and Process Control by Sanjay Gupta, 1995-01
  13. An introduction to data acquisition and control with the IBM-PC and compatibles by Gerald L Schneberger, 1986
  14. Data Acquisition & Control Vol. 5 by Inc. The Staff of Computer Boards,

61. Acromag
Provides industrial I/O solutions for measurement and control applications. Signal conditioning, PC data acquisition, VME boards, 'LonWorks,' and IP modules for analog and digital I/O. Instrumentation products include transmitters, isolators, and alarms.
Industry Pack Modules PMC Modules VME and PC I/O Cards
Networked I/O Systems
... Signal Conditioners
Acomag provides measurement and control solutions. Bus boards are available for VME, PCI, CompactPCI, Industry Pack, and PMC platforms. Process instrumentation products include signal conditioners, transmitters, isolators, and alarms. Network I/O modules support Profibus, Modbus, HART, and LonWorks.
Acromag now offers convenient On-line Price Quotes and Shopping. Click the button above for details on our e-commerce policies.
Product List 1100 Series 1500 Series 4600 Series 600T Series 90SW Series A5B Series AcPC Series ACR Series APC Series AVME Series BusWorks 900MB Series BusWorks 900PB Series Flat Pack Series Alarms Flat Pack Series Power Supplies Flat Pack Series Transmitters IntelliPack® 800A Series IntelliPack® 800M Series IntelliPack® 800T Series IP1K100 Series IP200 Series IP300 Series IP400 Series IP500 Series IPSW Series Plug-in Relays PMC200 Series PMC300 Series PMC400 Series PMC700 Series PMCSW / PCISW Series PS5R Series SmartPack Series Solid-State Relays SP100 Series Termination Products
phone: 248/624-1541 email:

62. Data Acquisition From Measurement Computing
control and GPIB hardware and software. The World Leader in High QualityData acquisition, control and GPIB Hardware and Software,
The World Leader in High Quality Data Acquisition, Control and GPIB Hardware and Software
Congratulations to Robert Plucinski of Surrey, British Columbia! Robert is our first winner from Canada! You could be our next winner. Click here to take the current quiz! See our past winners.
Analog Input and
I/O Boards Analog Output Boards PC-CARD Interfaces Software for Data Acquisition External Signal Conditioning USB Interfaces GPIB/IEEE-488 Interfaces Serial I/O Modules
Measurement Computing offers the largest selection of PC based data acquisition and measurement products. Shop our online catalog by selecting a category above. From PCI, PC104, ISA, and PCMCIA bus to RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and GPIB interfaces from temperature measurement to data loggers, Measurement Computing has everything you need for your PC-based data acquisition and control applications. What's New FAQs Tech Support Contact Us ... Press Room
Measurement Computing, Corp.
16 Commerce Blvd., Middleboro, MA 02346
P: 508-946-5100 F: 508-946-9500

63. Z-World The Industry Leader In Embedded Controllers / Single-Board Computers
Producer of singleboard computers for embedded control used in systems, data acquisition and machine controls.
Single-Board Computers Expandable Systems Ethernet Core Modules ... Legacy
Analog RabbitCore Finalist for EDN Award. The nominated as a finalist for the 2002 EDN Innovation Awards. Low-Power SBC Wins Industry Award. The LP3500 Fox wins NASA Tech Briefs' top 3 Products of the Year for 2002. Smartcat SBC Seeking Gold.
The BL2100 Smartcat awarded finalist for Product Design and Development 2002 Engineering Award.
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Select a product BL2500 Coyote BL2100 Smartcat BL2000 Wildcat BL1800 Jackrabbit LP3500 Fox OEM2500 Coyote SR9000 Smart Star RCM3400 RabbitCore RCM3200 RabbitCore RCM3100 RabbitCore RCM3000 RabbitCore RCM2300 RabbitCore RCM2200 RabbitCore RCM2100 RabbitCore RCM2000 RabbitCore OP7200 eDisplay OP7100 Smart Screen OP6800 MiniCom OP6700 Intellicom DeviceMate Dev Kit EG2110 RabbitLink SF1000 Serial Flash SE1100 Expansion Board Dynamic C Peripherals/Accessories Legacy Products Our webstore and some navigation functions require javascript. You appear to have javascript disabled.

64. REAL Controls, Incorporated - Automation, Control And Data Acquisition Solutions
Engineering design and consulting company specializing in process control, automation, data acquisition, database and software product development.
Innovative Solutions for Process Control, Automation and Data Acquisition Systems Automation Integrator and Software Developer Home Page More About Us Customer Comments Recent Projects ... Contact Us REAL Controls is a member of the National Instruments Alliance and a Certified LabVIEW Programmer REAL Controls, Incorporated is an engineering design and integration company. We specialize in developing high quality, easy to use, hardware and software solutions for process control, automation and data acquisition applications. Want to monitor your process over the internet? We can help! Need to control your equipment from a remote location? No problem! Need help collecting data from sensors or laboratory instruments? Been there! Having trouble designing an equipment automation or process control system? Done that! Have a special application but can’t find the right company? Call us today!

65. Data Acquisition From Microstar Laboratories
Manufactures data acquisition Processor boards with onboard DSP commands for PCbased, real-time data acquisition, digital signal processing, and control systems.
Data Acquisition from Microstar Laboratories
Real-World Applications
Home Products Data Acquisition Processors ... First visit? Take 10 seconds to find out if you want to stay for 2 minutes
Featured Product: External Timing Channels on the iDSC 1816
The iDSC 1816 samples eight channels simultaneously, with 16-bit resolution and an overall throughput of 1.2M samples per second. The data stream optionally includes an additional 300k samples per second: information from one or two external timing channels, identified in the connector diagram as pins 12 and 13. Software can parse the data stream to correlate the analog data with events on one or both of the timing channels, to a resolution of 51 nanoseconds. The one or two optional timing signal inputs make the iDSC 1816 an excellent choice for applications that monitor vibration in rotating assemblies - in the automotive, aerospace, and power generation industries, for example.
Browse a history of previous featured products. Microstar Laboratories manufactures Data Acquisition Processor boards for PC-based real-time data acquisition and control. Every

66. VI Control Systems Ltd. (LabVIEW Programming, Group3 ControlNet, PCB Design, Con
A National Instruments Alliance Program Member specializing in LabVIEW application consulting with experience in software and hardware development of controls for complex systems such as linear accelerators and pulsepower systems, data acquisition in difficult environments and sophisticated data analysis.

67. Data Acquisition Systems, Software, Hardware, Pc Based, Boards, Control, Scada
Designs and manufactures data acquisition systems, hardware, software, and PC based and boards for Category Business Electronics and acquisition systems, hardware, pc based data acquisition, scada,control, boards, cards and logging. data acquisition systems
Data acquisition systems, software, hardware, pc based, boards
Products News Distributors ... Contact Us
Data Acquisition
Measurement Systems Ltd is a market leader in industrial data acquisition and real time management information systems.
The Company offers a wide range of data acquisition products from data aqcusition hardware, data acqusition software and systems. Our well established Datascan distiributed data acqusition system has more than 1 million channels operating in the field.
The Datascan Solo provides distributed data acquisition at a low entry cost. The new Dataweb4000 offers high performance data collection with it's own in built in web server. The mission of the company is the design, development and manufacture of industrial data acquisition hardware and real time software products aimed at providing applications and solutions for
  • Process and industrial monitoring Control and factory automation Real time information systems Test and measurement data logging
In addition to a wide range of hardware and software products Measurement Systems together with our approved systems business partners and distributors, provides complete turnkey solutions.

68. Welcome To Transmitton!
Designers of large Supervisory, control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for gas and petrochemical pipelines, water distribution networks, railway power systems and mining.

69. Ontrak Control Systems Inc. Serial Data Acquisition Interfaces
Manufacturer of lowcost serial ( RS232, RS485 ) data acquisitionand control interfaces with analog, digital and relay I/O.
HOME Serial Data Acquisition Made Easy Company Profile
Hot Products What is Serial Data Acquisition? Now accepting both VISA and MASTERCARD for small quantity orders. AUG
USB Relay I/O Interface Available NOW RS232,RS485 Relay I/O Interface with Amp rating available NOW SEPT 10,2001 NOW AVAILABLE: ADRCOM FREE terminal emulation software.
RS232 Video Multiplexer / Video Switch only Available NOW
with 16-bit analog input only available NOW! New Tutorial covering using LINUX to communicate with RS232 devices now available in our programming section. April
Tutorial on Using RS232 Devices with USB

New tutorial covering TCP/IP ( Internet ) access to ADR interfaces now available. Dec 6, 2000
Programming TCP/IP Access to ADR Cards

Click HERE for News archives
Ontrak Control Systems Inc. manufactures low-cost, high quality, serial data acquisition and control interfaces that allow data acquisition and computer control via a serial port (RS232, RS422, RS485 or USB ). When connected to a serial port the ADR and ADU boards allow control of analog (A/D and D/A), digital I/O, relay contacts and event counters using simple ASCII commands. Easy to interface to LED's, switches, potentiometers, analog sensors or stepper motors. Programming is easy using Visual Basic, Basic, LINUX, C, Visual C++ or any language that allows access to a serial port.

70. Talisman Electronics
Independent data acquisition, control and communications specialist supplier. data loggers for environmental monitoring.
Talisman Electronics
Please note that our URL has changed to

71. DataApex Chromatography Stations For Chemical Laboratories
Chromatography data Stations for Chemical Laboratories. The dataApex company develops and manufactures acquisition, control and evaluation CDS for any GC/LC chromatograps.

72. Welcome To Drivesoft, Your Source For Vme, Scalers, Counters And Multi Channel S
Provides process control, supervisory data acquisition systems and VME scalers and counters.
Welcome to drivesoft
Complete Systems to Maximize Productivity Since 1998, drivesoft has been a leading source of innovative process controls, motor drives and supervisory data acquisition systems in the Converting and Handling industries. drivesoft provides all the elements for a complete control system, including engineering, design, programming, panel fabrication, installation and commissioning. All of these disciplines are coordinated by our project management team to ensure a timely, smooth completion from small to extensive contracts. Our philosophy of providing our customers with a complete solution has enabled us to achieve strong growth and continued success. Cutting Edge Technology for New Equipment Customers who are investing in new machinery will benefit from the leading edge technology that a drivesoft control system provides, ensuring the line will be engineered to harness its fullest capabilities. Our expertise in process management affords our customers an unparalleled level of confidence that a drivesoft control system will perform to meet their production targets. Rebuilds: Enhancements for Existing Equipment Continued advances in drives, logic controllers and supervisory computer technology often warrant the rebuilding of control systems on existing machines to yield a quick return on investment. Machines that have become an overhead burden and a maintenance nightmare can now be transformed into competitive performers with advanced diagnostics.

73. Peter H. Anderson - Embedded Processor Control
PC Parallel Port, Microchip PIC, BasicX, BASIC Stamp and other Embedded Processor Applications.Category Computers Hardware Embedded...... Use of a PC Printer Port for control and data acquisition Volume 1. Useof a PC Printer Port for control and data acquisition - Volume 2.
Peter H. Anderson - Embedded Processor Control
Peter H. Anderson (KZ3K) , Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
Morgan State University
, Baltimore, MD
e-mail , 24-hour FAX - (410) 836-8526 About the security of my FAX Rumsfeld sure gets around! Ordering Information
Status of Orders
PIC16F87X Development Package with Serial In Circuit Debugger . Serial Cable, Olimex ICD (functionally the same as the Microchip ICD 1) 53.95. Complete package - $124.95. PIC C Subscription - $39.00. Last update - Jan 25, '02. Next update Jan, '03, '02. Migrating to the PIC18F Series - April 21, '02. We now proudly sell the popular WARP-13A PIC Programmer from Newfound Electronics. NEW Assembled Serial Temperature Module, Single Run. TM #125 NEW Assembled Serial Temperature Module, Dual Run and Single Output. TM #127 NEW Assembled Serial Temperature and Dual 10-bit A/D Module #TM130 NEW Serial Eight Output,Six Input, Seven 10-bit A/D and DS18S20 Temperature Measurement - IOM #135 , Assembled - $59.95. NEW Serial Relay Output, Optoisolator Input and Temperature Measurment - IOM #140

74. Advanced Robotics And Automation
Custom hardware and software for factory automation, laboratory automation, data acquisition, motion control, robotics and machine vision applications.
AB Controls is a provider of products and services for customizable automation and robotics solutions. We offer system integration as well as consulting services. This includes development of Automated Test Equipment, Specialized Equipment, and custom software for our clients. Our innovative solutions are in everyday use in industries such as: Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace and Semiconductor. Tools such as LabVIEW, VB, VC/C++, and various types of PLC's and motion controllers are used towards this end. Our specialty in PLC's includes but is not limited to: Mitsubishi, Allan Bradley, DirectPLC, Opto22, Modicon, Etc. Our mission is to bring the latest in computing to automation and robotics. We are proud to be a Member of National Instruments' Alliance Program. Introducing Table Top Robotic Solution Apix4 is an affordable robotic solution which can be adapted for many tasks. We have developed a package around Apix4 specifically for laboratory automation applications. Other solutions are possible and we will work with you to develop your specific application.

75. Data Acquisition, Image Analysis, Frame Grabber, Machine Vision
Manufacturer of PCI, ISA and USB data acquisition boards, software, hardware and signal conditioning Category Business Electronics and Electrical...... Details. Sign up to receive data acquisition and imaging information, news 2/18/2003data Translation Featured Online in control Engineering Magazine.
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Data Translation, Inc. is a world leader in Data Acquisition, Image Analysis, and Machine Vision hardware and software products. DT Measure Foundry offers a revolution in measurement simplicity! Details Demo The All-Purpose Frame Grabber... For Less!
Ideal for any imaging or machine vision application-the DT3162 does it all! Details Free Feasibility Study Interested in planning a machine vision system? Have our applications engineers provide you with a free feasibility study Details
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New Product Guide 2003!

76. Cyplex Home Page
Telemetry specialists using GSM/SMS/GPRS, Mobitex, dataTac and satellite networks for remote control and data acquisition including meter reading, vending, security and SCADA applications.
Tel: 02 9482-4269
Fax: 02 9482-4222
Cyplex Communications Pty. Ltd.
The Leaders in Network Telemetry
NETWORK TELEMETRY The concept underlying the solutions provided by Cyplex
Every location on Earth can now be linked by a packetised data network. Country to Country, State to State, Building to Building and Machine to Machine (M2M) - it's all possible with Cyplex Packetiser and Freeloader - the modules that send packetised data over mobile telephone networks or the power lines in your street. PACKETISER SMS control that won't cost you a packet! Connect to popular mobile telephone networks like GSM, CDMA and 3G and get reliable monitoring and control of any location using SMS text messages directly to your phone.
Read power meters, control pumps, alert service teams and check security, any place any time. Packetiser makes it easy! FREELOADER turns power lines into a data highway! Fast, reliable packetised data communications over any wire. Designed to complement Packetiser Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) solutions or for industrial, mining and home automation applications.

77. RS232 And Bar Code Software | TAL Technologies Data Acquisition Software, Barcod
Software company specializing in serial data acquisition, instrument control, communications and bar code software products. Products include Serial I/O driver, Serial communications software and TCP/IP communications software.
Quick Links Products WinWedge TCP/COM TCPWedge Bar Code ActiveX Control B-Coder Pro BC-Wedge CE-Wedge Bar Code DLLs RS232 Boards Bar Code Scanners Pricing Buy Now International Resellers Guarantee WinWedge Support B-Coder Pro Support Bar Code DLL Support Bar Code ActiveX Support Registration Intro to Serial Communications Introduction to Bar Coding Links to Related Sites About TAL
TALtech Specializes In
data acquisition software, serial and TCP/IP communications software, bar code software, barcode ActiveX, barcoding DLLs, bar-code scanners and RS-232 boards.
Data Acquisition Software Products
Input RS232 data directly into Excel, Access, or any Windows application. WinWedge provides real-time data collection from any serial device or instrument. TCP-Wedge software provides data collection from any TCP/IP network. Send and receive RS232 data across a TCP/IP port with TCP/Com serial to TCP/IP converter software.
Bar Code Software Products
B-Coder Pro barcoding software, Bar Code ActiveX and Bar Code DLLs . Easily add barcode generation in Access, Word, Internet, VB, C/C++.

78. Index
German company offers biometric access control, time and attendance, and data acquisition technologies.

79. International Logic Systems Engineering
Offer a diverse range of solutions to some very complex automation, wired and wireless SCADA communications, and process control requirements. Wireless data acquisition, monitoring, systems design and integration, reporting and systems control.

80. Dirlik Controls Ltd Provides Materials Testing Software And Related Instrumentat
Offer customised test control, data acquisition and analysis packages for materials testing and component evaluation.
Software for Materials and Component Testing About Dirlik MaterialsTesting Applications Methods ... Contact Us Dirlik Controls Limited We offer customised test control, data acquisition and analysis packages for materials testing and component evaluation. We specialise in tailoring programs to the user requirements. Whether the requirement is sophisticated laboratory application or demanding production related testing, the most appropriate solution for each individual customer is provided. Our systems are PC / Windows based, used for research and development, quality control and production monitoring. We can retrofit virtually any manually operated or servo controlled test machines or vibrophores. Dirlik Controls products are easy to set-up, calibrate and operate. Click on Picture
To Enlarge Dirlik Controls Ltd.
Albert Buildings,
16a Albert Street,
Rugby, CV21 2RS
Tel: +44 (0) 1788 573 114
Fax +44(0) 1788 560 668

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