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         Ecopsychology:     more books (23)
  1. Ecopsychology of Border Islands of Okinawa: From Isis to Biopolitics, and Beyond by Tatsuhiro Nakajima, 2010-04-28
  2. Ecopsychology by Kevin Snorf, 1999
  3. Deep Ecology: Deep ecology. Anarcho-primitivism, Eco-communalism, Ecopsychology, Environmental psychology, Human ecology,Pathetic fallacy, Sustainable ... of Gaia, Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
  4. Eco-Psychology Reader, EP 101 by Laura Sewall, 2002
  5. ECOPSYCHOLOGY by Theodore, Mary Gomes and Allen Kanner Roszak, 1995
  6. The Web of Life Imperative: Regenerative Ecopsychology Techniques That Help People Think in Balance With Natural Systems by Michael J. Cohen, 1980
  7. Ecopsychology
  8. And So It Began by Jy Chiperzak, 2000-06-05
  9. Forest Lectures on the Highest Yoga by Vladimir Antonov, 2010-02-08

21. Finding Your SELF In The Wilderness
Offers wilderness quests, ecopsychologybased personal and spiritual growth, and nature-awareness programs and workshops.
JOIN US FOR A LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE. Enrich yourself and rejuvenate your spirit through the ancient practice of “questing” in the splendor of the wilderness! We invite you along on an empowering adventure of self-discovery, to drink from the fountain of nature's timeless wisdom. We believe you will come to regard the experience as one of the most important things you have ever done! We also conduct various workshops on applied ecopsychology, self-discovery and personal empowerment. Browse the page links below and find out more about our programs!
About Eagle Mountain Institute The Wilderness Quest Commonly Asked Questions Comments from Quest Participants ... Related Links
Adventures in Self-Discovery
“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where
nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike”
- John Muir

Member of the Keepers of Earth Medicine Web Ring
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    22. Journal Of Environmental Psychology
    Academic research journal focusing on ecopsychology.
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    23. A Distance Learning, Earth Connected, Psychology Course In Global Citizenship Fo
    Master environmental nature and psychology skills ecopsychology online distant learningtechniques to improve personal, social and environmental relationships.
    " The Ecozombie Antidote Course"
    Institute of Global Education

    Special NGO Consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council
    Orientation Course: Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship
    open to all applicants,
    transferable to most programs,
    academic or professional credit optional,
    financial aid available This educating and counseling with nature course fulfills the requirements
    for the following courses: Greenwich University
    Applied Ecopsychology/Integrated Ecology Department ORIENTATION COURSE ECO 500 1 credit Portland State University Graduate School Extended Studies. PSYCHOLOGICAL ELEMENTS OF GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP 1 Credit Educating and Counseling with Nature Prerequisite/replacement Course International University for Professional Studies ECO 504: PSYCHOLOGICAL ELEMENTS OF GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP 1 of 6 Credits Institute of Global Education, Webstrings.

    24. Hands-On Ecopsychology Distance Learning Books, Activities, Courses, Degrees And
    Interactive, sensory ecopsychology activities in nature restore your 53 naturalsenses wellness, balance and integrity result. APPLIED ecopsychology.
    Welcome to the homepage introduction to ECOPSYCHOLOGY IN ACTION !
    ECOPSYCHOLOGY Walk nature's path to a fulfilling livelihood, self-improvement and responsible relationships.
    This site offers hands-on nature/psychology/recovery methods,
    courses by email,
    discussion groups,
    distance learning degree programs,
    livelihoods online interactive self-discovery trails Earthday and Millennium activities presented by INSTITUTE OF GLOBAL EDUCATION in association with the United Nations Deptartment of Public Information P ROJECT N ATURE C ONNECT Wellness for person, planet and spirit Select here to enter this site. This site is the home of: The Inner Nature Self-Discovery Trail Explore this website through fun interactive experiences online The N atural S ystems T hinking P rocess Environmentally sound personal growth and social justice APPLIED ECOPSYCHOLOGY IN ACTION Education as if Planet Earth mattered RECONNECTING WITH NATURE: f inding wellness through restoring your bond with the Earth by M.J.Cohen, Ecopress

    25. Adbusters: Ecopsychology
    Photographs by Mackenzie Stroh. We are out of touch with nature and,according to the premises of ecopsychology, it is making us sick.
    Merger Mania

    Busting Benetton's Ad Man

    Dear Vice President Gore

    Walking the Line

    Related Campaigns
    Public Space in Stockholm

    First Things First Update

    Photographs by Mackenzie Stroh We are out of touch with nature and, according to the premises of ecopsychology, it is making us sick. A hybrid of ecology and psychology, ecopsychology makes some blindingly obvious points. When Voice of the Earth came out in 1992, public interest in the environment had reached a peak. But you opened with a sharp critique of your fellow environmentalists. Why? They had become "doomy and gloomy," as their critics called them. They were working toward a sort of puritanical social ethic that was threatening to many people. For example, for 20 years environmentalists had been working away on the problem of disposable diapers, for which they had been guilt-tripping American mothers on grounds that they were polluting and filling up the landfills. When they decided to actually do some homework, environmentalists found that the alternatives to disposables were often more environmentally costly because of the hot water, bleach, electricity and so on. And some of them said, "Why don’t we just drop this issue, because we are creating a lot of ill will by vilifying mothers, especially our working class mothers?" It was an opportunity to reconsider the strategies of the movement, and to come up with a very different approach. Your approach was a bridge between ecology and psychology, an idea that lead to the book. How did you come up with that?

    26. Ecopsychology
    ecopsychology F. Kenneth Freedman. Introduction. I’ma prime candidate forwilderness therapy. It is in this context that I came to ecopsychology.

    27. Ecopsychology:
    ecopsychology A Combination of Ecology, Psychology and Religion.Tina Nussbaum. Outline. Applied ecopsychology through Ecotherapy.
    A Combination of Ecology, Psychology and Religion
    Tina Nussbaum
    I. Introduction A. Poem by Mary Oliver B. Overview of Ecopsychology 1.Need for change 2.What is Ecopsychology 3. Definition of Terms a. ecopsychology b. biophilia c.ecological unconscious d. ecological ego 4. Actions a. inreach, upreach, outreach b. ecotherapy c. ecoeducation II. Need for Ecopsychology A. Alienation 1. allows humans to destroy nature 2. becoming in touch with nature B. Healing 1. physically and psychologically troubled 2. linking depression to the state of nature 3. hidden grief C. Modern Culture 1. psychological dissonance through technology 2. alternatives to nature 3.distance from nature III. Religious Aspect A. Anne Frank quote B. Spiritual aspect of nature 1. Jesus' work 2. Hymns a. examples IV. Applied Ecopsychology through Ecotherapy A. General Overview 1. by persons other than ecopsychologists 2. see larger world 3. wellness checkup ( appendix A ) 4. ecological story B. 5 Steps in Ecotherapy 1. ecological story 2. express pain and guilt of natural environent 3.connect with natural world 4. earth-caring actions 5. develop self-care fitness plan C.

    28. Overview Of Ecopsychology
    OVERVIEW OF ecopsychology. INTRODUCTION. ecopsychology is developingrapidly as a field of study, and it has no single definition yet.
    Department of Psychology
    The Metropolitan State College of Denver This page is part of a site for the Environmental Psychology course I teach. ON THIS PAGE



    INTRODUCTION Ecopsychology is developing rapidly as a field of study, and it has no single definition yet. The term is used in different ways by several different practitioners and researchers. My aim here is to summarize what I see as the main themes or contributions of Ecopsychology. By the way, when I say these are insights, I do not mean to imply that they are unique or original to Ecopsychology. Our ancestors who lived close to the Earth as well as indigenous people around the world today have a bead on these understandings. Among the origins of this field are the following:
  • Theodore Roszak was one of the first to develop this term and write about it for a general audience. His books
  • 29. About Environmental Psych And Ecopsychology
    ABOUT ENVIRONMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY AND ecopsychology. JOHN DAVIS, Ph.D.Department of Psychology The Metropolitan State College of Denver.
    Department of Psychology
    The Metropolitan State College of Denver This page is part of a site for the Environmental Psychology course I teach. At this point, from this page, you can reach an outline of areas of interest to environmental psychologists and a brief summary of ecopsychology. More will be coming soon. OUTLINE OF ENVIRONMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY OVERVIEW OF ECOPSYCHOLOGY WHERE TO GO IN THIS SITE Top of Page Environmental Psychology home page Course Syllabus Links to other sites ... MSCD Updated February 17, 1999

    ecopsychology THEORY AND PRACTICE. The Second Esalen Institute InvitationalConference June 26 - July 1, 1994. INTRODUCTION. TEACHING ecopsychology.
    The Second Esalen Institute Invitational Conference
    June 26 - July 1, 1994
    What is the most effective way to encourage healthy environmental behavior? Is our consumer culture a form of psychopathology? Has the city become the implacable enemy of nature? Can modern industrial societies recapture the ecological insights that lay buried in their indigenous past? What is the role of the churches and of pastoral counseling in the environmental crisis? Can environmental law protect the sacred in nature? What is the best way to introduce ecopsychology into the universities? These are some of the questions that came under discussion at Ecopsychology: Theory and Practice 1994, an invitational conference sponsored by the Ecopsychology Institute and held at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California from June 26 to July 1, 1994. In the following pages we offer a brief summary of the main issues and insights that emerged at this event, where a group of environmental writers, activists, ministers, therapists, poets, media specialists, scholars and teachers met to explore how our individual and collective psyches interact with what David Abram called the "more-than-human world." This report may be more useful in raising questions rather than providing answers. But that is in the spirit of the gathering. Participants came with a commitment to using the unstructured, leaderless format of the meetings primarily as "invitations to dialogue."

    31. Ecopsychology On-Line Archives
    for. ecopsychology OnLine. The ecopsychology On-Line web site has informationon the journal, archives, and links to other resources on the subject.
    Ecopsychology On-Line
    Ecopsychology On-Line was a journal of "the emerging synthesis of ecology and psychology" edited by Theodore Roszak and published by the Ecopsychology Institute at California State University, Hayward.
    Publication History
    The journal began publication in 1996, and ceased publication with issue 6, in 1998.
    Persistent Archives of Complete Issues
    • The Ecopsychology On-Line web site has what appears to be the complete set of articles from all six issues.
    Official Site
    The Ecopsychology On-Line web site has information on the journal, archives, and links to other resources on the subject. This is a record of a major serial archive. This page is maintained for the On-Line Books Page . (See our criteria for listing serial archives .) This page has no affiliation with the serial or its publisher.

    32. Ecopsychology -- Restoring The Earth, Healing The Mind
    An ECO BOOKS Featured Selection. ecopsychology. Restoring the Earth, Healingthe Mind. by Theodore Praise for ecopsychology. ecopsychology provides
    An ECO BOOKS Featured Selection
    Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind
    by Theodore Roszak, Mary E. Gomes, and Allen D. Kanner (editors)
    The essays in Ecopsychology address the connections between the human mind and the natural world. Ecopsychology
    by Theodore Roszak, Mary E. Gomes, and Allen D. Kanner (editors)

    338 pages, paperback
    Sierra Club, 1995
    List: $15.00, Our price: $13.50
    Praise for Ecopsychology
    "Ecopsychology provides a powerful new dimension to the environmental movement, suggesting that by living in greater harmony with the natural world we shall not only help to save our planet from ultimate destruction but shall also improve our mental health and be happier and more fulfilled human beings." Jane Goodall "It is a remarkable fact that, despite its significance for human welfare, the relation of the mind to the natural world has been largely ignored by science. The contributors to this volume scout the unmapped territory far ahead; I hope that many others will soon follow." Edward O. Wilson "A glad welcome to this affirmation by a group of psychologists that the self does not stop at the skin nor even with the circle of human relationships but is interwoven with the lives of trees and animals and soil; that caring for the deepest needs of persons and caring for our threatened planet are not in conflict." Mary Catherine Bateson

    33. Shamanism And Ecopsychology
    Shamanism and ecopsychology. By Cathleen Hodgson and Jill Heine. ASWhat exactly is ecopsychology? Gray ecopsychology is an
    Shamanism and Ecopsychology
    By Cathleen Hodgson and Jill Heine
    AS: What exactly is Ecopsychology? Gray: Ecopsychology is an emerging field which recognizes the fact that we cannot have sanity without sane relationships with the environment. At the dawn of the 21st century, this may seem so obvious as to be embarrassing. Nevertheless, the field of psychology has largely ignored the most critical issues of our time (and, indeed, the most critical issue humanity has ever faced)-whether life itself on this planet will be sustainable. Regardless of theoretical orientation-psychoanalytic, behavioral or transpersonal-the focus of psychology has remained on human beings and their relations with one another. Ecopsych-ology is a movement away from specieism and toward a view of human beings as part of the circle of life. This view turns out to be simultaneously humbling and empowering. AS: What is the goal of Ecopsychology: How do you work with people in your framework? Gray: The first immediate goal is to bring together the two fields of ecology and psychology. In particular, it is to bring together what ecological scientists and eco-activists have learned about sustainability with what psychologists know about changing human behavior. Unfortunately, well-intentioned ecologists often don't know a lot about changing human behavior. For example, they still rely on fear and guilt tactics to get their messages across. Another goal, insofar as therapeutic treatment is concerned, is to begin working with a model of mental health that includes the natural world. If visitors from another planet were to read the book contemporary mental health practitioners based their treatment plans on-"The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV"-they might conclude we human beings could have a healthy psyche if we were raised entirely in a broom closet-as long as there was a mother and a father inside also. The only references to nature in the "DSM IV" they would find would be "seasonal affective disorder" or "bestiality." New writings and research in ecopsychology seek to raise consciousness about this kind of anthropomorphism.

    34. Green Psychology/Ecopsychology/Ecological Worldview
    Green Psychology / ecopsychology / Ecological Worldview. EcologicalStudies A Research Bibliography by Ralph Metzner. The Place and
    Green Psychology / Ecopsychology / Ecological Worldview Ecological Studies: A Research Bibliography
    by Ralph Metzner The Place and the Story: Bioregionalism and Ecopsychology
    excerpted from forthcoming book, Green Psychology
    Article by Ralph Metzner Selected Ecological and Environmental Organizations Northern California River Watch
    A Local Sonoma County Group Return to Home Page Green Earth Foundation
    P.O. Box 327, El Verano, Ca 95433

    35. Ecopsychology On The Web
    ecopsychology on the Web. ecopsychology is the study of the relationshipsbetween psychological and ecological wellbeing, and is

    Ecopsychology on the Web
    Ecopsychology is the study of the relationships between psychological and ecological well-being, and is an interdisciplinary study rooted in the fields of psychology, ecology, cultural studies, and cosmology. The Voice of the Earth: An Exploration of Ecopsychology Articles Ecopsychology Websites
    This website is under construction.

    36. Ecopsychology: A Reconaissance
    ecopsychology A Reconaissance. by Theodore Roszak. The preface fromThe Voice of the Earth An Exploration of ecopsychology.

    Ecopsychology: A Reconaissance
    by Theodore Roszak
    The preface from The Voice of the Earth:
    An Exploration of Ecopsychology
    Today, a similar series of lectures might draw its material from reports of ozone depletion, toxic waste, and the greenhouse effect. These commonplace environmental problems have become the psychopathology of our everyday life. They reveal a condition of the soul for which Freud would have had no name. Ecopolitics ecophilosophy ecofeminism ecoconsumerism , even ecoterrorism The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual macrocosm microcosm For the better part of two hundred years, keeping these two realms divorced and not even on speaking terms has been the signal endeavor of rational thought and sound science. Matter to one side, mind to the other. Out there , the objective; in here What the new cosmology lacks is the moral consensus that philosophers and artists once bestowed upon the Newtonian worldview. That consensus held for as long as science grounded itself in divine authority and vouched for the importance of human reason. Nothing has been more futile than our effort over the past few centuries to establish values and define sanity within a cultural context that finds no place for the sacred and views life as a marginal anomaly in the universe. The cosmology that gave us that picture of the human condition has now faded from the scene. The time is ripe for a new dialogue between scientific intellect and human need.
    The Voice of the Earth: An Exploration of Ecopsychology
    . You may print out one copy of this web page for personal use, or write a link to it, but it may not otherwise be reproduced without written permission of the publisher, Phanes Press.

    37. Ecopsychology Innovations And Patents
    ecopsychology Innovations and Patents © 2002, XQ23.COM Research ( Moreinformation on ecopsychology and ecopsychology Research References.
    Ecopsychology Innovations and Patents © 2002, XQ23.COM Research (
    Who were the
    Great Minds

    Absolute Zero

    Acid Rain


    Educational Priorities

    kurt vonnegut arthur c clarke david brin ... Dialysis More information on: Ecopsychology and Ecopsychology Research References. Recent U.S. patents related to Ecopsychology: 6,374,227: System and method for optimizing the allocation of a resource 6,374,216: Penalized maximum likelihood estimation methods, the baum welch algorithm and diagonal balancing of symmetric matrices for the training of acoustic models in speech recognition 6,374,036: Method and apparatus for copy-once watermark for video recording 6,373,950: System, method and article of manufacture for transmitting messages within messages utilizing an extensible, flexible architecture 6,372,942: Pentenoic acid hydroxycarbonylation method 6,372,863: Synthesis of styrene-butadiene rubber 6,372,683: Method and catalyst system for producing aromatic carbonates

    38. Ecopsych.html
    How to Join the ecopsychology Listserv Note that this Listserv (automaticmailing list) is not associated with Antioch. It is a

    Antioch Ecopsychology What is 
    Interest Group Page Welcome! Ecopsychology E-List Contact Me Scroll down for more... Conference Time at Antioch!  an Interdepartmental Conference to Cultivate our Relationships with Each Other and with the Earth For more information contact: (603) 357-3122 x 300 or email What is ecopsychology? Ecopsychology, stemming from an inter-disciplinary foundation, offers practitioners from various fields of study a singular place for discussion, research and exploration of our relationship with nature, both personal and culturally, and how this relationship forms our perceptions of the world around us and influences our behaviors and relationships with other humans. At least that's how I see it.  For other different, but similar, definitions of ecopsychology, please refer to the sites on the Links page.  A concise definition that is recognized by all ecopsychologists has yet to be decided upon. How to Join the Ecopsychology Listserv:
      Note that this Listserv (automatic mailing list) is not associated with Antioch.  It is a global list with members from the UK, Australia, Italy, US, Canada, and many other countries.  It is an excellent opportunity to network with Ecopsychology Practitioners and enthusiasts from around the world.  If you are interested in having our own Listserv, please

    39. Ecopsychology Related Links
    ecopsychology Related Links back to home The following are links thatI have found on the Net. If you to top ecopsychology at Antioch
    Ecopsychology Related Links back to home Articles:
    Deep Ecology (includes articles on Deep Ecology):

    40. Ecopsychology Links, Articles, And Organizations
    ecopsychology.Org, International Community for ecopsychology.

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