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         Ethnology:     more books (100)
  1. Time: Histories and Ethnologies (The Comparative Studies in Society and History Book Series)
  2. Contributions to the Ethnology of the Haida by J. Swanton, 1911-11
  3. Aids to the Study of the Maya Codices - Sixth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the - Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1884-85, - Government ... Office, Washington, 1888, pages 253-372 by Cyrus Thomas, 2010-07-12
  4. Chippewa Customs (Smithsonain Institutuin Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin) by Frances Densmore, 2008-06-13
  5. The Repair Of Casa Grande Ruin, Arizona, in 1891 Fifteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1893-94, ... ... Office, Washington, 1897, pages 315-348 by Cosmos Mindeleff, 2009-10-04
  6. The Cliff Ruins of Canyon de Chelly, Arizona - Sixteenth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1894-95, ... Office, Washington, 1897, pages 73-198 by Cosmos Mindeleff, 2010-07-12
  7. Indian Linguistic Families Of America, North Of Mexico - Seventh Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the - Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, ... Office, Washington, 1891, pages 1-142 by John Wesley Powell, 2010-07-12
  8. A Study of Pueblo Pottery as Illustrative of Zuñi Culture Growth. Fourth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, ... ... Office, Washington, 1886, pages 467-522 by Frank Hamilton Cushing, 2009-10-04
  9. Ethnology of Vanuatu : An Early Twentieth Century Study by Felix Speiser, 1996-10
  10. Illustration Of The Method Of Recording Indian Languages - From the First Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution by James Owen Dorsey, 2010-07-12
  11. Representation of Deities of the Maya Manuscripts - Papers of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, Vol. 4, No. 1 by Paul Schellhas, 2010-07-12
  12. Handbook of the Indians of California, with 419 Illustrations and 40 Maps (Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin No. 78) by A. L. Kroeber, 1976-06-01
  13. Speaking the language of power: Communication, collaboration and advocacy (translating ethnology into action) (Social Research and Educational Stu) (Volume 0) by Edited by David Fetterman (Professor of StanfordUniversityUSA)., 1993-11-01
  14. The Emeryville shellmound final report, (University of California publications in American archaeology and ethnology) by W. Egbert Schenck, 1926

1. Peabody Museum Of Archaeology And Ethnology
Read about the exhibits in each of this museum's galleries, check out he current and upcoming events, and find out how to get to the facility.
Save on admissions at the Harvard Museums with the Harvard Hot Ticket!

2. SFU Museum Of Archaeology And Ethnology
British Columbia museum offers a look at Canadian and Latin American excavation sites. Includes a teachers guide to archaeological activities.

ethnology An International Journal of Cultural and Social Anthropology Mailing Address ethnology, Department of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA 15260, U.S.A. email Editor-in-Chief Leonard Plotnicov
An International Journal of Cultural and Social Anthropology
Mailing Address:
Ethnology, Department of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260, U.S.A.
e-mail: Editor-in-Chief: Leonard Plotnicov
Editors: Arthur Tuden, Richard Scaglion, and Gail R. Benjamin
Managing Editor: Stacy L. Hoffman Associate Editors:
Herbert Barry III, Keith Brown, Nicole Constable, Kathleen M. DeWalt, Robert M. Hayden, Terrence S. Kaufman, Hugo G.Nutini, Paula L. W. Sabloff, Harry Sanabria, John Singleton, William Smole, Andrew J. Strathern International Editorial Board:
Robert Cardoso de Oliveira, Brazil; Laurel Bossen, Canada; Esther Goody, England; Maurice Godelier, France; T. N. Madan, India; Koentjaraningrat, Indonesia; Eileen Kane, Ireland; Don Handelman, Israel; Alessandro Lupo, Italy; Takao Sofue, Japan; Netherlands; Bruce G. Biggs, New Zealand ; Wande Abimbola, Nigeria ; Frederik Barth, Norway; Slovakia; Spain ; Ulf Hannerz, Sweden. Ethnology was founded in 1962 by George P. Murdock with the goal of offering the broadest range of general cultural and social anthropology of any anthropological journal in the United States. Ethnology has achieved wide circulation throughout the United States and the world and a deserved reputation as one of the most literate anthropological journals. Specifically

4. Minpaku WEB Site : English Version
Introduction to the museum in Osaka, Japan.Category Reference Museums Science Anthropology......The National Museum of ethnology (Minpaku, short for Kokuritsu MinzokugakuHakubutsukan) was established in 1974. It also serves
The National Museum of Ethnology ( Minpaku , short for Kokuritsu Minzokugaku Hakubutsukan ) was established in 1974. It also serves as an Inter-University Research Institute under the Monbukagakusho , Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT, formerly Monbusho
    The general functions of Minpaku are
  • ethnological (anthropological) research
  • the collection and conservation of ethnographic materials
  • public exhibition.
With these activities, the museum aims to promote a general understanding and awareness of people, societies and cultures throughout the world.
MINPAKU Anthropology Newsletter
is published semi-annually, in June and December. The Newsletter promotes a continuing exchange of information with 'Minpaku fellows' who have been attached to the Museum as visiting scholors from overseas. The Newsletter also provides a forum for communication with a wider academic and anthropological audience.
Ongoing Exhibition Special Exhibition: Mandala - Deities of Tibetan and Nepalese Buddhism [13 March - 17 June 2003]
Please note: The exhibition hall will be partially closed for renovation and exhibit rearrangement from November 7, 2002 until the end of March 2003.

5. Etnologiska Institutionen Åbo Akademi
English version of the site describes the department's research areas and offers a faculty directory. Abo Akademi University. Dept. of ethnology. Biskopsgatan 13. FIN20500 Turku
The Department

Student Org.




Research seminaries

Research areas
Fieldwork Questionnaires Abo Akademi University Dept. of Ethnology Biskopsgatan 13 FIN-20500 Turku Finland Telephone: +358-2-215 4395 Telefax: +358-2-215 4845 This page in swedish LINKS Ethnology and anthropology This page has been reached times.

6. ‘åãE‘—§–¯‘°Šw”Ž•¨ŠÙF‚Ý‚ñ‚Ï‚­ƒEƒFƒuƒTƒCƒg
Discover the museum's research projects, facilities, and publications. Located in Osaka.
Œ»ÝA‚ ‚È‚½‚̃uƒ‰ƒEƒU‚̐ݒè‚ÍJavaScript‚ª—LŒø‚É‚È‚Á‚Ä‚¢‚È‚¢‚悤‚Å‚·B

7. List Of Publications Of The Bureau Of American Ethnology
Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American ethnology. Bulletin 200 (End of Series)
Smithsonian Institution
Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 200 (End of Series)
List of Publications
of the
Bureau of American Ethnology
With Index to Authors and Titles
Smithsonian Institution Libraries Electronic Edition
Originally Published by Smithsonian Institution Press


8. Slovenian Ethnology And Cultural Anthropology
A portal dedicated to preserving national traditions and promoting research. Offers photos, articles, and fieldwork reports, as well as a calendar of local events.
Benjamin Bezek

Last changed:
march 2002
Slovenian Ethnology
Photos ... Links
In the future Slovenia is going to become a member of European Union. This means that we have to induce Europe to accept our culture and way of living. Nation without its own culture and language will not survive. Benjamin Bezek
Resolution: 800×600 E-mail 2 Webmaster

9. Ethnology French Riviera (Var) (English), Ethnology French Riviera (Var) (Englis
Presentation of the research association CEREV, links to other sites treating ethnology, anthropology and museums.
Ethnology in the french riviera (Var) Mirrors sites : (english) Who are we ? Researches and projects To contact us Version française ... The ethnological's links LIVE CHAT, FORUM AND GUESTBOOK Softwares download This Anthropology Web Ring site is owned by C.E.R.E.V. Join Previous Next ... List Sites Click on the graphic to vote for this
page as a Starting Point Hot Site.
var site="sm4cerev"

10. History, Land And Ethnology
Comprehensive resource from TimorNet at University of Coimbra in Portugal.
The obscure history of East Timor
Here TimorNet offers you an inside look at East Timor in all it's facets. While the first part is meant to abridge the state of knowledge about history, the land and the Maubere people, the second half deals particularly with the conflict.
This work is in construction. After an introdutory discription of the situation and limits of East Timor's composing territories, we begin with a brief history that comprises the prehistoric vestiges and a historiography regarding mainly the colonial age during which the island was object of dispute between Dutch and Portuguese, and the Japanese occupation which ocurred in World War II despite the neutrality of the territory. In respect to the land there are entries about geomorfology , geology, climate flora and fauna , and finally natural resources with a call on the importance of petrol and coffee for the economy of an independent East Timor. This is followed by an approach to the ethnological background demography and the culture of the Maubere people.
The second half more properly related with the title concerns to the conflict which lasts since 1975, and appears summarized in an

11. Hanoi MFA Ethnology Exhibits
Photos of the exhibit includes clothing and other cultural displays from the museum in Hanoi.
Ethnology exhibits From the Museum of Fine Arts in Hanoi
This section presents a photographic tour of the Anthropology section of the Museum of Fine Arts (shown above) in Hanoi. These photographs have been taken by Manh Nguyen , who has graciously scanned them for the Vietnam Pictures Archive. EXHIBITS
  • G. Butensky's photoalbum of Vietnam . Photographs taken in 1993. Monuments People Art History ... Midi
  • 12. Institute Of Ethnology And Folklore Research
    Homepage of the institute in Zagreb.
    Institute's members Members of Institute of ethnology
    and folklore research

    With 34. International Folklore Festival
    CD releases
    "Narodna umjetnost"
    Croatian journal of ethnology and folklore research
    Some older materials
    ICTM's 21st simposium
    Korcula, 2-8. July 2000 Where does the Mediterranean begin International symposium, Zagreb-Krk, October 8-11, 1998 Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research 50th Anniversary
    Hrvatska verzija Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research was founded in 1948 under the name Institute of Folk Art. It consists of more departments, in which scholars trained in various disciplines (such as ethnology, cultural anthropology, literary theory, linguistics, musicology, choreology and art history) conduct interdisciplinary research dealing with contemporary and historical cultural phenomena and processes, oral literature, folklore music and dance, folklore theatre, folklore visual art, etc. The first issue of "Narodna umjetnost", the Institute's yearly, was published in 1962. Two issues a year have been published since 1995; one in English, and the other in Croatian. The multidisciplinary monographs, based on field research, have been written in the Institute since the 1960s. The interest for the culture changes of urban settings, as well as for the critical evaluation of ethnographic practice has risen in the 1970s. New research, documenting of refugees' and displaced people's testimonies and the founding of war ethnography was established by the war in Croatia in the early 1990s.

    13. Victorian Studies--Arnoldian Ethnology
    Essay in Victorian Studies by Vincent P. Pecora.
    from Victorian Studies Volume 41, Number 3
    Arnoldian Ethnology
    Vincent P. Pecora
    Permission to Copy You may download, save, or print for your personal use without permission. If you wish to disseminate the electronic article, or to produce multiple copies for classroom or educational use, please request permission from:
    Professional Relations Department
    222 Rosewood Drive
    Danvers MA 01923 FAX: 978-750-4470/4744
    Web address: For other permissions, use our online reprint request form
    What the French call the science des origines , the science of origins,a science which is at the bottom of all real knowledge of the actual world, and which is every day growing in interest and importance. . . . Matthew Arnold, On the Study of Celtic Literature In the light shed by current trends in ''cultural studies,'' Matthew Arnold's version of culture would seem to be precisely that which must be contested: a grand edifice housing only those Europeans responsible for what Culture and Anarchy The opposition between Hellene and Hebrew in Matthew Arnold's writing is a remarkably persistent trope in post-Enlightenment thought. But the distinction between a higher, disinterested curiosity linked to the pagan Greeks and the Philistine (or Evangelical) pragmatism of England's merchant classes is also fundamental to English Romanticism in the poetry of Wordsworth and Shelley and Byron, and it is reproduced in the neo-romantic modernism of Pater, Wilde, Hardy, and Forster (see Gottfried and De Laura). Joyce playfully manipulated the Hellene-Hebrew dichotomy as the basis of his great mock-epic''Jewgreek is greekjew. Extremes meet,'' we read in

    14. Institute Of Ethnology, ASCR
    Carries out research on social and cultural phenomena of nations and ethnic groups. Particular emphases on Czech ethnicity and music.
    Institute of Ethnology, ASCR
    Phone: +420 234 612 111; 234 612 503 secr. Fax: Address: Na Florenci 3/1420
    110 00 Prague 1
    Czech Republic E-mail: WWW:
    The Institute was created in 1954 by merging the Institute for National History and the Institute for Folk Songs, which were incorporated into the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in 1953. These Institutes had their origin in the first decade of the 20 th century. The original name, the Institute for Ethnography and Folklore of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, was changed to the current Institute´s name in October 1999. In 2003, the former Institute of Musicology ASCR merged with the Institute of Ethnology ASCR and the Department of the History of Music was established within the Institute of Ethnology. The Institute carries out research on social and cultural phenomena of nationalities and ethnic groups and is concerned primarily with the study of specific Czech ethnicity at the present time and throughout its historical development, with ethnic groups living in the Czech Lands and neighbouring countries. There are two branches. The Prague branch focuses its research on Bohemia and the Brno branch is concerned with Moravia and Silesia. The Department of the History of Music is involved in research dealing with the history of musical culture in the Czech Lands in an international context.

    15. Japanese Society Of Ethnology's Homepage
    Sponsors meetings, seminars, and journals in Japan.Category Science Social Sciences Organizations...... If you are interested in introducing Japanese fonts to your browser, click here!About the Japanese Society of ethnology 2003/2/8. Annual Meetings 2002/10/19.

    The Japanese version of the Society's www pages has a slightly different content.
    If you and your browser are Japanese capable, please try the Japanese version as well.
    If you are interested in introducing Japanese fonts to your browser, click here!
    About the Japanese Society of Ethnology
    Annual Meetings Society's Publications ... Bookmarks
    Secretariat: 2-1-1-813 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073, Japan
    phone: 81-3-5232-0920, fax: 81-3-5232-0922
    Produced by Networking Committee, Japanese Society of Ethnology
    Your comments on the JSE www pages are appreciated. Please send them to

    16. Institute Of Ethnology Jagiellonian University
    Offers information about the institute as well as provides contact information.
    przynajmniej 2.0 a zobaczysz nas w nowej formie!
    Jesli chcesz, poogladaj nas w kawalkach
    Gorna ramka

    Lewa ramka

    Prawa ramka

    Strony opracowal: Marcin Mrowiecki

    17. Ethnology
    The ethnology range stores and studies the material culture of contemporary or recently living peoples .Category Reference Museums Science Anthropology......

    18. Archaeology, Ethnology And Anthropology Of Eurasia: Subscriptions
    An international peer review journal from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk. (English and Russian)
    Archaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia Subscribers Order Form On receiving the order we will send you an invoice. Subscriber (name or institution) Address (include City, State or Province, Postal Code, Country) Phone number Fax number E-mail Please enter my subscription for the year annual 1 issue Rate for Individuals $ 150 / DEM 276 $ 40 / DEM 75 Students Rate (with copy of valid ID) $ 90 / DEM 166 $ 25 / DEM 46 Methods of Payment Please, note that cheques are not accepted under any circumstances and that subscribers are responsible for covering the expenses on money transfer. The subscription payment should be transferred to Sibacadembank by the route suggested below. Payment by any other means can be delayed and the beneficiary may not ultimately receive it. Please note that the journal will be delivered to the address specified above. In the case of institutional subscriptions, please provide the name and contact information of a proper contact. The payment may also be made in EUROs. In USD 1. Intermediary Bank

    19. Peabody Museum Of Archaeology And Ethnology
    The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and ethnology at Harvard University, founded in1866 by George Peabody, is one of the oldest museums in the world devoted to
    Save on admissions at the Harvard Museums with the Harvard Hot Ticket!

    20. Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution
    Study of geology, natural history and ethnology; featuring fossil collection of William Smith, 'father of English geology.'

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