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         Data Acquisition And Control:     more books (100)
  1. Interface and data format converters in automotive data acquisition and control systems (SAE) by R.C Richards, 1981
  2. A portable personal computer based automated data acquisition and control system (SAE) by Perry R Olds, 1988
  3. Data acquisition and control catalog
  4. A microcomputer-based data acquisition and control system for the direct shear, ring shear, triaxial shear, and consolidation tests (Open-file report / ... of the Interior, Geological Survey) by Philip S Powers, 1983
  5. Signal processing: Analog and hybrid computing modules and their utilization in real-time data acquisition and control systems : Engineering 819.63 : a ... course, June 17-21, 1974 : lecture notes by Walter J Karplus, 1974
  6. BASIC programming for data acquisition and control by Gerald L Schneberger, 1986
  7. IEEE Standard FASTBUS Modular High-Speed Data Acquisition and Control System. by IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society., 1985-01-01
  8. Data Acquisition and Control Handbook by B277, 2001-01-01
  9. Energy conservation by computerized data acquisition and control in the canning industry: Final report by T. A Gill, 1988
  10. Metrabyte: Data Acquisition And Control interfaces for the IBC PC/XT/AT Compatibles, and Apple PC 1985 by Barry W. Phillips, 1985
  11. Design considerations for the data acquisition and control system for the Detroit area freeway surveillance, control and driver information (SCANDI) system by Gordon F Paesani, 1975
  12. Data acquisition and control system for measurements of carbon dioxide on WITN tower (SuDoc C 55.13/2:ERL CMDL-13) by Conglong Zhao, 1997
  13. Laboratory manual [to accompany] Computer interfacing, a practical approach to data acquisition and control by William H Rigby, 1995
  14. The Parallel Port Manual Vol. 2: Use of a PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition

81. Fenton Electric, Inc. ~ Electrical Contractor
Provide custom electrical engineering solutions for statistical data acquisition, quality control, and system monitoring.
Custom Electrical Engineering of Automated Systems For Data Acquisition~Statistical, Quality Control, and Monitoring Systems
Complete Electric Services For Business and Industry
For Design, Fabrication and Installation, We're the Right Outlet....
Need an electric component custom-designed? Because we design and manufacture most of what we install, we know our products inside and out. This means we can show you how to use them to your best advantage.
Fenton Electric, a Louisville, Kentucky electrical contractor since 1975, is staffed by the most skilled professionals available. Our workers are trained in a variety of specialties.
Fenton Electric has diverse experience in electrical engineering, design, manufacture, and installation of automated data acquisition, quality control, statistical control, and monitoring systems.
We supply our own highly skilled personnel and hire the best workers available in the area, which allows us to apply maximum manpower to rush jobs in a cost-effective manner.
Why go to the trouble of hiring one electrical contractor to supply your electric equipment and another electrical contractor to install it when Fenton Electric can do it all?

82. META System For Data Acquisition And Process Control
META is an automated laboratory data acquisition and process control system thataccelerates aging and stress testing to determine the effects of electro
Motorola Electro-Migration Test Apparatus (META) System
The Motorola Electro-Migration Test Apparatus (META) is an automated laboratory data acquisition and process-control system that characterizes devices under test (DUTs), runs a 6-24 month experiment, and provides lifetime histories of device physical properties for one 32-device experiment or two 16-device experiments. All required lights-out features (startup/shutdown sequencing, equipment health and diagnostic self-test, event logging, networked database server, administrative status notification via e-mail, etc.) were implemented as a Windows NT system service so no operator intervention would be needed, except under severe system upset conditions.
System Description
META is an automated laboratory data acquisition and process control system that accelerates aging and stress testing to determine the effects of electro-migration on new metalization processes. (Electro-migration is the phenomenon of metal being physically washed out of the vias due to the force of the current, similar to how boulders can be washed downstream due to current in a fast stream.) It was designed to handle either two independent 16-channel experiments, or a single 32-channel experiment. META was tasked with running 6-24 month experiments without human intervention, and automatically monitor the physical properties necessary to display the device histories of each DUT.

83. Marathon Sensors: Instruments & Oxygen / Carbon Sensors For Heat Treating And Co
Manufactures temperature probes, carbon and oxygen sensors, atmosphere control instruments, and data acquisition software for the heat treating and combustion industries. Site provides detailed product and application information.
An ISO 9001:2000 Registered Firm Celebrating 20 Years of Service: Welcome to Marathon Sensors Inc.! We work with companies that are concerned about product quality, worried about high fuel costs and emissions, frustrated by ineffective solutions, and downright angry about the impact of poor atmosphere and combustion controls on their bottom line. Our heat treating and combustion trim sensors and instrumentation allow you to better control your process - improving quality, reducing scrap, saving fuel, and minimizing unwanted emissions. Come in and see what we can do for you... For a limited time only:
Purchase a Magnum-Series Probe for Just Click on the Magnums Below for Details
Builders of the Magnum Series , the toughest, most accurate carbon sensors available anywhere (Patents Pending) Associations and Certifications

84. Wetzel Incorporated
A supplier of process automation and control solutions consisting of vision, data acquisition, robotics, rolling mill controls, automatic gauge controls, automated machinery, and machine building.
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85. Precision MicroDynamics, Inc.
Manufactures motion control and data acquisition electronics and software.
Motion control boards for event-based motion and data acquisition. Industries served include among others: semiconductor, optics, magnetics, automotiove, aerospace and military. High-performance linear amplifier. Provides wide-bandwidth, low-noise power for high-performance linear voice coils and iron core and coreless dc-motors. Motion control boards for CNC machine tools. Processes include among others: milling, turning, routing, grinding, laser marking and cutting, water jet, boring, drilling, tapping, engraving, EDM, punching, and bending. Software and hardware development tools for Analog Devices' SHARC DSPs. Industry's fastest quadrature decoder gate array circuits.
Go to... PCI Control ISA Control Linear Amps MotionSuite All Products Literature
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86. > Applications > Data Acquisition > Motion Control The technical computing portal for your scientific and engineeringneeds - Applications data acquisition Motion control section. Applications Data Acquisition Motion Control ... Email page to friend
    AMSI Corp - AMSI Corp. specializes in motion control, data acquisition, and engineering services. AMSI Corp. has facilities for designing customized electronics for motor control and data acquisition. They also do custom programming of single-chip microcontrollers for specific tasks. Motion Control from National Instruments - National Instruments motion and measurement offering simplifies the combination of motion and measurements with advanced hardware features and easy-to-use software. With National Instruments hardware architecture, you can run the motion strategy on the controller while simultaneously acquiring measurements with plug-in DAQ hardware. National Instruments also offers the most complete motion and measurements software combination to accelerate your test development and reduce your cost.

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87. Data Acquisition Interface And Logging For Test Measurement & Control Via Parall
Simplifying PC hardware for test, measurement, control and data acquisition using the parallel port.Category Business Electronics and Electrical...... Take advantage of increased data acquisition, test, measurement, controland logging possibilities using the parallel port of any PC.

LPTek Corp. manufacturers data acquisition interface products for the PC's parallel (printer) port.
Take advantage of increased data acquisition, test, measurement, control and logging possibilities using the parallel port of any PC.
LPTek.....Unparalleled performance!!

Quick Reference Center
    About LPTek Corp. Who is LPTek Why Choose LPTek? Why Use the Printer (LPT) Port? LPTek's Glossary Links to Interesting Sites LPTek's Affiliates Sales Information Order On-Line! LPTek's Trade Show Schedule Have Questions? Contact LPTek Price / Quotation Request Form Sign our Guest Book Y2K Statement Product Department Simple 3-Step System LPTek Applications New Products Download Software Parallel Port Interface Diagram Domestic Prices International Prices Locate/Become MFG./REP's and/or Worldwide Dealers Download LPTek Literature

    LPTek's Products Offer:
    • Data Acquisition Products for Unlimited Applications!!
      Data Acquisition with Flexibility - Up to 16 application board per system!!!
      Data Acquisition with Portability - PC Desktop (AC) or Laptop (DC) use
      Data Acquisition Products for an Exceptional Value!! - Systems Starting at $ 150

88. > Applications > Data Acquisition > Control The technical computing portal for your scientific and engineeringneeds - Applications data acquisition control section. Applications Data Acquisition Control ... Email page to friend - 2 Logical Concepts, Inc. is a national distributor of high-tech electronic equipment for process automation and remote monitoring. Advanced Technical Software Ltd. - Advanced Technical Software Ltd. is a Systems Integrator operating within the Process Control and Automation market. They specialize in the following fields: SCADA, PLCs, Simulation, Testing, Industrial Software, Real Time Systems. AIS Ltd - AIS offers Real Time Information, Database Applications, Monitoring and Control Solutions for industry. Arcom Control Systems - Arcom Control Systems is a supplier of communication and control technology to industry, including processor boards and I/O modules. Control Engineering - Control Engineering is the magazine for engineers in all industries who buy, specify, design, and maintain control and instrumentation systems for automated process and manufacturing solutions. Control Magazine - The web site for Control Magazine, a magazine that focuses on process control for the industry. Sections include News and Analysis, Features, and New Products.

Systems engineering, data acquisition, automation and control, hardware and software. Mobile, remote and automotive applications. Site requires Flash.

90. Control System Consulting
Provides technical expertise to utility companies seeking supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system procurement. Services and contact information.

91. Automata A Leader In Agricultural Monitoring, Irrigation Control, Water Distribu
Remote data acquisition for weather monitoring and irrigation control. Also, water management, pest management, plant disease prediction.
A Leader in Agricultural and Water Distribution Automation Since 1975
Starter Packages for Specific Applications Water Well Site Soil Moisture Site Frost Warning Site ET (Evapotranspiration) Site
Automata, Inc. manufactures the DATA LYNX SCADA system sensors and software used in a wide variety of water distribution systems for industrial and agricultural applications. We offer data loggers, hard wire, infrared, narrow band radio, spread spectrum radio, telephone, and fiber optic communications to suit a wide range of environmental needs. These award-winning products are proven management tools in canal automation, agriculture, bioremediation, flood warning, irrigation, pump, and well water supply systems . This versatile equipment can be used in many ways: Agricultural Growers concerned with conserving water without endangering their crops will appreciate the ability to monitor field conditions such as rainfall, soil moisture, ET, and crop water stress. Water Distribution A variety of possibilities exist for controlling pumps, canal gates, turning on and off valves and monitoring system operation

92. CSS / : Certified Scientific Software.
a UNIXbased software package for instrument control and data acquisition used for X-ray diffraction at synchrotrons and in university, national and industrial laboratories.

spec C-PLOT Support ...

... Meeting the software needs of scientists since 1985 ...
Certified Scientific Software's spec X-Ray Diffraction and Data Acquisition software provides scientists with reliable instrument control at more than 350 X-ray and neutron diffractometers at over 150 locations worldwide
Developed in 1986 for X-ray diffraction experiments, spec 's portability, flexibility and power also make it valuable for general-purpose data-acquisition. spec is available on a wide range of UNIX platforms and supports numerous hardware configurations.
spec 's features and functionality reflect years of input from a broad user base. Unlike typical home-grown or public-domain software, spec is well-documented and backed by committed support.
Included with spec (and also available separately) is the C-PLOT Scientific Graphics and Data Analysis package. Together, these programs can take you from data acquisition, through data analysis, to preparation of figures for publication.

    Current spec release: 5.03.01 as of March 16, 2003.

93. Data Acquisition Products
Omega Engineering provides instruments and services for process measurement and control. Specializing in Temperature, Pressure, Force, Flow, Level, pH, Electric Heaters and data acquisition.
Canada United Kingdom Benelux Czech Republic France Germany United States All Products >> Data Acquisition Products
What's New in Data Acquisition Products!
Data Acquisition and Analysis Software Communications-Based Acquisitions Systems Plug-in Cards:

94. Data Acquisition/Test And Measurement - Products
Instrument control Toolbox, Neural Network Toolbox. data acquisition Toolbox, databaseToolbox. Vibration analysis and control. Biosignal data acquisition System.

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Agilent VEE Pro
Noise Source Identification Type 7752 Keithley Instruments, Inc. Keithley Data Acquisition Boards LeCroy Corp WaveMaster Measurement Computing Corporation Measurement, Control, and IEEE-488.2 Hardware and Software National Instruments E Series and 1200 Family Data Acquisition Devices Opti-Num Solutions Opti-Num Solutions Consulting RSIB Passport for VISA Signal Processing Analytics, LLC Universal Signal Simulator Tektronix, Inc. TekVISA United Electronic Industries PowerDAQ PCI-based Data Acquisition Products YarCom, Inc. RF-Control Additional Third-Party
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Data acquisition or import Industrial equipment and machinery Process control and monitoring System integration ... Contact me
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95. Mogacom Devices
Provider of applicationspecific microcomputers, data-acquisition devices and communication hardware designed for industrial control tasks and transaction-based commercial applications.
Our Mission . . . Our products utilize a hardware/ firmware architecture that allows easy customization to meet specific customer needs. Unlike standard PC s that utilize resource-intensive operating systems and numerous components, our “single board” microcomputers are specifically designed to be more reliable, less expensive, and immune from viruses, freeze-ups, crashes, and slow internet sessions.

96. Concurrent Computer Corporation
Makes PowerMAX OS fully preemptive, multithreaded, Unix-based RTOS. Leading provider of concurrent real-time multiprocessor OSs, high-performance real-time computer systems, solutions, software for business and government. Focus strategic business areas including simulation; data acquisition; instrumentation and process control; interactive real-time (includes wagering, gaming, video-on-demand); vibration control.

Investor Info Press Room
... Site Map
Headlines March 21, 2003

Concurrent Introduces Latest On-Demand Applications to Asia Pacific Audiences at CCBN 2003
March 20, 2003
Concurrent Computer Corporation Announces BP Pipelines Order For Its Next Generation Series 3200-2000 Systems
March 19, 2003 and Concurrent Partner to Deliver VOD Solution to Telcos
March 17, 2003
Concurrent Computer Corporation Revises its Third Quarter Expectations
March 12, 2003
March 11, 2003

Concurrent Computer Corporation to Present at Roth Capital Conference
March 3, 2003
February 25, 2003
Concurrent XSTREME Division President Shares On-Demand Vision at Kagan VOD Summit

97. Metrix Electronics - Electronic Instrument Solutions For Industry
Manufactures instruments for industrial measurement, control and data acquisition applications.
Sefram 8420
Thermal Recorder
Panel Meters SEFRAM DAS 1000
Paperless Recorder
More information
OR-X Arbitrary
Waveform Generators
More information
Mini Data Logger Bargraph Displays Electronic Instrument Solutions for Industry Metrix Electronics Limited supplies and supports an extensive selection of electrical and electronic instruments for laboratory and industrial applications. We operate a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2000. In addition to our own products we are the exclusive UK representatives for thermal, pen and 'paperless' recorders from , panel instrumentation from (formerly ITT Instruments), portable calibrators from AOIP and general purpose portable and bench test instruments from Sefram and OR-X As members of the GAMBICA trade association we are able to offer applications advice and specialist assistance on all of the products that we supply, so please contact us by filling out the form below, calling us on or else by E-mail to

98. Velocity Software Systems Ltd. - Embedded System Design Services
Provides full service hardware and firmware design and prototyping for micro controller and embedded systems. Focusing on X86 type architectures for its embedded design requirements in a broad range of data acquisition and device control and monitoring applications.
SOFTWARE SYSTEMS LTD. Embedded Applications for Your World
Velocity provides full service hardware and firmware design and prototyping for micro controller and embedded systems . Velocity focuses on:
  • AMD and Intel X86, Motorola 68HC, 68K and PowerPC Texas Instruments TMS320 DSP, and Altera FPGA
architectures for its embedded design requirements in a broad range of data acquisition and device control and monitoring applications. Velocity draws from a large number of design templates which it can apply to an equally broad range of custom applications . Velocity continuously reviews current technology and applies it to its current design suites. This allows Velocity to provide its clients with fast solutions for their embedded requirements. With the addition of our own TCP/IP protocol stack, to our development suite, Velocity is well positioned to provide custom internet appliance design capability. We offer you a one stop design solution for your embedded system and, in particular, internet appliance needs. If you can think of the problem we can find the solution. In order to succeed in business a company must have more than technical expertise, it must have a trusting and respectful relationship with its customers. Velocity believes that relationships founded upon excellent customer service are the key to ensuring profits for our partners. In short, doing business with Velocity Software Systems Ltd.will provide several sustainable competitive advantages to your company- all evolving around increased efficiency and cost effectiveness.

99. Data Acquisition, Test, And Measurement Information For Electronic Design Engine
Use it for factory floor automation, data acquisition, material handling, inventorymanagement, access control, security systems, building automation, and
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document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write('');
document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); Benchtop Engineering
Today's Feature

by Leonard Staller
In the third part of our ongoing ChipCenter tutorial, we'll present some guidelines to determine if oversampling and averaging will be effective. A sample of real-world coding is included. Tech Notes
Technical Features.
by Leonard Staller
by Leonard Staller
Data Acquisition Fundamentals: Part II of a Two-Part Series
by Yiannis Pavlou
Data Acquisition (DAQ) Fundamentals: Part I of a Multi-Part eChip Series
by Yiannis Pavlou Mixed-Signal Testing - Without ATE by Alexander Goncharenko Prototyping Test Systems in Software Using IVI Simulation by Dany Cheij Tune Up Your Test System With IVI Drivers by Dany Cheij More Technical Features Benchtop Engineering Benchtop Engineering Sections Recent (on this page) Archive Data Acq and Control Click Click Design Automation Click Click DSP Click Click Software Development Click Click Test and Measurement Click Click PC Tools Click Click Resources Click Data Acq and Control Go to Archive Products - New - PCIbus Plug-In Runs 16 Independent Analog I/O Channels - New - Bluetooth Adapter Sidesteps RS-232 Wiring Tired of tangles of RS-232 cabling? A Bluetooth-based serial port adapter permits cabled RS-232 applications to go RF wireless without any changes to a system or software. Use it for factory floor automation, data acquisition, material handling, inventory management, access control, security systems, building automation, and patient care automation. (e-inSITE)

100. Valiant Technologies, Inc. Home Page
Custom software development in C, C++, LabView, Windows, Unix, FORTRAN, data acquisition, and control systems.
DURABILITY BUY IT! USE IT! Properties Events
SAFETY Valiant Technologies, Inc. ern

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