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         Demography:     more books (99)
  1. Demography: Measuring and Modeling Population Processes by Samuel Preston, Patrick Heuveline, et all 2000-09-18
  2. Demography: The Study of Human Population, Third Edition by David Yaukey, Douglas L. Anderton, et all 2007-01-04
  3. Population and Society: An Introduction to Demography by Dudley L. PostonJr., Leon F. Bouvier, 2010-04-07
  4. Wildlife Demography: Analysis of Sex, Age, and Count Data by John R. Skalski, Kristin E. Ryding, et all 2005-10-13
  5. The Demography of Corporations and Industries by Glenn R. Carroll, Michael T. Hannan, 2004-07-06
  6. The Methods and Materials of Demography, Second Edition by David A. Swanson, Jacob S. Siegel, 2004-03-17
  7. Conservation of Wildlife Populations: Demography, Genetics and Management by L. Scott Mills, 2006-12-22
  8. Introduction to Applied Demography: Data Sources and Estimation Techniques (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences)
  9. Methods and Models in Demography by Colin Newell, 1990-06-08
  10. Statistical Demography and Forecasting (Springer Series in Statistics) by Juha Alho, Bruce Spencer, 2005-07-01
  11. Longevity: The Biology and Demography of Life Span by James R. Carey, 2003-02-10
  12. Vital Statistics; an Introduction to the Science of Demography by George Chandler Whipple, 2010-04-01
  13. Demography of Early Modern Towns: York in the Sixteenth Centuries (Liverpool Studies in European Population, 6) by Chris Galley, 1998-04
  14. Demography and Degeneration: Eugenics and the Declining Birthrate in Twentieth-Century Britain by Richard A. Soloway, 1995-11-20

1. W3C/ANU - Demography & Population Studies WWW VL
Organized collection of Internet links.
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The Internet Guide to Demography and Population Studies
E st. 7 Mar 1994. Last revised: 4th Jan 2002. This page is regularly updated. You are welcome to "anchor" to it from your own homepages. Requests for new links to be added to this register are welcome. This facility is provided by the Demography Program of the Australian National University to keep track of leading information facilities of value and/or significance to researchers in the field of Demography . This month's additions are marked
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Demography and Population Conferences Census and Data Servers Other Demography and Population Servers ... Other WWW Servers of Use to Demographers
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T his WWW server is provided by the Demography Program Coombs Computing Unit , and the Research Schools of Social Sciences Pacific and Asian Studies at the Australian National University Canberra M aintainer: Diana Crow . Please e-mail

2. Demography Unit, Stockholm University
Provides information collected from the federal government relating to social statistics. Home Government Federal Government Statistics demography. Social Statistics Briefing Room
The Stockholm University Demography Unit (SUDA) SUDA offers training in demography through both an undergraduate programme and a graduate programme in which students may progress to a doctorate. However, currently no new doctoral students are accepted to the program. SUDA also publishes and distributes a working-paper series, Stockholm Research Reports in Demography. Most research conducted within SUDA has a social science orientation and is empirical in nature. Most of SUDA's research focuses on population processes, such as family dynamics, in modern industrialized societies, especially, but not exclusively, Sweden. Some projects include comparisons with other industrialized countries; others reflect an interest also in population processes in the Third World. How to get in touch with us News Publications:
Stockholm Research Reports in Demography

Other publications
Courses/Education The demography library ... Other related links Last update 17 March 2003 Please address questions and comments on this site to:

3. JSTOR: Demography
demography. JSTOR coverage Vols. 137, 1964-2000. Journal Information fordemography. Publisher Population Association of America Moving Wall 2.
JSTOR coverage: Vols. 1-37, 1964-2000
Please read JSTOR's "Terms and Conditions of Use" before you begin. Search this journal Browse this journal
Journal Information for Demography
Publisher Population Association of America Moving Wall Demography is the official journal of the Population Association of America. It is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed periodical that publishes articles of general interest to population scientists. Fields represented in its contents include geography, history, biology, statistics, business, epidemiology, and public health, in addition to social scientific disciplines such as sociology, economics, psychology, and political science. Published quarterly, it includes theoretical and methodological articles, commentaries, and specialized research papers covering both developed and developing nations. ISSN
Journal information provided by Population Association of America Pre- and post-digitization work on this title was completed by Rachna Dhingra and Mark Borton JSTOR Production Technicians.

4. Demography Program, ANU
demography Sociology Program. Text only version, 50th anniversary of the demographyProgram, Copyright © 2001 by demography Sociology Program, RSSS, ANU.

The Australian National University

Text only version
50th anniversary of the Demography Program Demography at the ANU Caldwell Library Catalogue ... Eastern Indonesian Project Last updated: 30 August 2002
Page Maintainers: Jenny White and Diana Crow
This site may be linked to any other Web pages. Contents may not be altered. URL

5. University Of California, Berkeley Department Of Demography
The Department of demography at the University of California, Berkeley For further information please contact UC Berkeley Department of demography 2232 Piedmont Ave. Berkeley CA 947202120 (510) 642-9800 (voice) (510) 643-8558 (fax)

6. H-Demog Discussion Network
HNet discussion group dedicated to research, teaching, and historiography. Features subject overview, archives, reports, affiliations, links to related lists and resources, and subscription details. Includes interactive demographic data viewer.
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    Michigan State University
    . H-Demog is an international scholarly online discussion list on demographic history. Tell me more about H-Demog CFP: International Microdata Access Group workshop evan roberts [mailto:eroberts@HIST.UMN.EDU] CFP: Call for Papers: Family History/Demography Network Social Science History Bill Block [] CPF: CALL FOR PAPERS - BUGIS DIASPORA AND ISLAMIC DISSEMINATION IN THE 20th CENT andi.faisal_bakti [] CFP: 5th ESSHC/Soc-inequality Programme Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux and "Marco van CFP: Final Call for Papers "Childhood and the State" "J. David Hacker" Panel Proposal: Comparative Perspectives on Women's Labor Force Participation i evan roberts [mailto:eroberts@HIST.UMN.EDU] QUERY: Historical Population DataGermany, Tsarist Russia, Tokogawa Japan, pre- "Jason Hill"
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  • 7. SOSIG: Demography
    demography. You are here Home Statistics demography
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    in Statistics



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    Editor: Southampton University Library Internet Resources Listed Alphabetically Sort: by type For a short description click the title. To access the resource directly click Editor's Choice Centre for Population Studies Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute Population Index on the Web UK Data Archive ... World Wide Web Virtual Library Demography and Population Studies All Resources 1970 British Cohort Study (The) 1971 Population Census of Indonesia 2001 Census of Population (The) 2002 World Population Data Sheet ... 2003 SOSIG

    8. St Helena - Demography
    The demography of the Island of St Helena, with especial reference to emigration and the agesex balance on the island
    The Original Settlers
    Since the establishment of the first permanent settlement in 1659 by the East India Company , the island has maintained a substantial and healthy population. The first settlers were primarily English, but there were also Dutch and Portuguese who increased the island's labour force by the importation of slaves from the East Indies and Madagascar. These were later augmented by slaves from the Gold Coast of Africa. From 1679, passing ships were 'taxed' one Madagascaran slave, and slaves were also brought in from Bombay and the Maldives. In 1806, the East India Company brought in 650 Cantonese slaves as gardeners, mechanics and builders: this accounts for the oriental appearance of some islanders. Following the abolition of the slave trade in Britain and St Helena in 1832 there was a further influx of Africans onto the island as Royal Navy ships captured the slave ships of other nations: the slaves were put ashore on St Helena for hospital treatment before returning to Africa.
    Racial Makeup
    As a result of its long history of multi-racial integration, the present island population is considered to be made up of:

    9. Center On The Economics And Demography Of Aging
    C E D A
    Center on the Economics and
    Demography of Aging
    University of California at Berkeley
    Members ...
    Comments, questions, email

    10. NIA Centers On The Demography Of Aging
    The National Institute on Aging (NIA) has established centers on the demography of Aging to provide Category Science Social Sciences Research Institutes......The National Institute on Aging (NIA) has established ten exploratory centers onthe demography of Aging to provide innovative and policyrelevant research on

    11. Michigan Center On The Demography Of Aging (MiCDA)
    Research on demographic analysis of the aging of disadvantaged populations, and demographic/economic Category Science Social Sciences Research Institutes......The Michigan Center on the demography of Aging (MiCDA) is one of elevencenters on aging sponsored by the National Institute on Aging.

    12. Center For Immigration Studies
    Argues that mass Mexican immigration deprives American Jews of political power and influence, and therefore a reducation of immigration should follow.
    The Jewish Stake in America's
    Changing Demography
    Reconsidering a Misguided Immigration Policy
    October 2001 by Stephen Steinlight Download the .pdf version Preface: Challenging A Crumbling Consensus
    Most of all, my conversion is the consequence of my contact over the years with Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, and the Center's work. We dialogued and formally debated on several occasions, and I moderated public forums in which Mark took part. If dialogue has any meaning, if speakers actually listen to each other rather than close their ears and merely wait impatiently to say their say, then the possibility that one can change as a result of what one hears must be acknowledged. The Socratic method was alive and well in our exchanges, and I did. But, as I've noted, the change came slowly, the process recalling not St. Paul on the road to Damascus but the Latin proverb Stillicidi casus lapidem cavat , "constant dripping hollows out a stone." My thought was also significantly influenced by a superb conference on immigration, "Thy People Shall Be My People: Immigration and Citizenship in America," sponsored by the Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation in July of 2000. Perhaps its principal contribution to challenging my point of view was having the opportunity to listen to my own side's thesis articulated by those willing to take it to its extreme, and their reductio ad absurdum made plain the very great dangers within it.

    13. Demography
    Similar pages Similar pages More results from Center for demography and EcologyCenter for demography and Ecology. Welcome to the Center for demographyand Ecology (CDE) at the University of WisconsinMadison.
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    Free Sample Issue
    E-ISSN: 1533-7790 Print ISSN: 0070-3370
    Publisher: Population Association of America Demography is a scientific journal, published by the Population Association of America, a non-profit professional organization of demographers. Demography includes research conducted in several disciplines, including the social sciences, geography, history, biology, statistics, business, epidemiology and public health. JOURNAL COVERAGE:
    Vol. 37, no. 4 (2000) through current issue
    Number 1, February 2003

    Number 4, November 2002
    Number 3, August 2002 Number 2, May 2002 ... Number 4, November 2000 Select a Volume Volume 40, 2003 Volume 39, 2002 Volume 38, 2001 Volume 37, 2000 Select above first GENERAL INFORMATION Select a Section Editorial Info Booksellers Terms Submission Guidelines

    14. The Demography Of Famines Perspectives From The Past And The Present
    A set of summaries and abstracts of the presentations of various authorities on the reasons for and consequences of famines. Site/Activities/5-his-rep99.htm

    15. Center For Demography Of Health And Aging
    The Center for demography of Health and Aging (CDHA) at the University of Wisconsin Madison is one of eleven P30 demography centers on aging sponsored by the
    A Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Training in Population Aging and Health
    About CAAR Data ... Seminars You are here: CDHA > Home
    The Center for Demography of Health and Aging (CDHA) at the University of Wisconsin - Madison is one of eleven P30 demography centers on aging sponsored by the National Institute on Aging . Major research themes include: midlife development and aging, economics of population aging, inequalities in health and aging, and international comparative studies of health and aging. For additional and updated information on CDHA, browse the links in the titlebar (at the top of the page) or send email to
    In the News . . .
    The CDHA site has been restructured. Announcements have been moved from the home page to a major link called "News". Users who have been linking to the home page primarily to keep up with news and announcements might want to change their bookmarks/favorites so they link directly to the "News". For more information: View the news
    About CAAR ... Seminars Please send questions, comments or suggestions to

    16. Journal Of Population Research
    Peerreviewed international journal which publishes papers on population-related issues.
    About the Journal

    Contents of recent


    Contents of previous
    About the Journal of Population Research
    The Journal of Population Research is a peer-reviewed, international journal which publishes papers on population-related issues. Coverage is not restricted geographically. The Journal publishes substantive empirical analyses, theoretical works, applied research and contributions to methodology. Submissions may take the form of original research papers, review articles and shorter technical and research notes. The Journal is published twice a year, in May and November. The first issue appeared in May 2000. Special issues emanating from conferences and other meetings will also be published. Contents of recent issues
    The Journal of Population Research is a publication of the Australian Population Association and was previously titled Journal of the Australian Population Association which began publication in 1984 with a main focus on Australian population issues. Thus the first issue of the Journal of Population Research is Volume 17, Number 1.

    17. Center For Demography And Ecology
    Study with affiliated faculty in sociology, economics, and history at the Center for demography and Ecology. Includes workingpaper abstracts. CDE Brochure - updated July 2001. demography and Ecology Training Seminars
    CDE Information Links CDE 40th Anniversary Symposium CDE Brochure - updated July 2001
    Demography and Ecology Training Seminars

    Schedule (DemSem)

    Working Papers

    Geographic Information Analysis

    CDE People
    Phone List

    CDE Affiliates

    CDE Staff

    Search Sociology Dept for faculty, staff
    ... CDE Affiliate Institutions Data Links National Survey of Families and Households Wisconsin Longitudinal Study Employment opportunities Postdoc in Demography (NICHD) Outside Information Links Data and Program Library Service University of Wisconsin-Madison Association of Population Centers Grants and Fellowships Announcements
    Center for Demography and Ecology
    Welcome to the Center for Demography and Ecology (CDE) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
    CDE is a multi-disciplinary faculty research cooperative for social scientific demographic research whose membership includes sociologists, rural sociologists, economists, epidemiologists, and statisticians. CDE is one of the leading centers of social science research in the world, as indicated by the scholarly productivity of its faculty, the level of extramural funding secured by researchers, the production and distribution of high quality demographic data, and the quality of its graduate training program. The intellectual and collegial environment of the Center makes it an exciting and stimulating place in which to conduct research.

    18. Population And Demography Information - Page Has Moved
    This page has moved to http// update your bookmarks. You will be automatically

    19. Political Demography In Northern Ireland
    Presents evidence of a demographic shift from a Protestant/unionist majority, to a situation where there may be a Catholic/nationalist majority. Includes statistics and analysis.
    Northern Ireland is disputed territory. The six counties that comprise the region known as Northern Ireland form part of the island of Ireland yet, unlike the rest of that island, remain a part of the United Kingdom. This division (or 'partition') of the island, which took place in 1921 has always been opposed by Irish nationalists both in the north and the south of the country. However, the division was based upon the demographic situation at the beginning of the 20th century. This demographic situation is changing, and this change is challenging the basis of the division of Ireland. This site examines the changing demographic profile of Northern Ireland, shows how these changes are affecting electoral results, speculates on how these two factors are likely to change the constitutional future of the territory during the next generation. The context Nationalism From the Irish nationalist point of view Ireland has always formed one nation and the partition of it to allow a national minority to opt out of the majority wish for independence was, and remains, illegitimate. All democratic elections, up to and including that in 1918, had shown the support of a large majority of the Irish population for some form of self-rule. Elections up to 1918 were not fully democratic, of course - women only received the vote in 1918. Nonetheless the progressive widening of the eloctoral franchise demonstrated that there was a genuine popular wish for self-rule in Ireland - a wish that previously was suppressed by the British, and only found expression in arms. Almost every previous generation of Irish patriots had attempted to overthrow British rule by force; in 1916, 1867, 1848, 1803, 1798, etc. The

    20. Bevölkerungswissenschaft An Der Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin
    A web site on population studies in Germany (in both German and English).

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