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         Demography:     more books (99)
  1. Demography: The Science of Population by Jay Weinstein, Vijayan K. Pillai, 2000-11-16
  2. Supporting Local Health Care in a Chronic Crisis: Management and Financing Approaches in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo by Roundtable on the Demography of Forced Migration, Program on Forced Migration and Health, et all 2005-12-01
  3. The Graying of the Great Powers: Demography and Geopolitics in the 21st Century by Richard Jackson, Neil Howe, 2008-05-23
  4. Demography in Archaeology (Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology) by Andrew T. Chamberlain, 2006-07-24
  5. Culture, Biology, and Anthropological Demography (New Perspectives on Anthropological and Social Demography) by Eric Abella Roth, 2004-08-23
  6. Demography and Infrastructure: National and Regional Aspects of Demographic Change (Environment & Policy)
  7. Debating Roman Demography (Mnemosyne, Bibliotheca Classica Batava Supplementum)
  8. European Demography and Economic Growth by W. R. Lee, 1979-04
  9. Introduction to the Mathematics of Demography by Robert L. Brown, 1997
  10. Demography: Analysis and Synthesis, Four Volume Set, Volume 1-4: A Treatise in Population
  11. Ache Life History: The Ecology and Demography of a Foraging People (Foundations of Human Behavior) by A. Hurtado, Kim Hill, 1996-12-31
  12. Patterns of Human Variation: The Demography, Genetics, and Phenetics of Bougainville Islanders by Jonathan S. Friedlaender, 1975-01-01
  13. Economic demography of Eastern and Southern Europe (World affairs: national and international viewpoints) by Princeton University, 1972
  14. Demography and Social Health Insurance: An International Comparison Using Generational Accounting (Beitrage Zum Gesundheitsmanagement) by Christian Hagist, 2008-03-04

61. SOCO1
of · social science research methods and applied statistics;. · demographyand population sociology;. · sociology of labour;. · anthropology
The link below is only for students who follow this course:
De link hieronder is enkel voor de studenten van deze cursus:
General Information
The "vakgroep" on Social Research (SOCO) is responsible for both teaching and research activities in the fields of: As such the group manages the courses in these domains offered in the curricula on sociology, economics, political sciences and geography. In addition, also the courses in the fields of medical sociology and social work are attached to the "vakgroep", but research in these fields belongs to the faculty of medicine. The research of the "vakgroep" is organized by two subgroups: (i) the Interface Demography which is responsible for population studies and research methods, and (ii) the TESA group which is specialized in the domains of labour relations. Visiting address : VUB-Campus Etterbeek, building M, 1st floor, room M114 (secretariat), at 5 minutes walking distance from the Etterbeek train station, and 10 minutes from the metro stations Petillon or Delta. Building M is the oval shaped construction just opposite the City Bank building. Mailing address: Vakgroep Sociaal Onderzoek, VUB, Pleinlaan 2, B-1050 Brussels. General phone: ++32-2-629 2040, and fax: ++32-2-629 2420.

62. Centre Accès De Clair
The village internet directory. Offers history, visitors information, social activities, business listings, restaurants, stores, entertainment and demography.

63. Population/Demography
SPC demography/Population Programme. General Objective. Staff. Programmestaff. For further information, please contact us demography section.
SPC Demography/Population Programme General Objective To support Pacific Island governments in the collection, analysis, interpretation. dissemination and utilisation of population data. Recent statistics Graphics on Welcome to our Website ! Activities What's new? Here (Note: click on next at the end of the page to view more news) Publications Publication details (Note: click on next at the end of the page to view more publications) Strategies The Programme strategies Staff Programme staff For further information, please contact us: Demography section français ici BACK TO SPC HOME PAGE Last updated Tuesday, December 03, 2002

64. North American Demography - Your Source For Population Statistics In North Ameri
Complete population statistics from the US, Canada and Mexico.Category Science Social Sciences North America......North American demography. Updates 3 April Canadian Metropolitan Areas (2001)updated. Mexican Statistics. Links. Copyright © 2002 North American demography.
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North American Demography
Updates: 3 April: Canadian Metropolitan Areas (2001) updated. 26 February: New Hampshire statistics (2000) updated. 24 February: Maine statistics (2000) updated. 11 January: Quebec statistics (2002) updated. 8 January: Canadian Provinces and Territories statistics (2001) updated. 4 January: Mexican Cities (2000) updated. 2 January: Alaska and District of Columbia statistics (2000) updated. 28 December: Vermont statistics (2000) updated. 26 November: Yukon statistics (2001) updated. 15 November: New York statistics (2000) updated. 3 November: North Dakota statistics (2000) updated.
American Statistics
Canadian Statistics Mexican Statistics Links

65. Buyers Advocacy Services, Real Estate Reports
Market information for specific properties, and general market information and demography for suburbs in Queensland. Including previous sales price, local average price, income/education level, crime rates.
Real Value Property Assessments
ABN:19 779 079 214 Phone0414 844331 Fax:0741236454 Mail Get the REAL facts and negotiate the best possible deal with one of our reports!
How much is a property worth? Really? If you're thinking about buying any property in Queensland, we can tell you what that property last sold for within 24 hours. Then tell you what the adjoining properties around it last sold for too. No kidding!
"Hello and welcome to RealValue"
This knowledge can help you avoid losing tens of thousands of dollars. Or help you negotiate a much, much better buying price. "It's the tool professional real estate buyers use. Now you can use it too!" More Information
Its not in the seller or agents interest to give you all the information. But it's in your interest to know.
What did the current owners pay? When did they buy? How does the area rate? Is the market rising or falling? What are the major regional demographic indicators (employment, education etc)?
Our reports are custom written to cover any residential property in any location in Queensland. NSW and Victoria coming soon

66. Demography
Australian Bureau of Statistics. Themes demography, Other web sites. demographyVirtual Library http//
Australian Bureau of Statistics Themes

Availability of Overseas Arrivals and Departures data as at 17 December 200

Population size and growth
    Current Australian and world population
      Australian Population Clock
        Current world population
        from the US Bureau of the Census
          Australia's recent and historical population and population growth

            Australian Demographic Statistics (ABS Catalogue No. 3101.0)
              Main features from this publication includes Australian population estimates for the recent past
                Publication information
                  Population size and growth Australian population estimates throughout the twentieth century, population growth and components of growth, and growth rates for Australia and selected countries
                    Indigenous population
                      Experimental Projections of the Indigenous Population, 1996 to 2006 (ABS Catalogue No. 3231.0)
                        Main features include a description of population growth, age structure and expectancy of life at birth
                          Publication information
                            Experimental Estimates of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Population, 30 June 1991 - 30 June 1996 (ABS Catalogue No. 3230.0)

67. Iquitos, Peru: Gateway To The Peruvian Amazon
Includes quite extensive information provided by El Tigre Journeys, on culture, tourism, demography and wildlife.
Enjoying Loretano Culture in Iquitos... Iquitos is a romantic and seductive city with a rustic charm and unique culture reflecting an intriguing history. Located 4 degrees south of the equator, the ethnic character is drawn from many indigenous tribes and European and Chinese immigrants who began to populate the area in the mid-1800's. The economic heyday of Iquitos was the era of the rubber boom from about 1880 to 1912. During this time vast fortunes were amassed because the Iquitos region was the world's foremost source of raw rubber. Great injustice was perpetrated upon the indigenous people during this time by foreign entrepeneurs who ruthlessly exploited them for labor. Many tribes were decimated and some eliminated entirely as a result of this exploitation. A number of buildings constructed during the rubber era, many adorned with ceramic tiles imported from Portugal and Italy, remain in use in central Iquitos, especially along the old riverfront called the Malecon Tarapaca. The mestizo people are peaceful, friendly and industrious, most with close lifestyle connections to the rivers and rainforests which surround Iquitos for hundreds of miles in all directions.

68. Population Studies Center - University Of Michigan
PSC is one of the oldest population centers in the United States, with a distinguished record in both Category Science Social Sciences Research Institutes...... The Michigan Center on the demography of Aging (MiCDA) is a major joint initiativewith the Institute for Social Research and is based at PSC.

69. Demography Links
demography Links. Louisiana Population Data Center. NIA demography CentersInformation about NIAsupported demography of Aging Centers.

70. Dos Rios Consultants
Silver City, New Mexico based cultural resource management firm which also offers anthropology services in the form of demography and cultural geography studies. Site contains a company profile and an annotated bibliography of New Mexico archaeology.
DOS RIOS CONSULTANTS, INC. Welcome to the desert. Dos Rios Consultants, Inc., is located in Silver City, NM, and provides consulting services in the social and natural sciences across the greater Southwest. Its principals are Dr. Michelle Behr and Dr. Neal W. Ackerly. A recent (FY 2000-2001) recipient of a prestigious Fulbright Grant to teach in Hungary, Dr. Behr's expertise is in demography and human/cultural geography in border regions. Dr. Ackerly's expertise is in Southwestern anthropology and archaeology. For the past 20 years, he has been actively involved in studies of prehistoric and modern irrigation systems, as well as issues surrounding contemporary water use and water rights. Dos Rios Consultants, Inc., is permitted to operate on Federal and State lands in New Mexico Texas , and Arizona Specific Services
  • Archaeological surveysincluding Class I, Class II, and Class III surveysin support of National Register Section 106 Compliance, Archaeological mitigation/excavation of both prehistoric and historic sites in support of NEPA compliance, Oral historical studies including questionnaire development and administration, transcription, and preparation of tapes and transcripts for archival storage

Sociological resources on demography and population studies. Editor AlbertBenschop (University of Amsterdam). demography Population Studies.

72. Lembaga Demografi Institute Of Indonesia
The first and leading institution in Indonesia, dealing with issue of demography, population and development.

73. Political Demography In Northern Ireland
Presents evidence of a demographic shift from a Protestant/unionist majority, to a situation where Category Regional Europe Religious and Sectarian Conflict......POLITICAL demography IN NORTHERN IRELAND. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF POLITICAL demographyIN NORTHERN IRELAND Go to the next section demography AND DEMOCRACY.
Northern Ireland is disputed territory. The six counties that comprise the region known as Northern Ireland form part of the island of Ireland yet, unlike the rest of that island, remain a part of the United Kingdom. This division (or 'partition') of the island, which took place in 1921 has always been opposed by Irish nationalists both in the north and the south of the country. However, the division was based upon the demographic situation at the beginning of the 20th century. This demographic situation is changing, and this change is challenging the basis of the division of Ireland. This site examines the changing demographic profile of Northern Ireland, shows how these changes are affecting electoral results, speculates on how these two factors are likely to change the constitutional future of the territory during the next generation. The context Nationalism From the Irish nationalist point of view Ireland has always formed one nation and the partition of it to allow a national minority to opt out of the majority wish for independence was, and remains, illegitimate. All democratic elections, up to and including that in 1918, had shown the support of a large majority of the Irish population for some form of self-rule. Elections up to 1918 were not fully democratic, of course - women only received the vote in 1918. Nonetheless the progressive widening of the eloctoral franchise demonstrated that there was a genuine popular wish for self-rule in Ireland - a wish that previously was suppressed by the British, and only found expression in arms. Almost every previous generation of Irish patriots had attempted to overthrow British rule by force; in 1916, 1867, 1848, 1803, 1798, etc. The

74. Nordic Network
Information about researchers, projects, publications, courses and meetings.
Nordic Network
for Historical Demography Researchers are active within historical demography in all the five Nordic Countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, and most of them have over several decades cooperated across the Scandinavian country borders in several projects analysing various issues of demographic behaviour in past time. The Nordic network - established in late 1999 - is a further step in order to enhance cooperation and give easy access to information about researchers, projects, publications, courses, and meetings, not only to the Nordic researchers themselves, but also to a wider group of scholars. People Publications Meetings Current Research Projects Courses

75. Demography Of Bhutan
demography. Bhutan does not have any indigenous group. It is a nation of immigrantsand a multireligious, multi-cultural and multi-linguistic society.
This site provides complete and authentic information on the origin, causes, and current situation about Bhutanese refugees. Contents Introduction Origin of refugee crisis Appeal to King One nation one people ... Sheltering Terrorists
Refugee Situation Refugee situation Nepal-Bhutan talks International concern Refugees' joint verification ... Resettlement
Other Links Bhutannewsonline Bhutanese Refugees CEMARD Articles on Bhutan DEMOGRAPHY Bhutan does not have any indigenous group. It is a nation of immigrants and a multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-linguistic society. There are three main ethnic, religious and linguistic groups and a dozen smaller groups. The Ngalung - often called Drukpas - are the ruling group who control the monarchy and the government and dominate the economy. King and all the high Government Officials belong to this politically and economically dominant ethnic group. They live in the north-western region, speak Dzonkha language and wear robe like dresses. They migrated from Tibet. They are called Drukpas as they follow the Drukpa Kargyupa school of Mahayana Buddhism.

76. Home Page
District government pages, with a map of the district, demography, tourist information, telephone directory.
Monument in the memory of Kargil Martyrs Luv and Kush statue at Vaidehi Vatika at entry point of Sitapur from Lucknow. STATISTICAL INFORMATION This site is designed and maintained by National Informatics Centre
Ministry of Information Technology
Govt. of India
District Centre Sitapur
Phone (05862)-42250,48457
: The data on this site has been thoroughly checked for accuracy and correctness. NIC Sitapur is not liable for any damage that may occur from the use of the data on this site. Welcome to National Informatics Centre, Sitapur

77. Population And Demography
Internet Access to UN Information by Research Topic Population anddemography. United Nations Population Information Network (POPIN
Internet Access to UN Information by Research Topic: Population and Demography
United Nations Population Information Network (POPIN), UNDP, New York
Population Journal Archives
World Demographic Trends

Texts and charts from the United Nations covering world population estimates and projects, and historical world population growth as well as fertility, child mortality, impact of AIDS and migration flows in particular regions.
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), UNDP, New York
Includes facts about the UNFPA along with news items and press releases. Provides further access to the full text of The State of World Population 1995 and the Population Issues Briefing Kit ; both resources are available in English, French, and Spanish versions. The full text of Reconceptualization of Population Education
Further access to the UNFPA via the UNDP offers a directory of databases, information services, liaison offices, member countries and missions, organizational descriptions, and sales offices.
A Guide to Family Planning, Population, HIV/AIDS, and Other Related Sources

78. Yale University Library - Demography Subject Guide
demography Subject Guide Online Journals. Statistical Sources and Numeric Data.Indexes to Articles. Searching Orbis (library catalog) for demography Materials.
Orbis Library Catalog StatCat Social Science Databases Subject Guides ... General Reference Resources Demography Subject Guide Online Journals Statistical Sources and Numeric Data Indexes to Articles Searching Orbis (library catalog) for Demography Materials ... Yale University
This file last modified 01/10/03
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79. International Institute For Population Sciences(IIPS)
Studies demography, provides data, and runs courses in related subjects.

80. WWW-VL History Index
Click Here for WWWVL Main Catalogue WWW-VL HISTORY demography. TopicsMigration and demography Association of European Migration Institutions.
WWW-VL: HISTORY: DEMOGRAPHY ABOUT THIS NETWORK. If you are still interested or have any questions, please e-mail Lynn Harry Nelson [].
Click here for
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library (WWW-VL) central catalogue
The WWW-VL search facility.
Click Here to access the Mirror at Florence, Italy

Click Here to access the Mirror at Lawrence, Kansas, USA

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