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         Ecopsychology:     more books (23)
  1. Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind
  2. Sight and Sensibility : The Ecopsychology of Perception by Laura Sewall, 1999-10-04
  3. The Voice of the Earth: An Exploration of Ecopsychology by Theodore Roszak, 2001-12-01
  4. Radical Ecopsychology: Psychology in the Service of Life (Suny Series in Radical Social and Political Theory) by Andy Fisher, 2002-02-21
  5. Ecopsychology by Vladimir Antonov, 2008-09-27
  6. The Web of Life Imperative: Regenerative Ecopsychology Techniques that Help People Think in Balance with Natural Systems by Ed.D Michael J. Cohen, 2003-06-16
  7. Out of the Shadow: Ecopsychology, Story, and Encounters with the Land (Under the Sign of Nature: Explorations in Ecocriticism) by Rinda West, 2007-11-01
  8. Ecopsychology as Ultimate Force Psychology by Jorge Conesa Ph.D. Sevilla, 2006-10-25
  9. Environmental Psychology: Wayfinding, Human Factors, Cognitive Ergonomics, Ecopsychology, Behavioral Geography, Ecological Psychology, Socio-architecture, ... Ecology, Architecture, Behavioural Sciences.
  10. Cultural Ecopsychology: Displacement and The Urban African American Community by Jeanine M. Canty, 2000-01-01
  11. Out of the Shadow: Ecopsychology, Story, and Encounters with the Land.(Book review): An article from: MELUS by Tom J. Hillard, 2009-06-22
  12. THE VOICE OF THE EARTH An Exploration of Ecopsychology by Theodore Roszak, 1993
  13. Sight &_Sensibility :: The Ecopsychology of Perception by Lsurs Sewsl, 1999
  14. Stewards of Spirit: Awakening in the Light of Rachel's Ballads by Gianetta Ellis, 2007-05-08

61. Shamanism & Ecopsychology
psychology. Her current project is a section in an upcoming book on thesubject of ecopsychology. AS What exactly is ecopsychology? Gray
In preparing this edition of American Spirit, the topic of Shamanism came to mind. I located phone numbers for a few of the practicing Shamans in the local area. This is how I got in touch with Leslie. After talking to her for a few minutes and arranging a time for an interview, it occurred to me that I had participated in a drum journey with her almost ten years ago in a home in the Berkeley Hills. This was in the beginning of my "search for truth." Wow! So much had happened since then! I remember the journey being a very profound experience, so this made the interview even more meaningful for me. That's one of the great things about working on this paper. I've gotten to meet many people, teachers, authors, etc., that have touched my life in some way and discussing their own lives and realizations with them has been quite a joy. We did the interview in her San Francisco home on a Sunday morning. Leslie, a Native American Shaman, also holds a Ph.D. in psychology. Her current project is a section in an upcoming book on the subject of ecopsychology. Needless to say, there were many topics explored and we've done our best to give a summary of all the things we discussed. AS: What exactly is Ecopsychology?

62. Ecopsychology
ecopsychology. Selected ecopsychology Pages ecopsychology Online Gatewaypage from Univ. of California ecopsychology The ecopsychology
Ecopsychology Selected Ecopsychology Pages Link to Environmental Justice Page List-Serv - Ecopsychology Link to General Research Page ... Link to General Psychology Research Page Selected Ecopsychology Pages Return to Top Menu Following from Kovac's Directory : ECOPSYCHOLOGY The ecopsychology mailing list is for sharing artful, spirited and scientific discussion on a wide range of topics related to this newly emergent field. This is an opportunity to meet with peers for personal and professional development through our inherent shared affinity with nature. An in-depth exploration of our relationship to each other and to Earth is encouraged, as well as a discussion of how to develop ecopsychology into a thriving profession in education and elsewhere. Subscription Address: Moderated? No Archives: Yes Contact Address: Claudia Robinson Submission Address: Description from Kovac's Directory of Scholarly List-Servs Return to Top Menu Databases and Indexes List of all indexes at ANE Ecopsychology topics cross many disciplines and, therefore, many indexes. The two best in-house indexes are listed below.

63. The Lodge
Horizontal RuleImage. ecopsychology. What Is ecopsychology? To quoteClaudia Robinson, ecopsychology is an emerging, multidisciplinary
The purpose of The Lodge is to provide relatives (in this context,relatives refers to all people because, in the Great Circle of Life, we are all related) Relative Links
Indigenous People Wilderness Work
... Compadres
Shamanism Links
provides a catalog of Books and Proceedings of the International Converences on Shamanism and Alternative Modes of Healing.
The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension Shamanism pages
The Lycaeum World's Largest Online Entheogenic Library and Community
Indigenous Peoples The Native American Rights Fund's Priorities Legal Review
1506 Broadway, Boulder, CO. 80302
Newsletter of a nonprofit organization specializing in the protection ofIndian rights. The Native American Rights Fund's Priorities are:
  • Preservation of tribal existence;
  • 64. Distance Learning, Nature Connected, Divorce, Personal Relationship And People's
    John Wiley and Sons. (3) Roszak, Theodore, Mary E. Gomes Allen D. Kanner. (1995.)ecopsychology Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind. San Francisco.
    1. select Orientation 2. select Overview 3. select Outcomes 4. select Degrees 5. select Courses 6. select Books 7. select Discussion 8. select Free tools 9. select Eco IQ test 10. select Earthspeak 11. select Freecourse 12. select Homepage 13. select Meditation 14 select FAQ S cholarships 16 select Earth Day 17 select Releases 18 select President 19 select Certification Web Site Overview Department of Integrated Ecology
    Institute of Global Education
    Special NGO consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council
    Through this website, environmental, distance learning courses, degrees, jobs and careers provide a personal green, alternative-medicine, psychology for people in divorce or whose relationships are otherwise deteriorating. Because people and the natural systems within us are a seamless continuum of nature and its ecosystems, the therapy and science presented on this site offers a unique mental health recycling process. The process transforms destructive thinking into constructive participation and relationships. It has been reviewed and recognized in many professional journals, Prevention Magazine and Psychology Today.

    65. Holos Institute: Ecopsychology; Rites Of Passage; Mind-body
    world, with madness. Here is the crux of the growing interdisciplinarymovement known as ecopsychology. Psychologically healthy
    Compare the six days of the book of Genesis
    to the 4 billion years of geologic time
    On this scale, one day equals 600 billion years. All day Monday until noon
    Creation was busy getting the Earth going.
    Life began on Tuesday noon
    and the Organic wholeness of it developed over the next 4 days. At 4 PM Saturday, the big reptiles came
    5 hours later when the redwoods appeared,
    no more big reptiles. 3 minutes before midnight, man appeared
    1/4 of a second before midnight, Christ arrived
    1/40th of a second before midnight,
    the industrial revolution began. We are surrounded by people who think that what we have been doing for this 1/40 of a second can go on indefinitely They are considered normal.

    66. Resource Collection - Ecopsychology
    Sustain Dane Madison Area Green Pages, Resource Collection - ecopsychology,
    Resource Collection - Ecopsychology Articles Books Sites More Articles
    Awakening the Ecological Unconsious
    - by Theodore Roszak
    - paper by rainforest activist John Seed
    Ecopsychology Articles
    - from the Ecopsychology Institute, California State University, Hayward
    Prescription: Look at a landscape and call me in the morning
    - article on nature and healing
    The Soul of Glacier Country
    - by Dennis Merritt Books
    Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth and Healing the Mind
    by Theodore Roszak, Mary Gomes, Allen Kanner, editors.
    Healing Nature
    - by Milwaukee psychologist Philip Chard Web Sites
    Ecopsychology On-line
    - from the Ecopsychology Insitute, California State University
    Healing Nature
    - website for Philip Chard, Milwaukee psychologist
    International Community for Ecopsychology
    - a public forum with many resources Jungian Ecopsychology - website for Dennis Merritt, Madison psychologist Project NatureConnect - Michael J. Cohen

    67. Ecopsychology In Seattle
    ecopsychology. EMILY FARRELL, MA, LMHC Energy Psychology • Individuals• Families Bellingham ..360

    1800 Cooper Point Rd SW, Unit 4B
    Olympia 98502.............360-786-8838 site design koaladigital

    68. Ecopsychology
    SpiritLife home About Me My Resume Favorite Links Contact Me ecopsychology Mental Illness/BioMedical Model Oppressive Family Law Courts
    var TlxPgNm='id21'; Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Go for your dreams! SpiritLife home About Me My Resume Favorite Links ... Contact Me Ecopsychology Mental Illness/Bio-Medical Model Oppressive Family Law Courts DomesticViolence/Homelessness Truth and Power ... Analysis of "Babe" film Ecopsychology Ecopsychology
    Ecopsychotherapy: Person/Nature Relationship
    A change in human consciousness where humankind believed itself to be superior and distinct from nature may have begun in during the neolithic domestication, ten thousand to twelve thousand years ago (Metzner, 1993). This “controlling, altering attitude toward nature” (Metzner, 1993) may have begun when herding and farming economies overtook the hunting-gathering way of life where humanity was in synch with the seasons.
    Metzner (1993) describes how, over time, the Western world grew more and more distant from nature and formed a culture of an arrogant society characterized by having a superiority complex over plants, animals and all of nature’s creations. Metzner describes how this “speciesism” has led to a form of collective psychic pathology, along the lines of racism or sexism. Because of this superiority complex, humankind has felt itself privileged enough to exploit the earth’s resources and control nature with the growth of a technological and capitalistic society.
    Several factors are seen to be responsible for today’s “ecologically disastrous split, the pathological alienation, between human consciousness and the rest of the biosphere” (Metzner, 1993). The first is that society has become “autistic” in relationship with the living earth and does not feel a connection to it.

    69. Ecopsychology Resources For Everyone At
    The Voice of the Earth An Exploration of ecopsychology by Theodore Roszak. ecopsychologyResources. Home ecopsychology, ecopsychology Authors and Editors.

    Ecofeminism Index

    Ecofeminist Authors

    Animal Rights

    by Theodore Roszak
    Ecopsychology Resources
    Books Magazines Popular Music Classical Music DVD Video Video Games Computers Software Electronics Housewares Hardware Outdoor Living Toys Baby Gear
    Ecopsychology : Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind
    by Theodore Roszak (Editor), Mary E. Gomes, Allen D. Kanner (Editor), James Hillman, Lester O. Brown Home: Ecopsychology Ecopsychology Authors and Editors Recommended Ecopsychology Websites Degrees and Courses in Ecopsychology

    70. EnvTecSoc Sorted: Forward From Ecopsychology
    Forward from ecopsychology.
    Forward from Ecopsychology
    Thu, 21 Mar 1996 08:54:26 -0700
    Donald Williams
    Hello People,
    Last year I had the opportunity to participate in the pilot program.
    We had a wonderful time and are still in contact over email. :-)
    Please do check this out. I can send you more information. Full
    and partial scholarships are available.
    Integrating Experiential and Intellectual Work to Build a Sustainable Future
    This summer two intensive leadership training programs are being
    offered for graduate students from a variety of academic fields and cultural backgrounds who are seeking to devote their professional lives to building a sustainable future. The purpose of these programs is to fill a critical gap that exists today in most academic ecology programs. Traditional curricula are imbued with scientific and economic models of environmental problems, but the larger cultural and spiritual

    71. DEEP-ECOLOGY Mar98 Discussion: Gender And Ecopsychology
    Gender and ecopsychology. ) After a long respite I am back on my second favoritelistof course I am biased, and the ecopsychology list is my favorite.
    Gender and Ecopsychology
    Thu, 26 Mar 1998 17:23:33 -0500
    Claudia Robinson
    Hello All,
    I'm baaaaaak! ;-)
    After a long respite I am back on my second favorite listof course
    I am biased, and the ecopsychology list is my favorite.
    Lots has happened, I have moved to Boulder, CO, and am now a full
    time graduate student in the Environmental Leadership program at
    Naropa Institute ( Last semester I had the exciting
    opportunity to participate in the world's FIRST graduate level,
    credit course offered at a mainstream university at the University of Colorado on Gaian Theory taught by Lee Klinger. We even had the chance to meet James Lovelock at the end of semester! I have the course syllabus if anyone wants it. Oh yeah, I also graduated with my masters in physics last year. I am trying to bring together

    72. EcoPsychology
    ecopsychology is an exciting new field of Psychology that draws upon the environmentalsciences to reexamine the human psyche, in its many moods and faces
    The most unhappy thing about conservation is that it is never permanent. Save a priceless woodland or an irreplaceable mountain today, and tomorrow it is threatened from another quarter. Hal Borland
    Ecopsychology is an exciting new field of Psychology that draws upon the environmental sciences to re-examine the human psyche, in its many moods and faces, and as an integral part of of the web of nature. In basic terms, the premise is that we cannot truly restore or protect our own health and sense of well-being, unless we also restore the health of the planet, i.e., we are finally appreciating our dependence on Nature and its ability to sustain us physically and mentally. It brings together the sensitivity and insight of therapists, the scientific knowledge of ecologists, and the ethical energy of environmental activists. Ecopsychology has promise also, as a way to understand and reconcile our earth-destructive behaviors and eventually learn to cope with the negative aspects of our species' role in the ecosystem. Ecologists and environmentalists are finding it useful to recast their messages to more welcome and digestible ones of hope and action rather than doom and despair. "One of the penalties of an ecological education," wrote Aldo Leopold, "is that one lives alone in a world of wounds."

    73. Re-elect Larry Robinson For Sebastopol City Council, November
    ecopsychology. The Ancient Music Larry Robinson It's potential. One branchof this smaller stream is the emerging field of ecopsychology.

    74. TF's Ecopsychology Page
    TF's ecopsychology Page. Michael J. Cohen is a web practitioner of ecopsychology;his Project Nature Connect offers courses and workshops online and off.
    TF's Ecopsychology Page
    Revised November 27, 2002 Ecopsychologists believe that feelings of isolation and dysfunction in so many people today are rooted in a fundamental separation from the natural world. They use reconnection to nature as a therapeutic tool. The consumerist concern over money, status, and things may be a response to isolation from nature. Healing ourselves and healing the earth are seen as commensurate and inseparable. Theodore Roszak says that many of us are grieving profoundly for what we are doing to the earth, and that this is distinctly different from guilt, shame, or fear. Mindfullness implies working to become consciously aware of our day-to-day connection with the other-than-human world, Learning to see ourselves as part of a community and developing a sense of place have therapeutic values.
    Education and therapy along these lines is increasing. Michael J. Cohen is a web practitioner of ecopsychology; his Project Nature Connect offers courses and workshops online and off.

    75. More On EcoPsychology
    PrevNextIndexThread More on ecopsychology. To White Hello, A fewmonths ago we spoke to each other about ecopsychology. I thought
    [Prev] [Next] [Index] [Thread]
    More on EcoPsychology

    76. Envirospace
    Talkback Courses in Applied ecopsychology Posted by Debglen on 9/20/00 101900AM Channel Training Until mankind can extend the circle of hiscompassion to

    77. Ecopsychology Certificate Survey
    ecopsychology CERTIFICATE SURVEY. This information is confidential and willonly be used to gauge interest in an ecopsychology certificate.
    What's New
    Please complete the survey below. This information is confidential and will only be used to gauge interest in an ecopsychology certificate. We appreciate your interest and value any comments or feedback you may have to offer. This program is a proposed program and we are not currently accepting applications for this program. If you fill out this form we will send you information when the program becomes available. Just complete the form below and click on Submit when ready to send.
    Your Name:
    State: Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Zip Code:
    Date of Birth:
    Briefly state your educational background:
    How did you hear about ITP?

    78. Science: Social Sciences: Psychology: Alternative: Ecopsychology - WorldSearch.c
    1 2 Next 10 Sites - . 1. Green Earth Foundation Ralph Metzer's onecopsychology has extensive and in depth papers, free to read on line.
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    Ecopsychology Matching Partners
    Azuregreen Metaphysical,Witchcraft and Occult Store Online
    Largest Metaphysical,Witchcraft,Occult Store Online featuring Books,Candles,Jewelry,Incense,Herbs,Goddess Studies and more
    Online Psychic Readings

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    79. Ecopsychology -
    Author, Comment. John Filiss Administrator (4/21/00 30522 am) Reply,ecopsychology Does any one know of any good writings on ecopsychology?

    80. Ecopsychology: Finding One’s Place In The Circle Of Life
    ecopsychology Finding one’s place in the circle of life. By Robin R. Rathbun.Remember learning to ride a bicycle? Thus, ecopsychology is not just theory.
    Colorado's Holistic Journal
    By Robin R. Rathbun Remember learning to ride a bicycle? After a few wobbly starts and unexpected tumbles, it worked. Exhilarating! That "I did it" is experiential learning, the heart of discovery. When we finally figure it out for ourselves, we really Get It, and we don't forget it. Bring to mind an experience in nature; something that either happened when you were a child, like your first camping adventure, or a moment of tremendous awe, like seeing the Grand Canyon or the ocean for the first time. Can you remember the smells? How you felt? The colors around you? Through a variety of experiences like wilderness quests, eco pilgrimages and sacred passage retreats, people are given time to be in nature, to simply be with the world. As Elias Amidon, co-director of the Boulder Institute for Nature and the Human Spirit, says, "The word 'ecopsychology' has an academic ring to it, but it is, in fact, something very personal and intimate. It's about our sense of belonging—or not belonging—on this earth." Ecopsychology, however, is more than just a new take on the environmental movement, although the roots began growing from ideas expressed by Rachel Carson, John Muir and Albert Schweitzer. Ecopsychology may, in fact, have been started in the mid-'70s by a Norwegian philosopher named Arne Naess who looked at ecology in an ethical framework. Rather than protecting the earth's resources for our future gain, i.e. being good "stewards" for the planet, he suggested that we should save the planet because of a reverence for life, all living beings. This became known as "deep ecology."

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