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         Egyptology:     more books (100)
  1. Egyptology: Search for the Tomb of Osiris by Emily Sands, Dugald Steer, 2004-11-04
  2. The Egyptology Handbook: A Course in the Wonders of Egypt (Ologies) by Emily Sands, 2005-10-25
  3. Egyptology Code-Writing Kit (Ologies) by Emily Sands, 2007-10-09
  4. Egyptology Today
  5. How To Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs: For High School Students In Grades 9 Through 12 (Volume 1) by Charles E. Nichols, 2008-08-20
  6. Egyptian Painting and Relief (Shire Egyptology) by Gay Robins, 2008-10-21
  7. Egyptian Games and Sports (Shire Egyptology) by Joyce A. Tyldesley, 2008-03-04
  8. An Introduction to Egyptology by James Putnam, 2002-08
  9. Egyptian Towns and Cities (Shire Egyptology) by Eric Uphill, 2008-03-04
  10. Egyptian Gods and Myths (Shire Egyptology) by Angela P. Thomas, 2008-03-04
  11. Egyptian Household Animals (Shire Egyptology) by Rosalind Janssen, Jack Janssen, 1999-03
  12. Egyptian Textiles (Shire Egyptology) by Rosalind Hall, 2008-03-04
  13. Current Research in Egyptology 2005 by Rachel Mairs, 2007-08-30
  14. Egyptian Warfare and Weapons (Shire Egyptology) by Ian Shaw, 1999-06

1. Department Of Egyptology
Academic department devoted solely to egyptology details their program, course offerings and presents a list of related resources. Welcome to the Brown University Department of egyptology home page. We are housed in Wilbour Hall on College Hill.
Department of Egyptology
Wilbour Hall
Welcome to the Brown University Department of Egyptology home page. We are housed in Wilbour Hall on College Hill. Below you will find information about the department.
Egyptology at Brown
Undergraduate Program
Graduate Program
Course Offerings
Faculty and Staff
Selected Bibliography for Ancient Egypt
Calendar of Events
Contacting Us
Egyptology at Brown
The only university department in North America devoted exclusively to the study of ancient Egypt, Brown's Egyptology Department was established in 1948 through the generosity of Theodora Wilbour in memory of her father, Charles Edwin Wilbour , a member of the Brown Class of 1854 who became the first American Egyptologist. The Department is presently housed in Wilbour Hall on College Hill in the picturesque historic district of Providence - an easy stroll downtown not far from train and bus depots, and a short distance to Narragansett Bay. The Department of Egyptology offers regularly scheduled courses in the language, history, religion, and culture of ancient Egypt from earliest periods of human habitation in the Nile Valley to the Islamic conquest. Facilities for in-depth work, including graduate study and research are exceptional at Brown. The Egyptological library is one of the finest in the world, containing all publications of primary sources, as well as all the relevant separate monographs, journals, and series. Further departmental facilities include an extensive slide archive of Egyptian sites and antiquities and the latest in computer technology for text editing and the printing of hieroglyphic texts.

2. Egyptology Resources--resources For Ancient Egypt
Internet resources, including mailing lists, news and gossip, contact information for institutes and Category Science Social Sciences Ancient Egypt......Popular local items, The first egyptology siteon the web, Main pages. egyptology FAQ.
Popular local items The first Egyptology site on the web Main pages Essential Resources Announcements This page is set up with the kind assistance of the Newton Institute in the University of Cambridge to provide a World Wide Web resource for Egyptological information. The pages are not a publication of the Newton Institute, and all matters concerning them (e.g. comments, criticisms, and suggestions for items to include) should be sent to Nigel Strudwick Click here for guidelines on the format of material. Institutions Bulletin Board Museums Email addresses ... Server statistics Click here for site history. Other resources of interest This page and the Egyptology Resources imge

Profiles the Pharaohs Akhenaten and Tut and examines Egyptian tombs, temples, sculpture and religion. Details the craft of mummymaking. Welcome to 'Akhet egyptology', an ideal place to start exploring the wonders of the past. presents: THE BEST EGYPT LINKS ON THE WEB

4. Reeder's Egypt Page
Greg Reeder's look at aspects of Ancient Egypt. Includes love poems, inscriptions, the tomb of Niankhkhnu Category Society History By Time Period Ancient Africa Egypt...... of Egypt. Comments and suggestions should be sent to Greg Reeder( No current study of egyptology would be
This page is dedicated to examining the
art, archaeology, religion and history of Egypt.
Comments and suggestions should be sent to :
Greg Reeder (
No current study of Egyptology
would be complete without a copy of
Click on the KMT icon to discover
the land of KEMET ( KMT ).
in the necropolis of Saqqara, has intrigued some Egyptologists because of its problematic treatment of its two male occupants, manicurists to king Niuserre of the 5th dynasty. Explore this remarkable tomb by clicking on the icon. Uncover the enigmatic TEKENU, the mysterious shrouded figure present in certain ancient Egyptian funeral ceremonies. WHO are the MUU and what IS that dance they do? Direct link to very large article about one of the most obscure and occult subjects from KMT. For Egyptomaniacs only! AN EGYPTIAN GALLERY of paintings and photographs. Other WWW LINKS about EGYPT In the Hall of Ma'at This is my favorite message board where I enter into many discussions about ancient Egypt.

5. The Australian Centre For Egyptology
The Australian Centre for egyptology gypt produced one of the first great civilisations known to history.
The Australian Centre for Egyptology Macquarie University
Sydney Australia
Annual Conference Annual Dinner Public Lectures Courses
Continuing Education Giza ... Helwan BACE Articles E gypt produced one of the first great civilisations known to history. For two and a half millennia it dominated the Eastern Mediterranean and under its influence developed the major sources of our culture, such as Israel Greece and Rome Its brilliant and massive achievements fascinated the ancient mind no less than the modern. Many Australians have in the past specialised in Egyptology and indeed, made a contribution to this field, but they had to study at overseas universities and work with foreign archaeological expeditions in Egypt Macquarie University was the first Australian institution to introduce a full training program in Egyptology and to conduct Australian-based expeditions to excavate, record and preserve Egyptian sites. Since 1980 the Macquarie teams, formed of staff and students, have worked annually on a number of important sites including Thebes Saqqara , Helwan and Giza Some of these excavations are carried out as joint Australian-Egyptian projects in conjunction with the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities ( Cairo With the ancient Egyptian monuments suffering increasing deterioration as a result of well known human and geographic factors, the need is pressing for more international cooperation to rescue this important human heritage.

6. Scottish Egyptology
Listing of museums and overview of collections in Scotland.
Welcome to the Scottish Egyptology site. This section was where Akhet all started, many years ago on CompuServe. Here you will find a guide to Egyptological collections as well as original photographs of the best that Scotland has to offer. The National Museum of Scotland National Museums Of Scotland Gallery N.M.S. Mummy Project Amarna Objects in the N.M.S. Mummy masks and portraits The N.M.S. Four Sons of Horus Scottish Egyptology Scottish Egyptological Collections Scottish Egyptologists
Visit the Text Only Index for Scottish Egyptology

7. ~ksowada
Resources, collections, university programs, and fieldwork.
All information on this web page is prepared as accurately as possible on the basis of information supplied to or obtained by the writer. To ensure that you have obtained the latest update, click on the 'Refresh' or 'Reload' button in the command bar at the top of the screen. Karin Sowada bears no responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of information presented here, or for liabilities arising out of any events mentioned on this page. Readers are advised to always check with the organiser of specific events for starting times, venues, prices, etc. Please note the some of the email links are not yet functional. I will fix this problem shortly. Please click on the scarab to advance through the page.....
Universities teaching
For your
Egyptological Diary
Tours to Egypt How to get involved Resources Special Events
Updated 11 March 2003 Back to top
Universities teaching Egyptology
Sydney Macquarie University Australian Centre for Egyptology (ACE) School of History, Philosophy and Politics

8. Wilbour Library Of Egyptology
Collection of Egyptological works held at The Brooklyn Museum of Art.
Wilbour Library upon Its Completion in 1934
Wilbour Library of Egyptology
Brooklyn Museum of Art Libraries
History Egyptology Links
  • Address: 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11238-6052 USA Telephone: 718.638.5000 ext. 215 Fax: 718.638.5080 E-mail: Hours: By appointment Wednesday through Friday, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Staff: James Viskochil, Senior Librarian; Mary Gow, Assistant Librarian
History of the Wilbour Library of Egyptology:
(Adapted from E.K. Werner, "The Wilbour Library of Egyptology: Its Origin and Development," PLA Report, Winter 1980, pp. 23-27) The Wilbour Library of Egyptology in The Brooklyn Museum of Art is the most comprehensive Egyptological collection in the western hemisphere, and perhaps the largest in the world as well, rivaled only by the combined research libraries in Cairo. The collection covers the cultural history, art, and archaeology of Egypt from its palaeolithic beginnings up to the Islamic Period, with small collections for the cultures of Greece and Rome. Although its facilities were originally designed to accommodate about 12,000 volumes, today the collection numbers well over 40,000 books, bound periodicals and pamphlets. It is open by appointment to scholars and graduate students in Egyptology, as well as to anyone interested in doing serious research on some aspect of Ancient Egyptian culture.
Wilbour and Family Taking Lunch at Medinet Habu The nucleus of the Library's resources was provided by a bequest made to The Brooklyn Museum of Art in 1916 by the heirs of Charles Edwin Wilbour (1883-1896), a pioneer American Egyptologist whose personal library had been built up from purchases as well as gifts from the eminent Egyptologists of his day. Upon the death of Wilbour's son, Victor, in 1931, the Museum's Wilbour collection received the residue of his estate as the Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund. With the income from these funds it was possible to provide separate and permanent home for the Wilbour Library of Egyptology within The Brooklyn Museum of Art. The firm of Howe Lescaze, Architects, was commissioned to design the Charles Edwin Wilbour Memorial Library Room, using space which was formerly a gallery. On November 23, 1934, the room was opened with a preview for Museum members and their friends, and a large group of librarians. The Wilbour Library, an integral partner of the

9. UCLA Egyptology Website
WWWVL egyptology The World Wide Web Virtual Library egyptology. Art Hieroglyphics Organizations Journals Papyrus Pyramids HOME PAGE

10. Archaeo-Astronomy, Archaeology And Egyptology Pages - The Noise Room
egyptology Home Page New findings and research Welcome to our pages dedicated to Archeo-astronomy egyptology. Inspired by the books and work of Robert Bauval and

Click here to purchase site related books, videos and cds

Inspired by the books and work of Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock, The Noise Rooms interest in Egyptology, Archaeology has culminated in these pages.
We intend to bring you all the latest information and try to filter out as much of the rumour mill as possible.
Catch up with reviews on many of the latest books in the field along with other links to their and many others work.
Egyptology Update
Updated 5th September 2000
The Noise Rooms new Egyptology Update . A monthly bulletin with the latest general news from Egypt
Giza - The Mystery Continues
Updated 11th November 1999
The Noise Rooms re-designed Egyptology Pages with news from Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock, Zahi Hawass and much more. Operation Hermes Updated 13th March 2001 Latest Informtion on Operation Hermes , the quest for the Hall Of Records. Archaeology News Updated 7t May 2000 New Archaeology news Information resource. Updated 14th January 1999 Although the tour is now over you can read our online journal of events here.

11. Terris World Of Egyptology!
Gives a list of dynasties and rulers, queen list and an introduction to some wellknown pharoahs. Mummification process, hieroglyphics translator, love songs.
hey, my awesome site has some frames on it, but your browser doesnt support them... or in other words, u cant see my frames...

12. Egyptian Museum Of The Uruguayan Society Of Egyptology
Exhibits a collection of ancient Egyptian art and artifacts in Montevideo, Uruguay. Site includes some photographs of objects in the collection.
EGYPTIAN MUSEUM OF THE URUGUAYAN SOCIETY OF EGYPTOLOGY In 1984 the Uruguayan Society of Egyptology opened an Egyptian Museum with the purpose of offering the students of the Uruguayan Institute of Egyptology an opportunity to see ancient Egyptian objects without leaving our premises. The small collection consisted then of mostly good reproductions of such objects obtained from big European or North American museums. Over the years, public interest led to opening our museum to the public and generous donations by some of those visitors increased the number of objects and their quality, since all the recent acquisitions were originals purchased or found by relatives of those persons who had visited Egypt many years ago and had brought back with them such artefacts as souvenirs, to the point that now about 50% of our collection is authentic. To the left, our premises; in the middle, Prof. J. J. Castillos, Director of the Museum, with two officials from the local Egyptian Embassy; to the right, a reproduction of an ancient Egyptian mummy made by a group of students of the Institute. To the left, general view of some of the exhibits, the three empty display cases in the middle are used for temporary exhibitions; centre and right, one of the display cases and a detail of same. The TV set and VCRs to the right are used to show films when groups visit the museum. The visits and the videos shown can be in Spanish or English, upon request.

13. Jim Loy's Egyptian Hieroglyphics And Egyptology Page
Online grammar, dictionary, and fonts for ancient Egyptian.
Go to my home page
Jim Loy's Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Egyptology Page
Go to my Egyptology page, without a background image . The signs on the right wish you life, prosperity, and health. These pages have won the Open Directory Cool Site award Yahoo ) lists this page as one of their recommended sites. These pages are dedicated to Carol Hagelstein, wherever she is. She published an Egyptology newsletter.
My Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary
Egyptian Hieroglyphic Alphabet
Your Name In Egyptian Hieroglyphics
(loads slowly)
Articles about the Egyptian language:

14. 4-D : : Club Egyptology
Aims to reexamine the currently held view of egyptology about a predecessor culture in the Nile Valley, one from which the ancient Egyptians considered themselves descended.
Club Egyptology
Denial Ain't Just A River in Egypt
  • What's New
    • The Pyramid of Eke Take a look at this hole in the ground, said to have been created for the burial chamber of a pyramid in the Third Dynasty. Ranks right up there with major unfinished business!
    • A Book To Know Visit this wonderful book by J. P. Lepre, published in 1990. If you are at all interested in pyramids, this is a necessity for your knowledge stream.
  • Introduction The narratives given for the New and later kingdoms are mostly fine things well accomplished; with the exception of wiggle spaces on overlapping dynasty dates here and there, they are moved, seconded, and approved. We have hard evidence to lean back on. The account of the (very) Old Kingdom and earlier, however, is a different story.
  • Fresh Diggings What's new with the old. Take another look, and perhaps what doesn't exist actually does under a different name.
  • Ancient Source Documentation There ain't much, and what there is, is in pieces.
      Original Egyptian Chronicles
      • Palermo Stone The most ancient known surviving account of the oldest dynasties, the original monument was found incomplete and in bits over a period of time and consequently has several different mailing addresses in Europe and Cairo. People have tried to put the whole puzzle back together, but the missing parts are usually the ones in which we would be most interestedsuch as the time when Khufu supposedly built the Great Pyramid.
  • 15. Anthony's Egyptology & Archaeology
    I wish to offer my deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the victims of,
    History has taught us that cowards will hide in shadows and strike the innocent, and
    it has also shown us that these individuals never escape their eventual destruction.
    Please say a prayer for all who have been lost ;
    and at the same time, one for those of us who are still here. God Bless.
    - Anthony 9.12.01 Please help the Red Cross help the victims of this tragic and devastating event.
    Index of Ancient Egyptian Gods
    Egyptology Discussion Group Guest Book Egyptian Fonts ...
    The civilization of Ancient Egypt managed to thrive for over 3,000 years in an arid and desolate portion of Africa. Although probably best known for their architectural and artistic achievements, there is much more to this complex and innovative people. The Web provides a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to learn more about this culture. These links, as well as those below, will lead you to the land of the Pharaohs. Here you will be able to visit the Great Pyramid Complex at Giza , learn about the ancient ritual of Mummification, trace the Time Line of the Great Pharaohs Re construct an Ancient Mummy Reading List for those books which I feel are essential to the amateur Egyptologist. Then follow the independant links below to other web sites, or if you like try out the Yahoo! search system provided and do some digging of your own.

    16. Page Title
    A nonprofit organization, providing egyptology learning opportunities within the county of Sussex.Category Science Social Sciences Ancient Egypt......The Sussex College of egyptology. ANCIENT EGYPT. The Sussex College of egyptology.
    The Sussex College of Egyptology
    A N C I E N T
    E G Y P T
    The Sussex College of Egyptology
    All Correspondence should be sent to:-
    The Education Officer
    The Sussex College of Egyptology
    Pavilion House
    38 Bulkington Avenue
    West Sussex. BN14 7HY Tel Fax (Web Site) E-Mail SchoolLink Certificate Diploma ... Resources 'A non-Profit making organisation, providing Egyptology learning opportunities within the County of Sussex'.

    17. Strona O Egiptologii
    A portal for Polish egyptology, includes a history, suggested readings, museums, links, and gallery.Category Science Social Sciences Ancient Egypt......Prywatne strony poswiecone zagadnieniom egiptologicznym

    18. Victor's Egyptology - Home
    Victor Hammas provides an Egyptian timeline, news, collections, interactive map and information on Category Society History By Time Period Ancient Africa Egypt......welcome to victor's egyptology. my hope with this site is that it willteach you something new about egyptology. the site has been
    scarabs mummies the pyramids the hyksos ... home
    welcome to victor's egyptology . my hope with this site is that it will teach you something new about Egyptology. the site has been completely redesigned/rewritten (you regulars might have noticed some changes...) but if you have any comments or questions, feel free to send me an email at you could also try to post on the message board so others can answer you. any pictures/text is also welcome for inclusion on the site!
    -victor shammas UPDATE (28th January, 2002) : See the pictures from the British Museum here
    akhenaten worshipping aten victor shammas s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer)

    19. Ptahhotep's Australian Egyptology Page
    egyptology contributions by Australia excavations, coptology, and museum collections.Category Science Social Sciences Ancient Egypt......Ptahhotep's Australian egyptology Pages, the first operational website about egyptologyin Australia (created July, 1996), by Peter C May, Sydney. USER LOGO.
    U niversity
    S tudents
    E gyptological
    R esearch
    Mr Scribe says
    that from
    6th July 1996
    you are visitor
    Count courtesy of
    Australia LinkExchange Member Welcome to Australia's first fully functional Egyptology Website! (July 1996). Here you will find information on a long underpublicised aspect of Egyptology (on the Net, anyway) - that contributed by Australians! For further menu items, click on " The Serdab " plaster fragment. This site is being refurbished in 2001 - come back in a little while! A free plug for a friend in Melbourne: Ankh Antiquarian Books Australia's only bookshop which specialises in Egyptology. And visit the other Australian Egyptology Websites: Australian Egyptology Rigby's World of Egypt The Australian Centre for Egyptology These links will be placed in the 'Oz Sites' Section of the Serdab soon! OzMasr updated 14-Sep-97 Excavations updated 01-Feb-97 Coptology updated 08-Feb-97 Links updated 14-Sep-97 Museums updated 21-Mar-97 Diary updated 14-Sep-97 E-Mail updated 18-Mar-01 Serdab updated 30-Mar-97 Constructed with 100% hand-made HTML (No Sausage Machines or FrontPage fronts!)

    20. The Institute Of Egyptian Art And Archaeology
    A very important institute for the U of M and the city of Memphis. The university is strongly active in egyptology.
    Welcome to The University of Memphis Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology home page. Please select an option from the ones listed below: NEW!
    Click here for information on current and upcoming events.
    About the Institute

    Learn about the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology.
    Master's Program in Egyptology

    Exhibit of Artifacts

    Move to the exhibit of Egyptian artifacts residing at The University of Memphis.
    Color Tour of Egypt

    Take a tour of over a dozen different ancient Egyptian sites along the Nile River.
    IEAA Personnel

    Including links for e-mail. Position Available Information on the Egyptologist Position Available at the IEAA. Other Egypt Web Sites Tour other World-Wide Web sites that provide information about Egypt. U of M Homepage Art Museum of the University of Memphis Search the U of M here for credits. Click here for a note about dating Egyptian history.

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