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         Digital Signal Processing:     more books (100)
  1. Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Using MATLAB: Mandatory Package with Disk by Sanjit K. Mitra, 1999-12-01
  2. Digital Signal Processing Using Matlab by André Quinquis, 2008-04-04
  3. VLSI Digital Signal Processing Systems: Design and Implementation by Keshab K. Parhi, 1999-01-04
  4. Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals (The Digital Signal Processing Handbook, Second Edition) by VIJAY MADISETTI, 2009-11-20
  5. Digital Signal Processing In Communications Systems by Marvin Frerking, 2010-11-02
  6. Modern Digital Signal Processing by Roberto Cristi, 2003-05-30
  7. C Language Algorithms for Digital Signal Processing by Paul Embree, Bruce Kimball, 1991-01
  8. Introduction to Digital Signal Processing and Filter Design by B. A. Shenoi, 2005-10-19
  9. C6X Based Digital Signal Processing (With CD-ROM) by Nasser Kehtarnavaz, Burc Simsek, 2000-03-08
  10. Architectures for Digital Signal Processing by Peter Pirsch, 1998-06-15
  11. Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals (Electrical and Computer Engineering Series) by Ashfaq A. Khan, 2004-12
  12. Rocket Science for Traders: Digital Signal Processing Applications by John F. Ehlers, 2001-07-30
  13. Digital Signal Processing and Applications with the C6713 and C6416 DSK (Topics in Digital Signal Processing) by Rulph Chassaing, 2004-12-13
  14. Image Sensors and Signal Processing for Digital Still Cameras (Optical Science and Engineering)

81. SIGNAL-DATA - The Digital Signal Processing Experts
digital signal processing experts.Category Science Technology digital signal processing - DSP......SIGNALDATA - the solution to your digital signal processing ideas and projects
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82. Digital Signal Processing- Mitra
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83. Welcome To SCI-COM Software
Scientific software for realtime data acquisition and digital signal processing.
scicomsoftware, scientific computation, scientific application, image processing, digital signal processing, dsp,
real time data acquisition, optical character recognition, ocr, software for the blind, image analysis, parking systems, machine vision, medical imaging This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

84. Digital Signal Processing And Communications Laboratory
digital signal processing and Communications InstituteECE Department. San Diego State University.
Digital Signal Processing
Communications Institute
ECE Department
San Diego State University
Our Recent Publications


(Silver Anniversary)

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Applications of Higher-Order Statistics to Conformation Radiotherapy Planning

ITS at Work
Interactive Classroom Applications
Workshop on ... Digital Communications Sponsored by
Last update February 22, 2001 Dr. Huseyin Abut
Digital Signal Processing and Communications Institute San Diego State University San Diego, CA 92182

85. Koh, Chin
Goleta, CA BSEE (MSEE Grad Student). digital signal processing, matrix analysis, pattern recognition EMC, Matlab, C, VHDL, PSpice, Accel EDA.

86. KCL: Engineering - Centre For Digital Signal Processing Research
Centre for digital signal processing Research. MSc in digital signal processing TheCentre will offer a new MSc in digital signal processing in September 2002.
Department of Electronic Engineering
Centre for Digital Signal Processing Research
Contents of this page - Overview Research areas People Facilities ... Enquiries Overview
The Centre for Digital Signal Processing Research was established at King’s College London on 1st February 2002. The Centre is actively engaged in internationally leading research in the analysis, application and design of new algorithms for digital signal processing. Research areas
Our activities include adaptive and blind signal processing for mobile and wireless communications, together with intelligent sensor signal processing for acoustic and biomedical applications. We are currently receiving support from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), QinetiQ and Texas Instruments. People
The Centre currently consists of one professor, six lecturers and nine researchers. Recruitment of additional academic and research staff is still under way. One of our members has been seen rubbing shoulders with royalty! Facilities
Well-equipped research laboratories are available to all members of the Centre.

87. KCL: Engineering - MSc Programmes
Taught MSc Programmes MSc in digital signal processing ** EPSRC studentshipsavailable for 2003 ** MSc in Mobile Personal Communications.
Department of Electronic Engineering
MSc Programmes
The Department offers a range of Masters programmes which reflect the research expertise of the staff. Two different types of Masters programmes are available: two of the programmes are fully taught MScs comprising eight modules with an individual project; alternatively, it is also possible to study for an MSc by Research - this programme provides postgraduate training in research methods and the emphasis is on a substantial research project. Taught MSc Programmes:
MSc in Digital Signal Processing
[** EPSRC studentships available for 2003 **]
MSc in Mobile
Personal Communications
MSc by Research:
MSc in Digital Signal Processing Research

MSc in Mobile
Personal Communications Research
MSc in Digital Signal Processing Designed for: students looking for high level of training in digital signal processing, in particular in internet, multimedia, broadcast, communications and consumer industries. Programme description: All students take three compulsory modules in fundamentals of digital signal processing, statistical signal processing, and real-time DSP. There are three specializations: each specialization also has three further compulsory modules, as follows:
  • Communications signal processing: Intelligent signal processing: Adaptive signal processing, intelligent signal processing, and transforms in digital signal processing

88. DSP Architectures Inc.
DSP Architectures Incorporated DSP Architectures is an enabling technology companycommitted to providing highend digital signal processing (DSP) packaged
DSP Architectures Incorporated
DSP Architectures is an enabling technology company committed to providing high-end Digital Signal Processing (DSP) packaged chips and DSP Intellectual Property (IP) Silicon Cores. The TM family of chips are the world's first signal processors optimized for solutions in the frequency domain, enabling users to take advantage of the dramatic efficiencies and "signal intelligence" that comes from utilizing the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) for Signal and Image processing.
DSP Architectures Chips and Silicon Cores are perfect for these applications: Software Radio Signal Intelligence Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT's) Satellite Electronics Polyphase Filtering Real-time Spectral Analysis Spread Spectrum Processing Advanced Spacecraft Processing Image Processing Telecommunications COFDM, OFDM and FDM Radar/Sonar Signal Processing
What's New
Company Products Technology ... Contact Info

89. EETimes Network E-library: Digital Signal Processing Integrated Circuits
digital signal processing Integrated Circuits. SEE RELATED TOPICS. by BOPS,Inc. digital signal processing Integrated Circuits. Email Address.

90. EETimes Network E-library Digital Signal Processing Integrated
digital signal processing Integrated Circuits. Related Topics. Topics Digital SignalProcessing Integrated Circuits Electronic Design Automation Software,

91. Bores Signal Processing - Training In DSP And Media Processing
Bores Signal Processing offers a range of training, eBooks and free online courses in digital signal processing.
var heading = "home"; //variable to identify which page you are on var page1 = 1; //variable to identify where to place arrow in main menu, if that is where you are var page2 = 0; // variable identifies where to place arrow in submenu, if that is where you are var level = "DSP training We offer training in DSP and in Media Processing. Our DSP classes and eBooks help programmers, managers and designers to:
  • get started sooner become productive more quickly create more efficient programs make better informed decisions on system design
We offer classes on DSP and TriMedia We have an excellent international reputation, proven by excellent feedback from previous customers. We have worked with DSP for 22 years and have been teaching through classes, eBooks and web learning sites for 12 years. Our free on-line DSP class is used by hundreds of people every week and offers a snapshot of the quality of information and presentation we provide. The quality of our current seminars and eBooks of course surpasses that of the online material: the result of years of continued development and improvement. Attendees at our seminars also benefit greatly from direct interaction, expert presentation and ongoing personal contact.

92. Digital Signal Processing & Image Processing. JPEG2000 Tutorial
Il browser in uso non supporta frame non ancorati oppure è configurato in modo che i frame non ancorati non siano visualizzati. Utenti connessi:
Image Processing Nel sito, ancora in fase di realizzazione, sono raccolte le tesine svolte da Simone Franchi per i corsi di Analisi Statistica dei Segnali e Codifica di Immagine e Video del Politecnico di Torino Entrambi i lavori sono costituiti da un'ampia parte teorica che precede ogni singolo argomento trattato; per eseguire le varie prove ed esperienze si è fatto uso di Matlab e di vari tool aggiuntivi quali: tfd, wavelab, jpeg, jpeg2000. Per informazioni sui lavori, reperibilità delle immagini trattate e algoritmi utilizzati potete utilizzare il form in fondo alla pagina. Analisi statistica dei segnali (DSP) Codifica di Immagine e Video
  • Filtri numerici Teoria della stima: stima dell'autocorrelazione Stima spettrale classica: periodogramma semplice, periodogramma di Bartlett, periodogramma di Welch Predizione lineare ottima: predittore lineare, filtro di Wiener

93. Xelentix, Tmi - Digital Sound Level Meter Technology
Develops realtime digital signal processing modules and technology for sound level meter instrument manufacturers.

Products Data sheets Applications ... Contact us
Welcome to Xelentix, tmi Technology for the digital sound level meter manufacturers - Xelentix's advanced DSLM family of digital sound level meter signal processing modules have 100 dB dynamic range over full audio spectrum from 10 Hz to 20 kHz with 0.1 dB measurement resolution - Without range switching. All our digital sound level meter modules meet IEC651 Type and IEC804 Type 1 requirements, of course.

94. Digital Signal Processing From FOLDOC
digital signal processing. (DSP) Computer manipulation of analog signals (commonlysound or image) which have been converted to digital form (sampled). Signal Processing

95. The Center For Signal And Image Processing
The Georgia Tech centre for signal and image processing is at the forefront of research and education in digital signal processing (DSP).
Digital signal processing (DSP) is concerned with the theoretical and practical aspects of representing information bearing signals in digital form and with using computers or special purpose digital hardware either to extract that information or to transform the signals in useful ways. Areas where DSP has made a significant impact include telecommunications, man-machine communications, medical technology, radar and sonar, and seismic data analysis. The Center for Signal and Image Processing (CSIP) at Georgia Tech is at the forefront of research and education in all of these cutting edge technologies. The Center boasts a group of 13 internationally known faculty members; approximately 100 Ph.D. students; an extensive selection of up-to-date courses; a wide- ranging research program in speech and image processing, DSP algorithms, hardware architectures, and DSP software; and excellent modern computer facilities for research and education. The research laboratories of CSIP are located in the Georgia Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology (GCATT). The CSIP labs are comprised of 11 individual labs interconnected by a network system that provides 10MB, 100MB, and Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) technologies. The 7300-square-foot CSIP facility includes an Audio Lab, Video Lab, Multimedia Presentation Lab, Rapid Prototyping of Application Specific Signal Processors (RASSP) development lab, Hardware Development Lab, and six multi- purpose facilities. These labs provide state-of-the-art equipment for analog and digital data acquisition and storage including DAT, CDR, D1, BETA, and SVHS. The audio/video patch panels provide full connectivity and conversion between hardware and computing resources. The computing infrastructure consists of over 50 workstations and several Pentium and Power Macintosh systems. A heterogeneous network comprised of Sun, HP, and SGI systems is maintained to provide a broad-based research environment.

96. Digital Signal Processing Language From FOLDOC
digital signal processing Language. language (DSPL) A CderivedDSP language. The Programming Language DSPL , A. Schwarte H Signal Processing Language

97. Data Acquisition From Microstar Laboratories
Manufactures Data Acquisition Processor boards with onboard DSP commands for PCbased, real-time data acquisition, digital signal processing, and control systems.
Data Acquisition from Microstar Laboratories
Real-World Applications
Home Products Data Acquisition Processors ... First visit? Take 10 seconds to find out if you want to stay for 2 minutes
Featured Product: External Timing Channels on the iDSC 1816
The iDSC 1816 samples eight channels simultaneously, with 16-bit resolution and an overall throughput of 1.2M samples per second. The data stream optionally includes an additional 300k samples per second: information from one or two external timing channels, identified in the connector diagram as pins 12 and 13. Software can parse the data stream to correlate the analog data with events on one or both of the timing channels, to a resolution of 51 nanoseconds. The one or two optional timing signal inputs make the iDSC 1816 an excellent choice for applications that monitor vibration in rotating assemblies - in the automotive, aerospace, and power generation industries, for example.
Browse a history of previous featured products. Microstar Laboratories manufactures Data Acquisition Processor boards for PC-based real-time data acquisition and control. Every

98. The Human Brain Project - Denmark
This work at the Section for digital signal processing, Department of MathematicalModelling (former Electronics Institute) is supported by the Danish Research
THOR Center for Neuroinformatics
Human Brain Project Repository
We are happy to welcome you to the
THOR Center for Neuroinformatics

presentations on functional neuroimaging activities.
VRML OOGL Movies ... Awards Why are Virtual Environments of interest for functional neuroimaging? Functional neuroimaging (Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)) probes in vivo patterns of activity in the human brain. Anything short of an interactive real-time display will not fully be able to represent the richness of these spatio-temporal phenomena. Although primitive and slow, we hope that the demonstrations found on these pages will convince you about the viability of virtual environments in mediating the dialogue between MDs, engineers, and physicists. Contact: Lars Kai Hansen
We gratefully acknowledge the contributions to this work made by our collaborators at "CONNECT", the Niels Bohr Institute; Neurobiology Research Unit , Department of Neurology, Rigshospitalet; Minneapolis VA Medical Center, PET Imaging Service ; Department of Radiology, University of Chicago.

99. Welcome To Pentek, Inc.
Comprehensive source for offthe-shelf digital signal processing (DSP), software radio and data acquisition system design products.
DSP Central VIM Central Software Radio Central Application Central ... YourPentek EDN Hot 100 of 2001:
Model 4294 Quad G4 PowerPC

EDN Hot 100 of 2002:
Model 4293 Octal 'C6203
Pentek is the most comprehensive source for off-the-shelf digital signal processing (DSP), software radio, and data acquisition system design products. Our extensive product line provides for unparalleled flexibility for the most demanding applications. Pentek Spotlight
Pentek GateFlow FPGA Design Kit, Installed Cores, and IP Core Library
Model 4205 MPC7455 PowerPC VIM/PMC Carrier Board Putting FPGAs to Work for Software Radio Press Releases
2/18/03: Pentek's GateFlow™ IP Core Libraries Leverage Xilinx Virtex FPGAs for Outstanding Performance and Reduced Development Time
1/20/03: Greater Performance and Higher Levels of Signal Quality Achieved with New Pentek A/D and FPGA
3/27/03: Huntsville Marriott Hotel (5 Tranquility Base, Huntsville, AL 35805)
3/25/03: Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place Hotel (200 Rialto Place, Melbourne, FL, 32901) ... FREE online seminar: "Optimizing PowerPC Performance for Software Radio"
Trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice. By registering, you'll receive access to additional resources, including product documentation.

100. Wireless Communications And Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
Wireless Communications and digital signal processing Laboratory (WDSP).

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