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         Genetics:     more books (100)
  1. Thompson & Thompson Genetics in Medicine: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access by Robert MD Nussbaum MD, Roderick R. McInnes MDPhDFRS(C), et all 2007-06-08
  2. Introduction to Genetic Analysis (Introduction to Genetic Analysis (Griffiths)) by Anthony J.F. Griffiths, Susan R. Wessler, et all 2007-02-16
  3. The Cartoon Guide to Genetics (Updated Edition) by Larry Gonick, Mark Wheelis, 1991-08-14
  4. Genetics For Dummies (For Dummies (Math & Science)) by Tara Rodden Robinson, 2010-05-03
  5. Introduction to Genetic Analysis Solutions MegaManual by William Fixen, 2007-03-05
  6. Medical Genetics: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access (MEDICAL GENETICS ( JORDE)) by Lynn B. Jorde PhD, John C. Carey MDMPH, et all 2009-09-28
  7. Human Molecular Genetics by Tom Strachan, Andrew Read, 2010-04-02
  8. Genetics: From Genes to Genomes by Leland Hartwell, Leroy Hood, et all 2006-10-09
  9. Genetics: Analysis and Principles by Robert Brooker, 2008-01-15
  10. Genetics (Looseleaf) by Benjamin Pierce, 2008-12-05
  11. Genetic Rounds: A Doctor's Encounters in the Field that Revolutionized Medicine by Robert Marion, 2010-10-05
  12. Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods by Jeffrey M. Smith, 2007-01-31
  13. Essential Genetics: A Genomics Perspective, Fifth Edition by Daniel Hartl, 2009-12-30
  14. Schaum's Outline of Genetics, Fifth Edition (Schaum's Outline Series) by Susan Elrod, William Stansfield, 2010-01-11

1. Genetics Virtual Library
Abstracts and selected articles from the international journal on mammalian genetics, and the Human Genome Project. It's hard to believe, but Nature genetics has been a crucial read for geneticists for over ten years!
Virtual Library on Genetics



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2. Genetics Online
Publishes the results of original research in genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology. Includes Category Science Biology genetics Publications Journals...... genetics Society of America, The genetics Society of America publishes genetics,HighWire Press, Stanford University Libraries' HighWire Press(TM) assists in the
A periodical record of investigations bearing on heredity and variation Online Submission and Review is here! View Future Titles
Through April 2003 Current Issue:
February 2003
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February 1980 - February 2003 Search for Articles
February 1980 - February 2003 GUESTBOOK SUBSCRIPTIONS EDITORIAL BOARD INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONTRIBUTORS ... TOCS VIA EMAIL For faster access to Genetics Online from these countries use this URL:

Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia,
Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands, UK. (More Information) The Genetics Society of America publishes Genetics
Stanford University Libraries' HighWire Press (TM) assists in the publication of Genetics Online

3. Genetics Education Center
Geared towards educators, students and health professionals, this guide offers educational and clinical resources regarding human genetics.
Genetics Education Center
University of Kansas Medical Center For educators interested in human genetics and the human genome project Human Genome Project Resources (books, videos, curricula) Lesson Plans Networking Genetic Conditions Careers ... Search The Human Genome Project Genetic Education Resources

4. Human Genome Project Primers
Description of the basic strategy and methodology for mapping and sequencing the human genome. From Category Science Biology Eukaryotic Animal Mammal Human......Downloadable and interactive educational primers on molecular genetics, medicineand the new genetics, ethical, legal, and social issues associated with
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DOE HGP Genomics Primers
Genomics and Its Impact on Medicine and Society: A Primer
This primer updates the 1992 Primer on Molecular Genetics and the booklet To Know Ourselves . The current edition covers basic science, the Human Genome Project, what we know so far, ELSI, medicine, benefits and more. This primer is available in the following formats
  • HTML Acrobat (pdf), suitable for printing. Visit Adobe for free Acrobat Reader software. PowerPoint (You can download the slides from here. Just right click on the 'PowerPoint' link to the left and choose the "save link as" option.)
A supplementary Human Genome Project Fact Sheet (May 2001) covering issues such as the public/private partnership, patenting, and future challenges is also available for download in PDF format.
1992 Primer on Molecular Genetics The Primer on Molecular Genetics from the U.S. Department of Energy is still available in the following formats

5. Annual Review Of Genetics
Scan tables of contents and abstracts from this international review. Requires paid subscription for full access to site. Ecology and Systematics. Entomology. genetics. Genomics and Human genetics. Immunology. Medicine
AR Online Site Licenses Available Now! View Planned Future Reviews
Current Volume (2002)

... Select a Volume from the Archive
1984 - Present Search for Reviews
1984 - Present View Reviews: View Reviews in Advance Most Read
View Errata for

... ANNUAL REVIEWS HOME For faster access from selected countries use our international site
(More information and countries served)
Published by Annual Reviews with online
assistance from Stanford University's HighWire Press (TM) OTHER ANNUAL REVIEWS IN

Energy and the Environment Political Science ... Sociology ANNUAL REVIEWS IN BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES Biochemistry Biomedical Engineering Biophysics and Biomolecular Structure ... Public Health ANNUAL REVIEWS IN PHYSICAL SCIENCES Astronomy and Astrophysics Biomedical Engineering Biophysics and Biomolecular Structure ... Physical Chemistry

6. Genetics Societies Home Page
Searchable library of information on careers, and societies, with links to a number of American organizations. A World of genetics Societies . . . WELCOME!
A World of Genetics Societies . . . WELCOME!
The American Society of Human Genetics

The Genetics Society of America

The American College of Medical Genetics

The American Board of Medical Genetics
Genetics-Related Positions Open

7. Horse Genetics
This page will contain information on horse genetics, gene mapping and horse typing services at the Veterinary genetics
Web Editor's note: This page will contain information on horse genetics, gene mapping and horse typing services at the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory
Please read this announcement
Veterinary Genetics Laboratory

8. Council For Responsible Genetics
Advocacy and coalition building form the core of the CRG's work in our program areas of genetic discrimination, patenting of life forms, and food safety and environmental quality.

CRG's Statement On U.S. Bioweapons Initiatives

GeneWatch GeneWatch
has covered a broad spectrum of issues, from genetically engineered foods to biological weapons, genetic privacy and discrimination, reproductive technologies, and human cloning. The current issue of GeneWatch focuses on biological warfare: the ideologies and policies that have driven its development, and the misguided U.S. public health response. You may now read online the first article, "Rethinking the Biological Warfare Problem" by Susan Wright . Past articles can be found in our archives To find out more about subscribing to GeneWatch and having it delivered to your doorstep six times a year, just click here
New Rethinking the Biological Warfare Problem Momentum Builds in Congress for a Cloning Ban Iraq's Bioweapons Not A Reason For War Official Statement on Biopharmaceutical Crops ... Comments to the FDA on Gene Therapy
Programs Cloning and Human Genetic Manipulation Genetic Testing, Privacy and Discrimination

9. Alta Genetics Inc
Livestock genetic improvement source of livestock semen and breeding services.Category Business Agriculture and Forestry Sales and Marketing......
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10. BioScience Research Tool: Genetics
Specialized directory of online tools and resources selected for geneticists.
BioScience Research Tool: Genetics
: Genetics
This web site provides you with hundreds of advanced online tools and resources, selected by BioScientists for BioScientists. Home Add a Resource Modify a Resource What's New ... Search Categories:
Education Lab Groups
  • Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project - The Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project (BDGP) is a consortium of the Drosophila Genome Center (funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute, National Cancer Institute, and the Department of Energy), and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (through its support of work in the Gerald Rubin and Allan Spradling laboratories). pop (Added: 16-Apr-1999 Hits: 256)
  • Center for Genome Research - The Center for Genome Research at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. pop (Added: 14-Apr-1999 Hits: 208)
  • Center for Medical Genetics - Marshfield, WI USA - The Center for Medical Genetics is dedicated to producing new research results in the field of human genetics, with a focus on the hunting for genes which influence human disease. pop (Added: 22-May-1999 Hits: 400)
  • Blocks WWW Server - Blocks are multiply aligned ungapped segments corresponding to the most highly conserved regions of proteins. Block Searcher, Get Blocks and Block Maker are aids to detection and verification of protein sequence homology. They compare a protein or DNA sequence to a database of protein blocks (current version), retrieve blocks, and create new blocks, respectively.

11. Genetics -- Archive Of Issues By Date


Archive of All Online Issues February 1980 - Present:
Current Issue: Recent Issues: February 2003
Vol. 163, Num. 2 January 2003
Vol. 163, Num. 1 December 2002
Vol. 162, Num. 4 November 2002
Vol. 162, Num. 3
Full Text and Abstracts : January 1998 - Present Abstracts and PDF : January 1988 - December 1997 Abstracts Only : February 1980 - December 1987

12. Feline Genetics
Introduction to chromosomes and genes, illustrated using dominant white inheritance in cats.
Feline Genetics
R. Roger Breton
Nancy J Creek Cells, Chromosomes, and Genes
From a 35-pound Main Coon to a 5-pound Devon Rex; from the small folded caps of a Scottish Fold to the great, delicate ears of a Balinese; from the 4-inch coat of a Chinchilla Persian to the fuzzy down of a Sphinx; from the deep Ebony of a Bombay to the translucent white of a Turkish Angora; from the solid color of a Havana Brown to the rich tabbiness of a Norwegian Forest Cat: the variety and beauty to be found in the domestic cat is beyond measure. When these characteristics are coupled with the genetically-patterned and environmentally- tailored personalities of the individuals, it can be seen that each animal is as unique as it is possible to be. There truly is a cat for everyone. Wide as the range of cats is, it pales when compared with the varie- ties of Other Pet. Why should the dog exhibit such a wide spectrum of body types, looking like completely different creatures in some cases, while cats always look like cats (as horses always look like horses)? The secrets behind the wide variations in possible cats, and why cats, unlike dogs, resist gross changes and always look like cats, can be found in its genetic makeup. In order to understand what happens genetically when two cats do their thing, it is necessary to understand a few basic things about genetics in general. To study genetics, is to study evolution in miniature, for it is through the mechanism of genetics that evolution makes itself felt. In chapter 1, we showed how the gross evolution of the cat came about, and how this gross mechanism was applied to the European Wildcat to evolve the African Wildcat, the immediate forerunner of our cats. We will examine this mechanism itself to better understand how the first domestic cat has become the dozens of breeds available today, and how cat breeders use this mechanism to create new breeds or improve existing ones.

Resources. Nature genetics. Nature Reviews genetics. Nature. The Signaling Gateway. Encyclopediaof the Human Genome. European Journal of Human genetics. Gene Therapy. about npg nature science update naturejobs ... register SEARCH Resources Nature Genetics Nature Reviews Genetics Nature The Signaling Gateway ... The Pharmacogenomics Journal NPG Subject areas Access material from all our publications in your subject area: Biotechnology Cancer Chemistry Clinical Medicine ... Physics
This page allows you to find all relevant Nature Publishing Group resources in the field of genetics View jobs in genetics Web Focus: Proteomics Proteomics aims to understand how the proteins encoded by the genome interact and function at a global level. The field promises to transform biological and medical research. This week, Nature presents a special web focus , containing a series of free reviews outlining the progress made and future challenges in this technology-driven enterprise, as well as an archive of research news and features on proteomics from Nature Nature Genetics and Nature Biotechnology
Chromosomal barriers to sex lifted

Nature Reviews Genetics
The expanding universe of tiny RNAs

Nature Reviews Genetics
Flower arranging made easy

Nature Science Update
Silence of the clones

Nature Science Update
TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: Lab automation and robotics Nature WEB FOCI: Stem Cells The mouse genome 50 years of DNA Dolly the sheep RESEARCH AND REVIEWS: Trans -acting factor regulating imprinted loci identified Nature Genetics From genomics to proteomics Nature 1;7 translocation and Wilms tumour

14. MIT Biology Hypertextbook - Home
Contains sections on chemistry review, large molecules. cellular biology, enzyme biochemistry, glycolysis and the Krebs cycle and photosynthesis. Includes practice quizzes and tests. Mendelian genetics Central Dogma Prokaryotic genetics and Gene Expression Recombinant DNA Immunology

Chapters Syllabus Practice Problems ... Search
A website which contains the basic molecular biology that is the basis of
MIT's core Biology course, "Introductory Biology" ( , 7.013 or 7.014).

15. Accelrys - Formerly GCG
GCG is a bioinformatics company specializing in DNA and protein analysis software, the Wisconsin Package, Category Science Biology Bioinformatics Companies......On June 1, 2001, the genetics Computer Group (GCG), Oxford Molecular,MSI, and Synopsys joined together to become a single company.
@import url(/styles/about2002.css); /*IE and NN6x styles*/ CORPORATE OVERVIEW


About Accelrys
Corporate overview

News room


... About Accelrys
GCG is now Accelrys
On June 1, 2001, the Genetics Computer Group (GCG), Oxford Molecular MSI , and Synopsys joined together to become a single company. Accelrys is the new leader in simulation and informatics software for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemicals process industries. For full details of GCG-backed bioinformatics solutions, see:
GCG History
Founded in 1982 as a service of the Department of Genetics at the University of Wisconsin, GCG became a private company in 1990 and was acquired by Oxford Molecular Group in 1997. The company was one of the pioneers of bioinformatics and its Wisconsin Package sequence analysis tools are widely used and well regarded throughout the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and in academia. To support enterprise bioinformatics efforts, GCG developed SeqStore, its Oracle-based data management system. Desktop solutions are delivered to bench scientists through products such as MacVector and OMIGA. Following the September 2000 acquisition by Pharmacopeia, GCG and Oxford Molecular were combined with MSI and Synopsys Scientific Systems, with the goal of creating a single provider of simulation and informatics tools capable of building an integrated technology platform for research and development. That sole provider is Accelrys. Accelrys customers will benefit from the overlap of GCG bioinformatics expertise with MSI protein modeling capabilities a unique combination in biocomputing and structural proteomics.

16. National Human Genome Research Institute
Ethical, Legal and Social implications of genetics research
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17. Nature Magazines: Nature Genetics
No activities available at this time Monohybrid Cross Learn about the basic principles that govern Mendelian inheritance in plants and animals. students interested in the origins of classical genetics, introductory data analysis, elementary plant science, and the
Nature Journals Nature Nature Materials Nature Reviews Cancer Nature Reviews Immunology Nature Reviews Drug Discovery Nature Reviews Genetics Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology Nature Reviews Neuroscience Nature Biotechnology Nature Cell Biology Nature Genetics Nature Immunology Nature Medicine Nature Neuroscience Nature Structural Biology Gateways Asia Gateway German Gateway Japan Gateway Genome Gateway Physics Portal Signaling Update Cancer Update Drug Discovery Bioentrepreneur Academic Journals Bone Marrow Transplantation British Dental Journal British Journal of Cancer British Journal of Pharmacology Cancer Gene Therapy Cell Death and Differentiation Dentomaxillofacial Radiology EMBO Reports European Journal of Clinical Nutrition European Journal of Human Genetics Evidence-Based Dentistry Eye Gene Therapy Genes and Immunity Heredity International Journal of Impotence Research International Journal of Obesity Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology Journal of Human Hypertension Journal of Industrial Journal of Perinatology Leukemia Microcirculation Molecular Psychiatry Neoplasia Neuropsychopharmacology Oncogene Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases Public Health Spinal Cord The Hematology Journal The Pharmacogenomics Journal
volume 33 no. 3 march 2003

18. The Center For The Study Of Technology And Society - Biotechnology
A field that brings together agriculture, genetics, cloning, health, medicine and reproductive technology. The Center is a nonprofit research and educational group based in Washington, D.C.
Special Focus Pages:
Genome Patents
Designer Babies
Top News DEBATE:
Our Biotech Future (National Review, issue dated 5 Mar 01) OPINION: Eugenics Coming Soon to a Country Near You (National Review, 27 Feb 01) Gene Therapy Prevents Cancer in Mice (BBC, 26 Feb 01) Adopting Frozen Embryos (NY Times, 25 Feb 01 - free registration required) Goats Engineered to Produce Spider Silk in Their Milk (Forbes, issue dated 19 Feb 01) Online Rush to Buy Human Eggs (BBC, 16 Feb 01) Doctors Believe "Brain Pacemakers" Can Treat Wide Range of Illnesses (Wall St. Journal, 16 Feb 01 - free subscription required) The Human Body is Not "Built to Last" (Science Daily, 13 Feb 01) Consumers Want Engineered Food Labeled (Washington Post, 13 Feb 01) A New Genetic Window on Curing Diseases (Washington Post, 11 Feb 01) ESSAY: Implications of the Human Genome Project for Medical Science (Journal of the American Medical Association, 7 Feb 01)

19. Human Molecular Genetics
Concentrates on fulllength research papers covering a wide range of topics in all aspects of human Category Science Biology genetics Publications Journals...... oxbook 11/02 QJM molbev01/13 librec 10/02. Oxford University Press publishes HumanMolecular genetics assisted by Stanford University Libraries' HighWire Press.
Print Subscribers - Register here for Free Online Access View Current Issue
April 1 2003
Search for Articles
Browse the Archive Email notification of TOCs ABOUT THE JOURNAL ... RELATED LINKS Other Oxford University Press journals that may be of interest:
Annals of Oncology
Carcinogenesis The EMBO Journal Human Reproduction ...
Oxford University Press
publishes Human Molecular Genetics assisted by Stanford University Libraries' HighWire Press
Online ISSN: 1460-2083

20. Breeding And Genetics Page 1
Common misconceptions about genetics.
Breeding and Genetics Page 1
Here are some common misconceptions about breeding and genetics in general. If you breed a long haired rabbit to a normal or rex furred rabbit, you will get normal fur. The exceptions to this are long haired carrying rex or normal and rex carrying the wool gene. Normal is dominant, rex, and wool are recessive. If you breed a Satinized rabbit to a non satinized rabbit, you will only get normals. Of course all of these offspring can throw satins, but they are not satinized themselves. Normal is dominant, satin is recessive. If you breed a lop to a non lop, you will get funny looking rabbits with one ear up and one ear down, or they look like airplane wings. This is a big no no because many lop crosses have jaw alignment problems. You don't have to breed rabbits of the same color together, it is recommended for some colors, because it produces darker, clearer color, but you do not have to. BEW (blue eyed whites) do not cause the Harlequin gene. It is a gene all by itself. A BEW can mask the gene, but it does not cause it. It does however cause the white markings on colored rabbits. These rabbits are known as sports, dutchmarks, mismarks, and carriers. Some sports do not show any markings at all. These are nice because they can be registered and shown where sports with markings can not. A REW (ruby eyed white) can also be a BEW in disguise. REW (ruby eyed whites) carry a full set of color genes. They can be a chestnut in disguise, or any other color for the matter. Even if they are REW for forty generations back, they still carry a full set of color genes. They can hide the broken gene as well. The REW genes mask all color and prevent pigment in the eyes.

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