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         Demography:     more books (99)
  1. Native American Historical Demography: A Critical Bibliography by Henry F. Dobyns, 1976-12
  2. Demography In Transition: Emerging Trends in Population Studies by Amanda K. Baumle, 2006-10-01
  3. Human Demography and Disease by Susan Scott, C. J. Duncan, 2005-07-21
  5. Applied Demography: Applications to Business, Government, Law, and Public Policy by Jacob S. Siegel, 2001-10-17
  6. Changing Numbers, Changing Needs: American Indian Demography and Public Health by Committee on Population, National Research Council, 1996-09-11
  7. Trends in Anthropological Demography by A.N. Sharma, 2008-08-11
  8. Demography in the Age of the Postmodern (New Perspectives on Anthropological and Social Demography) by Nancy E. Riley, James McCarthy, 2003-08-18
  9. Demography of Tropical Africa by William Brass, etc., 1968-07
  10. Agent-Based Computational Demography: Using Simulation to Improve Our Understanding of Demographic Behaviour (Contributions to Economics)
  11. Family Demography: Methods and Their Application (International Studies in Demography)
  12. Demography and Nation: Social Legislation and Population Policy in Bulgaria, 1918-1944 (CEU Press Studies in the History of Medicine) by Sveta Baloutzova, 2010-10-30
  13. Business Demography: A Guide and Reference for Business Planners and Marketers by Louis G. Pol, 1987-11-06
  14. Demography in Ecotoxicology

81. EUROPA - The European Observatory On The Social Situation, Demography And Family
The Annual Seminar 2003 of the European Observatory on the Social Situation, demographyand Family focuses on the role of the family in the health system.
de en fr EUROPA EuropeanCommission The European Observatory on the Social Situation ... Search
Latest News
The Family in the Health System - Seminar 2003 The Annual Seminar 2003 of the European Observatory on the Social Situation, Demography and Family focuses on the role of the family in the health system. Is the family a cost-raising or cost-reducing factor? Access to the health system, financial sustainability, health resources and health risks, and the family as health-care agent are other items on the agenda. The Seminar will be held in Tutzing (Germany) on 20-22 June 2003. You will find a more detailed description of the aims and structure of the Seminar in the Descriptive Note. Family Benefits and Family Policies in Europe MISSOC, the Mutual Information System on Social Protection in the European Union, provides brief, up-to-date and comparative information. MISSOC-Info 01/2002 focuses on family benefits and family policies. The introduction to the Report provides a European-wide overview . For a detailed description of family benefits and family policies in the individual Member States see: Austria Belgium Denmark Finland ... UK Families in F i n l a n d I t a l y P o r t u g a l S p a i n a n d S w e d e n
Along with other Nordic countries

82. Danish Center For Demographic Research
at the Department of Statistics and demography at the University of Southern Denmark.
The Danish Center
for Demographic Research
The Center was closed on 31 December 2002 Members of the staff can be reached on the addresses below Introduction Department of Statistics and Demography Scandinavian Demographic Links International Demographic Links Faculty Administration: Publications News from the Center Last updated December 20. 2002

83. Population Studies And Training Center
News and information about demography research activities, interdisciplinary graduate training, faculty publications, and related topics.

84. Demography. Macquarie University
Go to Unit Homepages.
Go to Unit Homepages DEM127 Elements of Demography DEM255 Topics in Demography DEM256 Business Demographics DEM355 Social and Applied Demography DEM356 Demographic Techniques DEM800 Demographic Analysis in Business ABOUT US UNITS RESEARCH LINKS ... MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY

85. Laboratory Of Demographic And Social Analysis (LDSA)
at the Department of Planning and Regional Development (DPRD) at the University of Thessaly (UTH) in Greece.
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86. UCB Collections In Demography
UCB Library Collections in demography. The program stresses quantitative aspectsof demography and demography in the context of social science theory. Category Reference Education Berkeley Libraries and Museums
Academic Programs Campus Libraries Library Collections Research Guides ... Tips
UCB Library Collections in Demography
The UC Berkeley Library collections in Demography support the research and teaching of the Department of Demography, as well as of the many other departments and programs with an interest in demography and population studies.
Academic Programs
The Department of Demography , in the College of Letters and Sciences, offers a highly interdisciplinary training program leading to the M.A. and Ph.D. in demography. Demography is an increasingly important area of study, with important links to many pressing policy issues such as economic development of Third World countries, population aging, the environment, health and mortality, family change, economic activities of women, immigration and ethnicity, and declining birth rates. It also has strong links to other fields such as economics, sociology, social history, anthropology, and statistics. The program is one of the very few in the United States granting graduate degrees in demography, rather than offering demography only as a field of specialization within some other department. The program stresses quantitative aspects of demography and demography in the context of social science theory. Although there is no undergraduate major, undergraduates may complete a minor in demography. There are 4 principal faculty members and 8 faculty members in other departments who are affiliated with the program. About five new graduate students are admitted each year to the Ph. D. program, and the program offers 8 undergraduate and 19 graduate-level courses. Twenty-two Ph.D. degrees were granted between 1985 and 1993.

87. Marbled Murrelet Recovery Team - Home
Established in 1993 to plan the longterm conservation of these small seabirds that live along the northern Pacific Coast of North America. Provides examples of some of the types of research and monitoring that are currently being conducted. Biology, status, nesting sites, ecology and demography, population, map, photos and team members.
Home HOME Marbled Murrelets ( Brachyramphus marmoratus ) are small seabirds that live along the northern Pacific Coast of North America. They are listed as Threatened by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) and are on the provincial Red-list in British Columbia. The species is also listed as Threatened in Washington, Oregon and California. Marbled Murrelets are secretive birds with a unique life history and it is only recently that scientists have begun to learn about the details of Marbled Murrelet biology. In response to their threatened listing, a Marbled Murrelet Recovery Team was established in 1993 to plan the long-term conservation of Marbled Murrelets. The Recovery Team consists of federal and provincial government agencies, industry and non-governmental organizations. Research conducted by members of the recovery team and thier colleagues has increased our knowledge of Marbled Murrelet biology. Nest sites have been located and information about Marbled Murrelet distributions and movements has been collected. This new knowledge is fundamental to revising the Recovery Plan for the Marbled Murrelet. This web site provides some background to the Marbled Murrelet biology and issues in BC, and provides examples of some of the types of research and monitoring that are currently being conducted.

88. Tanzania -- Demography
Tanzania demography. Since independence, the government of Tanzaniahas conducted three official censuses, in 1967, 1978, and 1988.
Tanzania Demography
Since independence, the government of Tanzania has conducted three official censuses, in 1967, 1978, and 1988. The 21 years between the first and most recent censuses showed a dramatic increase in population from 2,313,469, to 17,512,610, then to 23,174,336 over the two decades. In 1992 the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) launched a four-year US$21 million program to help slow Tanzania's 3% average annual population growth rate, which was then among the highest in the world. Population densities on the mainland average 26 people per square kilometer; in Zanzibar densities are typically about 260 people per square kilometer. Actual population distributions are uneven, varying from one person per square kilometer in semi-arid locations on the mainland to more than 70 people per square kilometer in the wetter and more fertile rural areas [1] . The population is currently estimated at 30,608,769 (July 1998). Population Year 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Millions 7.9 10.1 13.3 18.4 24.4 32.3 42.

89. Home Page
. Hopkins Center on the demography of Aging. Hopkins Center on the demography ofAging Supported by NIA Grant Number 5P20-AG12844. 615 North Wolfe Street, Rm.
Hopkins Center on the Demography of Aging Hopkins Center on the Demography of Aging Supported by NIA Grant Number 5-P20-AG12844. 615 North Wolfe Street, Rm. W4027. Baltimore, MD 21205
Phone: (410) 955-7803 FAX (410) 955-0792 E-mail: webmaster

90. Menu
Situated on the southern part of the island of Luzon, Philippines. History, demography, directory of vicariates (and parishes) with map of Camarines Sur, information on some archdiocesan offices.




Diocesan Curia

91. Nat'l Academies Press, Demography Of Aging (1994), Table Of Contents
demography of Aging (1994) Related Books, Buy from Catalog or View Catalog Entry. 7Medical demography Interaction of Disability Dynamics and Mortality, 217278.
Demography of Aging
Related Books

Openbook Linked Table of Contents Front Matter, pp. i-viii Contents, pp. ix-xii 1 Introduction, pp. 1-7 2 The Formal Demography of Popula..., pp. 8-49 3 Retirement and Labor Force Beha..., pp. 50-101 4 Income, Wealth, and Intergenera..., pp. 102-145 5 The Elderly and Their Kin: Pat..., pp. 146-194 6 Care of the Elderly: Division ..., pp. 195-216 7 Medical Demography: Interactio..., pp. 217-278 8 Socioeconomic Differences in Ad..., pp. 279-318 9 Geographic Concentration, Migra..., pp. 319-355 10 Research on the Demography of ..., pp. 356-404 Appendix: Letter to Richard Suzma..., pp. 405-412
Front Matter


1 Introduction

2 The Formal Demography of Population Aging, Transfers, and the Economic Life Cycle

3 Retirement and Labor Force Behavior of the Elderly

4 Income, Wealth, and Intergenerational Economic Relations of the Aged
... Appendix: Letter to Richard Suzman of the National Institute on Aging from the Committee on Population, March 2, 1993 The Open Book page image presentation framework is not designed to replace printed books. Rather, it is a free, browsable, nonproprietary, fully and deeply searchable version of the publication which we can inexpensively and quickly produce to make the material available worldwide. For most effective printing, use the "print" button available on each OpenBook page's tool block. The 300 x 150 dpi PDF linked to it is printable on your local printer.

92. Nat'l Acad Press Catalog: Demography Of Aging
because all sales are final. We cannot accept returns on publicationon-demandtitles. demography of Aging Linda G. Martin and Samuel

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Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education (DBASSE)

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As the United States and the rest of the world face the unprecedented challenge of aging populations, this volume draws together for the first time state-of-the-art work from the emerging field of the demography of aging. The nine chapters, written by experts from a variety of disciplines, highlight data sources and research approaches, results, and proposed strategies on a topic with major policy implications for labor forces, economic well-being, health care, and the need for social and family supports. "It is a first in the emerging field of demography of aging and is highly recommended for scholars, policymakers, and advanced students."

93. United Nations Scholars' Workstation Home Page
Collection of texts, finding aids, data sets, maps and pointers to print and electronic information on subjects such as disarmament, economic and social development, environment, human rights, international relations, international trade, peacekeeping, and population and demography.
The United Nations Scholars' Workstation, developed by the Yale University Library and the Social Science Statistical Laboratory , is a collection of texts, finding aids, data sets, maps, and pointers to print and electronic information. Subject coverage includes disarmament, economic and social development, environment, human rights, international relations, international trade, peacekeeping, and population and demography. The workstation directly supports teaching and research in United Nations Studies as well as the Independent Working Group on the Future of the United Nations, headquartered at the Yale Center for International and Area Studies (YCIAS). Some access restrictions apply in accordance with licensing agreements. Latest update: February 27, 2002
UN Studies at Yale University Course Descriptions UN Studies Faculty and Staff Calendar of Events ...
Internet Access to Biographical Information

Yale University Library and Social Science Statistical Laboratory
Revised: February 27, 2002
Web Site:

94. Search Annotated Bibliography Of Canadian Demography
Population Studies Centre at the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.We support the Masters and PhD programs in social demography.
Population Studies Centre
This search feature requires Java and JavaScript. Check your browser if you see this message. About ABCD Keywords (from Title, Abstract, Series)
AND OR NOT Subjects (use Word Wheel to browse Index)
AND OR NOT Title (exact title example: Fertility in Canada)
AND OR NOT Author (example: Smith John)
AND OR NOT Search Tips: Fertility Education retrieves BOTH words Fertility Education retrieves EITHER word Immigr retrieves Immigrant, Immigrants, Immigration, etc. " Fertility determinants " retrieves the phrase Fertility determinants Word Wheel may not work for browsers other than MS Internet Explorer Contact Us Updated January 20, 2003
Graphic adapted from Communications Canada original

95. UPENN - SAS - Population Studies Center
Information about research projects, the graduate program in demography, population list servers, and related topics.
Search the PSC Site
School of Arts and Sciences

University of Pennsylvania
Economics Department

Sociology Department

Other Centers

Demography Library
Social Science Computing
last updated November 20, 2002 Please direct comments or questions about this site to

96. Anthro.Net: Demography
An Introduction to demography, population and kinship from an anthropologicalperspective. demography. This guide contains bibliographic
Demography This guide contains bibliographic references and links to internet resources for demography and population. Recommended Reading Basic Demographic Techniques and Applications by K. Shrinivasan 1998 Contested Lives; The Abortion Debate in an American Community by Faye D. Ginsburg 1998 Continuities in Sociological Human Ecology (Plenum Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis) Numbers from Nowhere : The American Indian Contact Population Debate by David P. Henige 1998 Population Ageing, Migration and Social Expenditure A Question of Numbers : High Migration, Low Fertility, and the Politics of National Identity World Population (Living for the Future) by Nance Lui Fyson 1998 World War III: Population and the Biosphere at the End of the Millennium by Michael Tobias1998 Links
  • 1995 World Data Sheet
  • 1996 Statistical Abstract of the United States
  • African-American Census Data - tables and graphs from "The Black Population in the United States: March 1994 and 1993."
  • 6 Billion Human Beings
  • Address Directory For The Politicians Of The World
  • Altapedia Online
  • Atlas of United States Mortality - Statistics, tables, and maps highlighting the top 18 causes of death in the United States from 1988-1992.
  • 97. State Demographic Center Home Page
    Part of Minnesota Planning. Offers annual demographic estimates, projections, and articles on emerging trends.
    Minnesota Planning Home Help Preferences ... Governor
    Saturday, 22-Mar-2003 20:25:02 CST About Minnesota Planning Staff Directory Advanced Search Criminal Justice ... More subjects Programs Criminal Justice Statistics Center Critical Issues Environmental Quality Board Land Management Information Center ... State Demographic Center Agency Information About Contact Subscribe Display Options Print friendly Preferences
    State Demographic Center
    The State Demographic Center at Minnesota Planning analyzes and distributes data from state, U.S. Census Bureau and other sources.
    Census 2000 data
    Datanet Profiles
    What's new
    • Agency reorganization : Minnesota Planning's functions are being transferred to the Department of Administration.
    • Reports
    • Minnesota labor force projections 2000 - 2030 : Minnesota¬ís labor force is expected to grow at about the same rate this decade as in the 1990s, February 25, 2003. (23p, 2.3MB, PDF 5.0) report details
    • Accessing census data: tutorial : How to use American Factfinder, Datanet and Allocate software, February 20, 2003. (14p., 175K, PDF 5.0) report details
    • Fertility of foreign-born women in Minnesota : Births to foreign-born mothers are increasing. The proportion of Minnesota births to mothers born outside the United States is rising. In 2000, 13.4 percent of births in the state were to women born outside the United States, up from 5.4 percent in 1990. The number of births to foreign-born mothers rose from 3,641 in 1990 to 9,065 in 2000, January 2003. (5p., 125KB, PDF 5.0)

    98. H-Demog Discussion Network
    EDU. , CFP Call for Papers Family History/demography Network SocialScience History Bill Block -, CPF
    home news about search ...
  • Obituaries Papers On-line:
  • Mortality
  • H-AHC
  • H-Polmeth Enter keyword(s)
    Search all H-Net Logs

    Michigan State University
    . H-Demog is an international scholarly online discussion list on demographic history. Tell me more about H-Demog CFP: International Microdata Access Group workshop evan roberts [mailto:eroberts@HIST.UMN.EDU] CFP: Call for Papers: Family History/Demography Network Social Science History Bill Block [] CPF: CALL FOR PAPERS - BUGIS DIASPORA AND ISLAMIC DISSEMINATION IN THE 20th CENT andi.faisal_bakti [] CFP: 5th ESSHC/Soc-inequality Programme Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux and "Marco van CFP: Final Call for Papers "Childhood and the State" "J. David Hacker" Panel Proposal: Comparative Perspectives on Women's Labor Force Participation i evan roberts [mailto:eroberts@HIST.UMN.EDU] QUERY: Historical Population DataGermany, Tsarist Russia, Tokogawa Japan, pre- "Jason Hill"
    Contact Us

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  • 99. Calerga - Demography With SysQuake
    Demographic evolution with SysQuake. SysQuake lets you understand quickly andeasily the effect of parameters on the evolution of a complex system.


    Demographic evolution with SysQuake
    SysQuake lets you understand quickly and easily the effect of parameters on the evolution of a complex system. As an example, here is a simulation of the evolution of the Swiss population, starting with the data collected during the last census in 1990. The left figure shows the 1990 population pyramid, which corresponds exactly to the census of 1990; women are displayed in pink and men in blue, between and 99 years old. The right figure shows how the Swiss population will change in the next century if the birth and death rates are fixed. You can see a maximum at about 7.1 millions people in 2004; then the population decreases, forever if the birth and death rates remain constant. What will be the shape of the population pyramid in 2020? Here SysQuake shows its real power. Just drag the vertical green line in the right figure and look how the left figure is updated continuously (in this web page, interaction is replaced by coarse animations; just look at the figures). What can we observe? Since about 1968, the birth rate has dropped. About 20 years later, there are suddenly much less women who can become mothers, so the number of babies drops a second time; and so on until the ripples are damped, as we can see by continuing the simulation until 2300 (changing the time scale of the population evolution graphic is necessary, which requires two or three mouse clicks). Of course, a lot of things can happen in the meantime, and a Swiss population of 700,000 in 2300 is extremely uncertain; but you get a good understanding of how this simple demographic model works.

    100. Hopkins Population Center At The Johns Hopkins School Of Hygiene And Public Heal
    Information about research activities, graduate training opportunities, faculty, and seminars in demography and related health topics.
    Hopkins Population Center Where quality population research is stimulated and facilitated throughout
    the Johns Hopkins University

    Mellon Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowship Updates: Mellon Dissertation Fieldwork Award 2002: Britta Beenhakker and Kirsten Stoebenau. Congratulations to our two Winners!! Mellon Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowship
    Please contact us at:
    Hopkins Population Center
    Suite E4132, 615 N. Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD 21205
    Phone: 410-955-7803 Fax: 410-502-5831
    Webmaster: Katie Zhang Cen ter Administrator: Noelia Cantu

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