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         Digital Signal Processing:     more books (100)
  1. Digital Signal Processing
  2. Digital Signal Processing: Concepts and Applications by Bernard Mulgrew, Peter M. Grant, 1998-08-10
  3. Digital Signal Processing: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists by Steven Smith, 2002-11-06
  4. Digital Signal Processing System Design, Second Edition: LabVIEW-Based Hybrid Programming by Nasser Kehtarnavaz, 2008-05-13
  5. Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing by Joyce Van de Vegte, 2001-06-24
  6. Digital Signal Processing (Addison-Wesley Series in Electrical Engineering) by R. A. Roberts, C T. Mullis, 1987-01-01
  7. Real-Time Digital Signal Processing: Implementations and Applications by Sen M. Kuo, Bob H. Lee, et all 2006-06-05
  8. C++ Algorithms for Digital Signal Processing by Paul Embree, Damon Danieli, 1998-11-13
  9. Algorithm Collections for Digital Signal Processing Applications Using Matlab by E.S. Gopi, 2007-09-20
  10. Digital Signal Processing: Instant Access: Instant Access by James D. Broesch, 2008-10-20
  11. Digital Filters and Signal Processing in Electronic Engineering: Theory, Applications, Architecture, Code (Horwood Series in Electronic Engineering) by S.M. Bozic, R.J. Chance, 1998-10-28
  12. First Principles of Discrete Systems and Digital Signal Processing (Addison-Wesley Series in Electrical Engineering) by Robert D. Strum, Donald E. Kirk, 1988-01-01
  13. Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Using the Adsp-2101 Microcomputer (Analog Devices Technical Reference Books) by Vinay Ingle, John Proakis, 1991-07
  14. Introduction to Digital Signal Processing (Mcgraw Hill Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering) by Roman Kuc, 1988-02

41. DSP Research Groups
processing. Signal Processing and Multimedia Group, University of BritishColumbia United States Rice digital signal processing Group.
Major DSP Research groups around the world
University of Waterloo Centre for Wireless Communications
Micronet MDSP Research Group (University of Calgary, Canada) focused on image processing.
Signal Processing and Multimedia Group , University of British Columbia
United States
Rice Digital Signal Processing Group
CIPR , Center for Image Processing Research at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Integrated DSP Environments and Architectures Laboratory at Boston University for advanced DSP algorithms and applications
CDSP Communications and Digital Signal Processing Center, Northeastern University
Center for Electronic Imaging Systems at the University of Rochester
Signal processing at Princeton University
Digital Signal Processing Laboratory at the University of Maryland, College Park
University of Delaware Signal Processing and Communications Group
Center for Signal and Image Processing at the Georgia Institute of Technology
Institute for Signal and Information Processing , Mississippi State University.
Center for Vision and Image Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin
Information Systems research at Michigan Tech Signal Processing and Communications Research Group at Michigan State University
ERIM (Environmental Research Institute of Michigan) for image and signal processing
SPinCOM : Signal Processing in Communications at the University of Minnesota

42. Manning Applied Technologies, Inc.
MAT provides contract research and consulting in the related areas of FTIR instrumentation and spectroscopy, including digital signal processing and electronics
Manning Applied Technologies, Inc. Doing Business as:

Manning Applied Technology (MAT) was founded in 1993 to upgrade obsolete FT-IR spectrometers for operation with personal computers while adding step-scan capability. MAT also provides consulting and contract research in the related areas of FT-IR instrumentation and spectroscopy, including digital signal processing and electronics. Contact Information Home Polymer Modulator Rotating Interferometer ...

43. Digital Signal Processing For Ham Radio
digital signal processing for Ham Radio. A lot of hams think they need a specialDSP chip (TMS320, 56001, etc) to do digital signal processing.
Digital Signal Processing for Ham Radio
Why do DSP?
Many radio amateurs involved in weak signal work invest considerable sums in hardware the best preamps, legal limit amplifiers, and the biggest antennas they can fit into their back yards. Unfortunately, they squander much of this capability on inefficient modulation schemes such as SSB and CW. This page describes how radio amateurs can use digital signal processing to take a "brains over brawn" approach to maximizing the effectiveness of their stations .
Why do DSP in Software?
A lot of hams think they need a special DSP chip (TMS320, 56001, etc) to do digital signal processing. This is simply not true! Modern general purpose CPUs have become quite capable digital signal processors in their own right. The Intel Pentium is one example. Its major difference from the 486 is a fast pipelined floating point unit. With careful and admittedly tricky programming, this CPU can stage one floating point multiply or add per clock cycle. At clock speeds up to 166 MHz, this is better than all but high-end dedicated DSPs. And that's floating point, so you don't have to worry about fixed-point scaling and overflow. So there is much that can be done with just a sound card you don't need a dedicated DSP box! Achieving maximum performance is, however, a challenge. The Intel floating point stack is not highly conducive to pipelining, and the architecture now has a lot of kludges grafted onto it to work around these problems (notably the FXCH instruction). But careful programming does pay off. Here are some samples of hand-optimized assembler code for various DSP operations on the Pentium:

44. Home Page Of Jerzy Z. Achimowicz
digital signal processing (DSP) is applied to the analysis of electrophysiological signals (such as EEG), with emphasis on human brain electrical activity. From the State Committee for Scientific Research; Warsaw, Poland.
Home Page of Jerzy Z. Achimowicz
Site Content
  • Personal Info
  • Scientific Interests
  • Current Research
  • Plans for Future
  • Some photos - not only mine
  • Recent Papers in HTML format (no zipping or ps files)
My Favorite Web Sites My Parent Institution
My Current Affiliation

NASA Ames Research Center

My Doughter Alicja Home Page

Thank you for visiting my page which is under construction at the moment. ....... VIRTUAL BRAIN RESEARCH INSTITUTE...VBRI.. OPENING NOW for sharing electrophysiological data (neuron cells -unit activity, EEG, ERPS, Local Field Potentials) and Digital Signal Processing Techniques and software in a source code........ Plese join by sending e-mail to Open Science Foundation idea based on the concept of VBRI to: Please come back and visit again! Do not hesitate to send comments and questions to:

or See YA AGAIN !!
... .....My references to the paper above... This Pages will be soon filled with exciting scientific and science fiction content ... please contribute by regular viewing and commenting on their content. Email:

45. Computer Audio Engineering - Forensic Audio Enhancement And Analysis
Forensic audio services for criminal and civil litigation, including advanced digital signal processing, enhancement, authenticity analysis, dialogue decoding, and sound analysis.
Forensic Audio Enhancement and Analysis
Comprehensive forensic audio services, including advanced digital signal processing, forensic audio enhancement, audio tape authenticity analysis, dialogue decoding, sound analysis, telephone recording
and other related forensic audio services needed for criminal and civil litigation. MAIN MENU Member of the American College of Forensic Examiners Pro Audio Forensic Audio Telemarketing Audio Examples ... Telephone Recording Forensic Menu Forensic Home


CAE in the news: Click Here
See client list: Click Here
Endorsements: "After many tries by others over a period of more than a
decade, CAE finally did what no one else could do and decoded the
dialogue of what was thought to be an unintelligible cockpit voice recording. This was later verified by the FBI and representatives of the South African government. CAE services are highly recommended." Neels Van Wyk Investigator of the crash of South African Airways Flight 295 "The work done by CAE stands in quality and thoroughness far above what was done by any of the subjective listening by various human ears, and will be very difficult to scientifically discredit."

46. Principal Del GPDS
digital signal processing and applications to Biomedical Engineering and Industrial Systems.

PC based digital signal processing applications
"Quality without compromise..."




AtSpec DDK


Taquis is a small organisation committed to the development of affordable software of uncompromising quality. We specialise in the development of PC based digital signal processing applications in a Windows operating system environment. Our outlook is cross platform and we look forward to delivering software solutions to your operating system of choice. At Taquis quality in everything we do is our primary focus. It has allowed us to deliver to you software of unprecedented value for money without compromise. By a total commitment to "object oriented design for re-use" we are capable of delivering impressive software solutions more economically than our competitors. In a spirit of co-operation we give you the opportunity to benefit from our software development framework, AtOne , free of charge. Take hold of the Taquis advantage today and see why our software excels! Our Products AtSpec Spectrum Analyzer AtOne Application Framework AtSpec Spectrum Analyzer is our flagship product providing cost effective dual channel FFT based spectrum analysis. All you require is a sound card and AtSpec Spectrum Analyzer to turn your PC into a high performance averaging FFT spectrum analyzer. With this software you will be able to perform power spectrum, cross spectrum, frequency response, coherence, auto-correlation, cross correlation, impulse response, step response and probability density measurements, all within an efficient, flexible and user friendly environment. AtSpec is suitable for sound level measurements, frequency response and noise performance evaluation, impedance measurements and general testing of audio electronic equipment such as amplifiers and loudspeakers. With the new triggering feature AtSpec Spectrum Analyzer also doubles as a two channel oscilloscope.

48. ENGnetBASE: Engineering Handbooks Online
digital signal processing. Electrical Engineering (General). digital signal processing.Adaptive Image Processing A Computational Intelligence Perspective.

49. Huffman - Faculty - People - Baskin School Of Engineering, UCSC
Huffman codes, digital signal processing, scene analysis. Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at UCSC.
Home People Faculty Huffman Baskin SOE Faculty DAVID A. HUFFMAN
Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
B.E.E., M.Sc.E.E., Ohio State University
Sc.D., Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
David Huffman was formerly a professor at MIT. His awards include the Louis E . Levy Medal from the Franklin Institute and the W. Wallace McDowell and Computer Pioneer awards from the Computer Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. His interests have included efficient encoding techniques (Huffman coding), synthesis procedures for sequential circuits, signal design and digital signal processing, and scene analysis. His present interests are in the mathematical and physical properties of surfaces, especially zero-curvature (or paper) surfaces.
General info
News Events Degree Programs ... UCSC

50. ENGnetBASE: Engineering Handbooks Online
digital signal processing Handbook. Vijay K. Madisetti Douglas B. Williams.

51. Sumihiro Corporation BV.
Designs, develops and manufactures stateof-the-art digital signal processing equipment. Products include CallCatcher call recording, logging and monitoring solution for call centers. Headquarters in the Netherlands.
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52. Network Bibliography
Searchable bibliography on performance evaluation, computer networks, network security, digital signal processing (54,000 records with abstracts, 20,000 documents, submission welcome).
Network Bibliography
About the Bibliography
The Network Bibliography consists of about references, mostly to journal articles, conference papers and technical reports. It contains all RFCs and Internet Drafts since about 1998. The database covers performance evaluation, computer networks, computer supported cooperative work, network security, digital signal processing and related topics. The database is searched about 120 times a day. The maintainer of this database does not have access to the papers themselves and cannot provide copies. Please contact your local library or the authors (found, e.g., via a web search).
  • Search Altavista or Google for the title;
  • Send email to the authors;
  • Use your engineering library; any engineering library can obtain papers within a few days via Interlibrary Loan;
  • For IEEE papers, use the IEEE bibliography server , which points to on-line versions where available. This service is only available to IEEE members.
You can search or add to the database. You must be registered with EDAS to add papers. Soon, authors will be able to edit their own papers.
Related Sites
  • BibFinder "is a free computer science bibliography search engine. It integrates CSB, DBLP, ACM Digital Library, ScienceDirect, CiteSeer, and Google."

53. DSPCon
Information about the company's hardware and software lines, which provide COTS-intensive data acquisitio Category Science Technology digital signal processing - DSP...... Also offered are system design expertise, realtime software algorithms, and completestandard and custom digital signal processing systems, utilizing COTS
Search What's New: DSP Con , Inc. wins $400k contract from MDS Aero Support Corporation ... awarded $600k+ contract from Hill AFB DSP Con , specializes in the development of real-time data acquisition and analysis systems for use in a variety of DSP-based applications such as shock and vibration analysis, rotating machinery analysis, digital recorder applications, radar and sonar applications, and software radio systems. Con 's system approach is unique in both performance and architecture. To achieve the high standards demanded by today's market, DSP Con Con , we also design and build specialty boards used within systems or sold as stand alone products. Also offered are system design expertise, real-time software algorithms, and complete standard and custom digital signal processing systems, utilizing COTS technology. Piranha™ for Rotating Machinery Test and Analysis DSP Con introduces its latest addition to our data acquisition and analysis systems, developed specifically for rotating machinery test and analysis. This state-of-the-art system is a robust, real-time data acquisition, analysis, monitoring and archiving system that allows for operator command and control via a graphical user interface (GUI). Perfect for engine testing!!!! SIARRA™ Spectral Identification Analyzer DSP Con now offers a state-of-the-art digital wideband recorder, which allows users to record only "important" events. Prior to DSP

54. The Center For Signal And Image Processing
digital signal processing (DSP) is concerned with the theoretical and practicalaspects of representing information bearing signals in digital form and with
Digital signal processing (DSP) is concerned with the theoretical and practical aspects of representing information bearing signals in digital form and with using computers or special purpose digital hardware either to extract that information or to transform the signals in useful ways. Areas where DSP has made a significant impact include telecommunications, man-machine communications, medical technology, radar and sonar, and seismic data analysis. The Center for Signal and Image Processing (CSIP) at Georgia Tech is at the forefront of research and education in all of these cutting edge technologies. The Center boasts a group of 13 internationally known faculty members; approximately 100 Ph.D. students; an extensive selection of up-to-date courses; a wide- ranging research program in speech and image processing, DSP algorithms, hardware architectures, and DSP software; and excellent modern computer facilities for research and education. The research laboratories of CSIP are located in the Georgia Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology (GCATT). The CSIP labs are comprised of 11 individual labs interconnected by a network system that provides 10MB, 100MB, and Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) technologies. The 7300-square-foot CSIP facility includes an Audio Lab, Video Lab, Multimedia Presentation Lab, Rapid Prototyping of Application Specific Signal Processors (RASSP) development lab, Hardware Development Lab, and six multi- purpose facilities. These labs provide state-of-the-art equipment for analog and digital data acquisition and storage including DAT, CDR, D1, BETA, and SVHS. The audio/video patch panels provide full connectivity and conversion between hardware and computing resources. The computing infrastructure consists of over 50 workstations and several Pentium and Power Macintosh systems. A heterogeneous network comprised of Sun, HP, and SGI systems is maintained to provide a broad-based research environment.

55. Untitled
Engineering solutions for the telecommunication industry including software, digital signal processing, circuit and microcontroller design, and web design services.

56. Digital Signal Processing - The MIT Press
Browse by Subject, Go to Books Homepage, , Go to Journals Homepage, , Go to DigitalProjects Homepage. digital signal processing The MIT Press. BOOKS. NEW RELEASES.

57. SPSU - Extended University - Yamacraw Continuing Education
A Georgia statesponsored initiative at Southern Polytechnic State University ( SPSU ) to offer training in Real-Time Operating Systems, digital signal processing ( DSP ), and Embedded Systems.
Home Extended University Contact Us About Us ... Custom Training YAMACRAW CONTINUING EDUCATION Yamacraw is a unique, unified economic development campaign designed to bring high-tech jobs, companies, scholars, students and investors to Georgia to lay the foundation for our Next Economy - the digital economy. This economic development initiative is designed to make Georgia a world leader in the design of broadband (high-speed) communications systems, devices, and chips - the next generation of hardware/software infrastructure, thus creating in Georgia both high paying design jobs and many more support and supply-chain jobs. Southern Polytechnic State University's Yamacraw Continuing Education program is focused on education and professional development in the areas of:
  • embedded systems
  • optical networks
  • wireless
  • digital signal processing
  • high-speed access devices
SPSU is proud to be a strategic partner in all aspects of the Yamacraw Initiative.

58. ARRLWeb: ARRL Product Catalog
digital signal processing Technology (Details) Essentials of the CommunicationsRevolution by Doug Smith, KF6DX. A complete, readable

59. ARRLWeb: DSP - Digital Signal Processing
DSP digital signal processing. With Signals, Samples and Stuff A DSP Tutorial Part 1 you will find a four part series on digital signal processing.
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... Text-only/Printable ARRL Products: Technical, Electronics, and Communications Reference (More) The ARRL Handbook CD for Radio Communications (2003) Version 7.0. Includes the entire 2003 edition ARRL Handbook as a fully searchable, easy-to-use CD-ROM. The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications (2003 softcover edition) 80th Edition! The most respected communications resource for hams, engineers and technicians since 1926. The ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs (2002) The most respected communications resource for hams, engineers, and technicians since 1926. The ARRL Operating Manual CD 1.0 Find information on every mode, activity, and band. Fully Searchable . Use the CD-ROM to View and Print from the entire book! The ARRL Operating Manual 7th Edition! Turn to your copy anytime you need information about a new band mode , or activity
DSP - Digital Signal Processing
ARRL Technical Information Service page TIS Menu page
Digital Signal Processing uses software techniques to accomplish many things that have traditionally been accomplished in hardware, plus a number of things that cannot easily be done using physical components. Once a signal is converted to digital form, DSP software can filter it, shape it and process it to remove noise.

60. Welcome To TTi's Education Site
TTI offers short courses in vibration and shock testing and related technologies such as instrumentation, fixture design, stress screening, data acquisition and analysis, also digital signal processing, electronics and design. Two to three day courses meet in Santa Barbara, CA and other US cities, also available as onsite courses.
Welcome to the TTi home page!
Explore our course offerings specialist certificate programs , and learn about our unique instructional approach . Our on-line newsletter contains technical articles, client profiles and more. TTi has been your specialized technical education source since 1962.
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